+ Nativity of St. John the Baptist +

+ Nativity of St. John the Baptist +

Dear Readers,

First of all I want to apologize profusely and beg your patience in mounting the library books to the site as there have been some delays and complications. There really are many more books to put up, but unfortunately not enough time or hands at the moment to get the job done. Over the next several months, readers should gradually see an expansion of the library section and services offered, so please bear with us.

I also would like to direct readers to two new articles on the main site (recent articles) and one new article on Catacomb Catholics. The main site articles are related but treat two separate issues. Both are address the errors of Feeneyism, since Feeneyites have recently been promoting their position and condemning the opposition. The Catacomb Catholics article is a series of quotes from St. Basil written during the Arian heresy, a time much like our own; also some useful quotes from other sources. I hope they will be consoling.

Site email indicates that many people at the moment are still struggling with the errors of Traditionalism and the consequences encountered when trying to escape its clutches. Please pray for them, as they enter their dark night, that they soon find their way into the light of the true Faith. I am told by one woman that many stay-at -homes are not fans of the site because I am uncharitable to Traditionalists, especially the clergy.

It is very troubling to think that these people are really so immersed in their errors that they cannot see that warning Traditionalists they are losing their souls and must investigate the claims of those they follow is certainly not a lack of charity, but the most sincere form of it one could ask for. But then we must think of Jesus, who told Pontius Pilate that the was the Truth, only to have Pilate ask Him: What is truth? May we continue to try in our own poor way to follow in His footsteps…

T, Benns

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  1. Ronald Quinlan

    Uncharitable to traditionalists, especially the clergy? They have, sad to say, confused Christian charity with Bergoglio “who am I to judge” liberalism.

    • T. Stanfill Benns

      Yes, they hate it when someone quotes an expert on Liberalism such as Fr. Felix Sarda, who says you can be practicing the best sort of charity when fiercely opposing an enemy and even when taking his life in some cases, (such as when a person is attempting to kill another and is killed to prevent this). They openly condemn and denounce abortion doctors and Planned Parenthood, but defend those guilty of soul murder.

      Thanks for commenting,


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