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  1. What Constitutes the Papacy
    1. The Papacy
    2. Apostolic Succession (Are Schismatic Clergy and Laymen…)
    3. Three Attributes, Four Marks
    4. What Catacomb Catholics Believe About Indefectibility, Pts. I and II
    5. OBJECTIVE Truth Is One, Error is manifold: Part I
    6. Objective Truth is One, Error is manifold: Part II
    7. Is There a Time Limit to Encyclical Teaching? (PDF)
    8. Papal Disciplinary Decrees Are Infallible
    9. Papal Documents: Judging their infallible nature and the assent they are due
    10. Pontifical Acts Provide Irrefutable Proofs in Canonical Cases
    11. The Curse of Sts. Peter and Paul
    12. Apostolic Constitution – Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis
    13. Rev. Joseph Clifford Fenton’s articles on the papacy (readers are welcome to request excerpts of Msgr. Fenton’s articles from the author)
      ~ Brief Biography on Rev. Fenton
      The Personal Diaries of Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton
  2. The Church
    1. The Laws of the Church are the Will of God
    2. The Laity and Neglected Aspects of Church Membership
    3. Are Traditionalists Members of the Church
    4. The Doctrine of the Mystical Body, Pt. I
    5. The Doctrine of the Mystical Body, Pt. II
    6. The Popes on Catholic Action
  3. The Latin Mass
    1. But What About the Mass?
    2. Jurisdiction, Lawful Pastors and Communicatio in Sacris
    3. Cessation of the Continual Sacrifice
    4. The Church in Apocalyptic Time
  4. Heresy
    1. St. Thomas Aquinas’ “Summa Theologica” on Heresy
    2. What Constitutes Material Heresy and Schism
    3. Pertinacity and Heresy, Pts. I and II
    4. Antiquarianism in Traditional Practice
    5. Tracing Traditionalism to its Masonic Origins
    6. Why a Legitimate Roman Pontiff Could Never ‘Become’ a Heretic… (but could only appear to become one)
    7. Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio: Latin/Spanish/English translation of Pope Paul IV’s 1559 Bull (PDF)
    8. Annotated Guide to Cum ex…
    9. Hergenrother, or the popes?
    10. Material/Formal Crowd attacks Cum ex… again
  5. False Popes
    1. The Truth About Papal Claims
    2. Was Pope John XXIII Really a Pope?
    3. The Scandals and Heresies of John XXIII (This article is not written by the site author but is available as a web link.)
    4. The Scandals and Heresies of Antipope Paul VI 
      WARNING: This document is not written by the site author and is provided for purposes of illustration only. While it accurately provides a summary of Paul 6’s teaching on man, his abandonment of the tiara and other topics, it advises readers to attend Traditional and/or Byzantine masses as a solution to the absence of a true pope in Rome. It focuses only on the illegitimacy of Montini and does not examine the “election” of John 23 and the events which preceded it, nor does it reference papal or conciliar documents which infallibly teach that the Church cannot exist without a canonically elected pope. It gives readers the impression, therefore, that contrary to the teachings of the (only) Vatican Council, a validly elected pope can become a heretic, (versus the Church’s true teaching that he must have already been a heretic pre-election). Furthermore, the author of this work does not identify him/herself, which is never a sign of good faith. In reality, Montini never was and never could have been validly elected, nor for that matter was John 23 validly elected as proven by this author decades ago.
  6. Traditionalists
    1. Why Traditionalist “Clerics” Never Received Valid Orders
    2. Why Traditionalists are NOT Catholic
    3. Pray for Counterfeit Catholics!
  7. Most Recent Articles (see new Fatima article by our guest author!)
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