The story of Fr. Emil Kapaun, Medal of Honor winner

Dear Readers,

Please see the new post under the Catacomb Catholics section of the site, Martyrs for Our Times. Today a martyred Catholic priest received the Medal of Honor posthumously and we all should know more about his life and incredible sacrifice. This is definitely one thing for which Pres. Barack Obama deserves credit.

I have included an article written almost 60 years ago on Fr. Kapaun by my own father while serving his first reporter’s assignment at the Great Bend Tribune, Great Bend, Kansas following his graduation from Kansas University’s School of Journalism. We should all pray today to Fr. Kapaun to help us die as martyrs if that is God’s will for us and to grant us the peace of soul those who knew Fr. Kapaun say that he surely possessed.


T. Benns

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  1. Javier Morell

    I just read the post about Fr. Emil Kapaun. Truly outstanding and valiant. He was a real saint. May God grant us the same courage and peace of soul he had when we face death. Fr. Kapaun, pray for us.


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