Dear Readers….. (12/29/2012)

Dear Readers,

In writing the book, “2012 Predictions: The Fatima Connection,” (now being augmented and revised) I speculated that 2012 probably wasn’t really the year that things would happen, only the harbinger of what was to come. Even those not Catholic have sensed that something evil is coming for us, so it is not surprising that shortly after the date the Mayans pointed to, something indeed arises that indicates the culmination of the final showdown with Antichrist’s system, and it issues straight from the mouth of Ratzinger himself.  Many have seen the slow progress of this system as it reaches its climax and have warned how it would unfold and where it would take us. In a series of articles for my newspaper, I commented on this in 2011 after seeing it at work in my own community.

Then yesterday a friend forwarded these links and I found myself reading that the very dangers cautioned about will soon be endorsed by what most believe to be the Catholic Church herself, instituting a New World Order/religion.

In writing the Fatima book, I at first had intended to include the following revised article as part of that book. But it was later omitted because it seemed enough to indicate that eventually the political and religious aspects of Russian communism, imposed by the Illuminati, would engulf even the U.S., as the seer Lucia dos Santos warned. The world is on the edge of a financial and moral disaster that at any time could appear to justify the institution of Rome’s system as proposed by B16. It is possible that following the collapse of society as a result of war/natural disasters/worldwide financial meltdown, the “See of Peter” could even be transferred to Jerusalem, something prepared for by Rome during JP2’s reign. Such a move was already anticipated by those hoping to seize and “reform” the Church in Pope Pius IX’s time, for we find it condemned in his Syllabus as follows: “There is nothing to forbid that by the vote of a General Council or by the action of all peoples the Supreme Pontificate be transferred from the Roman Bishop and THE CITY to another bishopric and another city,” (DZ 1735; emph. in original).

The system of communitarianism, now officially endorsed by Rome, is shown for what it truly is here:


The time is at hand.


T. Benns

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