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Black Masses and the priests of Bel

+Sts. Nicander and Marcian+ It is a misunderstanding of the term "black mass" that has prevented Catholics from seeing the Novus Ordo (and Traditionalist operations) in their true light. Criminologist Henry Rhodes described a true black mass, attributed to the...

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The Revival of Baal Worship

+St. Boniface+ By the time Jesus' Public Life began, ancient Rome had achieved an uneasy truce with the Jews, more out of necessity than concession. The Assassins, a faction of the Jewish sect known as the Zealots or Sicarii, were particularly dedicated to wreaking...

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The triumph of black paganism

Introduction Holy Scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun, and Catholics would do well to ponder the wisdom of this passage: “What is it that hath been? the same thing that shall be. What is it that hath been done? the same that shall be done. Nothing...

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A Lenten cross

Larry Kent Benns July 25, 1951-March 1, 2021 A quiet and unassuming man with countless talents and abilities left this life March 1 and will be sorely missed and cherished always by his loving wife and four children. Larry Kent Benns was born July 25, 1951 in Denver,...

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Suffering in these times

+St. David+ Sorry about my long absence from this blog. Just know that when I don’t post weekly, family obligations have intervened. I will try to post shorter pieces more frequently when I am able. I am REALLY tired of all the CCP virus nonsense we keep being fed,...

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“And I appointed watchmen over you saying, ‘Hearken ye to the sound of the Trumpet.’ And they said: ‘We will not hearken.'”

Jeremias 6:17

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