Dear Readers… (1/7/13)

A Blessed and Peaceful New Year and equally blessed Epiphany to all.
Epiphany means a manifestation or awakening of sorts, and over time this is what has happened concerning the gradual uncovering of the roots of the Traditionalist movement. After spending years studying the various evolving Trad sects and their teachings and comparing these to the teachings of the Pius XII pre-Vatican 2 church they claim to have sprung from, it has become manifest to me, at least, that the movement they began was never Catholic. Now you may feel this is a reckless and unmerited statement, but please do take the time to read the article posted below at the link below. Because once you compare their teachings and beliefs with those proposed to us by the Church, it is my sincere hope and prayer that you will see there is no possible way that they can teach and believe as they do and still count themselves members of Christ’s true Church on earth.
Certainly there are many currently unaware of the errors these sects teach or at least not fully aware that such teachings are erroneous, schismatic and heretical. No matter. They can become aware now and must so inform themselves because it concerns their eternal salvation. Always these clerical Trad leaders are harping on the salvation of souls and yet their followers are woefully ignorant that they are doing the very things that will prevent that same salvation. For years many of us calling ourselves Catacomb Catholics today have labored to warn the faithful of these dangers. Most of us were in the same predicament at one time and so we understand how close we came to losing our faith entirely. But none of us responded to the warnings of others; rather what we experienced was a learning process and a gradual realization that eventually resulted in an epiphany.
So on this special day, we offer this article as our gift to those sincere seekers of truth that they might move forward in their journey; and like the Magi, be guided by the star that is the light of the Holy Ghost, imparted to the continual magisterium.
T. Benns
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  1. gertrude

    It has taken a long time. I think it has taken a long time to put it all together because it is so twisted and sinister that our brains couldn’t fathom something this clever and evil. Good job!

  2. Pete S.

    ….Gert, I like the way you think ! 🙂

    Blessed New Year to You,


  3. pete s.

    …Gert, I like the way you think !

    God bless and a blessed to New years to you,


  4. gertrude

    I tend to disagree on many aspects inthecatacombs…. This is something beyond what we could have encountered before…


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