Traditionalists Questioning the stand of Catacomb Catholics

Greetings to all.

For the past few months, several Traditionalists have questioned the stand of Catacomb Catholics on the attribute of indefectibility. They claim that because we avoid Traditionalist sects and deny that Traditionalist clergy can say the Mass and administer the Sacraments, we are denying this attribute of the Church. Yet we say no more on this score than the prophet Daniel or Christ Himself said, on this topic. For Daniel prophesied that one day the Abomination of Desolation would cause the Sacrifice to cease, (and with it the Holy Eucharist) and Our Lord told us to flee (from the Novus Ordo church) when we saw it standing in the Holy Place.. How this could happen without there also being an absence of priests to offer it is not explained, yet it appears from other prophecies that it can be presumed. Because Pope Paul IV described for us the Abomination of Desolation in his bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, we have no need to speculate who or what it could be. He clearly told us that it would be a false pope claiming to be a true pope, and provided a way for such a usurper to be ejected from the papal seat. And on the heels of the Abomination, the Book of Daniel relates, comes the cessation of the Holy Sacrifice, just as it occurred.

Indefectibility guarantees that the Church of Christ will last as She was constituted until the consummation and that this includes the bishops and the pope. We believe that at least two bishops and priests live in hiding somewhere, as we have always stated and that the ability at least to elect a Pope Pius XII-line pope will always exist. At some point in time Christ will pull the plug on this wicked world and start over — hopefully soon. We have never doubted that His Church will last and have only wondered exactly how  — not if  — Christ’s promises will be fulfilled. Conclavists have used indefectibility to justify their elections; Traditionalists have used it as the basis for their ability to perform episcopal consecrations. But this is not the only way Christ intended His Church to last. The answer lies in a little appreciated Church teaching concerning the true nature of the Church and how all the faithful, providing they are still members of the Church at least by desire, fail today to appreciate the most important aspects of their membership. Even members only by desire can participate and work to spread the faith.

Although this aspect of the Church is a great mystery, it could explain why what we see with our own eyes is not a contradiction of what Christ promised His Church. While the juridic Church is necessary, Christ calls us in other ways that some have forgotten. This is only one of what will probably become a series of articles, as we go deeper into the true meaning of the Church Christ established on earth. You can view this new article under the subhead “Church” on the articles list.

Wishing you a blessed feast of Our Lady’s Assumption,

T. Benns


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