Deja Vu

© Copyright 2012, T. Stanfill Benns
As a barely more than a child,
I stood in the shadows as the wrecking ball
of “aggiornamento” shattered the Church I loved.
Out of what seemed to be the blue sky of forever,
it demolished overnight the work of Divinity.
Emerging from the rubble, dazed survivors
scattered to the four corners of the earth,
taking shelter in the remnants of its greatness.
All too soon, even the ruins were barely discernible.
To rebuild we were not able; to continue alone
proved more than its victims could bear.
Bruised and broken, we took comfort where we could.
But even the crumbs we scraped from the holy table
turned bitter in our mouths and scorched our souls.
Imprisoned in our silent, virtual catacombs,
robbed of the Guardian’s presence, we miserably coexist.
And now even freedom’s eagle, that lingering guarantee
is plummeting from darkening and menacing heights.
We see again the approaching demolition
witnessed so long ago, when we were helpless to object.
The very same forces, rulers of this world of darkness
are manning the crane and wielding the wrecking ball.
We cry out and no one hears; we gnash our teeth.
But entombed long ago and shrouded in silence,
we cannot warn the others of their impending doom.
“Strike the Shepherd,” the Scriptures say
“and the flock shall be dispersed;” this is our lot.
And as the Church goes, so goes the world, one sage opines.
What fragile freedoms to worship God that yet remain
will soon become burnt offerings at the dusky idol’s feet.
The points of light still flicker, love’s burning flame;
extinguished here on earth to blaze forever in Heaven.
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  1. Diane

    I really like what I’ve seen and read, this is great!

    • Teresa Benns

      Thanks Diane! we are excited about it too and hope it will help others better learn the faith in these trying times.

  2. Larry

    About your welcome page, I would only add that when Christ returns, it will undoubtedly be exactly as He said. However, I seriously doubt that any of us, nor any of the saints and/or doctors of the Church, could ever imagine or conceive exactly how it will occur – that is, what particular sensory, audio and visual experiences all humanity will experience on that occasion.
    While the timing of His second coming seems near, there is no way to predict when.
    On the Church being restored, I cannot conceive how that will happen, other than in a mysterious way, because all canonical methods seem to have been made impossible by the wholesale apostasy of the hierarchy, and the near complete disunity of surviving Catholics who are busy accusing each other of heresy or apostasy. Without a recognized, living authority, who can speak with authority and command a hearing? (Clearly, there are many who claim to be that authority, but are not) Does anyone even know how to identify, let alone communicate with, all truly faithful Catholics? I submit that only Christ and His Mother, Our Lady, know how that will happen.

    • Moderator

      Thank you, Larry, for the very thoughtful comments. We appreciate your insight and hope you will visit the site regularly.

    • Rick Bubric

      Hello, ….Teresa and all on this site. I have just almost completed two to three years work on a website whose intention is to try to unite as many Catholics as I can. That is the above website. However, it will not be available, that is online, until next week (about March 9) In addition, Forums and on site mail will only be available by the end of March or a little later. It is a Resource Network which enables one to find good Catholic Resources. Resources is a broad term that includes all kinds of Resources, whether media (books, tapes, website) or places or organization or events. Along with the forum and emails it will become a real social network. In addition I will be adding a Political component so that we can all learn and promote the eagle of liberty which has seemed to fail us. (Although, I am [Canadian], I have a real calling toward the US.) To get onto the site one must be referred to me by somebody I Know. (this will be Teresa Benns, if she so wills: she can be the first user and check out the site.) Then you can send me email and I will set up usernames for all.

      Of course, who the heck am I and what value is the site. Come on and check it out: I could set you up with guest usernames.

  3. pete secondo

    Awesome Teresa…simply awesome…this site has shown up just when i needed some comfort… Once again, you’re my hero…

    Pete Secondo
    Van Etten, NY

    • Moderator

      Thank you for the very thoughtful comments. Besides instructions in the truths of the faith, which is preeminent, we also plan to include articles from the mainstream media, for which thoughtful Catholics and those of goodwill can place their comments in a truly Catholic environment.

  4. Rick Bubric

    I didn’t realize that my essential info will be left out in the last reply. My email is and the name of my website is (which will be online by March 9, 2012, I hope)

  5. Rick Bubric

    Hi fellow viewers of Teresa’s site,

    My website is finished. One can read my previous mail for additional info.

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    May God Bless


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