Dear Readers 9/28/13

Dear Readers,
A new article has been posted to the site that I hope will clear up any misconceptions that the founders of Traditionalism were kind, well-intentioned individuals who wished only to help remnant Catholics save their souls. While there may be a few exceptions to the norm, it will not be found among those first establishing Traditionalism. And I doubt that the few long-dead, independent priests that could be mentioned here were as blameless as they appeared to be, either. At any rate, this hopefully will provide one less excuse for those continuing to support this destructive sect known as Traditionalists, although the operation of error will not permit the majority of them to change pews at this late juncture. Yet the folly and futility of their attempts to preserve what they regard as the pre-Vatican 2 Church must be exposed and stripped of its much-touted respectability and legitimacy, something it could never claim.
One thing will become clear in this article: The evidence that John 23 was invalidly elected is strengthened by his involvement with the forces of evil long before his election. His friendship with the French 33rd degree Freemason Marsaudon seems to have been what unmasked his Masonic affiliations. Thus it becomes harder and harder to claim that Roncalli could possibly have been considered as validly elected, especially given the fact that he was voiced about as Pope Pius XII’s successor before the pope’s death. The entire thrust of the material papacy claim is that an occult heretic who is elected and later recants was validly elected. This is true only if some heresy does not become manifest in the meantime, which it did with Roncalli on several occasions during his papacy. In his Bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio this very situation was anticipated to the letter.
What do Traditionalists have left with which to defend their so-called clerics? Every possible doctrinal and canonical rug has been pulled out from beneath them, although Traditionalists continue to insist that Canons 209 and/or 2261§2 cover their operations. And every time they make this statement, they deny the necessity of the papacy and the supreme jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff, also Pope Pius XII’s infallible decision in Mystici Corporis that bishops do not possess jurisdiction personally from Christ, but can receive it only through His vicar. Traditionalists will say it doesn’t matter; it was not an ex cathedra statement so was not binding. What kind of Catholic would follow men who denied the teachings of the Vatican Council and the popes? The answer is NO kind of Catholic, because from the outset, Traditionalism was founded on the same ecumenical and anti-authoritarian principles that pervaded the Novus Ordo church. They were a branch of that Church from the beginning, as you will see when you read: Tracing Traditionalism to its Masonic Origins, (under the last site heading, listed as k.)
T. Benns
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