When did the bishops fall as victims to the Great Apostasy?

When did the bishops fall as victims to the Great Apostasy?

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The following quotes from the first installment of Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work have been objected to by several readers and for this reason will be addressed below.

Did Novus Ordo bishops defect prior to 1965?

Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work makes frequent and specific mention of the operation of error. He claims that those bishops following Angelo Roncalli and Giovanni Montini did not officially lose their offices until 1965, But is this really the case? He writes:

“The… Bishops and Cardinals miserably betrayed the Flock of Christ and …apostatized en masse at the moment they signed their signature on the heretical closing documents of the accursed Vatican 2 cabal, thus consummating a public and notorious act of apostasy and being excommunicated en bloc [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], losing ipso facto any position and jurisdiction they had when joining a non-Catholic sect.”

This was indeed a public betrayal, but it was by no means the first. And while it was the first that most of the faithful may have been able to know about all this, Canon Law does not require that such heresy be manifest to EVERYONE, en masse, before the censure is considered to be incurred. This false  belief that these bishops may be considered not culpable of their offenses immediately on the election of Angelo Roncalli is one of the primary errors of traditionalistsIt is one that leaves the door wide open to the “discovery” of some validly consecrated bishop in the future and the alleged validity of their subsequent ministrations.

In order to determine exactly how Catholics must view the Great Apostasy, it is necessary to follow precisely the order laid out by St. Paul in 2 Thess 2: vs. 3-7, 12: “Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God… And now you know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time… Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented to iniquity.” The revolt or apostasy does not come at the end; it comes at the beginning. It actually began with the Protestant Reformation, as we have pointed out in other articles, and culminated in the defection of the cardinals who “elected” Angelo Roncalli, False Prophet. It was Roncalli who worked hand in hand with Montini throughout his entire reign as false pope. One might even call Montini Roncalli’s puppet master.

The Son of Perdition, Montini, could not have eventually been revealed without the invalid election of Roncalli. Thiswas the great defection — the cardinal-bishops’ and the cardinal-priests’ violation of all that was written in Pope Pius XII’s Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS), and for that matter by Pope Paul IV in his Cum ex Apostolatus Officio in electing an unworthy candidate. This 1559 bull announced that the abomination of desolation would sit in the Holy Place if a heretic was invalidly elected as pope, which sadly happened in October 1958. So first the revolt, once he who withholdeth was taken out of the way. Next, the gradual revelation of Montini as the Man of Sin, refused the cardinalate by Pope Pius XII, being falsely “lifted up” to the cardinalate by Roncalli. Then Montini’s invalid election as pope, sitting “…in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.”

The bishops to whom the election of a true pope devolved, according to Canon Law and all Church practice, by their “silence and manner of acting,” (Can. 1325 defining heresy), lost their offices for accepting Roncalli as pope, when they were bound to know he was unworthy of election and were obligated, for this reason, to elect a true pope. In this they consented to “…the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity” — the very mystery of iniquity that was THE Antichrist, (Montini), introduced by Roncalli. That the actions of these bishops were both public and culpable is explained below.

Canon 2197

“In Canon law the term offense implies an external and morally imputable violation of a law to which at least an indeterminate canonical sanction is attached” (Canon 2195).

“An offense is public if it has already been divulged or if it was committed under or attended by such circumstances that it’s divulgation may and must be prudently considered easily possible (1) “An offence is notorious by notoriety of fact if it is publicly known and committed under such circumstances that it cannot be concealed by any subterfuge nor excused by any excuse admitted in law, (i.e., both the fact of the offense and the impeccability or criminal liability must be publicly known” (3) “An offense is occult if the offense is public but its imputability is not public” (4) And Canon 2199 further explains imputability as follows: “The imputability of an offense depends on the evil will of the delinquent and the extent to which his ignorance of the violated law or his omission of proper diligence was culpable…” Revs. Woywod-Smith note that an offense is considered public when at least 6-10 persons in a small community know of its existence or could know; more in a larger commmunity.

Canon 2200

“The evil will spoken of in Canon 2199 means a deliberate will to violate a law and presupposes on the part of the mind and knowledge of the law and on the part of the will freedom of action given the external violation of a law the evil world is presumed in the external form until the contrary is proved.” Commenting on Can. 1828, which warns against conjecturing about something not proven as “a fact established by evidence in the case,” Revs. Woywod-Smith write: “(5) ALL PERSONS are presumed to know the law (CANON LAW DOES NOT ADMIT IGNORANCE AS AN EXCUSE FROM THE LAWS THAT DISQUALIFY A PERSON OR RENDER ACTS INVALID…)” and Pope Pius XII’s constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS) is an invalidating law. Under Can. 2242 Woywod-Smith further observe: “Contumacy of the offender is implied in the deliberate violation of a law to which a censure latae sententiae is attached, and therefore the censure is incurred immediately with the breaking of the law. The violation is considered to be deliberate where disqualifying and invalidating laws are concerned, such as a lack of jurisdiction which invalidates the Sacrament of Penance.”

Rev. Garrigou-Lagrange also notes that under Can. 985, n. 1: “Apostates from the faith, heretics, and schismatics incur irregularities ex delicto, by the sinfulness of their condition (whether material or formal).” This confirms the statements made by other theologians concerning the return of those from heresy held by one after the age of 14, who wished to be admitted to orders. For they teach that unless first absolved, they cannot be so admitted. Ignorance, therefore, will not excuse these bishops. It excused the faithful only up to the time that the revised sacramental rites and Novus Ordo Missae was introduced: THE FINALIZATION OF THE GREAT APOSTASY came when the faithful, priests and religious left the Novus Ordo between 1965-69.  After that time they too incurred excommunication for heresy and schism by migrating to Traditionalist or other non-Catholic groups without first determining what happened and why. They became at least material heretics under Can. 2200, meaning they were guilty of incurring the censure but not necessarily of committing the SIN of heresy. That is something that only the pope or a bishop delegated by him for that specific purpose could determine.

Roncalli’s public defection

All Canon Laws are public documents available to the faithful. Bishops especially are bound to be well-versed in these laws. Angelo Roncalli was first listed as a “suspected Modernist” in 1925 by the Holy Office when he was relieved of his teaching position at the Lateran Seminary for exhibiting these tendencies. When Roncalli was the nuncio to France, he appointed a thirty-third degree Freemason and close friend, the Baron Yves Marsaudon, as head of the French branch of the Knights of Malta, a Catholic lay order. Pope Pius Pope Pius XII later refused to appoint a new head for the Knights of Malta following the death of its then existing head. Roncalli also insisted on receiving his cardinal’s hat from the anti-Catholic Vincent Auriol, an atheist and notoriously anti-clerical socialist, then President of the country of France. He also was implicated as a socialist sympathizer in the banning by Pius XII of the worker priest movement in France. Prior to Pope Pius XII’s election, he also campaigned publicly to become pope. And yet his unworthiness was not known to these bishops???

These are not occult offenses; they are very public affairs. Roncalli may later have been absolved by the pope from favoring these heresies and given a warning, (this would have been done secretly), but that does not make him anyone worthy to be elected pope. These cardinals and bishops were bound to know this, given his public behavior and the notoriety of his acts Even the heads of cathedral chapters are bound to know the laws governing the invalid election of unworthy candidates when electing clerics. Pope Pius XII’s Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis orders that cardinals voting to elect a pope go to the altar and “…kneeling there, he will pray for a little while; then rising, in a loud and intelligible voice, he will swear an oath in this form, which is kept written down on a card placed on the Altar: ‘I call to witness Christ the Lord, Who will judge me, that I choose the man that, according to God, I conclude ought to be elected.’” The violation of this oath invalidated the entire election according to VAS itself, and ALL the hierarchy were bound to know this and to obey this constitution.

In matters of doubt as to whether Roncalli could have been elected given his past behavior, they were bound to refer to the old law, that being Pope Paul IV’s 1559 bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, which reads: “We sanction, establish, decree and define, THROUGH THE FULLNESS OF OUR APOSTOLIC POWERthat… all and sundry Bishops, Archbishops, Patriarchs, Primates, Cardinals… who in the past… have strayed or fallen into heresy… or who, in the future, shall stray or fall into heresy or shall incur, incite or commit schismBEING LESS EXCUSABLE THAN OTHERS IN SUCH MATTERSare forever deprived of, and furthermore disqualified from and incapacitated for their rank…” This bull is the basis, noted In the Fontes or footnotes to the 1917 Code, for the tacit resignation of all offices found in  Can. 188 no. 4. The bull further states: “They shall be treated, as relapsed and subverted in all matters and for all purposes, just as though they had earlier publicly abjured such heresy in court. They can never at any time be re-established, reappointed, restored or recapacitated for their former state…” (para. 3).

And this bull applies to the bishops as well, if they do not oppose the election of a heretic. For Cum ex… further states: “…Whoever knowingly presumes in any way to receive anew the persons so apprehended, confessed or convicted [and Roncalli was known to have been put on notice by Pius XI and Pius XII for his behavior], or to favor them, believe them, or teach their doctrines, shall ipso facto incur excommunication, and, become infamous.They shall not and cannot be admitted orally, in person, in writing, through any spokesman or procurator to offices public or private, or deliberations or a Synod or general, or provincial Council, or a Conclave of Cardinals, or any congregation of the faithful, or anyone’s election, or to give testimony. They shall be incapable of making a will, nor shall they receive any inheritance; furthermore, no one shall be obliged to answer to them in any affair.”

There is also the infallible 1458 bull of Pope Pius II, Execrabilis, confirmed at the Vatican Council, which states that; “Nobody dares under whatever pretext to make such an appeal from any of our ordinances sentences or commands and from those of our successors or to adhere to such appeals made by others or to use them in any manner by [appealing to a future council]… Anyone of any status, rank, order or condition, even if adorned with imperial, royal or PAPAL DIGNITY, who shall contravene [this bull]… shall ipso facto incur sentence of anathema from which he cannot be absolved except by the Roman Pontiff and at the point of death.”  And this bull precedes that of Pope Paul IV.

Bishops bound to uphold papal laws

So there was never a second Vatican Council; for from the moment Roncalli attempted to announce the intent to convene such a council, in January of 1959, he was deposed under this bull. This has not been emphasized enough and adds additional weight to the invalidating effects of VAS. Certainly in all the preparatory sessions to the Council beginning in 1959, as history readily reveals, Roncalli had given ample evidence of his heretical intentions. Those bishops who arrived to participate in the first session of this council October 11, 1962 were already heretics and therefore could scarcely convene one; neither could the usurper Roncalli call such a council. But even if they had not been heretics previously, they were from that point ipso facto excommunicated. The following oath from the episcopal consecration illustrates how far they fell from fulfilling their duties:

“I …, elected to the Church of …, from this hour henceforward will be obedient to Blessed Peter the Apostle, and to the holy Roman Church, and to our Holy Father, Pope…, AND TO HIS SUCCESSORS CANONICALLY ELECTED. I will assist them to retain and defend the Roman Papacy… I shall take care to preserve, to defend, increase and promote the rights, honors, privileges and authority of the holy Roman Church, of our Lord, the Pope, and of his aforesaid successors. I shall observe with all my strength, and shall cause to be observed by others, the rules of the holy Fathers, the Apostolic decrees, ordinances or dispositions, reservations, provisions and mandates…” The consecrator asks: “Will you receive, keep and teach with reverence the traditions of the orthodox fathers and the decretal constitutions of the Holy and Apostolic See?… Will you exhibit in all things fidelity, submission, obedience, whom was given by God the power of binding and of loosing, AND ACCORDING TO CANONICAL AUTHORITY, to Blessed Peter the Apostle, to his Vicar our Holy Father, Pope N. and to his successors, the Roman Pontiffs?”

How were they to fulfill this oath of strict obedience without knowing how to determine whether or not such a pope was canonically elected??? Even the faithful are bound by the laws of the Church, and these laws state that if the external act is committed, the offense is considered deliberate and culpable until proven otherwise. Rev. Benedict Pfaller notes: “…The religious would renounce the Catholic faith in passing over to a non-Christian group such as Buddhism, Mohammedanism, some well-defined cult of paganism, Judaism, etc.; or in joining a Protestant, heretical, non-Catholic Christian sect or a schismatic church; or in joining any professedly and manifestly anti-Catholic group, such as a league of Freethinkers, or, finally, in openly denying even one article of the Catholic faithOn July 30, 1934, a response of the Pontifical Commission for the Authentic Interpretation of the Code…state(d) that the declaration of fact IS NOT NECESSARY in order that a religious be considered as ipso facto legitimately dismissedTHE RELIGIOUS MUST BE CONSIDERED DISMISSED EVEN BEFORE THE DECLARATION OF THE FACT TAKES PLACE,” (Ipso Facto Dismissal of Religious, Catholic University of America Canon Law dissertation, 1948, Volume 34, Number 7, page 743-4, April 1934). Once again, this indicts bishops on grounds of accepting a false pope.

Concerning irregularities, Revs. Woywod Smith comment on Can. 986: “Contrary to the former law… the irregularity [for apostasy, heresy or schism] is now incurred [by the clergy] even though one does not join an heretical sect.” Particularly during an interregnum, we may NOT dispense ourselves from these laws! Like it or not, many of us cooperated in heresy and/or were involved in a schismatic sect and incurred excommunication for heresy and/or schism. We must conduct ourselves accordingly, doing penance for three years. We must also amend our lives and repair any damage done by such heresy and schism. If even those age 14 and older are considered culpable, how much more so ourselves. This is especially true in this age of instant access to the truth via the Internet. Revs. Woywod-Smith also state under Can, 672§1, (see also Can. 2295) that the religious who has given signs of complete amendment for three years is to be readmitted to his order, but the reason for dismissal must have been grave, as stated in Can. 647§2. Therefore, Catholics who have done penance could readily be absolved were there a true pope and hierarchy, so there is hope and there is a remedy.

All of this is stated on the website in several different places as well as in The Phantom Church in Rome. But it does not hurt to remind everyone WHY we must believe these bishops were schismatics from the beginning of Angelo Roncalli’s reign and must be considered as such by all Catholics.

Must Catholics believe Antichrist was an individual person? 

In a quote from Msgr. Straubinger’s Bible, cited in the first installment of Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work, one could be led to believe that Antichrist will not be a specific man, but only a collectivity. This is an error, as shown below, although not one that Mr. Morell-Ibarra seems to engage in, since prior to this quote he names Paul 6, Giovanni Montini, as theAntichrist. Today of course we are left only with the collectivity, or system, which is the thought I believe he was trying to convey. The quote is cited below.

“Buzy, drawing attention to the fact that Jesus constantly speaks in the plural of false Messiahs and false prophets and never of a false Messiah in singular or of an Antichrist, concludes: “that in the teaching of Jesus as in that of Saint John (I John 1, 18-23) there is no individual Antichrist; there is only one powerful and terrible collectivity of antichrists.”

Rev. E. Sylvester Berry says it is certain, and that Suarez holds it as an article of faith that Antichrist is a definite person. Bellarmine teaches also that he will be one, individual person (se Summo Pontifice, lib. iii, c. 2). Likewise Rev. Augustin Lemann according to Fr. Fahey, Rev. H.B. Kramer and several others. Henry Cardinal Manning states in his The Present Crisis of the Holy See Tested by Prophecy that it is the unanimous opinion of the Fathers that Antichrist will be a definite PERSON, which means we must accept this as a rule of faith. The Vatican Council teaches that: “In matters of faith and morals pertaining to the instruction of Christian doctrine, that must be considered as the true sense of Sacred Scripture which Holy Mother Church has held and holds whose office it is to judge concerning the true understanding and interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures. And for that reason, no one is permitted to interpret Sacred Scripture itself contrary to this sense or even contrary to the unanimous agreement of the Fathers“ (DZ 1788).

Manning points out that it is the Protestants who would make Antichrist only a SYSTEM, meaning all the popes from the beginning. Yet all these authors also concede that The Antichrist will be the culmination of, or the head of, A SYSTEM. Rev. Kramer attributes the establishment of this system to Roncalli, False Prophet, in advance of his reign. Rev. Bernard Le Frois  calls this system “collective Antichrist,” persecuting  Christians down through the centuries, symbolized in the last days by the seven heads in Apocalypse, Chap. 13. We can neither deny that Antichrist is a specific man nor that he heads a system, for he scarcely would be able to accomplish anything if not aided by others, and Holy Scripture indeed teaches he will be so aided. This is why we have always maintained that Giovannni Baptiste Montini, Paul 6, was Antichrist, installed as the Man of Sin with the help of the False Prophet, Angelo Roncallli, aka John 23.

We now proceed to our third installment of Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work below. Any further questions arising with this work will be addressed in a later blog.

Installment #3 of Javier Morrell-Ibarra’s Survival Handbook

The fables, also called logics of the Anomos, are the logics of disobedience to the Papacy, which are normally used by the acolytes of the Thuc and Lefebvrite schisms, in short, by the devotees of what we have branded as “congregational sedevacantist ecumenism”, logics that are normally contradictory and based on their subjective and fallacious perception. These are perverse logics where these sectarians put their personal interests and their own obsessive-compulsive disorders before what the Popes have always decreed to be ruled in perpetuity, blind as all these  pretentious individuals are due to their detestable Luciferian arrogance that prevents them from receiving the Grace that God grants only to the humble and small. We will deal with these insidious fables concocted by the wickedness of the false prophets in the next chapter.

The following fables of the Anomos employed by the false christs and their false prophets have been identified in the course of these turbulent years that have elapsed since the death of the last Catholic Pontiff Pope Pius XII, and with it the consequent disappearance of the obstacle or Katejon that retained the manifestation of the supreme impious who was to engender the abominable Harlot of the Apocalypse that has eclipsed the Holy and Immaculate Bride of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the eyes of the entire universe to the immense shock and horror of Heaven and earth.  These twisted fables respond to a very extensive series of obsessive-compulsive disorders suffered by those who spread them, which they arrogantly describe as “new magisterium”, a term coined by themselves, and which we have called “OCD Traditionalism”, that is, Traditionalism based on obsessive-compulsive disorders. All of them have been completely refuted by Sacred Scripture and the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Christ, both of which constitute the sword of the Holy Ghost, which is the Word of God, with which the last faithful must inevitably arm themselves if they want to survive the terrible spiritual hunt and slaughter that is unfolding before our eyes at this very moment.

Therefore, every time we hear any of these false christs or their false prophets trying to deceive us with these perverse fables that follow, let us know that these people are misled because of their pride and their disobedience towards the only authority established by God to feed, rule and govern the Flock, which is blessed Saint Peter and his Successors, the last of them being Pope Pius XII, whose infallible Magisterium remains in force until the Parousia, therefore we must not lend any credit to those who try to deceive us in this way, but we must flee from them and avoid them as heretics and obstinate sectarians, applying what is recommended to us in Titus 3,10 concerning those unfortunate individuals who have gone astray and are blinded by their own Luciferian arrogance.

Compendium of the main fables or false logics of the Anomos spread by the false Christs and their false prophets:

  1. Fable of the promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be with us until “the consummation of the centuries” (Matthew 28, 20), which many false Christs and false prophets have misunderstood and translated as “the end of the world” literally, that is, Judgment Day, the physical destruction of the world, etc. They promote this fable in order to justify their sacrilege and desecration, and so make the arrogant claim that they can function without a Pope to provide the Jurisdiction that only the Vicar of Christ possesses by divine right. From which it follows that all of them operate from the most absolute and flagrant illegality and invalidity, without any jurisdiction, which turns them into dangerous intruders and soul thieves who have not entered through the Fold’s fenced gate and must be vigorously rejected and denounced by the faithful.

We have already explained that the consummation of the centuries is the end of an era, not the end of the world understood literally, but the end of the Christian era in which the Church and the Papacy illuminated, governed and sanctified the Catholic world, for they constituted the Katejón or obstacle that kept the mystery of iniquity tied and prevented the manifestation of the wicked man, and that once both have been removed from the middle so that Scripture could be fulfilled, Satan has been unchained, thus beginning the time of the Antichrist or the Anomos.

  1. Blasphemous and perverse fable spread by hypocritical heretic Marcel Lefebvre whereof it would be possible to recognize the Pope and resist him at the same time when he would have deviated from the Faith and taught a different Gospel (!?)

But if you accuse the Pope, you accuse Our Lord Jesus Christ, and if you accuse Our Lord, you accuse the Most Holy Trinity! The Lefebvrist madness is a very grave mortal sin against the Holy Ghost. Just what kind of madman can even imagine that a Pope could invalidate all things sacred and do everything possible so that the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ would fall into the lake of eternal fire, using the same immediate Power of the Incarnate Word and being inspired by the Holy Ghost !? What kind of hellish whisper was directing Lefebvre to even think of such blasphemy? What kind of hypnosis do his sectarians who are legion still suffer today? If Montini was the Pope, as Lefebvre always believed, then the Novus Ordo is valid, the Montinian Ordination Rite is valid, and the entire heretical Vatican 2 cabal is dogmatic. But Montini was indeed THE Antichrist!

We will revisit this fable to refute it once and for all with the aid of the Magisterium.

  1. Fable of Canon 209 and the famous “common error”. Can. 209 – In errore communi aut in dubio positivo et probabili sive iuris sive facti, iurisdictionem supplet Ecclesia pro foro tum externo tum interno. This is the favorite fable of the vast majority of “traditionalist-sedevacantist” false clergy and religious, who naively think that the tricky recourse to this canon will function as a “magic wand” that can validate and legitimize everything, even the most flagrant contempt and disobedience towards the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law. According to these hypocritical charlatans, their insolent transgressions would be “excused” and “justified” by what they consider to be a state of “common error” on an almost universal scale that would have deceived the whole world during the Vatican 2 bogus council and the great apostasy that ensued shortly thereafter. Thus, these impostors imagine that anything “good” can come out of transgressing the discipline imposed by Pope Pius XII, because according to them, “they were all deceived by common error” (sic), hence Our Lord and the Church would be obliged to provide them with Jurisdiction to perpetrate their horrible Mass simulations and sacrilege. (!?)

But what these loud-mouthed, opinionated bigots fail to understand is that the Church is the Pope, its Head, who [in union with Our Lord Jesus Christ] is the one who supplies Jurisdiction for the entire Mystical Body, since he is the ONLY one who enjoys full universal jurisdiction. And not any excommunicated schismatic like Lefebvre or Thuc, nor any “pneumatic church” that claims to function without a Head, since the Holy Catholic Church has always been jurisdictional. If these sectarians refuse to understand that nothing works without the Pope, and they choose to deceive themselves by saying that there was no massive apostasy… and pretend that this is like a normal interregnum, after 65 years (!), that can only mean one thing: Namely, that all these prideful imposters who hold fast to their fake cassocks are under the insidious influence of the Operation of error. This therefore blinds them because of their arrogance and inordinate attachment to a piece of cloth that gives them a false authority over the extremely puzzled faithful, instead of the love, fidelity and obedience they owe to the Pope, the Holy Church and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Their situation is certainly harder to accept and implies a greater degree of sacrifice than ours, simple laypeople like them, but we painfully accept it and carry on whereas they cling to a non-existent clerical state, hence it would also mean more supernatural merit for them if they were humble enough to admit that they were deceived by the false Christs of Lefebvre and Thuc, but they refuse for a simple matter of despicable pride and their insatiable lust for the vainglory and esteem of the disoriented faithful without theological and canonical knowledge who blindly resort to them.

Invalidity of all Traditionalist acts confirmed by Holy Scripture

Invalidity of all Traditionalist acts confirmed by Holy Scripture

+Feast of the Annunciation+

 A reader reports that Traditionalists now are claiming they cannot be excommunicated because no true pope or council has ever formally condemned the Novus Ordo and Traditionalists sects as heretical or schismatic, maintaining they can appeal to Can. 2261 §2 to ”supply” jurisdiction for all their activities. Of course this entirely skirts the issue of ALL Traditionalist ordinations and consecrations, invalidated by Pope Pius XII’s 1945 papal election constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS). But then Traditionalists have been intent on going their merry way and doing as they please without bothering to obey the pope for decades, a calculated  lawlessness that these sects have always practiced and encouraged. That a declaration of the Novus Ordo and Traditionalist sects is necessary to consider them heretical and schismatic is an outrageous supposition condemned by the constant teaching of the Church, as easily seen here. The specific application of VAS to the validity of their masses and sacraments is demonstrated in the paragraphs below. Please save this as an easy reference to why these sects are not Catholic.

An easy way to determine the invalidity of all Traditionalist operations

Traditionalists cannot continue to justify their operations on the basis of epikeia and necessity as explained here by pretending that no law exists which provides ground rules to be observed in this so-called “emergency.” If they consider those ruling from Rome as usurpers, they must also admit the Church currently exists during an interregnum. Ample proofs have been available for decades that such an interregnum began with the death of Pope Pius XII. And if we are now experiencing such an interregnum, and their intention is to preserve the Catholic Church exactly as it existed on the death of Pope Pius XII, then there is definitely one, infallible law and one law only that Traditionalists were bound to follow: Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS).

The first three paragraphs of this papal constitution infallibly lay down the parameters that must be met in order to preserve the integrity of the Church’s laws, rights and teachings during one of the most dangerous periods imaginable — when the Roman Pontiff has passed away and the Church no longer possess a visible head. It invalidates all actions that usurp the jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff during an interregnum and any attempt to either change or dismiss VAS itself or any of the sacred canons contained in the 1917 Code of Canon Law. This application of VAS to the Code has been stated by the canonists themselves, (Woywod-Smith, Bouscaren-Ellis). VAS further enjoins any and all to defend the rights of the Church during this most vulnerable time from any incursions made by Her enemies.

The second part of VAS involving the election of a Roman Pontiff requires that a new election be held in no less than three months’ time. Those failing to elect during this time period lose the right to elect (Anscar Parson, Canonical Elections), so this right was lost long ago. While claiming to acknowledge the existence of VAS, Traditionalists deny that they are in violation of this infallible constitution. And they have done nothing to prove that it does not apply to them exactly as it is said here to apply. They have not proven it was somehow abrogated, that it is not infallible, or that it is no longer enforceable. None of their pseudo-clergy have presented the teachings of popes and councils in an official position paper to vindicate their claims. They have not done so because they cannot; VAS is a codification of all papal election laws from the earliest times. All previous laws were abrogated in establishing this law. Below we will see that no matter what objections they might bring, VAS entirely and completely obliterates Traditionalists’ very existence and renders all of their acts invalid.

  1. Bps. Ngo dinh Thuc and Marcel Lefebvre could not validly create priests and bishops during an interregnum because a papal mandate and confirmation of episcopal appointment could not be obtained. These are acts that have been reserved exclusively to the Roman Pontiffs for centuries. To presume the possession of the mandate and confirmation of any appointment is therefore a usurpation of papal jurisdiction according to VAS that invalidates any attempt at consecration. In addition, men who never became bishops could scarcely establish seminaries or validly ordain priests, acts which can be executed only by a validly consecrated bishop.
  2. Some claim that the supposed orders conveyed by Thuc and Lefebvre cannot be considered invalid because these men were approved and appointed under Pope Pius XII. But the validity of Lefebvre and Thuc’s ordinations/consecrations in the 1970s-80s and the subsequent ordinations conferred by their “bishops” has been questioned even by Traditionalists for decades. Therefore they are already doubtful and to be avoided. But this is not all.
  3. For in presuming the validity of these ordinations and consecrations without a decision by the Holy See, Traditionalists usurp papal jurisdiction BECAUSE ONLY THE POPE MAY DETERMINE SUCH VALIDITY. Therefore said presumption is null, void and invalid.
  4. VAS also invalidates THE EXERCISE of any orders received after 1958, just as Pope Pius VI’s Charitas and other papal decrees have done, even by bishops approved under Pope Pius XII. Because of their adherence to the Novus Ordo (and later, Traditionalist sects), the men conveying these orders, even if they used the old rite, were at least suspect of communicatio in sacris and therefore presumed to have incurred this censure under Can. 2200 (and possibly other censures as well). Can. 2200 holds them guilty until the pope determines otherwise. To presume the lifting of these censures and vindicative penalties, which is clearly an act of papal jurisdiction, is to usurp said jurisdiction. Therefore any EXERCISE of these orders, even if otherwise valid, constitutes a presumption of absolution from these censures, a usurpation of papal jurisdiction rendering them null, void and invalid.
  5. It is a proven and indisputable fact that the only source ever cited for supplying jurisdiction throughout the history of the Church is the Roman Pontiff, who holds supreme jurisdiction in the Church. To claim that such jurisdiction is supplied in his absence by the law itself is an absurdity, (since Canon Law itself is predicated on papal law and the perpetual existence of the Roman Pontiff); and to say that it is supplied by Christ is heresy. VAS forbids appeal to the supplying principle and invalidates any such appeal as a presumption of papal jurisdiction during an interregnum.
  6. Any attempt to change or dismiss canon law also is nullified. This would include the violation of Can. 6 n. 4, which requires Traditionalists to adhere to the old law regarding heresy, meaning no declaratory sentence is needed for its existence; Can. 104, reflected in VAS, which invalidates anything done based on error; Can. 147, which requires that in order to possess jurisdiction, certainly validly ordained or consecrated clergy must first receive an office from competent authority; Can. 200, which requires proof of jurisdiction be presented; Can. 804, which requires presentation of the celebret in order to say mass in a place other than the priest’s proper diocese; Can. 2265 §1 which forbids those excommunicated form advancing to orders. And these are only a few among many.

Traditionalists are only laymen simulating the Sacraments, and this we know infallibly from the mouth of Pope Pius XII. Mr. Morrell-Ibarra offers Scriptural proofs of this simulation below.

Installment #2 of Javier Morrell-Ibarra’s Catholic Survival Guide and Reference Handbook

The Great Montinian or conciliar Harlot is the parent sect from which all these false Christs and their false prophets arise, who are all miasmas of the mystical body of the Antichrist, putrefying elements that walk towards their perdition while trying to deceive the greatest possible number of candid souls with little or no formation in the Faith, the Doctrine, and the Magisterium…

In this sense, we can also compare the enormous sin of these false shepherds with the sin committed by King Saul [cf I Kings 8-14], who dared to celebrate the holocaust without being a priest, which was contrary to the Law and was a serious fault, even though his intention was to prevent his people from dispersing, which is exactly what the heretical and schismatic intruders do today, since they try to establish themselves in the visible Church without even being priests, under the fallacious pretext of preventing the faithful from dispersing after the great apostasy of the conciliar sect, in addition to other outlandish excuses that these hypocrites have fabricated to justify their unjustifiable transgression and disobedience to the Magisterium of Pope Pius XII and the Holy Canons. As we read in the commentary on this passage in the Bible by Mons. Straubinger:

“This is a great lesson to show us how faith and trust in God must be maintained even against all appearances, without trying to resort to our human prudence to correct what we believe to be an error by the infinite Wisdom.” This constitutes, in effect, exactly the same sin of those fraudulent impostors, who dare to impiously judge as an “error” by Pius XII the fact that he has bound on earth and in Heaven that absolutely no one can usurp the functions of the Pope during the time that the See is vacant. For such reason these intruders, at the height of their malicious pride and satanic human prudence, have thought it convenient to “consecrate” and “order” one another, as if they could, without Peter and against Peter, thus demonstrating to all their little faith and trust in God, and their null Catholicity, because whoever is not united to the Holy See is not Catholic but heretical and schismatic.

“Whoever leaves the chair of Peter, on which the Church is founded, is not in the Church. For whoever does not maintain unity with the Church, does not have the Faith either.”—Saint Cyprian

… “They devoted themselves solely to the study of the books of Holy Scripture, without presuming to ask their own thoughts for its interpretation, but rather they sought it in their writings and in the authority of the ancients, who, in turn, as was evident, they received from the apostolic succession the rule of their interpretation.” … — Saint Gregory of Nazianzus and Saint Basil.

In addition, the episode narrated in Numbers 16 about the sedition carried out by Korah, Dathan and Abiram, with the horrible end they had, serves to perfectly illustrate the incredible perversity and daring of these miserable false prophets of the traditionalist-sedevacantist sects, who emulate those proud Israelites in their satanic attempt to create a secular priesthood, completely outside the authority instituted by God, who at that time were Moses and Aaron, and in our time is the Vicar of Christ. Let us read the excellent comments given to us in Bishop Straubinger’s Bible in connection with this passage: “In this chapter we are presented with the first known attempt to create a lay priesthood, independent of the authority instituted by God. Moses, who was not a priest, immediately recognized the scope of this movement, which if imposed would have undermined the foundations of theocratic rule. For this reason it was not meekness (cf. 12, 3) that impelled him this time to intercede for the criminals, but rather, moved by holy zeal, he asked God not to accept the oblation of the criminals (v. 15).Korah, the first cousin of Moses and Aaron, seems to have revolted out of sheer ambition and envy, because, being of the same family, he wanted to participate in the honors and privileges of the priests. He did not recognize the idea of a priesthood instituted by God, proclaimed the equality of priests and laity, and practically denied Aaron’s authority as the spiritual leader of the people.

We also find similar movements in Christian times, from the Gnostics to the modern sects, all of which coincide in denying what Saint Paul says in Hebrews 5, 4. “No one takes this honor except he who is called by God as Aaron was”. That is why Saint Augustine compares Korah with the heretics who divide the Mystical Body of Christ. cf. 19, 6; I Corinthians 12, 4 ss.; Ephesus 4, 11. Dathan and Abiram had very other reasons to revolt. They didn’t care so much about spiritual authority. They were Reubenites, sons of Jacob’s firstborn, and because of this they believed they had the right to exercise some authority over the other tribes. They could not understand that God had given all power into the hands of Moses and Aaron, who were from the tribe of Levi. These two movements, that of the Levites who aspired to the priestly dignity, and that of the Reubenites who sought to recover the rights of the birthright, which they had lost (cf. Genesis 49, 4 and note), united, and organized a riot that threatened to destroy all the work that Moses had done at God’s command.”

As we see, disobedience and rebellion against God and His High Priests are at the origin of all evil and sin. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are very clear parallels between what is said in this passage and what the Lord warns us in the book of Apocalypse, with the same and identical words, when Yahweh warns the Israelites to stay away from the tents of those impious men [Koreh, Dathan and Abiram] so as not to be in solidarity with their sins. And in parallel we have in Apoc. 18: 4 the following warning: “Come out of her my people, so as not to be in solidarity with her sins and not participate in her plagues.” It is evident that both in Numbers and in the Apocalypse we are told to flee the company of those criminals because of the existence of sacrilege and desecration. From which it follows that God’s punishment will also fall on these unfortunate heirs of Korah who are the false christs of today, just as it did on Korah, Dathan and Abiram for being sacrilegious and profane, just as it fell on King Saul, also sacrilegious and defiling, as we have seen before. We will quote this episode again later, as it masterfully exemplifies the same sin that the usurpers and imposters commit today.

But I would not want to end this section without first mentioning the terrible threat from Jesus Christ Our Lord that hangs over the heads of false christs and their false prophets, as well as all those who believed the insane fables of these impostors and were seduced by their rhetoric and their false prodigies, falling into their clutches, that is, joining their sects and participating in their sacrileges and acts of desecration. It is especially significant and overwhelming that Our Lord warns us about these disobedient hypocrites in Matthew 7:15-20, calling them by the name of false prophets and comparing them to bad trees that cannot produce any good fruit, so they will be cut down and will be cast into the fire: that is, at the end of their thread of life, they will be condemned to hell for all eternity. Indeed, shortly afterwards Our Redeemer explains to us what the sentence of condemnation of those arrogant wretches will be based upon. It is URGENT that those who have been deceived by these individuals read this and immediately get out from under their pernicious influence, because they are risking eternal life: “Not everyone who says to me: “Lord, Lord”, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my heavenly Father. Many will say to me on that day: “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many wonders in your name?” Then I will declare to them: «I never knew you. Away from Me, you workers of iniquity!” (Matt. 7: 21-23).

Yes, this terrible warning from the Lord applies directly to all these false shepherds, who are blind, dropsical, swollen with arrogance and eager for the false glory that their fraudulent titles and non-existent dignities of “bishop”, “father”, “abbé”, “brother” or “sister” give them, to the point of despising and disobeying the Divine Will of the Heavenly Father which is expressed in that the Catholic Church. This Church must be governed by Saint Peter and his Successors, whose infallible Magistery must be faithfully obeyed by of ALL the faithful, whether they are Bishops, Priests, Religious, or simple laymen: we are all obliged to obey the Popes to obtain the salvation of our soul. Because whoever obeys the Pope obeys God, but whoever does not obey him is disobeying God Himself, thus imitating the arrogant Lucifer when he sang his impious and blasphemous “Non Serviam” before the Blessed Trinity in the midst of the heavenly court, which earned him ipso facto expulsion from Heaven and being precipitated deep into the abyss of fire.

In addition, this other warning from Our Lord Jesus Christ also applies to false christs and false prophets and to those who have been deceived by them: One said to him: “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” He answered them: “Fight to enter through the narrow gate, because many, I declare to you, will try to enter and will not be able to. As soon as the owner of the house has woken up and has closed the door, you, being outside, will start knocking on the door saying: “Lord, open for us!” But he, answering, will tell you: “I don’t know you (nor do I know) where you are from.” * Then you will begin to say: “We ate and drank before you, and you taught in our squares.” *But he will tell you: «I tell you, I don’t know where you are from. Away from me, all you workers of iniquity.” There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and yourselves cast out. And from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south they will come to sit at the table in the kingdom of God. And so there are last who will be first, and first who will be last. (Luke 13, 23-30).

The comments on this passage in Bishop Straubinger’s Bible are very illuminating:

[* 26. You taught in our squares: In verse 27, He insists that he does not know them. In addition, it is written that “no one will hear his voice in the squares”, because he will not be turbulent (cf. Matthew 12, 19 and note). If they listened, then, it was to others, as Jesus told him (John 5, 43 and note); to others who did not seek the glory of the one who sent them, but their own glory (John 7, 18 and note), for which they could not have faith (John 5, 44 and note). Those were not, therefore, the true disciples to whom He said: “Whoever listens to you listens to Me” (Luke 10, 16), but the false prophets about whom He had warned so much. Cf. Matthew 7, 15 and note.

* 27. See Matthew 15, 8, quoting Isaiah 29, 13. Matthew 7, 23; 25, 41. Jesus condemns in advance those Christians who are content with the mere name of such and with their external link to the Church.]

Indeed, for at the decisive hour of Judgment, many deceived by the false Christs and their false prophets will uselessly plead before Our Lord that they “ate and drank before Him”, that is, they received what they believed were the Holy Sacraments from the hands of those intruders and impostors, who also preached to them without having any mission or jurisdiction over them. To them those poor gullible souls gave undue credit, thinking that with their false preaching Our Lord was “teaching them in their squares”, that is, in their schismatic and heretical “chapels” and garages, in total contempt and flagrant disobedience of the Papal Magisterium and the 1917 Code of Canon Law, which severely prohibit attending celebrations performed by intruders who have been excommunicated for schism and heresy.

How terrible their surprise will be when they discover at the crucial moment of Judgment that Our Lord will not recognize them or know where they come from, since in fact all these sectarian and schismatic communities have been generated in the spirit of rebellion and contempt for the divine authority of the Vicars of Christ to teach, bind and loose, believing in their infinite pride that they could function bypassing all channels and disciplines established by the Holy See. For this reason, we affirm that those proud rebels did not seek the Glory of God but their own, a false, vain human glory, seeking to be praised and venerated by the blind and the simple who were completely deceived in their particular sects. These include the SSPX, IMBC, CMRI, SSPV, Palmar de Troya, Sociedad Sacerdotal Trento, Mont Carmel, Avrillé, and other small groups and schismatic organizations. This as well as all the false “wandering clerics” that emerged from these sects and now pretend to function independently, deceiving thousands of poor, blind abductees who also supported them financially and made sacrilegious simoniacs out of them.

For NONE of those imposters was sent by God since there was no Pope who could grant them permission and a canonical mission, as well as provide the Jurisdiction necessary to function, without forgetting that they constantly belittled and ignored the voice of Peter in the person of Pope Pius XII, who strictly prohibited the misdeeds and illegalities that these fools perpetrated at the height of their boldness and hypocrisy. This is why we affirm that all of them are cursed and have been sentenced by God. The most terrifying thing will be, without a doubt, when they will have to hear from the lips of Our Lord Jesus Christ those harsh words of “I don’t know you (nor do I know) where you are from”, followed by the fearsome sentence of condemnation “Get away from me, all workers of iniquity.”

Now you understand our insistence that all those who have been deceived by these dangerous tricksters who traffic in sacred things must IMMEDIATELY abandon these schismatic sectarians, who have their conscience seared (I Timothy 4, 2) and walk towards their perdition. This while turning many ignorant souls into mere consumers of sacraments that are nothing but sacrilege and desecration, as the Magisterium and Canon Law warn us, making them concur in communicatio in sacris with those lepers of schism and heresy.

Let no one be deceived, because all those who give credence to the fables of those impostors and grant them an authority and legitimacy they do NOT possess, participating in their simulations and allowing themselves to be fed, that is, spiritually instructed by them, should know that they are being complicit in a very serious sacrilege. This despite the fact that there is no consecration, nor therefore transubstantiation in all those horrible simulations, since those who commit them are only simple laymen in disguise, but those who have allowed themselves to be mentally abducted by those false pastors do think that they are truly receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. Hence the terrible warning in I Corinthians 11, 29 against those who receive Communion without making due discernment of the Body of the Lord, becoming guilty of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, eating and drinking their own damnation.

So that our readers understand the tremendous seriousness of the sacrilegious crime of the simulation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we invite you to read the following:

“It seems superfluous to us to demonstrate in many words what a grave and horrendous crime is committed by anyone who, without being invested with priestly Orders, dares to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass, since the reasons why it is justly considered such a sacrilegious crime are so evident to all that it must be detested and punished with a rigorous application of sanctions”.

[…] “No itinerant bishop, priest or deacon should be received without letters of recommendation; and when they present letters, carefully examine their content; and receive them if they are of proven piety; otherwise, do not even give them what is necessary and let them not be admitted to communion in any way: many things can result from surreptitious behavior.” — Pope Benedict XIV, Encyclical Quam Tumba

“We firmly believe and confess that, no matter how honest, religious, holy and prudent one may be, he cannot and should not consecrate the Eucharist or celebrate the sacrifice of the altar, if he is not a priest, regularly ordained by a visible and tangible bishop. For this office, three things are, as we believe, necessary: a certain person, that is, a priest properly constituted for that office by the bishop, as we have said before; the solemn words that were expressed by the Holy Fathers in the canon, and the faithful intention of the one who utters them. Therefore, we firmly believe and confess that whoever believes and claims that, without previous episcopal ordination, as we have said, they can celebrate the sacrifice of the Eucharist, is a heretic and is a participant and consort in the perdition of Korah and his accomplices, and is to be segregated from the entire Holy Roman Church.” — Pope Innocent III, Eius exemplo, 1208.

Finally, this severe threat from Our Lord Jesus Christ in the form of a parable also hits the false christs and their false prophets, as well as their unfortunate acolytes who preferred the seduction of the perfidious fables of those hypocritical charlatans to the solid, infallible Truth of the Holy Word of God revealed in Scripture and the Magisterium: Parable of the marriage feast and the guest who had not on a wedding garment  (Matthew 22, 10-14). This is applicable to those deceived by the false Christs and their false prophets, as well as to all those ravenous wolves themselves, since many of them will have lived in an apparently pious manner in the eyes of the world and their own deceived conscience, but they will not possess the essential Grace that would have made them Catholics. This grace is submission, fidelity and obedience to the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium, which those disobedient, arrogant individuals so many times ignored or openly despised, impiously wanting to believe that they could function without the permission of the Pope and without having received any mission or jurisdiction from the Vicar of Christ: for this reason they will be reputed as schismatics and non-Catholics at the hour of Judgment. We also recommend reading the comments taken from Bishop Straubinger’s Bible.

“And his servants going forth into the ways, gathered together all that they found, both bad and good: and the marriage was filled with guests. And the king went in to see the guests: and he saw there a man who had not on a wedding garment.  And he saith to him: Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? But he was silent. Then the king said to the waiters: Bind his hands and feet, and cast him into the exterior darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. *For many are called, but few are chosen.”

[* 14. This parable also refers first of all to the chosen people of the Old Covenant. The Father first invites the Jews to the wedding feasts of his Son with mankind through his “servants”, the prophets. Those who despised the invitation will lose the dinner (Luke 14, 24). The “other servants” are the apostles that God sent without reproving Israel (Luke 13, 6 ss.), during the time of the Acts, that is, when Jesus had already been immolated and “everything was ready” (verse 4; Acts 3, 22; Hebrews 8, 4 and notes). Rejected this time by the people, as He was by the Synagogue (Acts 28, 25 ff.) and then “burnt the city” of Jerusalem (verse 7), the apostles and their successors, inviting the Gentiles, fill the room of God (Romans 11:30). The man who does not wear a bridal garment is the one who lacks sanctifying grace, without which no one can approach the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb (Apoc. 19, 6ff.). Cf. 13, 47 ss. and notes]

And in the same chapter 22 of the Gospel of Saint Matthew, we read this revealing verse 29 a little later:

And Jesus answering, said to them: “You err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God.”

On which we add this juicy comment taken from Bishop Straubinger, complemented by our own reflections highlighted in purple:

[ 29. You err because you do not understand the Scriptures! Is this not a reproach that we all have to accept? Few are, in fact, those who know the Bible today, and it is not surprising that those who do not study the Scripture of Truth fall into error, as Jesus teaches so many times, and the Supreme Pontiffs remember it so much when they demand its reading daily in homes. Cf. verse 31; 21, 42; John 5, 46 and note. And even fewer are those who know the true hidden treasure of the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is also the Word of God inspired by His Holy Ghost to the Supreme Pontiffs for the instruction and government of all the Catholic faithful. That is why there are so many today who err and fall into the twisted sophistry and the fables of the Anomos spread by the false prophets, those lepers of schism and heresy, precisely because they did not know the Magisterium that could have protected them against those grave errors and deviations!]

It is universally known that the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church is founded on the solidity of Saint Peter, the Stone and the Rock, but these sects want us to believe that we must disobey Pope Pius XII, the fundamental rock of the Church, and that we must follow them —they who say they know the spirit of the letter, which is none other than disobedience and non serviam; that we must follow them to their dens of thieves, intruders, foxes and wolves, navigate their rafts and allow ourselves to be guided by these pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, filibusters, thieves and desecrators of the treasures of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church. They would have us be deceived by the brilliance of their fake mitres, hooks and their plunder and booty, with the excuse of the rite, incense and pomp, and that we make a defection of Saint Peter, Prince of the Holy Apostles and Fundamental Stone of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, who speaks in his successors assisted by the Holy Trinity in full. Those perfidious thieves that came out of the depths of the great Babylon want to kidnap us through sophistry and disguises to take us back from where God Almighty freely got us out of without us deserving it. What a betrayal of the Good Lord and His compassion it would be to re-enter where He took us out of for our soul’s health, that is, our salvation!

May God grant us that we do not fall for our personal sins and get lost, and may He keep us steadfast in not abandoning His Holy Catholic Church founded on Peter, on the solidity of the Stone, instead of delving into the false churches with feet of clay and quicksand, thus abandoning the Mystical Body of Christ our Lord!

Exciting new insights on St. Paul’s Operation of Error

Exciting new insights on St. Paul’s Operation of Error

+St Benedict of Nursia, Abbot+ 

Before we continue our series on how to best prepare for and survive the end times, I wish to bring attention to a recent post regarding the errors discovered in articles appearing on a website some may have viewed, believing that it advocates the pray-at-home position. Please do read this new post in order to better understand why these sites must be avoided and how cleverly they phrase their subtle, misleading statements to make it appear their position is correct. It is available here.

This week I am honored to introduce the first of several excerpts from a recently released work by Javier Morell-Ibarra, a pray-at-home Catholic, translator and interpreter living in Spain. Mr. Morell-Ibarra has written an excellent summary of our position today — particularly how to detect and escape the operation of error and weather the storms that yet face us as Catholics. It is a most compelling and well-written work, one which I hope will provide consolations for the faithful as well as the information and necessary graces so many desperately need in these final days to see and acknowledge the truth. Many thanks to you, Javier, for allowing these excerpts to be printed here! May those reading them receive the graces necessary to understand.

 Survival Guide and Reference Handbook During the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error 

By Javier Morell-Ibarra

  1. Dedication
  2. Introduction
  3. Development and exposition of the true and dramatic general situation
  4. Compendium of the main fables or false logics of the Anomos spread by the false Christs and their false prophets, with their consequent refutation by the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law of 1917
  5. Where exactly are we and where are we going? Through the Great Tribulation…
  6. About the world and its deceptions for the soul
  7. Modus operandi of the unfathomable mystery of the Operation of error, who it hits and how to get out of it, God One and Triune willing
  8. Our only possible weapon and defence to spiritually survive the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error combined as we await the Second Coming in glory and majesty of Our Lord Jesus Christ to judge the insolent nations and all those who do iniquity
  9. Conclusion. Peter is the cornerstone of the Church
  10. Final thanks
  1. Dedication

The author writes the following fundamental essay moved by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and following its divine instructions, always seeking the greatest honor and glory of the Holy Trinity, in order to defend the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, uphold the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium, the true hidden treasure for the last times, defend the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church. Finally, to help and guide the poor souls of faithful Catholics who are scattered throughout the orb, and who are witnessing, terrified, the increasingly rapid decomposition of everything they considered sacred and immutable, without being able to find a point of reference in the midst of this terrifying diabolical confusion that has covered everything after the death of the last Vicar of Christ Pope Pius XII.

It is my sincere hope that this work will set a humble rule and final consideration to which everyone can turn for safe haven, a reliable guide to finally understanding where we are, how we got here, and lastly, most important of all, how to deal with the perfect storm that is beating down on all of us since the death of S.S. Pius XII, in other words, how to survive the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error and not die trying.

May God Almighty have mercy on all of us and grant us wisdom, understanding, and much humility to understand and digest what is going to be exposed here.

May the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and Mediatrix of all Graces, and her blessed husband Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, give us all the help from Heaven that we will need to stand tall as we hoist the holy banner of the Cross and persevere until the very end fighting the good fight for the defense of our Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith, just as the Son of Man will come to look for in His glorious and terrible Parousia. (Luke 18, 8).

May the blessed Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul pray and intercede for us, arming us with the invincible swords of the Magisterium and Holy Scripture, against which no enemy can resist.

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

Ad Jesum Per Mariam!

Pro Deo et Pontifice!

  1. Introduction

The “consummationem saeculi” is not the destruction of the physical world, nor the Last Day. The “consummationem saeculi” is the end of one era and the beginning of another, this period that we call the “end of the world” is a period of time that encompasses different events, from the proclamation of the Gospel to all Nations [event that has already happened], the obstacle or KATEJON [the visible Church and the Roman Pontiff, as interpreted by unanimous consent by the Church] is removed, the so-called Millennium ends (which marks the end of an era), Satan is released to seduce all nations (beginning of another era that we call the end of the world), the Great Apostasy occurs, the Operation of error is unleashed, the Abomination of desolation is placed in the Holy Temple, the Antichrist is crowned [in this very temple], the Perpetual Sacrifice is abolished, the Harlot is confused with the Bride, the flock is abandoned like sheep without a Shepherd, the Bride flees into the desert fed by Divine Graces, the false shepherds appear, that is, the false Christs with their false prophets (Matthew 24:24), who claim to know where the Christ is, and who are placed there for the Scripture to be fulfilled, etc., etc… All of these are the green shoots of the fig tree that indicate that summer is coming, that is, that the Parousia or Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ in glory and majesty is truly at hand. He that readeth, let him understand.

It is essential that our readers understand the eschatological and spiritual context in which we find ourselves, otherwise we will continue to wander aimlessly around the desert, being vulnerable to the fables of the Anomos and the sophistry of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that swarm everywhere to devour what little remains of Our Lord’s flock. In fact, all the errors that overwhelm and afflict us today, and which we will include under the name of the Operation of error or the seduction of iniquity (II Thessalonians 2, 10), originate from not having correctly understood the eschatological discourse of Our Lord in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, chapter 24, as He Himself rightly warns us at the beginning of said discourse: 4 Jesus answered them saying: “Take care that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come under my name, saying: «I am the Christ», and many will be deceived. And as is made clear to us in the comments to these verses in the Bible of Bishop Straubinger: *4 ss. To understand this discourse and the parallel accounts in Mark 13 and Luke 21, one must keep in mind that, according to the prophets, the “last times” and the events related to them that we usually designate with the Greek term eschatological, do not refer only to the last day of human history, but rather a longer period, which St. Thomas calls the preamble to the judgment or “Day of the Lord”, which he also considers inseparable from its concomitant events. (Cf. 7, 22 and note). It is not necessary that all the phenomena announced in this speech take place together and in a more or less distant future. Some of them may have already been fulfilled, especially taking into account the metaphorical character of many apocalyptic-style expressions (cf. I Corinthians 6, 2 s. and note).

Therefore, keeping this in mind, we are going to develop in greater detail all these events that we call the green shoots of the fig tree, which unmistakably announce the arrival of summer, that is, the imminent Parousia of Our Lord Jesus Christ, placing them within the historical-eschatological context in which we find ourselves.

  1. Development and exposition of the truly dramatic and general situation

On October 9, 1958, with the death of Pope Pius XII, the last Vicar of Christ, was thus removed from the Obstacle or Katejon that held back and prevented the manifestation of the son of perdition (II Thessalonians 2, 6), which was the visible Church and the Roman Pontiff, as interpreted with the unanimous consent of the Church. With the removal of the Katejon, the so-called Millennium or Christian era is concluded, in which the Mystical Body of Christ the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, with the Popes as visible Head, illuminated and sanctified the entire orb with the salvific and overwhelming influence of the Holy Ghost through the preaching of the Word of God and the administration of the Holy Sacraments.

With the Church and the Papacy having been removed from the midst, the Obstacle that prevented the advent of the Antichrist was also removed, and the son of perdition effectively manifested himself in the unfortunate person of impious G. B. Montini, alias “Paul 6”, who was “announced ” by his false prophet Angelo Roncalli, alias “John 23”, preaching a false gospel diametrically different from the Gospel taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ, in which peace and security are sought (I Thessalonians 5, 3) on earth, despising life eternal until reaching absolute oblivion of the supernatural and spiritual dimension of man, which inevitably leads to the most frightening apostasy. The so-called era of Satan unchained begins, or THE TIME OF ANOMOS, that is, of lawlessness, disorder and total absence of any superior spiritual or moral authority to which one submits and by which to govern oneself, a superior authority that was always present in the Holy See, the Rock of the Papacy, the Katejon that kept at bay, repressing with the vigorous sword of the blessed infallible Magisterium, the gates of hell, which are the heresies and errors in Faith, morality and discipline, preventing time and again that they would prevail against the Primacy of Saint Peter and his Successors. In these sad times, however, Our Holy Mother the Catholic Church has been eclipsed by an abominable sect, the Great Montinian or Babylonian Prostitute, which masquerades as Her and has usurped all its external structures, deceiving the unhappy inhabitants of the earth, as prophesied by Our Lady the Most Holy Ever Virgin Mary in her apparition at La Salette, France, in 1846.

It is the time when Satan has been released to seduce all nations (Revelation 20, 7-8). through the deceits of the world, always full of vanities, and the triple concupiscence of the eyes, the flesh and pride, leading the entire world to apostasy before God. Thus we see that Antichrist Montini was, indeed, the one in charge of sowing tares in the vast field of the world that the Holy Church of God had fermented and sanctified for 2,000 years with the Gospel and the Sacraments, promoting a new “religion” that apostatizes from the eternal and immutable Catholic Religion and preaches in its place an absolute falsification of the Truth and an inversion of all Dogmas, extolling human progress and technology, indifferentism, the diabolical ecumenism that brings together all false religions and heresies existing, atheism, tolerance of any error and heresy, the false and masonic human fraternity in which there are no longer barriers or separations and all are “brothers” in chaos and deceit, the most terrifying relativism and subjectivism, in short, total chaos or Anomos.

To achieve such a perverse end, the Antichrist made use of the Great Apostasy of the entire Episcopal Body, which actually took place on the fateful day of December 8, 1965, when the unhappy Bishops and Cardinals miserably betrayed the Flock of Christ and they apostatized en masse at the moment they signed their signature on the heretical closing documents of the accursed Vatican 2 cabal, thus consummating a public and notorious act of apostasy and being excommunicated en bloc [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], losing ipso facto any position and jurisdiction they had when joining a non-Catholic sect. In this way, it was fulfilled what was predicted in the book of Revelation, chapter 13, verses 5 to 7, where we read that: “And he was given a mouth that uttered haughtiness and blasphemies; and authority was given to him to do his work for forty-two months. He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, blaspheme his Name, his dwelling place, and those who dwell in heaven. He was also allowed to make war with the saints and defeat them; and authority was given to him over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.”

 Both Antichrist Montini and his infamous successors Luciani, Wojtyla, Ratzinger, and Bergoglio today, who form the mystical body of the Antichrist incarnated in the Great Whore of Babylon or Montinian/conciliar sect, have uttered and still utter arrogance and blasphemies in the form of heresy, irreverence, and other countless barbarities against the Most High God and against all His Saints, whom those supreme wretches insult and slander with their insolent impiety, falsehoods and desecrations. Montini made war on the Saints with his abominable heresies uttered during the Vatican 2 cabal, especially in the arch-heretical declarations Lumen Gentium and Nostra Aetate, and defeated them, since he made those who still kept the sound Catholic doctrine received in the times of Popes Leo XIII, Saint Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII, throw overboard all the immense work that the Holy Spirit, the Comforter or Paraclete, had worked in them and for them, thus losing its flavor and serving nothing more than to be thrown to the ground and trampled on by the disbelieving Gentile “dogs”, when they gave assent to the unusual apostasy driven and promoted from Rome and the Vatican by the son of perdition. Once the Antichrist and his minions defeated the Saints and won them over to their impious cause, it was very easy for them to impose themselves by false obedience and authority over every tribe and people and language and nation, leading the once Catholic world to the most frightening apostasy and religious indifferentism regarding the One and Triune God.

Thus, the Operation of error or the seduction of iniquity is unleashed (II Thessalonians 2, 8-12), which consists in an impressive series of errors and doctrinal contradictions, false sacramental prodigies and heretical atrocities disguised as apparent Catholic orthodoxy that we will call fables or logics of the time of Anomos, but which all of them contain a deadly deception; said Operation of error being inaugurated with the advent of Antichrist Montini, and above all, with the great apostasy promoted by him which led to the massive defection of the entire Episcopal Corps, formalized on the disastrous day of December 8, 1965 on the occasion of the signing of the heretical acts of the accursed Vatican 2 bogus council. The Operation of Error is a false power sent by God to lose those who did not love Truth as it was revealed by God in Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium, but rather took pleasure in deceit and wickedness; it is a really insidious seduction and it strikes practically all the souls that have been rescued by God from the world and its many deceptions. Later on we will explain the modus operandi of this unfathomable mystery called the Operation of Error, and we will try to give a formula to get out of such implacable universal deception, God willing.

Going back to the infamous Montini, he and his impious successors in the abominable conciliar sect have implanted the Luciferian “New Pentecost”, which in reality is the large-scale spread of Satan’s filthy spirit of errors and heresies by taking advantage of the visible structures of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, thus managing to deceive the entire universe through “all power and signs and prodigies of lies, and with all seduction of iniquity for those who are to be lost in retribution for not having accepted for their salvation the love of truth. And, for this reason, God sends them powers of deception, so that they believe the lie, so that all those who disbelieve the truth, who take pleasure in injustice, may be judged”. Well, as we read in the comments to this passage in Monsignor Juan Straubinger’s Bible (Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Müenster, Germany, 1883-1956), and which I allow myself to complement with my own additions:

[* 10. Those who are to be lost: This passage (verses 9-12) is perhaps one of the most terrible in Scripture and worthy of serious meditation. God, who is mercy itself, is also the truth, whose expression he gives us in his Son Jesus Christ, who is his Verb or Incarnate Word, and who does not cease to present himself as Truth and Light. Just as there will be a tremendous revenge of despised Love (Song of Songs 8, 6 and note), so we also see here the revenge of the unheeded truth. We see in Psalms 80, 13 that God abandoned the people of Israel to their dalliances, who did not want to listen to him [just as today’s heretics and schismatics have not wanted to listen to the Popes and their infallible Magisterium, thus obstinately and criminally refusing to submit to the authority that the Vicars of Christ possess over every human creature and which must be obeyed in order to aspire to achieve eternal salvation, cf. Pope Boniface VIII, Bull Unam Sanctam]; He will do so here by handing them over unarmed so that they may believe the lie, since they had no interest in arming themselves with the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God” [expressed and revealed both in the Gospel and Sacred Scripture as well as in the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Our Lord Jesus Christ] (Ephesians 6, 11, 13 and 17). And then that word of Jesus in John 5:43, which some interpret precisely as an announcement of the Antichrist, will be fulfilled tragically—as it has been for a long time. See also Amos, 8, 11 and note. * 12. He who is incredulous to the truth, will be pleased in wickedness for the same thing that we saw, inversely. in Ephesians 5, 9 and note.]

In this way, we then have the Abomination of Desolation placed in the Holy Temple (Matthew 24, 15), which is the coronation of the Antichrist and his minions usurping the Papacy and generating a monstrous Harlot of Babylon that eclipses the Spouse of Christ to deceive the entire world, and against which Our Lord warned us to get out of there immediately and not turn back, lamenting for those who are pregnant and those who are giving birth at that time(Matthew 24, 19), which refers to the souls who were carrying out their vocation to the priestly or religious life during the fateful moment in which Antichrist Montini was crowned as impious king, these are the ones who are pregnantbecause they had been called by the Holy Spirit for that holy vocation and were to be the salt and light of the world, but unfortunately with the advent of the son of Satan they lost all their flavor and their sacred mission, becoming propagators and accomplices of the apostasy and impiety of the Antichrist and his infamous successors at the head of the Great conciliar or Montinian Whore; while those who were giving birth and raising infants at that sad moment are to be understood as the souls chosen by the Holy Ghost to be formators and spiritual directors of many priests, seminarians, religious, novices, postulants, pastoral care of families, etc., in clear allusion to the Hierarchy , that is, the Bishops, since they had entrusted to them innumerable souls in their respective dioceses, whom they were raising, that is, spiritually feeding them with the Holy Word of God and the Holy Sacraments.

It is now understandable the serious warning of Our Lord Jesus Christ so that, when that happened, everybody was to immediately leave the Holy Place where the Abomination had been installed, since the Antichrist and his recently gestated hellish sect were going to pervert and mutilate absolutely everything, altering the Sacraments and causing them to permanently lose their Grace, changing the liturgical times and destroying the Holy of Holies, getting rid of a terrifying number of Saints, suppressing and abolishing the Perpetual Sacrifice as already predicted to us in Daniel’s prophecy, causing the Harlot to be confused with the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Christ, to the astonishment and horror of the entire universe, leaving the Flock literally as sheep without a Shepherd, and having the last chosen Catholic Faithful who make up the true Bride in the desert, keeping the Faith in the catacombs of their own homes and the silence of their hearts, led there by the Holy Ghost, the Consoler or Paraclete, who feeds them with the Divine Graces that are essential so as not to faint. And if those days were not shortened, no one would be saved; but because of the elect, those days will be shortened. *If then they tell you: “See, the Christ is here or there”, do not believe it. *Because false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will do stupendous things and wonders, to the point of diverting, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have predicted it to you! Therefore, if they say to you, “He is in the desert,” do not go out; “He is in the cellars”, do not believe it. (Matthew 24, 22-26)

Comments on these verses in Bishop Straubinger’s Bible supplemented by my own reflection: [*23. Buzy, drawing attention to the fact that Jesus constantly speaks in the plural of false Messiahs and false prophets and never of a false Messiah in singular or of an Antichrist, concludes: “that in the teaching of Jesus as in that of Saint John (I John 1, 18-23) there is no individual Antichrist; there is only one powerful and terrible collectivity of antichrists.” The same author observes in his note to II Thessalonians 2, 7.  *24. The elect will be freed from deceit because the just will be given a sure judgment as a defense (Wisdom 5, 19). Cf. II Thessalonians 2, 10 ss. and note. [And what better sure judgment and right guide to judge everything than to follow the infallible authority of the Papacy and its Magisterium! Thanks to them, as well as fidelity to Divine Grace and the gifts and lights received from the Holy Ghost Paraclete to understand and penetrate the meaning of Scripture and the Magisterium, the last elect will be able to be saved in the midst of the Great Tribulation].

At the same time, during this time of the Antichrist or the Anomos, the false shepherds appear, that is, the false Christs with their false prophets (Matthew 24, 24) who make propaganda for them, and who claim to know where the Christ is and perform great wonders to mislead even the elect if possible. These unfortunate individuals must be there for the Scripture to be fulfilled, their role is very ungrateful, comparable to that of Judas, since they must be there so that they deceive with their elaborate and perverse fables many who are going to be lost because they do not possess the love of Truth, trying to deceive also even the ones chosen by God, if this were possible.

THE FALSE CHRISTS are the representatives of the conciliar Harlot, as well as its franchises of the Anomos, which are the sects and the traditionalist – sedevacantist false clergy that emerged from the schisms engendered by Marcel Lefebvre and Peter Martin Ngô Thuc, both excommunicated for public and notorious apostasy [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], who have been generating a monstrous multi-headed hydra without any control or direction, invalidly and illegally consecrating pseudo “bishops” against the provisions of the Magisterium of Pope Pius XII [Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis] and the Code of Canon Law of 1917, which punishes with very severe penalties of excommunication ipso facto those who have the impious audacity to proceed to an episcopal consecration without permission from the Holy See [Canon 2229.3, 3º ; AAS 43, 1951, pp. 217-218; Canon 953] as well as those who presume to receive consecration from the hands of those reckless false Christs who acted without permission from the Holy See [Canon 2370].

From which it follows, then, that the spiritual offspring of these two arrogant hypocritical rebels who were disobedient to the Magisterium of Pius XII are also false christs themselves, and are thus marked with the leprosy of schism and heresy by osmosis or mutual influence with their heretical and schismatic “fathers” and “superiors”, being struck with the penalties of ipso facto excommunication and legal infamy [ Canon 2372; Pope Pius XII, AAS 42 (1950) p. 601], thus becoming dangerous heretical and schismatic intruders without mission or jurisdiction over the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ. These must be avoided by all the faithful so as not to concur in communicatio in sacris with individuals who have been excommunicated for their adherence to schism and heresy, and whose acts are null, void, invalid, illicit, gravely sinful, in short, sacrilege and desecration, as the Magisterium and the CIC teach us. The aforementioned censorships apply to the false “clergy” arising from the sect generated by hypocritical apostate Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, the SSPX, whether they continue in that sect or pretend to function as false “clerici vagantes”, as well as to all pseudo “bishops” and “priests” emerged from the schismatic hands of the mentally deranged and simoniac Bishop Thuc and his equally impious and arrogant spiritual offspring.

Likewise, within the category of false christs we must also include all the false “religious” and the pseudo “nuns”, to whom the following censorships of excommunication and infamy by law are applied for having dared to profess religious vows in the face of intruders apostates, heretics, and schismatics without a mission or jurisdiction [Canon 646.1; Canon 2314.1] and/or have dared to found a religious congregation without the permission of the Pope [Canon 492.1 and 3; Canon 497.1 and 4]. All these false christs are authentic lepers of schism, heresy and apostasy, who are spreading their despicable pride and their disobedience to the supreme authority set by God — who is the Pope — wherever they go, infecting everything they touch. Hence Our Lord Jesus Christ has warned us expressly and repeatedly (Matthew 7, 15-20; Matthew 24, 4-5; Matthew 24, 11 and 12; Matthew 24, 24; II Thessalonians 2, 8-12) not to listen to them or have anything to do with them, since they are placed there to confuse and mislead even those chosen by the One and Triune God, if this were possible, thus fulfilling their thankless but inevitable role in Scripture.

THE FALSE PROPHETS are all those who support and recognize a false authority and jurisdiction in the already mentioned false Christs, propagating and spreading their diverse and numerous sects founded on lies and fraud, in abject contempt for the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium and the Holy Canons of the 1917 Code of Law. All of them are blind leading the blind, who will all end up in the pit for their enormous sins of pride and disobedience to the Holy Ghost who speaks through the mouth of the Vicars of Jesus Christ. The Great Montinian or conciliar Harlot is the parent sect from which all these false Christs and their false prophets arise, who are all miasmas of the mystical body of the Antichrist, putrefying elements that walk towards their perdition while trying to deceive the greatest possible number of candid souls with little or no formation in the Faith, the Doctrine, and the Magisterium.

Hence the vital importance of knowing the perverse and twisted fables of the Anomos with which these supreme rebels disobedient to God try to deceive over and over again their own guilty conscience and the many unwary who are caught in their nets of deception; I have said rebellious and disobedient to God, because whoever disobeys Pope Pius XII also disobeys blessed Saint Peter, and so disobeys Jesus Christ Himself, Son of the living God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity, thus disobeying the Eternal Father and wanting to point out any flaws (!) to the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete who speaks through the mouth of the Supreme Pontiffs. This constitutes a very serious mortal sin for which Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us that there would be no forgiveness (Matthew 12, 31-32). Hence, I repeat, the tremendous importance of knowing about the absurd and diabolical fables that these unfortunate characters use to deceive locals and strangers, which will be dealt with in the next point.

How to survive the Passion of the Church and keep the faith intact

How to survive the Passion of the Church and keep the faith intact

VIENNA, AUSTRIA – DECEMBER 19, 2016: The painting Jesus dies on the cross in church kirche St. Laurenz (Schottenfelder Kirche) by unknown artist of 19. cent.

+St. Longinus, Martyr, and St. Louisa de Marillac, Widow+

It may seem strange to some that there have been articles this Lent on the culmination of the end times, but actually, it is something in perfect “sync” with our present situation. We are reliving Christ’s Passion as members of His Mystical Body, and in approaching the end of this long and painful Passion we must anticipate what it will mean for us, what to expect and how we will keep our faith in these times. The changes ahead of us will come gradually but could descend into absolute deprivation and general chaos at any time. One individual who lived in a Communist country for many years describes the rationing of everything — food, fuel, electricity, water, clothing and other necessities. Medical care was poor at best, if it could be obtained at all. Few could afford personal vehicles. None were allowed to openly practice their religion.

Most of us know the possibilities and have taken steps to prepare to a certain degree. But few of us could anticipate everything, and no one can actually prepare emotionally for what is coming.  We have been shamelessly spoiled for many years and it will be very difficult for some to return to an era only their grandparents or great-grandparents knew — the Great Depression and World War II. And our ancestors did not have the added burden of recovering from device reliance or addiction — cell phones, computers, television, smart appliances, gadgets etc… They also were able to resort to a functioning Church, something none of us have had access to in our lifetime. Our ancestors also were healthier, had greater stamina and endurance, and were stronger mentally. And they did not have to worry about microwaves, mind control devices, AI, identity verification processes and surveillance techniques then unknown.

Is all of this just fear mongering? It is hard for me to wrap my arms around the concept that anyone thinks that the visible Church could be absent in their lives for nearly 65 years and that this would not eventually result in disastrous consequences for the entire world. People are naturally optimistic, but as things stand today such optimism is misplaced. Realistic optimists hope for a good, or at least a not so bad, outcome but prepare for the worst-case scenario. We must never lose hope in our salvation, but we have seen where placing hope in Church leaders, government, politicians, and the education system has led us. Fortunately we have already prepared ourselves for the worst-case spiritual scenario by learning to pray at home and leading relatively quiet, peaceful lives. This spiritual preparation will make us more conformable to God’s will and ready to accept any trials or deprivations He may send our way.

As noted previously, knowledge in our case is peace and power. We can pray for the strength to accept our future and resign ourselves to whatever befalls us in advance.  But one thing we can never do is compromise in matters of faith. And it is sometimes difficult to determine how far we are allowed to go in order to defend ourselves, and when we should simply allow ourselves to be led away to prison, an internment camp, or some other unknown fate. I know, these are very depressing subjects. But they need to be examined and they seem to be nowhere discussed from a spiritual point of view. There are many training opportunities regarding weapons and self-defense but they are not usually considering the outcome from a moral standpoint. In his On Kingship: to the King of Cyrus, St. Thomas Aquinas argues that God permits tyrants to rule in punishment for the sins of the subjects, and such punishment is commonly called the “anger of God” in the scriptures (Ch. 10). The Lord says through Hosea: “I will give thee a king in my wrath” (Hosea xiii:11). And he addresses how such a tyrant should be opposed. All of the following is taken from this same work, On Kingship.

 St. Thomas Aquinas on opposing tyrants

Although God gives permission for the punishment of His people, St. Thomas Aquinas believes that the king who inflicted God’s wrath upon the people will be unhappy and his dominion cannot be lasting. Aquinas argues that God, as a loving God, will not fail to pardon and to show mercy, despite His anger: “He is gracious and merciful and ready to repent of the evil” (Joel ii:13). According to Thomas Aquinas, God does not allow tyrants to reign overlong, but makes use of them to let loose a storm upon His people. He sweeps them away and restores calm. We read in Ecclesiasticus: “God hath overturned the thrones of proud princess, and hath set up the meek in their stead” (Ecclesiasticus x:17; Ibid., Ch. 6). ‘It is a saying worthy of the majesty of a ruler, if the prince professes himself bound by the laws: for even our authority depends upon that of the law. And, in fact, the most important thing in government is that power should be subject to laws.” (Summa Theologica 1-2, q. 96, a. 5 ad 3um.). “The purpose of the rule of law is to protect basic individual rights by requiring the (prince) ruler to act in accordance with the law. The prince is therefore subject to the laws of the state. St. Thomas states: “Whoever enacts a law for another should apply the same law to himself. And we have it on the authority of the wise man that you should subject yourself to the same law which you promulgate.’ (Summa Theologica 1-2, q. 96, a. 5 ad 3um. Extra, de Constitutionibus, cap. Cum Omnes).

“A tyrant robs, murders and enslaves his subjects. He despoils everyone, tramples on the liberties of all, and takes life at a mere whim. This is done perpetually under his rule. This is what Thomas Aquinas meant by tyranny (Ibid., Ch. 6). “The tyrant does not merely oppress his subjects in corporeal things but he also hinders their spiritual good. Those who seek more to use than to be abuse their subjects prevent all progress, suspecting all excellence in their subjects to be prejudicial to their own evil domination. For tyrants hold the good in greater suspicion than the wicked and to them the valor of others is always fraught with danger. So the above-mentioned tyrants strive to prevent those of their subjects who have become virtuous from acquiring valor and high spirit in order that they may not want to cast off their iniquitous domination.

“They also see to it that there be no friendly relations among these so that they may not enjoy the benefits resulting from being on good terms with one another. They sew discords among the people, foster any that have arisen and forbid anything which further society and cooperation among men such as marriage, company at table and anything of light character through which familiarity and confidence are engendered among men… They moreover strive to prevent their subjects from becoming powerful and rich since suspecting these to be as wicked as themselves, they fear their power and wealth. For the subjects might become harmful to them even as they are accustomed to use power and wealth to harm others… Few virtuous men are found under the rule of tyrants.

“If the excess of tyranny is unbearable, some have been of the opinion that it would be an act of virtue for strong men to slay the tyrant and to expose themselves to the danger of death in order to set the multitude free. An example of this occurs even in the Old Testament… But this opinion is not in accord with Apostolic teaching, for Peter admonishes us to be reverently subject to our masters not only to the good and gentle but also the froward. Wherefore when many emperors of the Romans tyrannically persecuted the faith of Christ, a great number both of the nobility and the common people, were converted to the faith and were praised for patiently bearing death for Christ. They did not resist although they were armed and this is plainly manifested in the case of the holy Theban legion. Should private persons attempt on their own private presumption to kill the rulers, even though tyrants, this would be dangerous for the multitude as well as for the rulers.

“This is because the wicked usually expose themselves to dangers of this kind more than the good. For the rule of a king, no less than that of a tyrant, it is burdensome to them since according to the words of Solomon, ‘A wise king scattereth the wicked.’ Consequently, by presumption of this kind of danger to the people from the loss of a good king would be more probable than relief through the removal of a tyrant. Furthermore it seems that to proceed against the cruelty of tyrants is an action to be undertaken not through the private presumption of a few but rather by public authority. Should no human aid whatsoever against a tyrant be forthcoming, recourse must be had to God the King of all who is a helper in due time in tribulation. For it lies in His power to turn the cruel heart of the tyrant to mildness according to Solomon: ‘The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, whithersoever He will He shall turn it.” He it was who turned into mildness the cruelty of King Assuerus who was preparing death for the Jews… But to deserve to secure this benefit from God the people must desist from sin, for it is by divine permission that wicked men receive power to rule as a punishment for sin, as the Lord says by the prophet Osee: ‘I will give the a king in my wrath;’ and it is said in Job that: ‘He maketh a man that is a hypocrite to reign for the sins of the people.’ SIN MUST THEREFORE BE DONE AWAY WITH IN ORDER THAT THE SCOURGE OF TYRANTS MAY CEASE.(End of St. Thomas Aquinas quotes).

Just war theory

Unless one is contemplating war with Mexico to fight the drug cartels, which in my opinion would be a just war, another world war may be unavoidable but could never be just or winnable. This because of the international nature of the enemy we are fighting and the almost certainty of deception, chaos and defeat. Given the circumstances today in our own country, however, what was said by Pope Pius XI in 1937 to the Mexican bishops, during the ongoing political persecution following the Cristero rebellion, certainly applies to us.

“27. You have more than once recalled to your Faithful that the Church protects peace and order, even at the cost of grave sacrifices, and that it condemns every unjust insurrection or violence against constituted powers. On the other hand, among you it has also been said that, whenever these powers arise against justice and truth even to destroying the very foundations of authority, it is not to be seen how those citizens are to be condemned who unite to defend themselves and the nation, by licit and appropriate means, against those who make use of public power to bring it to ruin.

“28. If the practical solution depends on concrete circumstances, We must, however, on Our part recall to you some general principles, always to be kept in mind, and they are:

  • “That these revindications have reason [the ratio] of means, or of relative end, not of ultimate and absolute end” [there must be reasonable hope of a victory and the necessary means to win the battle].
  • “That, in reason [ratio] of means, they must be licit actions and not intrinsically evil;
  • “That, if they are to be means proportionate to the end, they must be used only in the measure in which they serve to obtain or render possible, in whole or in part, the end, and in such manner that they do not cause to the community greater damages than those they seek to repair…” [No excessive use of force or unnecessary endangerment of the citizenry] https://www.vatican.va/content/pius-xi/en/encyclicals/documents/hf_p-xi_enc_28031937_nos-es-muy-conocida.html

Pope Pius XI’s teaching embodies what is cited from St. Thomas, above but allows for the just defense of one’s country in the event of religious persecution strictly so-called, which has already begun in this country. As Gerald Vann, O.P. wrote in 1939, in his Morality and War: “a Christian community can accept Pagan domination and yet remain Christian, for matter cannot defeat spirit if the spirit is strong. But the paganism of today is likely, as Pope Pius XI pointed out, to achieve the success of Julian the Apostate. For it attacks Christianity through education; it takes control of the child. The Christian community’s act of self-sacrifice might turn out to be an act of the sacrifice of its children to Moloch… There are millions today who are as convinced as we can ever be of the futility of war, of the barbarism to which it will lead, of the evil it will do. And they are ready to sacrifice almost anything to avoid war. But they are not ready to sacrifice one thing: …That liberty which, in Christian eyes, is ultimately the liberty to worship God and to ensure that one’s children shall worship God” (pgs. 68-70).

In this war Christians, especially Catholics, are the target. And to maintain our religious freedoms guaranteed in this country’s Constitution, we are justified in defending our rights and obligated to defend our faith.

When self-defense is justified

Rev. Bernard Wuellner, in his Summary of Scholastic Principles, outlines the defense of rights and its particulars, explaining what Pope Pius XI teaches above. He states:

  • # 497: Force may be used only in the defense of a genuine right.
  • An unalienable right prevails over an alienable right.
  • A right for more necessary, higher and more general goods prevails over less urgent, less important and private goods.
  • A right based on a higher duty prevails over rights based on less serious duty or opportunity (#495; C, E and F).
  • Persons and societies have the natural right to defend perfect rights against unjust assailants in proportion to both a) the necessity of the measures necessary for effective defense and b) the comparative importance of the right or good under attack.
  • The law does not concede the right to intend evil, to use intrinsically evil means against the assailant or to do more harm than good by exaggerated or useless defense.
  • Defense of one’s rights is blameless when:
  1. a) they are unjustly attacked;
  2. b) the attack is actual or imminent;
  3. c) the right is one capable of effective defense;
  4. d) the defense is the last resort to secure justice, that is the use of force is necessary and
  5. e) the defense does not employ more force nor inflict a greater injury than necessary for successful protection of rights. (#498)
  • The right of self-defense is conceded to the person or society attacked to oneself, peers and to public authorities as defenders of their subjects or of international justice. But while the primary holder of the right of self-defense is the party enduring the injustice, the primary exercise of the right belongs to public authority and organized society.

So, suppose someone comes to your front door and tells you that they are taking you forcibly under order of the federal government to receive the COVID vaccine, or arresting you for domestic terrorism, or some such other pretext. In such a case, a Christian has every right to fear, in these circumstances, that the intent of those apprehending them is ultimately to deprive them of their mental capabilities, either through medical means (psychoactive drugs, DNA alteration), physical and mental torture, or all of these, thus endangering their mental ability to practice the faith. They may therefore prevent this by any necessary means even though it results in their death or the death of others, because it is an immediate threat to their salvation. If they have good reason to think that the arrest for something less serious would result in their eventual release without any danger to the faith, they could allow themselves to be arrested. All of this is a matter of conscience, however and is up to the individual. But it is solidly based on the professed teachings of the Church above.

NO ONE IS SUGGESTING HERE THAT CATHOLICS INITIATE ANY SORT OF REBELLION. This did not work well for those executing the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and it would scarcely work any better today. Wuellner’s (c) above advises that the only time one can engage in defense of a right is when it is capable of effective defense. Should an effort made by others be sufficiently established with a likelihood of success, that would be one thing; depending on the moral fiber, the necessary means and the objectives of those involved, one might be allowed to join in. But Christians are so hopelessly divided that it seems impossible they themselves could be the ones to first propagate such a cause, and Satan has worked long and hard to make sure of this. There can be no unity in this type of diversity, for in order for any such venture to be successful, sin must be entirely done away with as St. Thomas teaches above. The situation leaves Catholics with hardly any prospects of successfully defending themselves, meaning that, as we have known all along, all must be left In God’s hands. “Here is the patience of the saints, who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus” (Apoc. 14: 12).

New articles available

Two new articles are available on the website. The first is a belated article detailing the Lenten fast laws here, since there seems to be much confusion about what fasting laws apply today. The second article located here is a supplement to the article linked in the previous post, The Final Chapter: Apocalyptic Prophecy Fulfilled. There we discussed the topic of when and how the Jews will be converted in the latter days and surprisingly, new information is available that will show they probably were converted several hundred years ago. The sources cited in the article entirely disprove the Protestant British Israel theory of what happened to the 10 lost tribes, addressed in The Final Chapter…. The article will help date the Jewish conversion to the beginning, not the end, of the Great Apostasy.

May all those praying at home enjoy a peaceful and prayerful Lent.

NWO plans to abolish papacy, set up an antichrist/ false messiah

NWO plans to abolish papacy, set up an antichrist/ false messiah

Stained Glass depicting Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274) in Mechelen Cathedral, Belgium.

+St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor+

In order to know how to survive something spiritually, we must first know what it is we are expected to survive. In recent blogs we have tried to explain that misinformation, diversion, distraction and deceit are all tools used by those wishing to promote Traditionalism as the surefire solution to the crisis in the Church. The only path Catholics must faithfully follow today was mapped out long ago by the teachings of the Roman Pontiffs until the death of Pope Pius XII, the ecumenical councils and the Sacred Canons. This is what constitutes the Deposit of Faith in the Catholic Church. Unless we adhere strictly to this Deposit as it was bequeathed to the Church; unless we obey the Roman Pontiffs, we are not members of Christ’s Mystical Body the Church. According to these teachings, no one who has ever been ordained or consecrated when the Church is without a true pope — and that rules out everyone today — can convey valid Sacraments. If we seek such persons out for Mass and Sacraments despite these teachings, we are no longer members of the Church.

This leaves only one option open to us — praying at home, availing ourselves of the spiritual substitutes for Penance and Holy Communion, baptizing those newly born and converts to the faith and contracting marriage under Canon 1098. And we must constantly pray and watch. In watching we must study our faith and be on our guard against any innovations. We must especially be on alert for supposed fulfillment of private prophecy reflected in recent events and Scriptural prophecy which has been improperly fitted to some specific occurrence. On the other hand we must recognize the “signs of the times” as Christ advised and not discount the actual fulfillment of Holy Scripture, and this can be a laborious process. Some have become confused regarding what we must believe of faith regarding these signs and what we may consider only as opinion. Below we will try to provide some pointers on this.

Where we stand today in Scriptural prophecy

Unfortunately much of what is contained in Holy Scripture describing the end times is a matter of opinion on the part of those approved commentators writing pre-1959. None of them seem to have anticipated a lengthy interregnum, the extended reign of usurpers in Rome, or the impersonation of valid and licit clergy by Traditionalists. Some hint at this and allow it as a possibility, but only for a brief time. Even such saintly writers as St. Augustine and St. Robert Bellarmine leave it up to those living in these days to determine what has or has not been fulfilled, presumably on the assumption that there will be clergy to guide us, or that God Himself will assist us. Given all this, we must carefully sort out for ourselves the things that we must believe regarding these times and those that we must consider only probable. As we know, we cannot act on a probable opinion regarding eternal salvation, so anything that would possibly involve mortal sin (such as believing a certain personage or event was or was not prophesied in Holy Scripture when this is only probable) is not binding on us.

How do we learn of these things? The theologians and commentators have provided some clues and Holy Scripture itself is sometimes clear on these matters. We have covered this in previous blogs. In some instances the popes have even addressed these things and must be relied upon to guide us. But anything presented here is only this blogger’s interpretation of events and is of far lesser value. The only advantage we do have is one that the commentators noted and granted us gratuitously — we are living in the times they only attempted to anticipate and comment upon. This is why the identification of Paul 6 as the Man of Sin, something first proposed in 1990, has any merit. This because it is solidly based on the definition of the abomination of desolation by Pope Paul IV, and the warning he issued in his 1559 bull (Cum ex Apostolatus Officio) regarding the election of a heretic, apostate or schismatic to the papacy. This is patently obvious, since Paul 6’s abrogation of the Novus Ordo Missae is what drove the remaining faithful to fulfill the prophecy of the scattered flock and leave the Novus Ordo church. And this could only occur once the pastor was struck (Matt. 26:31; Zach.13:7).

As described by St. Bernard Clairvaux and various ecumenical councils, those usurping the papacy are always referred to as antichrists, just not the antichrist. The two things that qualify Paul 6 as the Man of Sin according to Holy Scripture are his usurpation of the papacy and the abrogation of the immemorial Latin Mass of Pope St. Pius V. Pope Paul IV predicted the usurpation, and his bull was later confirmed by Pope St. Pius V. According to Henry Cardinal Manning, “he who withholdeth” is the papacy and it is the unanimous opinion of the Fathers that Antichrist will cause the cessation of the Continual Sacrifice. Catholics must accept this as certain from the Vatican Council: “…No one is permitted to interpret Sacred Scripture itself… contrary to the unanimous agreement of the Fathers” (DZ 1788). So if those today deny that in abrogating the Latin Mass Paul 6 was not the Man of Sin, they are contradicting the teaching of the Vatican Council and the ancient Fathers.

And no obfuscation of this truth by appealing to the fact that the Latin Mass is still celebrated can be taken for anything other than the falsehood that it truly is. Pope Pius XII infallibly decreed in Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS) that nothing may be changed regarding Canon and papal law during an interregnum and that if such a thing is attempted, it is null, void and invalid.  Establish that this interregnum yet exists — which we have — and the 1983 revised Code crumbles into dust, along with any “teachings” promulgated since Pope Pius XII’s death.  Now the first law to be changed or ignored was the election of an unworthy (heretical) candidate in John 23. This invalidated the entire election as it is laid out in VAS. And furthermore, Canon 2391 §1 invalidated all future elections held by a college electing an unworthy candidate, with the canon commentary specifically mentioning  that this applies to those excommunicated for heresy, apostasy or schism. This coincides with the mention of Can. 188 no. 4 in VAS, automatically also disqualifying electors guilty of heresy, apostasy or schism. And the parent law of Can. 188 no. 4 is none other than Pope Paul IV’s Cum ex Apostolatus Officio.

Since papal teaching and Canon Law upholds the conclusion that Paul 6 was the Son of Perdition, the Antichrist, we can be certain that this was indeed the case. Pope Paul IV explains in his bull how he who withholdeth is taken out of the way (by the election of a heretic, apostate or schismatic) and who the man so elected would be — the abomination of desolation. Paul IV taught: “…It behooves us to give fuller and more diligent thought where the peril is greatest, lest false prophets (or even others possessing secular jurisdiction) wretchedly ensnare simple souls and drag down with themselves to perdition and the ruin of damnation the countless peoples entrusted to their care and government in matters spiritual or temporal; and lest it befall Us to see in the holy place the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, We wish, as much as possible with God’s help, in line with our pastoral duty, to trap the foxes that are busily ravaging the Lord’s vineyard and to drive the wolves from the sheepfolds…” Now this abomination when detected in cardinals or bishops, (addressed in the bull along with a pope), would be heresy proper. But when it involves the Roman Pontiff, who can never be guilty of heresy in his official capacity, it styles him as THE abomination.

Paul 6 and his fellow antichrists

Rev. E.S. Berry, in his The Apocalypse of St. John, 1921, (p. 137) tells us that abominations perpetrated in former times are nothing in comparison to what will occur during Antichrist’s reign: “Such things but faintly foreshadowed the abominations that will desecrate churches in those sorrowful days when Antichrist will seat himself at the altar to be adored as God.” Was not Paul 6 adored as the defender of the Jews, the idol of the liturgical renewal crowd — the people of God — and the darling of the ecumenists? Is it not true that not only did he abrogate the Latin Mass, but that he made a new liturgy his own, with the help of Protestants and even Jews, entitling it the Novus Ordo Missae? And is it not also true that having done that, he was then mentioned in the canon of this sacrilegious mass as a valid pope, there to be worshipped in this new liturgy and adored? And this not only for instituting the new mass but for the changes wrought by the false Vatican 2 council to accommodate the faithless remaining laity and endorse the heresies of Americanism and ecumenism.

Daniel speaks of no other abomination except the Jewish antichrist Antiochus and the sacrilegious sacrifices he demanded of the Chosen People; the two are described together. throughout his book.  And it has ever been the unanimous opinion of the Fathers and theologians that this also applies to the reign of Antichrist. So why has the cessation of the Sacrifice in our day been entirely disconnected from the abomination of desolation who forbade it in the first place?! (For further explanation of this term, see the articles HERE and also HERE.) The main objections to Paul 6 as Antichrist are addressed in the second of these two links: that his reign must last only three years and a half. And yet the commentators clarify this by stating that the time limit applies primarily to the height or end of his reign, when actual physical persecution will probably commence. At that same time Antichrist will be at the apex of his ability to deceive and will make it appear that he can and is accomplishing actual feats that he is unable to perform. And these include his claim to be the actual Jewish Messiah heading a newly reorganized “Christian“ church from Solomon’s rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, there to reign; events that now seem close to fulfillment.

It has been explained elsewhere that while Paul 6 was the Man of Sin, he and Roncalli established Antichrist’s system in their Roman successors, a system still in existence today and growing bolder by the minute. This system is the Whore of Babylon and is closely aligned with the New World Order’s political/financial system. Each successor of the Man of Sin corresponds in power and likeness to the original, since Satan, ever jealous of the God who exiled Him and determined to exact retribution, wished to imitate Him as closely as possible. He accomplished this by creating a diabolical papacy with its own succession in opposition to the See of St. Peter and his successors. This may very well have reference to the beast in Apocalypse whose deadly wound was healed, who dies and lives again in each devilish successor. They are Antichrist clones only, not Antichrist proper. Yet they form a perpetual chain and each rules in his own right, in mockery of the popes, creating a sort of diabolical “continual magisterium.” Just as no one else could be St. Peter, the original, no one else could be Paul 6.

Only Christ’s Mystical Body will survive

And yet the evil he began has perfected itself and expanded, until now Satan himself can be more clearly seen in each one of these usurpers. They have been planning their grand finale for decades and it now seems to be at our very doors. The gifts that will be most needed during this final phase of Antichrist’s reign are knowledge and understanding, for he will be at the peak of his ability to deceive even the elect. And this is what the article we have just completed HERE will attempt to provide. The conclusions in this article are very much dependent on the invalid election of John 23 and the identification of Paul 6 as Antichrist. For on these facts hinge whether or not the very idea of the Catholic Church will even survive. I once wrote a book entitled, Will the Catholic Church Survive the Twentieth Century? Of course the Mystical Body will never lose its Divine Head and in that sense the Church will always survive until the consummation. At the time I wrote that first book, I believed a true pope could still be validly elected. Of course today, after long years of study, I must sadly admit this is now impossible.

The answer to the title of that book, then, is that the juridical Church has NOT survived into the 21st century. And yet there are those alive who still know what the Church was and how She taught and functioned, who remember receiving valid Holy Communion and Confession and attending valid Masses. But all that is a memory of the last century. Traditionalists today think they continue the Church but we know this is a lie. And even the externals they think they perpetuate lack the necessary sensus Catholicus, a sense which fades a little more each day with the death of those baptized Catholic who once knew the beauty, the sanctity, the unity of doctrine and Sacraments shared with fellow Catholics that was once the Church. And soon it will all slip away, even the memory of it and the anchor of faith that secured it. Because Satan is not satisfied with simply usurping the papacy and falsifying Sacraments through the Novus Ordo and Traditionalists. His hatred is so great that he is determined to do everything in his power to completely eradicate the Church’s very existence.

How will this happen, you will say. Well it will happen because when something as precious as Christ’s very Spouse on earth is not loved, not defended, not preserved inviolate, not treasured and not obeyed, God rightfully removes it from us. Catholics lost their Church long ago, and sadly they did not really lose it; they assisted in its destruction by their disregard for the pope, their bishops, their adoption of liberalism and their demands for change. And now there is a plan, long in the making, to unite all religions except one under one universal head — and that exception is the Catholic Church. Our religion will be destroyed, discredited and replaced by some yet unknown Protestant hybrid, one that may not even be entirely acceptable to some Protestants. This is not a theory, or an hypothesis but a plan that has been documented and promoted publicly for decades. The only thing preventing its fulfillment was the proper puzzle pieces falling into place and the dying out of those more conservative Catholics and Protestants standing in the way of Satan and his henchmen.

Of course the Novus Ordo and Traditionalism hasn’t been Catholic since the death of Pope Pius XII. And the erosion of the faith has been so complete that little now remains that has not been somehow perverted. Well Satan wants that little and he will have it. They will make it official and the Catholic Church will be no more. The one thing that has aided them more than anything else in this effort is the distrust of and indifference toward the papacy, dating back to the 19th century and beyond. This then became outright defiance, rebellion and insubordination — even subversion and betrayal — in the case of the hierarchy, with the advent of Modernism and ecumenism. And of course it ended with the outright usurpation of the papal throne, and the banishment of any idea of the papacy among the ranks of those claiming to uphold “Tradition.” Then came the financial scandals, the strange liturgical aberrations following Vatican 2, the sex scandals, the heretical teachings of so many usurper “popes.” Each one opened a door, a door that certain Protestants and the secret societies were only too happy to run through.

They gloated over the fact that the false church in Rome now fit the description of the Scarlet Whore in Apocalypse 17 and used their popular publications and broadcasts to good effect to point out the many similarities. Sadder still because so much of it was true, all of course save their horrid blasphemies regarding the Blessed Mother and what once was the Holy Sacrifice; also all those Protestant teachings condemned at the Council of Trent. This then is how the papacy as Antichrist and the Church as pagan Rome was revived in the latter part of the  20th century, after largely dying out in the early 1900s. And what tools did 1950s “Catholics” employ to combat this? Nary a one, because they had none. They were focused on their own needs, not the deadly serious plight of the Church. Their understanding of God only encompassed one side, and that the self-interested side, of their relationship with Him.  God is there for us; yes, always. But only if we are fully in union with Him and place Him first in our everyday lives.

If God had truly been first in the lives of Traditionalists, they would have championed the papacy, not made their crusade the loss of the Mass. They depended, however, on those they believed to be leading them to inform them properly; but these men were actually intent on diverting them. Henry Cardinal Manning observes that this diversion tactic was successfully employed by the Protestants and Old Catholics already in the 1800s as one of their  “weapons… to fight the Church and destroy it internally.” Quoting the liberal Protestant, Dr. Friedburg, Manning writes: “One must first attempt to draw off the waters carefully, letting them flow into other channels and conducting them into reservoirs. What remains will then be easily absorbed into the air.In other words, dry up the Church, draw from it all intellectual, moral and spiritual influence over the people, paralyze the action of its pastors et cetera… This done, religion will soon evaporate” (The Vatican Decrees and Their Bearing on Civil Allegiance, 1875).

Following their exit from the Vatican 2 church, Catholics were informed that no one could really figure out the problem with the usurper popes and declare them false popes; they were offered mass and sacraments, nothing else. At that time Lefebvre was in the lead, and he cow-towed to Rome until his death. So why not?

Christ is the true head of His Church

Because the papacy was just the visible manifestation of the true head of this Church — Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Redeemer, invisible head of His Mystical Body. The real objective of those aiming to destroy the Church was the destruction of Christ, Himself, that only their perverted image of Him would remain in the minds of those calling themselves Christians. Their war against the papacy is proof of this, which is why they must obliterate it at all costs. It is proof also that the Catholic Church alone is the true Church of Christ on earth — why else would hundreds of years been spent in “an universal and simultaneous conspiracy against it… [by] civil governments, …[who are] now preparing for their own dissolution” (Ibid., Manning). And we are seeing today the end result of what Manning foretold. The Great Apostasy and the arrival of Antichrist had to occur to fulfill Scripture prophecy; it was unavoidable. So also the operation of error to believe lies. But the wholesale reaction of Catholics to this event was entirely avoidable; many could and should have called Traditionalists’ bluff but failed to do so.

They had forgotten, or perhaps they never completely comprehended the fact, that the true head of their Church was Christ Himself; we have discussed this in previous blogs. One must wonder if they never even grasped the reality of Christ’s physical existence on this earth, His commission to St. Peter and all its implications, his dual participation with the pope and only the pope in the Church’s governance. Christ never left His Church; the Church left Him. Catholics in the 1960-70s had a very important job to do and they chose to gratify themselves with externals rather than take up their Cross and follow in Our Lord’s footsteps. If anyone at all was truly interested in “saving souls” — and not just their own, or those of Catholics in general but non-Catholic souls as well —  they would have worked as a dedicated group to study the situation and explain from the teachings of the Continual Magisterium, the ecumenical councils and Canon Law precisely what happened to the Church and how it yet exists today. They would have witnessed to the truths of faith they claimed to hold.

Most importantly of all, they would have emphasized the fulfillment of prophecy in the absence of the papacy and insisted on upholding and guarding the teachings found in the Deposit of Faith, issuing from the Roman Pontiffs. They would have created public awareness regarding the changes in the Church and the differences between what passes for the Church in Rome and the unchangeable, irreformable teachings of Christ’s true Church, and not from the standpoint of Traditionalism. They would have insisted that Protestants make the necessary distinction between the church they see ruling from Rome today, and that Church as She rightfully existed up to the death of Pope Pius XII. Their personal example and commitment, given the strength of their convictions and sufficient numbers, would have spoken volumes. And perhaps it could have sufficiently curbed the renewed portrayal of the Church, clear back to its founding, as the spawn of Satan and the deceiver extraordinaire. At any rate, all had the obligation to at least make this concerted effort, regardless of its outcome.

Some did attempt to do so, even though they were long past the point where it could have made a real difference, and God will reward them for their efforts. Life is a continual warfare, and the previous generation of Catholics deserted the battlefield; the culmination of that desertion is looming straight ahead. Several readers have requested that this author provide a more complete timeline for the end times, and this is finally available in the see link provided above. It seems apropos that it be released during Lent, since some commentators on Holy Scripture have suggested that the final act of the Church’s betrayal will occur during the Lenten season. We have tried to prepare readers in advance for the shock they may receive in reading it, but many already know much of what they can expect. May the Holy Ghost guide you and may Christ the King soon come to claim His kingdom!

(See the newly posted Lenten reflections at our spiritual healing page.)