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The following letter was posted on a website once hosted by Stephen Brady — the Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. — that appears to have been abandoned. It is a great letter and the author gave anyone who wished to use it permission to do so. I want to include it here because what this writer is saying about Novus Ordo clergy being involved in pedophilia and homosexual relations also is true of Traditional clergy, although it is perhaps true to a lesser degree. While that particular scandal has not broken yet, those who believe Traditionalists to be free of this scourge need to be fully aware of what has gone on in this respect for many decades. Randy Engel has exposed bits and pieces and most know about the Shuckardt affair and the recent incident concerning Fr. Blanco. They also probably have heard that certain Trad priests have been challenged by former followers in this regard. But what they DON’T know is how it all began and what happened to the “ones who got away,” also how and why they got away in the first place. Nor do they know that to this day these self-proclaimed clerics still are working to protect each other and to date have succeeded.

But just as important is Brady’s message to Catholics who still keep the faith, a message to fight to the finish and not quietistically resort only to prayer. That is the message broadcast here and the message that needs be taken to heart by those reading what is below. While the reference to Paul VI should be ignored, the rest of the letter is quite good. Enjoy.


T. Benns




A very, very long time ago a pagan Greek philosopher suggested that 90% of you would not like what I’m about to say, but I do ask you to read it all and I pray that you will consider it honestly. First you must realize that we are living in the most evil of all the ages. Read your newspaper. I will take only one example – abortion. We have killed more children than any people in history, and no one else is even in the ballpark! Hitler, Stalin and the other monsters of history must peek through the flames of Hell and gaze in awe and professional admiration at the level of our barbarity. We have found a way to kill children and vote for those who protect the abortionist and we still go to Church on Sunday. We can read from the Bible about the terrible things God said about those who would harm His “little ones” and never connect those words to our own final judgment. I remember being horrified when I read in school about the Aztec Indians throwing children alive into the fire as a sacrifice to their god. How barbaric! But count the numbers. What is the output of the abortion clinics in this country each day? Who are the barbarians? Who are the monsters? At least the Aztecs will have the excuse that they thought they were serving God. What excuse will we have?

As followers of Christ and members of His Church we must stand in opposition to evil! There is a very real conflict, a “spiritual warfare” that the followers of Jesus are called to take up. This is revealed with crystalline clarity in all forms of revelation. God calls His followers to reject the ways of this world and follow him. This warfare is not for the weak or the faint of heart, and many are simply not capable. St. Thomas Aquinas said, “Grace builds on Nature.” That is why the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert. A generation of slaves with a slave’s mentality had to die off and a new people, strong and toughened by the harsh life of the desert had to rise up. Most Catholics today seem to be like those slaves. They are simply not capable of dealing with the truth. And the truth is that the evil that is everywhere in this world is also deep within the Church. Pope Leo the XIII noticed it and composed the “Prayer to St. Michael”. Pope Paul VI proclaimed that the “Smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary”! Throughout the history of the Church it has always been those who are within that have caused the most damage. Remember that Judas was a bishop and nearly all the heresies that have ravaged the Church throughout history have come from priests and bishops. In an earlier age we were better equipped to deal with this evil and protect the truth. No less a Saint than St. John Chrysostom said, “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops!”

This evil has festered and grown because it has been promoted and protected by a false spirituality with its roots in the “spirit of Vatican II”. An astounding and diabolical pride has allowed us to turn away from the spiritual values that have made saints for 2000 years to embrace a false theology promoted by a false church and presenting a false god. This new god simply blesses whatever our desires, passions, and appetites crave. This god wants us to be happy and such things as sacrifice; penance and self-discipline are non-values. This is the god of the “group hug”, “we are the church”, and if you complain – “Don’t be judgmental” This “god” is a god of love, but not the burning self-sacrificing love we see on the cross, but a phony and sick imitation, a daytime TV talk show morality, which is preached from too many pulpits and is fooling “even the elect”! It’s a god for slaves and enslavement. It has found a home deep in the heart of the Church and the Church seems incapable of dealing with it!

If we wish to survive these days with our faith intact we should learn the lessons of history. We live in a time when the laity must rise up to save the true Church. This is very difficult because we are coming out of an age when the laity looked to the hierarchy for guidance. But as it was in the time of King Henry the VIII, you may follow your pastor or even your bishop and as a result find yourself outside the true Church. This is not an age that will suffer weak faith. Soon there will only be two kinds of Catholics – strong Catholics and ex-Catholics.

Leave “political correctness” to the false church. It’s time for a little plain speech. Its time for a little truth! There are many homosexuals in the priesthood and in the hierarchy. Many of these are not living celibate lives, and they prey on others. They do not preach the truth of Jesus Christ because they could not do so without condemning themselves. They are in positions of authority in Chancery Offices and seek to add to their numbers by controlling vocations. They organize into “support groups” many of which are not oriented toward celibacy, but exist to provide “contacts” for sexual relationships. Priests are dying of AIDS at an alarming rate and some have even blamed the Church for not teaching them about “safe” sex in the seminary! (How safe can “safe” sex be, when Hell is the result!)? The Church has not shown any desire or ability to deal with this. Recently the Vatican told a priest and a nun to stop giving workshops across the country promoting the homosexual lifestyle. That’s nice. But they have been giving these workshops for 20 long years!! How many souls have been lost and lives destroyed while the hierarchy did nothing! Maybe your newspaper today will carry the story about another multi-million dollar lawsuit involving a pedophile priest. The judgments are so high because juries are learning that bishops knew who the pedophiles were and allowed them to continue to destroy children. Bishops protected the pervert and provided innocent victims for him to prey upon. Bishops even hide perverts by trading them from diocese to diocese like baseball players! (You take mine, and I’ll take yours.) Parents and good priests approach Church authorities with accusations and are ignored or referred to an inept committee. The goal of those in authority is simply damage control and covering it up.

Recently I met with a very well known priest who was sent to represent the hierarchy in a terrible case of sexual abuse. His primary concern seemed to be to avoid publicity. I told him we would consider his request if he would answer two simple questions. First – Would he give me just one example of the Church intervening on its own to stop that particular form of abuse? – He didn’t answer. Second – If we backed away and did not make this public and as a result of our choice another innocent person was attacked, would God hold us responsible for that terrible sin? He didn’t answer that question either. It seems that the operative spirituality of the Church has become so weak that it is no longer capable of dealing with evil. It is a fact that authorities in the Church have allowed innocent lives to be destroyed and then have covered up the crime and protected the criminal! This has been done with the thinly veiled excuse that “we must protect holy mother church from scandal”! The tragic truth is this publicity and large lawsuits have done much more to protect the innocent than the Vatican, the National Council of Catholic Bishops or the Apostolic Delegate combined! And (with apologies to Vince Lombardi) the protection of the innocent is not the most important thing; it’s the only thing! If it is necessary to protect one innocent child then I pray that every diocese in the country will be sued for every nickel it has and every sordid detail be put on the front page of every newspaper! The Church that I love and that Jesus promised would last until the end of the world is a Church that doesn’t want to appear holy, it must be holy!

Allow me to return to that Greek philosopher and the 90%. Heraclitus was a philosopher and a warrior. During a lull in the battle he wrote a letter to the leaders of Athens regarding the soldiers he was receiving as replacements. He said that for every 100 men they sent 90 were useless. They were little more than battlefield clutter. Out of the 100, about 10 were fighters and the outcome of the battle rested on their shoulders. And maybe one, only one, was a true warrior. The spiritual warfare is no less warfare, and I believe the percentages apply. The vast majority doesn’t want to know the truth. They just want things to be “nice” and the truth and the demands it would place on them as followers of Christ are unacceptable. I appreciate those who pray but if that’s all you do, remember it says in the epistle of St. James that “Faith without works is dead and has no power to save you!” I would ask those 90% to consider joining the warrior class. You are needed! If you cannot – Then at least stay out of the way. The battle is tough enough without clutter. If you cannot fight this Goliath, at least stand back and make room for those who are going forward to sling their stones. The false charity and empty spirituality of those who mouth pious platitudes over the broken bodies and souls of the innocent is an affront to the martyrs and missionaries who gave their lives to share the true faith. I have seen, up close and personal, the heart-rending results of allowing predators to destroy children, families, and faith. A “drawing room” spirituality does not have the power to fight the malignant evil of this age. Delicate sensibilities must be sacrificed and hands dirtied in favor of a cross-centered faith! We are not fighting for principles or philosophies. We are fighting for SOULS and we must not lose!

NOTE:  This page may be freely copied and distributed provided that it is done so IN ITS ENTIRETY AND WITHOUT ADULTERATION.

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  1. pete secondo

    …I might add that in the case of anti-pope Paul 6, his “warning” regarding the ‘smoke of Satan’, was rather him telling us, instead of warning us. Revelation of Method, so to speak.

    Pete S.

    • Gertrude the Great

      Just wanted to reply regarding the comment about Paul VI. …. Paul VI was just pridefully announcing his own entrance as Antichrist. +

    • Gertrude the Great

      You don’t believe that Paul VI was THE Antichrist? Just wanted to know….

    • John

      How do I become a warrior . Sign me up.

      • T. Stanfill Benns

        Dear John,
        There are many kinds of warriors. Some actively do battle in the public forum; others privately within their own circles. Many are warriors within the family — they do an extraordinary job educating their children and helping other Catholics. There are all different types of apostolates depending on your talents and your interests, also you particular passion. Pick one that suits you specifically. Email me privately and we can talk.

  2. irene

    Are you saying that there are no places left to receive the Blessed Sacrament, not even in the traditional chapels with validly ordained Catholic priests? What about Epikeia? The church in dire times has the right to overturn lesser precedents, like the jurisdiction issues you raise, in order for the faithful to receive necessary soul-life giving sacraments and to participate in the True Mass. If they do not recognize the Vatican II religion or its proponents as Catholic and are also Roman Catholic in their doctrine, I can’t see how the priests sin in offering the Sacraments to us in these terrible times. The Church will only survive if we continue not only in the conviction of our Faith but also in the practice of the Faith. What you suggest, the :hide and home alone solution you propose, I see as the last nail on the coffin for the Church. We have the right to continue the practice of our Faith, to seek community, and to have valid Sacraments. As long as we can, we are required to, actually. It may come down to nothing left, as you say, but we aren’t there yet.

    • Moderator

      You don’t know us Catacomb Catholics do you?

      A good many of us are VERY active in our faith and are in touch with other Catholics. Because we do not have our daily or weekly “fix” with men calling themselves priests who are not even ordained or consecrated (yes, you read it right), we actually work harder to incorporate our faith into every part of our daily lives. Are you saying that the persecuted Catholics behind the Iron Curtain and in Japan in the 1600s were putting nails in the Church’s coffin? Because this is how they preserved the faith, without clergy in most cases, until their situations eased. When missionaries went back into Japan they found the faith alive and well. Catholics in the early days of the Church did the same during the Arian persecution.

      The sad thing is you DON’T have valid mass and sacraments, and the articles on this site prove that from Canon Law and Church teaching, not just on Fr. whats-his-name’s say so, beyond a reasonable doubt. Most Trads just go happily along and never bother to study these matters for themselves, from the approved authors of the Church prior to Her tragic demise. Yet these authors are the only ones that anyone can trust, since no one, especially not Trad “clergy” claiming powers they never received, now has such authority. What is written here is not the author’s “opinion” on these matters, but the CHURCH’s teaching from time immemorial, carefully culled from some of the best texts on the Catholic faith available in the first part of the last century and beyond.

      The Catholic Faith is an intellectual affair, not to be taken on the word of hirelings not even sent by successors of the apostles who just happen along to pick up the pieces. Those who treasure it and truly dedicate themselves to leading Catholic lives check out the claims of those proposing to be the doctors of their souls. This study is not easy, but then nothing worthwhile ever is. It is up to Traditionalists to decide whether or not their souls are precious enough to them to protect at all costs or they are simply content with the status quo; God gives His graces for true conversion as and where He sees fit, and only if they are prayed for in the first place. Below find a response to a similar inquiry recently sent to this site.

      • David

        People will do ANYTHING to maintain consensus norms. They will NEVER take a stand to correct the wrongs. This has been bred into them, intentionally. These people are enablers of evil. The ignorant ones are perhaps mere innocent pawns. The ones who fight for this right are not Christians. They are part of the evil.

        • T. Stanfill Benns

          Thanks David. Yes sadly we watch all these people maintain the status quo to keep up appearances. Many must follow the herd — they cannot maintain their individuality and are the worst kind of conformists. We pray for them and that is all we can do.

          T. Benns

    • Gertrude the Great

      And Samuel said: Doth the Lord desire holocausts and victims, and not rather that the voice of the Lord should be obeyed? For obedience is better than sacrifices: and to hearken rather than to offer the fat of rams.

      23 Because it is like the sin of witchcraft, to rebel: and like the crime of idolatry, to refuse to obey. Forasmuch therefore as thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, the Lord hath also rejected thee from being king.

      24 And Saul said to Samuel: I have sinned because I have transgressed the commandment of the Lord, and thy words, fearing the people, and obeying their voice.

      25 But now bear, I beseech thee, my sin, and return with me, that I may adore the Lord.

      Then Saul said: Bring me the holocaust, and the peace offerings. And he offered the holocaust.

      10 And when he had made an end of offering the holocaust, behold Samuel came: and Saul went forth to meet him and salute him.

      11 And Samuel said to him: What hast thou done? Saul answered: Because I saw that the people slipt from me, and thou wast not come according to the days appointed, and the Philistines were gathered together in Machmas,

      12 I said: Now will the Philistines come down upon me to Galgal, and I have not appeased the face of the Lord. Forced by necessity, I offered the holocaust.

      13 And Samuel said to Saul: Thou hast done foolishly, and hast not kept the commandments of the Lord thy God, which he commanded thee. And if thou hadst not done thus, the Lord would now have established thy kingdom over Israel for ever.

      14 But thy kingdom shall not continue. The Lord hath sought him a man according to his own heart: and him hath the Lord commanded to be prince over his people, because thou hast not observed that which the Lord commanded.

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