Dear readers 5/2/13

Dear Readers,

Please note the two new articles posted on the site under 11. Traditionalist Heresies and Errors 11a. Heresies concerning papal authority (bottom). 
Over the past several months I have been working to come to a final grand conclusion concerning the topics covered on the site and these two articles are part of that effort. The next two articles, already in the works should round out that effort and lead to a better summing up of all that is presented here. This eventually will be reflected in the overall organization of the site.
Interestingly enough, the blog has received more comments than usual recently from Feeneyites attempting to comment on their heresy and present their “position.” As the first true “Traditionalists,” Feeneyites are largely responsible for the initial trend that led away from the true Church by disparaging the papacy of Pius XII and the Roman Curia. One of the new articles just posted presents the theological viewpoint on such criticism and its deleterious effects on Catholics. It is important reading, taken from the works of Rev. J. C. Fenton, one of the finest theologians of the 20th century. 
Another strange attempt to post some unsavory and entirely undocumented accusations echoes comments made recently on a Traditionalist site concerning misandry, or female hatred of men. The comments (which will not be posted because they defend the sexual abuse of older teens by Novus Ordo clerics) seem to point to the fact that often those men who accuse women of misandry are attracted to male, not female partners. Some researchers trace this tendency to the presence of a domineering, punitive matriarch in their lives, but this is scarcely related to anything addressed here. Those seeking a podium for such puerile and irrelevant comments will not find one on this blog. So save yourselves some time and take it elsewhere, if you must, okay?
Anyway, please check out the articles and stay tuned for more.
T. Benns
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