Have been flooded lately with arguments from Traditionalists insisting they can use at least these older priests ordained during the time of Pope Pius XII. There also has been noise from those pursuing Feeneyite thinking regardless of Feeney’s excommunication so long ago for various reasons, including denying a dogma of faith. As pointed out in the site article on BOD: how can 500 years of Church teaching be wrong? (Council of Trent and resulting catechisms).

What is it about faith that is so hard to understand? Nothing new; nothing questionable; nothing extreme. Some of the convoluted thinking that goes on to justify using these men for sacraments and Mass is truly mind-boggling. And in some respects it is even frightening. One would think these mere men calling themselves priests while forbidden to function in any way had some sort of magical powers, not unlike those theosophical Liberal Catholics of the early 20th century. Indeed, much of their thinking is reminiscent of this heresy.

So while it may be overkill and repetitious, we have added two more articles explaining further still why these men CANNOT say Mass and administer Sacraments. No amount of wishing or wanting will make the impossible possible. In this case it is “Thy will be done,” not “my will be done,” for obviously Our Lord has good reasons for this deprivation we cannot understand, although we can accept it as a penance.  Those who insist on having their way will eventually be forced, when these priests die, to become homealone anyway — or will they?

Having become so intent on justifying the fulfillment of their fondest desires, it would not be surprising if they found a way to accept any “priests” they believed to be left, regardless of their age and ordination date, or even returned to the Novus Ordo. One does not embrace the truth ordinarily as a last resort, since this involves appearing to have been wrong all along.  Obstinacy is a hallmark of schism and heresy, and so it is not unfair to say that it factors in here.

For those determined to accept the truths of faith regardless of what it costs them, please see the following articles showing what the popes and the saints taught on these matters:

• “Ad Evitanda Scandala” interpreted by St. Robert Bellarmine:

The jurisdiction dilemma and Can. 2261 §2

Popes declare Orders received from schismatics null and void

(See section 10b. True status of schismatic priests and bishops ignored for both of these articles.)

A good article by the Morris family concerning the errors of Protestantism also has been added to the beginner’s section.

Until next time,

Blessings+++T. Benns





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  1. Javier Morell

    Thank you very much for your enlightening articles, dear Teresa S. Benns. Your site has truly opened my eyes and has made me realise just how wrong I was in resorting to a “traditionalist” priest. After reading some of this impressive amount of information carefully compiled by you, it’s an unfathomable mystery to me why these so-called “traditionalists” still insist on having their way no matter what evidence they’re faced with. It’s insane! How can they dare go against the teachings of the Popes and of relevant canonists?… A true mystery of iniquity, indeed.

    Once again, thank you for your heartfelt welcome and for the wonderful gift of the e-book “When there is no priest”. I’ll certainly enjoy reading it!

    God bless you, Teresa S. Benns.

    Javier Morell

    • T. Stanfill Benns

      You are ever so welcome. As you can see from reading some of the comments, evidence means very little to Traditionalists, who long ago abandoned the teachings of the continual magisterium.

      Thank you for your kind words, and may the Holy Ghost guide you in your quest for truth.

      T. Benns


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