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Dear Readers,

It is fitting that at this point we release a long awaited translation of the late Professor Carlos Disandro’s preface and introduction to Pope Paul IV’s 1559 bull, Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, translated thanks to the generosity of a dear friend. Disandro knew in 1987 what we are only learning today about Pope Paul IV’s bull, and his translation and commentary are essential contributions to the continuing research into this papal document. We also are posting Inter Multiplices, Pope St. Pius V’s motu proprio confirmation of Cum ex… I have taken the liberty to annotate both these documents and believe that Professor Disandro, a dear friend, would not object. We think these translations will help provide much–needed perspective into why Paul IV’s bull is the only real answer to resolving the problems facing us today.

In addition to confirming Pope Paul IV’s Bull, Inter Multiplices infallibly decrees that when there is any doubt concerning whether or not certain individuals are laboring under the censure of heresy or schism, even if a previous pope granted absolution from these censures, or a future pope should grant them, they are null and void and these individuals are to be tried again. The Church gives no quarter where heretics and schismatics are concerned. Let’s just say that when the Church is restored, the ecclesiastical court calendar will be booked solid for years. (See the Free Content site, Most Recent Articles for both of these new posts).

Terrified children need soothing fairy tales to make the bogey men go away, and that is what the ones concocting these theories have spun for them. In the happily ever after world of Traddie land, no one is a heretic, no one ever loses their office, the Mass and Sacraments are never taken away, the Antichrist is projected far into the future and in the end, the good guys don’t run the bad man out of Dodge — the bad man exchanges his black hat for a white one and High Noon never happens, (material-formal scenario). If this is reality, then Traditionalists do not live in the same world as the rest of us. Name one such successful transformation in recent history; it can’t be named, because it doesn’t exist. And no, I don’t believe that Russia is no longer a Communist country; it simply no longer appears to be one. Sound familiar?

Also new to the Most Recent Articles list on the Free Content site is a long overdue article on integralism. This will explain the Traditionalist disconnect and why so many hide out in Traditionalist chapel groups to avoid being tagged as religious fanatics. (Good thing our Lord was not so inclined.)

In the future, to answer the continuing questions of how a true pope can be elected, we also will publish an article explaining that while this may have been possible early in the throes of the Great Apostasy, we now must rely on God’s mercy and a miracle to resolve the interregnum. We believe this is a test of our faith and belief in His unfailing promises. As such we pray fervently He shorten the times, ever bending our will to His.


T. Benns

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