+Feast of St. Gregory the Great+

+Feast of St. Gregory the Great+

Dear Readers,

A new article posted on this website (see the bottom of the articles list) addresses an attempt by Traditionalists to destroy the teachings of Pope Paul IV’s infallible bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio (Cum ex…) and impugn the definition of infallibility by the Vatican Council. Of course, it is not put forward in this way, but is presented as a refutation mainly of what has been written at length on this site about Cum ex. This just shows that this bull must be perceived as a danger even to the status of the current antipope and the modicum of obedience the SSPX and other Trads are  instructed to render to him. In reality, this campaign by the SSPX is a way to lure others back into the Novus Ordo via the rear door of their faction courting Rome. It also is being used to lead discontented Traditionalists of other sects into the indult mess, (or so I am told). And for this very reason, such teaching is all the more dangerous.

The rebellion against papal teaching and the papacy itself is finally showing these groups to be all we have said they were for decades. Their leaders will use any pretext to make it appear that the teachings of the Church, even the Vatican Council, have been misrepresented and are to be doubted; nothing is sacred except the mesmerizing hold they have on their devotees. The very foundation for the initial push that created sedevacantism was Cum ex; now because stay-at-homes endorse it even the sedes are reconsidering their position. Well good for them; for they should either be hot or cold, our Lord says, else He will vomit them from His mouth. All these years, Trads had to have their mass and sacraments at any and all costs; this was only the enemy’s preparation for the planned return to Rome by Lefebvre and others long ago. It is not the doctrines and obedience to them — and it especially was not obedience to the popes — that was ever important to these people. If they had truly loved the Mass and Sacraments as they claim, they would have avoided unlawful pastors and the prospects of offending God by sacrilege at any cost to themselves personally. But it was only the appearance of possessing something that ceased to exist nearly 56 years ago that drew them to it. It is not the love of God which impels them to return to the NO, but the love of exterior religion, the power of the status quo, a false idea of authority, human respect, and herd mentality thinking, for they have the gall to believe the Vicar of Jesus Christ could be embodied in an apostate such as Bergoglio and his predecessors! Sadly, their evil fruits tell us who they truly are. They have sold Christ out for a measly 30 pieces of silver once again, the silver that bought their tickets back into the anti-Church.

The point of separation has come and our Lord is beginning to gather the wheat into His barn. It is reminiscent of Elias’ challenge to the worshippers of Baal on Mt. Carmel. “Why do you halt between two sides?” he told them, and we ask the same question. Why indeed, when in the end Traditionalism is no better than the indult mess. Some would say that it is better to at least have the semblance of a pope, or the idea of one heading the Church. But this would be approving the false wonders and lying visions of Antichrist and his church of darkness, pretending them to be true.  These people and/or their parents left the church in Rome in the first place because they knew something was wrong, and now they are sleeping with the Devil. This is so because it is foretold in Holy Scripture that Antichrist will overcome the saints. But not all of them, for otherwise no flesh would be saved. Pray for the lost sheep. And pray that God preserves us all from the operation of error to believe lies, for the time is at hand.


T. Benns

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