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Check out the link and compare it to what you know from Church sources about what has happened to the Church and to this country. I am sick unto death of news gurus and others trying to reinvent Church teaching and presenting it as something secular. Paul Harvey seemed like a good guy, a moral man, but he was no prophet. Maybe people like Glenn Beck thinks so, but not people who know anything about the Catholic Church. If Glenn really wants to see something incredible here, try going back to what Pope Clement XII said, in the first half of the 1700s. This is cited by Pope Benedict XIV, who in confirming Clement’s bull, listed the six reasons that he condemned Freemasonry: 1) The interfaith nature of Freemasonry; 2) their secrecy; 3) their oath; 4) their opposition to Church and State; 5) the interdictions once pronounced against them by several states and 6) their immorality.
Beck is always telling people to educate themselves, to check out his facts. Well here you go, Glenn. Take your own advice and CHECK IT OUT! Every phase of Freemasonic destruction of Church and state were fully addressed by the popes repeatedly, from the 1700s on, until finally it was too late to do anything about the destruction they had wrought. If the Mormons and other sects had not been so busy calumniating and ignoring the Church; painting the pope and his teachings as feudalistic and overbearing, even outright Satanic, not to mention flying the flag freedom while persecuting Catholics, then maybe they would have been able to do something when it still could have been done. I have watched Beck and his ilk for years and one thing I have noticed: they preach morality alongside ecumenism while working to build up this secular idea of religion devoid of any mention whatsoever of Catholicism, especially of the pre-Vatican 2 variety. 

More about this another day…
T. Benns
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  1. pete secondo

    …and Joseph Smith was a…?

    Yep, you guessed it- Freemason.

  2. Rick Bubric

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  3. c/od

    Yes Beck is a heretic. He, as well as President Reagan chose protestation over being a Catholic, because he blames God for some untold thing that happened to him. With Reagan, it was his abusive alcoholic Catholic father’s fault that he, Reagan decided to go the other way. I have heard this lame excuse for over 12 years from fallen away Catholics. Father DeSmet (Jesuit from Belgium) was asked by the POTUS to accompany the U.S. Calvary to the site of the ambush that the Morons put on the Calvary. This was very important, so the report and truth came out about how crazy and deadly these heretics were at the time. They still are deadly, to lure souls into hell with their dirty lucre. His family is condemned and will vanish into hell. This is Church law.

    • T. Stanfill Benns

      Dear Curtis,
      Well Beck was never truly Catholic; he was a member of a non-Catholic sect, the NO. Whoever he blames for whatever it is, it is not the fault of the true Catholic Church. It is another story with Reagan.

      I must say however that Richard Ibranyi is scarcely the answer, either. As for epikeia, I was one of the early Trads who came out in opposition to this principle as applied to our situation in the 1980s. I have been writing about it since 1989 and believe it is crystal clear that it cannot be invoked in this situation; we have the teaching of a good number of approved theologians on this, so no one else’s opinions really matter.

      T. Benns


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