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Dear Readers,
St. Anthony’s feast day is a fitting occasion to announce the posting of an article on the length of Antichrist’s reign, (one of three new articles now posted on the free content site). Our Lord told St. Claret that he was the angel with the rainbow about his head in the book of Apocalypse. He also revealed to him that the three woes referred to in Apoc. 8:13 were 1) Protestantism and Communism; 2) love of pleasure, money, reason and independence of will and 3) the great wars with their horrible consequences. The need to post this most recent article on Antichrist is made necessary by the insistence of Traditionalists who are incapable of seeing the truth before their very eyes concerning Antichrist and the times in which we live. Their love of their own brand of reasoning and independence of will prevent them from properly assessing the situation existing over the past 56 years then drawing from it the necessary conclusions.

The second of the three new articles just posted consists of quotes from Monsignor. J. C. Fenton’s diaries, written before and during the false Vatican 2 council. Clearly Msgr. Fenton did not have any illusions about what was happening, or how corrupt the Church had become even before Vatican 2. His comments should make those of the younger set realize that what he could see back then has only grown 1,000 times worse. He speaks of an apostasy, of the Church no longer being Catholic, of Modernist bishops. Yet he seems at a total loss of what could be done about this then, probably because he was in ill health and in no real position to do much of anything. The excerpts from his diaries show that the problems in the Church began long before anyone suspected, and the bishops and cardinals had nearly all lost the faith by the time Roncalli’s “election” took place.

The final article is a much-needed annotation of Cum ex Apostolatus Officio. It hopefully will clarify exactly what Pope Paul IV actually said — how he clearly indicated that only a man never really elected, being disqualified as a candidate by heresy pre-election — could be mistakenly elected and accepted as pope and what to do when this occurs, what norms apply. There has been so much confusion about the true meaning and content of this bull that it almost needs to be taken apart sentence by sentence and explained word for word. Anyone who still has questions may of course contact me.

Some comments are in order concerning recent developments readers have brought to my attention. First off we have the announcement by Daly and Lane that those who believe Lefebvre was a Freemason and hold his ordinations invalid for this reason are guilty of calumny. Sorry boys; I don’t discount his ordinations as invalid for this reason. They are invalid because those guilty of heresy and infamy of law performed these acts during an interregnum without a papal mandate, contrary to the infallible election law of Pope Pius XII. Now if certain Catholics wish to hold Lefebvre’s acts invalid because they fear he was a Freemason — and I personally believe the evidence for this to be quite strong — then they are perfectly justified in doing this. NO ONE needs to prove that he was a Freemason or achieve any certainty on this matter because doubt concerning the validity of the Sacraments is sufficient to avoid receiving them. If these men would resort to theology and scholastic reasoning instead of their emotional attachment to their own positions and opinions, they might actually become Catholics.

Secondly, supposedly the Dimond brothers have decided that we have no certainly valid masses to attend and some of their followers are chastising people for demonizing them since they have arrived at this conclusion. All fine and good, but what about the many other heresies they teach — namely that of Feeneyism? Sorry but no brownie points for them until all the heresies are gone from their site, they publicly abjure them and then print the truth so people know that they were misled. This is the teaching of the Church.

As always, feel free to email me with any questions about the new postings.

T. Benns

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