+ All Souls Day +

+ All Souls Day +

Pray for the poor souls in Purgatory!

Dear Readers,

I have posted an article on yet another recently discovered dissertation on the communication of Catholics with non-Catholics, (see recent articles section). It sheds much light on how the Church views our situation today, and the horror that She rightly exhibited for participation in non-Catholic services. A companion article posted with it, by Rev. Francis Connell, explains the Church’s teaching on cooperation with non-Catholics.

It is truly astonishing that today those who pass as remnant Catholics cannot understand the need to avoid Traditionalists as founders of these non-Catholic sects. The questions that we pose to Protestants concerning who established their churches are every bit as relevant for Traditionalists — who establishedyour church? Where is your proof of valid ordination/consecration by a bishop proceeding in a continuous line from the Apostles? Where is your pope? Who appointed you to office? But of course they can no more answer these questions than their Protestant brethren.

Those who are willing participants in the Passion of the Church know that the appointed time is near. They do not necessarily expect it in their lifetime but they pray and watch nevertheless. Traditionalists have failed to keep the faith because they refuse to read the signs of the times. They want their nice little life and their Mass and Sacraments and cannot be bothered with thoughts that Antichrist has already reigned, and we await the chastisement. A friend noted recently that like Lot’s wife looking back, mourning Sodom and Gomorrah, Traditionalists have preferred to live in the past and just as her they will be forever frozen in time. We, however, must remember to look up; for, God willing, our redemption is at hand.


T. Benns

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