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Humani generis ends doctrina certa debate

+St. Clare+ Today we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the issuance of Humani generis. This infallible papal encyclical addressed many of the errors circulating not long after the end of World War II. Among them were some of those very errors and heresies which still...

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Canonical mission granted to the laity

+St. Peter in Chains+ Prayer Society Intention for the Month of August May God instill in us a true love of the papacy and may the Holy Ghost grant us the graces needed to appreciate and understand papal teachings. In every era of Catholic history, the laity has been...

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Scaring up ghosts and calling them errors

+St. Lawrence of Brindisi+ I am not willing to devote any more time to these baseless allegations that are floating around about my last blog on immediate jurisdiction. Nor do I believe any of my readers are really interested in hearing more about them either, since...

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“And I appointed watchmen over you saying, ‘Hearken ye to the sound of the Trumpet.’ And they said: ‘We will not hearken.'”

Jeremias 6:17

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