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Well it appears that ironically, dear Francis of Rome has reversed the position of his heretical predecessor and “excommunicated” formally all those within the Society of St. Pius X, (SSPX). Those interested will find the details here, although of course providing this link indicates no endorsement whatsoever of this site.


That is the thanks the SSPX gets after decades of attempts at reconciliation and refusal to hold the See vacant. We will not say I told you so, because this is much more serious than the sticks-and-stones games of childhood. Instead we will say, now will you please reconsider your position, because you are evenpersona non grata with the person you held as your leader. The good news is, Francis has no power to excommunicate anyone, including my cat. The bad news is, many will be so fearful they will lose the “faith,” having clung to these men as illicit but valid for so long, that they will run willy-nilly back into the arms of the Novus Ordo church.

There is an alternative, and anyone who has explored this site knows what it is. But to accept that alternative, SSPXers would need to face the reality that their beloved Marcel Lefebvre misled them, and that they are not willing to do either, having practically made him a saint.   Their prejudices will not allow them to face the harsh realities of their situation, nor will it permit them to look the fool. Their clergy, never clergy either in the eyes of the Church or the anti-Church, will never stand down. But the anti-Church knows what it is doing. It is deliberately winnowing the wheat and placing the faithful in positions that will fatally compromise them when the final separation is made. It is confusing them by taking the same stance as those who oppose them from a sedevacantist standpoint, making it appear that there is no middle course, when this is far from the truth.

While many would classify this site and those who read it as sedevacantists, this is not the case. Yes, we believe that the See is (temporarily) vacant, but no; we do not believe that during that vacancy the Church is able to function, especially where Mass and Sacraments are concerned. We base this on Pope Pius XII’s 1945 papal election law constitution, which governs what may be done during an interregnum. Basically, until a true pope is elected, no one can function. You see we BELIEVE in and obey all that the continual magisterium taught and we consider ourselves members of Christ’s Mystical Body, NOT the SSPX, St. Pius V Society, Fraternity of St. Peter or the CMRI, among others. If we believed that this situation could last indefinitely and that, in the meantime, those outside the unbroken chain of command established by Christ could continue the Church exactly as it existed up until Oct. 9, 1958, then indeed we would not be faithful to Catholic truth. But this is NOT what we believe. Nor do we deny the Church’s indefectibility by holding that the hierarchy has all apostatized. For as Rev. E. S. Berry pointed out in his “The Church of Christ,” “The Apostolic See of Rome is the only particular Church to which the promise of perpetual indefectibility has been made.” Pope Leo XIII had previously taught this in Satis Cognitum when he wrote: “Christ the Lord wished that by the strength and solidity of the foundation the gates of hell should be prevented from prevailing against the Church.”

Because there are grave doubts concerning the validity of Mass and Sacraments and the validity of the last six “popes,” we do as Catholics are instructed to do according to papal teaching and moral theology in such situations until certitude can be obtained. We do — nothing. We take the middle road through the errors on either side and keep the faith at home. Everything the popes and councils teach supports our stance. This has been the practice of both the Jewish church prior to the Christian era and also the ancient Christians, as well as the more modern Catholics undergoing persecution in Japan, France, and those countries behind the Iron Curtain.  Such a period was predicted in many of the reliable Catholic prophecies concerning these sad days. Cardinals Manning and Pie, among others, also foretold that we would more or less be on our own in these times. Christ Himself and the prophet Zacharias before Him predicted it, when they prophesied that when the pastor would be struck the sheep (bishops) would scatter, as the Apostles scattered following Christ’s arrest.

Traditional Catholicism has never been faithful to Canon Law or papal teaching, despite its claims to the contrary. On one hand sedevacantists deny the need for a pope and place their bishops above the pope. On the other hand, SSPXers and other material/formal sects believe that a faithless man merely possessing a material chair could actually be pope; they pretend that the leopard can change its spots and darkness can become light, when all Church teaching says otherwise. The articles on this site use pre-1959 teaching to demonstrate why it is that neither of these positions could possibly be correct or in line with Church teaching. God is showering those He loves with graces in offering Society members this opportunity to re-evaluate their position from the eyes of faith. Before the light to see is extinguished entirely, it is our fervent prayer that they utilize these graces to abandon their heresies and save their souls.


T. Benns


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  1. tom

    I suggest reading this.http./archives.sspx.org/miscellaneous/supplied_jurisdiction/supplied_jurisdiction.htm

    Look up supplied jurisdiction on line.
    How is the Church still alive if there are no more licit sacraments or any authority besides past laws.

    • T. Stanfill Benns

      Obviously you haven’t read much on this site and you are unaware that what is posted here represents 35 years worth of dedicated research on this topic. I am one of the few Catholic writers who offers this level and breadth of research, also one of the few who is a credentialed journalist. That doesn’t make me “all that,” but it is more than you will find on other websites.

      Who supplies jurisdiction? The pope; read my articles on supplied jurisdiction. Since the SSPX still accepts Francis, B16 and all the other V2 usurpers, they think he is supplying jurisdiction for their antics, and that all the others have done the same in the past. We believe Pope Pius XII was the last pope. Since then, no one can supply jurisdiction because the pope is its primary source, per divine law, and we have no pope.

      Do the research and PROVE that anyone else besides a canonically elected, unquestionably Catholic pope can provide jurisdiction. And prove that during an interregnum, the clergy can act on the behalf of the pope, usurping that jurisdiction. It cannot be done, unless one is willing to cease being Catholic. Keep reading articles on this site and things might begin to make more sense.

  2. Javier Morell

    Fantastic comment as usual, dear Teresa. You’re a real light in this time of darkness. May God bless you all always with abundant graces so you can continue to enlighten us!


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