Dear Readers 5/16/13

Dear Readers,
I have posted a new article on the source of Traditionalists’ errors concerning jurisdiction. It can be located at the bottom of the articles list on this site. This article is a history of why Traditionalists believe that they can operate under Canons 209 and 2261 §2 and why this belief was never tenable under Canon Law. It is important to appreciate the source of the arguments they are using because it directly points back to their failure to abide by the introductory canons of the 1917 Code. The Code itself demands that these canons be followed in order to resolve any alleged doubts of law and proceed validly and licitly. Traditionalists have consistently ignored them while claiming to be proficient in Canon Law, proving they cannot be what they claim to be. This is demonstrated in the recently posted articles on why Trads cannot consecrate bishops during an interregnum, parts 1 and 2, which also can be found at the bottom part of the articles list.
The next article now being written will explain precisely why Traditionalists claim they possess universal jurisdiction, the amazing and mind-boggling source of this claim and the real agenda these hoaxsters have followed since day one. Hang on to your seats, folks, because while it will take some time to finish this article, it is the real key to what they have been up to all along, where they are going and where they intend to take those who follow them. Thanks for your continued support.
T. Benns
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  1. irene

    I can’t wait to read the next article. Thanks, Teresa, for being there for us!

    God be with you,

  2. bvm7sorrows

    *very* helpful; look forward to it.

    Thank you

  3. Rick

    I am inviting all to my catacomber social network that will be up in the next few weeks (actually it is already up: just need to make some minor fixes; so those with old user names can use it: do not complain if you experience a minor snafu) Just send me an email and tell me why you consider yourself a true catacomber and perhaps right away or after some talks I may give you a username and password. My email is (We must be careful who we let in. Also one must consider the unlikely fact that all catacomber can be caught in one net in one site. However, one can give as little info (on the site) as one wants and one can even be registered by other people like Teresa Benns herself and you do not even have to talk or email me. (Teresa, I will explain how you can register users later.)


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