A Friendly Caution

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to caution those dealing with people on the Internet that scams are being successfully run at an alarming rate and people defrauded daily by these con artists. Even the local mayor was taken for a ride here not long ago and went on TV to warn others.

You may think that if you have done some research and turned up nothing you are in the clear. Think again. These sleazebags change company names like they change their undergarments and use aliases to hide from the authorities. So if you go to the Internet to check someone out, they appear to be fine because their real company names and/or surname are not the ones they are using.

I personally know of three individuals who have tried to either steal other’s identities, obtain confidential information or run some sort of Internet scam by using an alias. One of them e-mailed me, signing with an alias I recognized from years ago when they had first used it, telling me it was necessary in order to do some necessary digging into Traditionalist antics. That one at least was worth a chuckle. J

But generally speaking, these shysters and their tricks are no laughing matter. When discovered and put on notice they have even sent me malware. And don’t think that just because the person recommending an investment opportunity or what amounts to a pyramid scheme is a relative, a good Catholic friend or even a “religious” that the investment is safe, even if they have reported no problems themselves.

Don’t let yourself be pressured and don’t take anyone else’s word for anything, no matter how much you may trust them. Check out actual addresses; listen for contradictions when those approaching you present their spiel and keep track of these out as well.  Many con artists know that overall those who are spiritual are easy targets because they try not to judge others and take them at face value, so they zero in on them. This is one circumstance where Catholics should strive to be as wise as serpents yet as guileless as doves, in matters both secular and spiritual.

Do not let the children of darkness, naturally wiser in their deceptive arts than we are, score a victory at your house. Be wary and check everything out for yourself. Pray that God deliver you from deceivers and their practices and be vigilant.


God Bless,

T. Benns



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    May God Bless


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