Dear Readers 6/11/13

Dear Readers,
For many years the material pope (materialiter/non-formaliter, sedeprivationism, etc.,) theory has deeply disturbed me and sent me to the books many times to make notes for its eventual refutation. In the past several months, this theory seems to have gained ground among Traditionalists and even to have resonated to some extent with the Novus Ordo crowd, so such a refutation is long past due.
Unfortunately one of the documents available on this topic was written in a highly technical manner that would confuse some people and so excerpts only with comments were used to limit any misunderstanding. I apologize for the length of this article but when writers with the intent of appearing erudite muddy the waters to the extent they have been muddied on this topic, there really is no other way to properly demonstrate the many errors in their thinking and presentation. I have separated my article into five parts with subheadings, hoping to at least break it down for easier understanding. If anyone still has questions after reading it however, please do not hesitate to contact me.
As one reader commented recently, the lengths that Traditionalist leaders and clerics will go to deceive their followers is truly unbelievable. They are emboldened by the fact that no one is willing to properly study their faith, do the research, do the math and make the necessary difficult decisions that result from the inevitable conclusions which follow. The consequences of blind obedience to false authority in both the religious and political spectrum explain the situation we now are experiencing — the paralyzing apathy that Pope Pius XII warned against in Mystici Corporis Christi and the repeating of errors that enable the enslavement of the intellect so necessary to complete Satan’s plan to rule the world.
Part of that plan from the beginning is reflected in the material papacy position, which surfaced partly in opposition to any attempts to re-establish the papacy. While we know this cannot be done by the laity, it could have been done in the beginning by faithful Cardinals and bishops; however this was obviously not God’s will for His Church in these times. All along the plan has been to redirect Traditionalists back into the Novus Ordo by any means possible and to eradicate any and all traces of the continual magisterial teaching of the Church, including the laws She uses to govern the faithful. This article has been written to expose the finer points of this plan and to thoroughly route the evil intent of the schemers.
The bottom line is this: no true Catholic can adopt a doubtful course of action where eternal salvation is concerned. Those posing as lawful pastors wishing only to procure the salvation of souls can no longer deny that the material papacy hypothesis is indeed a doubtful course of action. It must be remembered that the Church’s command to save souls was issued only to those possessing the necessary valid offices and jurisdiction She Herself insisted upon as a means necessary to that end. The Church provides the end as well as the means, but not in the manner Traditionalists wish it to be provided.
When Catholics are willing to obey the laws and teachings of the Church in the manner and sense in which She conveyed them FROM THE BEGINNING then and only then will they witness the final demise of the enemy and the restoration of the Church Christ constituted on earth.
T. Benns
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  1. peter secondo

    “It must be remembered that the Church’s command to save souls was issued only to those possessing the necessary valid offices and jurisdiction She Herself insisted upon as a means necessary to that end. ”

    It never really seemed to me that these Trads were interested in saving souls, except perhaps their own ilk. I always felt brow-beaten and outside the fold. I never felt evangelized…only anxious and excluded.

    • Moderator

      Hi Pete,
      Glad to hear from you.

      I agree and had the same exact experiences. I was to obey, just go along and never question, something just not in my nature in these uncertain times. The questions brought instant disapproval, suspicion and eventually exclusion as a “desirable member” of their elite little group(s).

      Their profession to be solicitous for souls is just for public consumption; it has no real meaning behind it. If they were really solicitous as they claim they would have long ago told the people the hard sayings such as Jesus uttered while on this earth. By this I mean they would have told them they could not minister to them for THAT would endanger their souls, but they would pray for them and teach them the faith. I have never heard of such a case, and yet to save souls this is precisely what they were obliged to do.

      T. Benns

      • peter secondo

        ….thank you Teresa.
        Indeed, fighting a war on someone else’s terms is totally unacceptable to me…these Trads can go flying all round the world on the “congregation’s” dime. But, ask them to come to your home for the Mass, and they will tell you that they will only “visit” with a minimum # of 25 people or so… no problem flying to India, Ireland, Spain, or the sub-contintent…but, I digress.

        Blessings to you and yours as well,


    • Paul J. Hakel

      I second this notion, as I contacted multiple trads to create a missionary outreach. I hope to get it going eventually but I’m a young guy who needs to figure out “catacomb Catholicism” first, after jumping ship from the Novus ordo to “independent” chapels last year. Lame excuses were given like “non-Catholics just don’t want to hear the truth” and “laymen are too lazy to get involved to do anything”. Meanwhile, heterical sects like Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses have greater faith and spread their errors far and wide…

      • T. Stanfill Benns

        Agreed. We need, however, to avoid the error of first (over zealous) fervor so prevalent among converts to the true faith. This is what helped predispose me to the heresy of Conclavism. If I had things to do over again, I would have studied far deeper and longer to understand where things really went wrong. I would not have listened to those insisting I join forces with people I did not know well enough to trust. Pope Pius XII tells us that those who wish to engage in Catholic Action must first work really hard to develop the interior life and this involves much study. But we cannot convey the faith unless we know inside out, backwards and forwards. Don’t lose that fervor but work to direct it properly so it may best benefit all you try to reach, working to the salvation of souls.

  2. gertrude

    Even if you were to convince them that the “Material Formal” pope stuff is bogus and a lie, you wouldn’t be able to convince them that they are attending schismatic and sacrilegious services due to the silver tongued commies that set up the Trad mass movement to begin with…. Poor souls


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