+ The Resurrection+

+ The Resurrection+
Dear Readers,

A most blessed Easter to everyone.

On this day I felt it appropriate to post the second article defending Pope Paul IV’s Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, since its enemies seem most eager to discredit it, continuing with their tirades against the Bull. More is coming on this topic in the near future.
What those not familiar with Cum ex… fail to understand is that without it we would have no guarantee that what the Church taught for over 1900 years is preserved inviolate by Her vicars. Without it we would have no certainty whatsoever that what the senses of the world perceive as having happened — Rome’s takeover by the usurpers — never happened and could never happen at all. The true import of this Bull has yet to be realized. But someday, we pray and hope in the very near future, it will shine resplendent, enshrined as one of the most important papal documents ever written. For just as Christ rose from the grave on this day, so, too, will His Mystical Body be seen to rise, and Cum ex… makes that possible.
One day, the nightmare will be over; the din will cease.
There will be silence, reverence and peace.
These will remain: God’ s love, man’s sin,
The rock reality on which His Church shall rise again.
(Christian Order — 1987)
T. Benns
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