Dear Readers…

Dear Readers,

Each year the mailing list waxes and wanes, and I find myself torn between sorrowing for those who leave because they cannot accept what we believe, and rejoicing in those who have finally found the truth. I have never said that I, or those who believe as Catacomb Catholics believe, are the only ones who can claim to possess that truth. What I have tried to show is that what is presented here is only the Church’s own presentation of the truth and not my own “take.” No one who has ever accused me of presenting my own “opinion” has ever demonstrated that this is what I do, or that the manner in which I state what the Church teaches is at variance in any way with how She presents Her own truths.

What it seems to come down to on all levels can be reduced to a scriptural passage, the “tidings of great joy” the angels announced at Christ’s birth: “Peace on earth to men of good will.” Of course the King James version reads: “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” But God does not grant good will to unrepentant sinners; this leads us back to the Novus Ordo lie that He died “for all,” when we know that He told us the Sacrifice on the Cross once renewed daily on our altars was offered “for many.”  Good will, or as some call it “good faith” only goes so far.  We can be in good faith only as long as we truly are totally unaware of the truth, and accept that truth the minute that we hear it. What those who make the “good faith” argument are really saying is that if they are ignorant of anything, their ignorance is invincible.

But sadly, they misunderstand invincible ignorance. The truth of such ignorance is best taught by the well-respected Scottish Bishop George Hay in his “The Sincere Christian, written in the mid-1800s. Bp. Hay describes three things that are necessary for invincible ignorance to exist. 1) “That a person have a real and sincere desire of knowing the truth;”  he cannot be “positively unwilling to seek after the truth for fear of worldly inconveniences,” such as the loss of some material gain or human respect; 2) “That he be sincerely resolved to embrace the truth wherever he may find it and whatever it might cost him, for if he be not fully resolved to follow the will of God wherever it shall appear to him, in all things necessary to salvation…ignorance arising from it can never excuse him before his Creator;” 3) He sincerely use his best endeavors to know his duty, and particularly that he recommend the matter to Almighty God, and pray for light and direction from Him.”

Bp. Hay continues: “If a person be deficient in using his endeavors to know his duty, his ignorance is not invincible…And if, from attachment to the world, and to sensual and other selfish objects, he be not so disposed, and neglect to use the proper means for coming to the truth, then his ignorance is voluntary and culpable, not invincible … It  is enough to make his ignorance blameable that there be sufficient reasons for doubting. Saul had no doubt of his doing well when he offered sacrifices before the prophet Samuel came; on the contrary, he was persuaded that he had the strongest reasons for doing so, and yet he was condemned by that very action, and himself and family rejected by Almighty God….A person brought up in a false faith which the Scriptures call sects of perdition, doctrines of devils, perverse things, lies and hypocrisy; and who has heard of the true Church of Christ which condemns all these sects and sees the divisions and dissensions which they constantly have among themselves, has always before his eyes the most cogent reasons to doubt the way that he is in. ”

On the eve of this most blessed day, the birth of our Lord, we must sadly behold those who have been sternly warned they are committing grievous sins ignoring these warnings to go before false priests and into false places or worship to dishonor Him, who came to save them from these very sins. We wish them no ill will, only good will; but having rejected the truth He came to bring at His birth, it is certain they will never have the true Peace the angels came to sing to us about, for that alone comes with good will. And in wishing them good will, we can only conclude that this will must be to wish them to be separated in whatever manner is necessary for their salvation from all that compels them to do evil, be it family, friends, “priests”, and especially the abominable ceremonies and rites they call mass and sacraments.

That is true charity; that is truth; that is good will. And should it be that it happens, then that is what truly will bring all true Catholics peace on earth.


T. Benns

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  1. gertrude

    Bishop Hays says it all. I use to hope that the neo-modernists, to include Traditionalists ( I refuse to further call Traditionalists Catholics) would fall under invincible ignorance but that is not at all in the lines of what the church taught as invincibly ignorant. How sad that so many are uninformed and chose to stay that way. May the grace of God,, through the prayers of the elect, pierce their hearts in order that they may see.


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