Dear Readers…

Dear Readers,

Originally in posting the new article refuting the Dimonds’ recent MP3 rehash of their take on the No Jurisdiction Position, I provided a link to a site that also claimed to refute the Dimonds arguments on various subjects. While this is true, unfortunately they also wrongly side with the Dimonds on other subjects, tend to Feeneyism and oppose natural family planning. This link has therefore been removed. I apologize for any inconvenience and will try to check site references more carefully in the future. As those familiar with this site know, Feeneyism was condemned as a heresy by the Holy Office in the 1950s and is refuted in the BOD article on this site.

Natural family planning was never condemned by the Church, was actually permitted by both Pope Pius XII AND Pope Pius XI under certain conditions and even has a scriptural basis. At the very least, it is a matter one is allowed to hold an opinion on until a future pope renders a decision. This means that no one can condemn others as sinning mortally or placing themselves outside the Church by holding a pro-NFP opinion. Look for an article soon in the Catacomb Catholic section of the site on this controversial issue.

Blessings to all,

T. Benns


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  1. bvm7sorrows

    Would like to know when the NFP article goes up.

    Ran away from this one since meeting couples, mothers, using it. Really hard to imagine their application was holy and approved by the church. Not fit to print.

    Still I would like to hear how the Church explained herself, and when it was permissible.

    I think people might be rightly calling individuals out on immorality, and maybe NFP has become a whipping post hiding the true trouble.

    • Moderator

      We will get the article up as soon as we can. We have been busy with other projects and the pressing demands of everyday life. Sit tight; it will be up soon enough. We thank you for your support of the True Faith and our apostolate.


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