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  1. Introduction
  2. The Papacy (See free content section for a summary of teachings on the papacy. Membership to this site presumes the inquirer has first mastered the main premises found in the free content pages.)
  3. Chronology of the Decline of the Church
    1. Where is The Church?
    2. Where Was The Church in the 1940′s?
    3. Why Catholics Left the Roman anti-Church in the 1960s and 1970s
    4. 56 Years After Vatican 2: Why Catholics Never Fought for Their Church
  4. Mass And Sacraments
    1. Mass Valid (PDF)
    2. Mass Invalid (PDF)
    3. Mass OUT (PDF)
    4. Latin Mass (PDF)
    5. Tridentine Banned
    6. Proof the Novus Ordo Missae is Invalid
    7. The Intent of Pope Pius XII Concerning the Liturgy
  5. Scholasticism
    1. Rules of Scholastic Theology
    2. Rules of Evidence
    3. Fallacies in Scholastic Argument
    4. Ridicule Kills
    5. Anti-Scholasticism and Traditionalist Philosophy
  6. Canon Law
    1. Vatican 2 Theology: The Basis for Traditionalists’ Stance on Canon Law and Epikeia
    2. The Origin and Use of Epikeia
    3. Canon Law Is God’s Written Will
    4. The Binding Nature of Canon Law and Its Interpretation
    5. Who May Interpret Canon Law?
    6. Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio: Latin/Spanish/English translation of Pope Paul IV’s 1559 Bull
    7. Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio: Infallible & Retained in the Code (PDF)
    8. How “Cum Ex…” Is Retained In the Code (PDF)
    9. “Cum Ex…” and Ecclesiastical Discipline
    10. Doctrinal Conclusions Drawn From “Cum Ex…”
    11. Dr. Carlos Disandro’s Doctrinal Precisions
  7. Orders
    1. The Episcopacy (The Pastoral Office)
    2. Are Bishops Consecrated Between 1959-67…
    3. The Episcopal Masters of Disaster
    4. The Priesthood
    5. Investigation of the Character of Priestly Candidates
    6. Canon Law Digest on Clerics (PDF)
    7. Holiness of Life and Priests
    8. On Priests (PDF)
    9. The Saints and Fathers on the Priesthood
    10. Are ‘Traditional Priests’ Clerics?
    11. Proofs That Illicit Bishops and Priests Cannot Function
    12. Ordination/Consecration by Schismatics is Conditionally Valid,( but Acts Emanating From Schismatic Orders Are Null and Void)
    13. A Comparison of Anglican and Traditionalist “Orders”
    14. Popes Declare Orders Received from Schismatics Null and Void
  8. Jurisdiction
    1. The Interpretive Theory of Jurisdiction Held by Traditionalists
    2. Jurisdiction, Lawful Pastors and Communicatio in Sacris
    3. Supplied jurisdiction in the Case of Traditionalists
    4. The Truth About the Western Schism and Supplied Jurisidiction
    5. “Ad Evitanda Scandala,” the Jurisdiction Dilemma and Can. 2261 §2
    6. Canon 2261 §2 and the Common Good
    7. Extraordinary Mission Is a Protestant Heresy
    8. Infamy of Law Bars the Valid Exercise of Orders Received
    9. Trad Pseudo-clerics Only Simulating Mass and Sacraments (PDF)
  9. Traditionalist Heresies and Errors
    1. Heresies revived by Traditionalists
      1. The Lutheran Orientation of Traditional “Catholicism” (PDF)
      2. Traditionalists: Modernists in the Guise of ‘True’ Catholics
      3. Antisemitism Among Traditionalists
      4. Are the Jews to Blame?
      5. What the Popes Teach about the Jews
      6. Neo-Liberalism
    2. Teachings of Traditional Sects
      1. The Siri fallacy:
        1. Why Guiseppe Siri Was Never Pope
        2. Siri Engages in Communicatio in Sacris
      2. Cekada’s errors:
        1. Cekada’s False Justification for Acting Without Papal Mandate
        2. CMRI and Cekada’s Errors Condemned
      3. Teachings of “Bp.” Pivarunas:
        1. Consecrating Bishops During an Interregnum, Part I
        2. Consecrating Bishops During an Interregnum, Part II
        3. Notes on “Bp.” Pivarunas and Bp. Thuc’s Heretical Orientation
      4. Refuting Sanborn:
        1. Bombshell Basis for the “Material Pope” Theory: Why Traditionalists Never Left the Novus Ordo Church
      5. The Dimonds (MHFM):
        1. Refuting the 2009 ‘No Jurisdiction Position’ Tapes
      6. Feeneyism:
        1. Basic Church Teachings on Baptism of Desire
      7. Papal elections
        1. I Was an Elector in a Conclavist Election Attempt
        2. WARNING: Please Don’t Read This Book
        3. No Apostolic Successors, No Pope (PDF)
        4. Death Blow to Lay “Popes,” Lay “Elections”
        5. Word “fit” Found in French Original of “Six ans se sont”
        6. The Mistranslation of ONE WORD Changed the Church Forever
        7. Are Papal Elections Inspired by the Holy Ghost? (PDF)
        8. Pope Martin V: Canonical Election Necessary for Validity
  10. Papal teaching on Church and State
    1. Conspiracy Theories, the New World Order and Rome (PDF)
    2. Religious Tolerance, Freedom of Conscience and Cults Today
    3. Further Proofs of the Church’s True Teaching on Civil Allegiance
    4. B16 promotes NWO, Communitarianism
    5. Falangism
    6. Fascism
    7. Masonry’s Greatest Triumph


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