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Mary ChristMass and a Blessed New Year

+ChristMass Eve+ The following is a true story from my Catholic grade school days. Three grades in one room adjacent to a tiny clapboard church served our rural parish very well. A better education could not have been hoped for from the Sisters of St. Joseph and their...

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Traditionalists and the victim stance

+St. Gertrude the Great+ Many years ago, I made a comment to a (then) fellow Catholic that it did not seem right that we must pay today for the failures of our Catholic ancestors to successfully fight and overcome the evils in the Church when they could do so. I...

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As the Church Goes, So Goes the World

+Feast of Sts. Simon and Jude+ We start here with some corrections, a task much disliked by most journalists. But the truth must always reign supreme, and we all are humans capable of error. So I offer my apologies for the following clerical errors or misrenderings....

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“And I appointed watchmen over you saying, ‘Hearken ye to the sound of the Trumpet.’ And they said: ‘We will not hearken.'”

Jeremias 6:17

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