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Before we continue our series on how to best prepare for and survive the end times, I wish to bring attention to a recent post regarding the errors discovered in articles appearing on a website some may have viewed, believing that it advocates the pray-at-home position. Please do read this new post in order to better understand why these sites must be avoided and how cleverly they phrase their subtle, misleading statements to make it appear their position is correct. It is available here.

This week I am honored to introduce the first of several excerpts from a recently released work by Javier Morell-Ibarra, a pray-at-home Catholic, translator and interpreter living in Spain. Mr. Morell-Ibarra has written an excellent summary of our position today — particularly how to detect and escape the operation of error and weather the storms that yet face us as Catholics. It is a most compelling and well-written work, one which I hope will provide consolations for the faithful as well as the information and necessary graces so many desperately need in these final days to see and acknowledge the truth. Many thanks to you, Javier, for allowing these excerpts to be printed here! May those reading them receive the graces necessary to understand.

 Survival Guide and Reference Handbook During the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error 

By Javier Morell-Ibarra

  1. Dedication
  2. Introduction
  3. Development and exposition of the true and dramatic general situation
  4. Compendium of the main fables or false logics of the Anomos spread by the false Christs and their false prophets, with their consequent refutation by the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law of 1917
  5. Where exactly are we and where are we going? Through the Great Tribulation…
  6. About the world and its deceptions for the soul
  7. Modus operandi of the unfathomable mystery of the Operation of error, who it hits and how to get out of it, God One and Triune willing
  8. Our only possible weapon and defence to spiritually survive the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error combined as we await the Second Coming in glory and majesty of Our Lord Jesus Christ to judge the insolent nations and all those who do iniquity
  9. Conclusion. Peter is the cornerstone of the Church
  10. Final thanks
  1. Dedication

The author writes the following fundamental essay moved by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and following its divine instructions, always seeking the greatest honor and glory of the Holy Trinity, in order to defend the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, uphold the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium, the true hidden treasure for the last times, defend the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church. Finally, to help and guide the poor souls of faithful Catholics who are scattered throughout the orb, and who are witnessing, terrified, the increasingly rapid decomposition of everything they considered sacred and immutable, without being able to find a point of reference in the midst of this terrifying diabolical confusion that has covered everything after the death of the last Vicar of Christ Pope Pius XII.

It is my sincere hope that this work will set a humble rule and final consideration to which everyone can turn for safe haven, a reliable guide to finally understanding where we are, how we got here, and lastly, most important of all, how to deal with the perfect storm that is beating down on all of us since the death of S.S. Pius XII, in other words, how to survive the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error and not die trying.

May God Almighty have mercy on all of us and grant us wisdom, understanding, and much humility to understand and digest what is going to be exposed here.

May the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and Mediatrix of all Graces, and her blessed husband Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, give us all the help from Heaven that we will need to stand tall as we hoist the holy banner of the Cross and persevere until the very end fighting the good fight for the defense of our Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith, just as the Son of Man will come to look for in His glorious and terrible Parousia. (Luke 18, 8).

May the blessed Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul pray and intercede for us, arming us with the invincible swords of the Magisterium and Holy Scripture, against which no enemy can resist.

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

Ad Jesum Per Mariam!

Pro Deo et Pontifice!

  1. Introduction

The “consummationem saeculi” is not the destruction of the physical world, nor the Last Day. The “consummationem saeculi” is the end of one era and the beginning of another, this period that we call the “end of the world” is a period of time that encompasses different events, from the proclamation of the Gospel to all Nations [event that has already happened], the obstacle or KATEJON [the visible Church and the Roman Pontiff, as interpreted by unanimous consent by the Church] is removed, the so-called Millennium ends (which marks the end of an era), Satan is released to seduce all nations (beginning of another era that we call the end of the world), the Great Apostasy occurs, the Operation of error is unleashed, the Abomination of desolation is placed in the Holy Temple, the Antichrist is crowned [in this very temple], the Perpetual Sacrifice is abolished, the Harlot is confused with the Bride, the flock is abandoned like sheep without a Shepherd, the Bride flees into the desert fed by Divine Graces, the false shepherds appear, that is, the false Christs with their false prophets (Matthew 24:24), who claim to know where the Christ is, and who are placed there for the Scripture to be fulfilled, etc., etc… All of these are the green shoots of the fig tree that indicate that summer is coming, that is, that the Parousia or Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ in glory and majesty is truly at hand. He that readeth, let him understand.

It is essential that our readers understand the eschatological and spiritual context in which we find ourselves, otherwise we will continue to wander aimlessly around the desert, being vulnerable to the fables of the Anomos and the sophistry of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that swarm everywhere to devour what little remains of Our Lord’s flock. In fact, all the errors that overwhelm and afflict us today, and which we will include under the name of the Operation of error or the seduction of iniquity (II Thessalonians 2, 10), originate from not having correctly understood the eschatological discourse of Our Lord in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, chapter 24, as He Himself rightly warns us at the beginning of said discourse: 4 Jesus answered them saying: “Take care that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come under my name, saying: «I am the Christ», and many will be deceived. And as is made clear to us in the comments to these verses in the Bible of Bishop Straubinger: *4 ss. To understand this discourse and the parallel accounts in Mark 13 and Luke 21, one must keep in mind that, according to the prophets, the “last times” and the events related to them that we usually designate with the Greek term eschatological, do not refer only to the last day of human history, but rather a longer period, which St. Thomas calls the preamble to the judgment or “Day of the Lord”, which he also considers inseparable from its concomitant events. (Cf. 7, 22 and note). It is not necessary that all the phenomena announced in this speech take place together and in a more or less distant future. Some of them may have already been fulfilled, especially taking into account the metaphorical character of many apocalyptic-style expressions (cf. I Corinthians 6, 2 s. and note).

Therefore, keeping this in mind, we are going to develop in greater detail all these events that we call the green shoots of the fig tree, which unmistakably announce the arrival of summer, that is, the imminent Parousia of Our Lord Jesus Christ, placing them within the historical-eschatological context in which we find ourselves.

  1. Development and exposition of the truly dramatic and general situation

On October 9, 1958, with the death of Pope Pius XII, the last Vicar of Christ, was thus removed from the Obstacle or Katejon that held back and prevented the manifestation of the son of perdition (II Thessalonians 2, 6), which was the visible Church and the Roman Pontiff, as interpreted with the unanimous consent of the Church. With the removal of the Katejon, the so-called Millennium or Christian era is concluded, in which the Mystical Body of Christ the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, with the Popes as visible Head, illuminated and sanctified the entire orb with the salvific and overwhelming influence of the Holy Ghost through the preaching of the Word of God and the administration of the Holy Sacraments.

With the Church and the Papacy having been removed from the midst, the Obstacle that prevented the advent of the Antichrist was also removed, and the son of perdition effectively manifested himself in the unfortunate person of impious G. B. Montini, alias “Paul 6”, who was “announced ” by his false prophet Angelo Roncalli, alias “John 23”, preaching a false gospel diametrically different from the Gospel taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ, in which peace and security are sought (I Thessalonians 5, 3) on earth, despising life eternal until reaching absolute oblivion of the supernatural and spiritual dimension of man, which inevitably leads to the most frightening apostasy. The so-called era of Satan unchained begins, or THE TIME OF ANOMOS, that is, of lawlessness, disorder and total absence of any superior spiritual or moral authority to which one submits and by which to govern oneself, a superior authority that was always present in the Holy See, the Rock of the Papacy, the Katejon that kept at bay, repressing with the vigorous sword of the blessed infallible Magisterium, the gates of hell, which are the heresies and errors in Faith, morality and discipline, preventing time and again that they would prevail against the Primacy of Saint Peter and his Successors. In these sad times, however, Our Holy Mother the Catholic Church has been eclipsed by an abominable sect, the Great Montinian or Babylonian Prostitute, which masquerades as Her and has usurped all its external structures, deceiving the unhappy inhabitants of the earth, as prophesied by Our Lady the Most Holy Ever Virgin Mary in her apparition at La Salette, France, in 1846.

It is the time when Satan has been released to seduce all nations (Revelation 20, 7-8). through the deceits of the world, always full of vanities, and the triple concupiscence of the eyes, the flesh and pride, leading the entire world to apostasy before God. Thus we see that Antichrist Montini was, indeed, the one in charge of sowing tares in the vast field of the world that the Holy Church of God had fermented and sanctified for 2,000 years with the Gospel and the Sacraments, promoting a new “religion” that apostatizes from the eternal and immutable Catholic Religion and preaches in its place an absolute falsification of the Truth and an inversion of all Dogmas, extolling human progress and technology, indifferentism, the diabolical ecumenism that brings together all false religions and heresies existing, atheism, tolerance of any error and heresy, the false and masonic human fraternity in which there are no longer barriers or separations and all are “brothers” in chaos and deceit, the most terrifying relativism and subjectivism, in short, total chaos or Anomos.

To achieve such a perverse end, the Antichrist made use of the Great Apostasy of the entire Episcopal Body, which actually took place on the fateful day of December 8, 1965, when the unhappy Bishops and Cardinals miserably betrayed the Flock of Christ and they apostatized en masse at the moment they signed their signature on the heretical closing documents of the accursed Vatican 2 cabal, thus consummating a public and notorious act of apostasy and being excommunicated en bloc [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], losing ipso facto any position and jurisdiction they had when joining a non-Catholic sect. In this way, it was fulfilled what was predicted in the book of Revelation, chapter 13, verses 5 to 7, where we read that: “And he was given a mouth that uttered haughtiness and blasphemies; and authority was given to him to do his work for forty-two months. He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, blaspheme his Name, his dwelling place, and those who dwell in heaven. He was also allowed to make war with the saints and defeat them; and authority was given to him over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.”

 Both Antichrist Montini and his infamous successors Luciani, Wojtyla, Ratzinger, and Bergoglio today, who form the mystical body of the Antichrist incarnated in the Great Whore of Babylon or Montinian/conciliar sect, have uttered and still utter arrogance and blasphemies in the form of heresy, irreverence, and other countless barbarities against the Most High God and against all His Saints, whom those supreme wretches insult and slander with their insolent impiety, falsehoods and desecrations. Montini made war on the Saints with his abominable heresies uttered during the Vatican 2 cabal, especially in the arch-heretical declarations Lumen Gentium and Nostra Aetate, and defeated them, since he made those who still kept the sound Catholic doctrine received in the times of Popes Leo XIII, Saint Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII, throw overboard all the immense work that the Holy Spirit, the Comforter or Paraclete, had worked in them and for them, thus losing its flavor and serving nothing more than to be thrown to the ground and trampled on by the disbelieving Gentile “dogs”, when they gave assent to the unusual apostasy driven and promoted from Rome and the Vatican by the son of perdition. Once the Antichrist and his minions defeated the Saints and won them over to their impious cause, it was very easy for them to impose themselves by false obedience and authority over every tribe and people and language and nation, leading the once Catholic world to the most frightening apostasy and religious indifferentism regarding the One and Triune God.

Thus, the Operation of error or the seduction of iniquity is unleashed (II Thessalonians 2, 8-12), which consists in an impressive series of errors and doctrinal contradictions, false sacramental prodigies and heretical atrocities disguised as apparent Catholic orthodoxy that we will call fables or logics of the time of Anomos, but which all of them contain a deadly deception; said Operation of error being inaugurated with the advent of Antichrist Montini, and above all, with the great apostasy promoted by him which led to the massive defection of the entire Episcopal Corps, formalized on the disastrous day of December 8, 1965 on the occasion of the signing of the heretical acts of the accursed Vatican 2 bogus council. The Operation of Error is a false power sent by God to lose those who did not love Truth as it was revealed by God in Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium, but rather took pleasure in deceit and wickedness; it is a really insidious seduction and it strikes practically all the souls that have been rescued by God from the world and its many deceptions. Later on we will explain the modus operandi of this unfathomable mystery called the Operation of Error, and we will try to give a formula to get out of such implacable universal deception, God willing.

Going back to the infamous Montini, he and his impious successors in the abominable conciliar sect have implanted the Luciferian “New Pentecost”, which in reality is the large-scale spread of Satan’s filthy spirit of errors and heresies by taking advantage of the visible structures of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, thus managing to deceive the entire universe through “all power and signs and prodigies of lies, and with all seduction of iniquity for those who are to be lost in retribution for not having accepted for their salvation the love of truth. And, for this reason, God sends them powers of deception, so that they believe the lie, so that all those who disbelieve the truth, who take pleasure in injustice, may be judged”. Well, as we read in the comments to this passage in Monsignor Juan Straubinger’s Bible (Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Müenster, Germany, 1883-1956), and which I allow myself to complement with my own additions:

[* 10. Those who are to be lost: This passage (verses 9-12) is perhaps one of the most terrible in Scripture and worthy of serious meditation. God, who is mercy itself, is also the truth, whose expression he gives us in his Son Jesus Christ, who is his Verb or Incarnate Word, and who does not cease to present himself as Truth and Light. Just as there will be a tremendous revenge of despised Love (Song of Songs 8, 6 and note), so we also see here the revenge of the unheeded truth. We see in Psalms 80, 13 that God abandoned the people of Israel to their dalliances, who did not want to listen to him [just as today’s heretics and schismatics have not wanted to listen to the Popes and their infallible Magisterium, thus obstinately and criminally refusing to submit to the authority that the Vicars of Christ possess over every human creature and which must be obeyed in order to aspire to achieve eternal salvation, cf. Pope Boniface VIII, Bull Unam Sanctam]; He will do so here by handing them over unarmed so that they may believe the lie, since they had no interest in arming themselves with the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God” [expressed and revealed both in the Gospel and Sacred Scripture as well as in the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Our Lord Jesus Christ] (Ephesians 6, 11, 13 and 17). And then that word of Jesus in John 5:43, which some interpret precisely as an announcement of the Antichrist, will be fulfilled tragically—as it has been for a long time. See also Amos, 8, 11 and note. * 12. He who is incredulous to the truth, will be pleased in wickedness for the same thing that we saw, inversely. in Ephesians 5, 9 and note.]

In this way, we then have the Abomination of Desolation placed in the Holy Temple (Matthew 24, 15), which is the coronation of the Antichrist and his minions usurping the Papacy and generating a monstrous Harlot of Babylon that eclipses the Spouse of Christ to deceive the entire world, and against which Our Lord warned us to get out of there immediately and not turn back, lamenting for those who are pregnant and those who are giving birth at that time(Matthew 24, 19), which refers to the souls who were carrying out their vocation to the priestly or religious life during the fateful moment in which Antichrist Montini was crowned as impious king, these are the ones who are pregnantbecause they had been called by the Holy Spirit for that holy vocation and were to be the salt and light of the world, but unfortunately with the advent of the son of Satan they lost all their flavor and their sacred mission, becoming propagators and accomplices of the apostasy and impiety of the Antichrist and his infamous successors at the head of the Great conciliar or Montinian Whore; while those who were giving birth and raising infants at that sad moment are to be understood as the souls chosen by the Holy Ghost to be formators and spiritual directors of many priests, seminarians, religious, novices, postulants, pastoral care of families, etc., in clear allusion to the Hierarchy , that is, the Bishops, since they had entrusted to them innumerable souls in their respective dioceses, whom they were raising, that is, spiritually feeding them with the Holy Word of God and the Holy Sacraments.

It is now understandable the serious warning of Our Lord Jesus Christ so that, when that happened, everybody was to immediately leave the Holy Place where the Abomination had been installed, since the Antichrist and his recently gestated hellish sect were going to pervert and mutilate absolutely everything, altering the Sacraments and causing them to permanently lose their Grace, changing the liturgical times and destroying the Holy of Holies, getting rid of a terrifying number of Saints, suppressing and abolishing the Perpetual Sacrifice as already predicted to us in Daniel’s prophecy, causing the Harlot to be confused with the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Christ, to the astonishment and horror of the entire universe, leaving the Flock literally as sheep without a Shepherd, and having the last chosen Catholic Faithful who make up the true Bride in the desert, keeping the Faith in the catacombs of their own homes and the silence of their hearts, led there by the Holy Ghost, the Consoler or Paraclete, who feeds them with the Divine Graces that are essential so as not to faint. And if those days were not shortened, no one would be saved; but because of the elect, those days will be shortened. *If then they tell you: “See, the Christ is here or there”, do not believe it. *Because false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will do stupendous things and wonders, to the point of diverting, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have predicted it to you! Therefore, if they say to you, “He is in the desert,” do not go out; “He is in the cellars”, do not believe it. (Matthew 24, 22-26)

Comments on these verses in Bishop Straubinger’s Bible supplemented by my own reflection: [*23. Buzy, drawing attention to the fact that Jesus constantly speaks in the plural of false Messiahs and false prophets and never of a false Messiah in singular or of an Antichrist, concludes: “that in the teaching of Jesus as in that of Saint John (I John 1, 18-23) there is no individual Antichrist; there is only one powerful and terrible collectivity of antichrists.” The same author observes in his note to II Thessalonians 2, 7.  *24. The elect will be freed from deceit because the just will be given a sure judgment as a defense (Wisdom 5, 19). Cf. II Thessalonians 2, 10 ss. and note. [And what better sure judgment and right guide to judge everything than to follow the infallible authority of the Papacy and its Magisterium! Thanks to them, as well as fidelity to Divine Grace and the gifts and lights received from the Holy Ghost Paraclete to understand and penetrate the meaning of Scripture and the Magisterium, the last elect will be able to be saved in the midst of the Great Tribulation].

At the same time, during this time of the Antichrist or the Anomos, the false shepherds appear, that is, the false Christs with their false prophets (Matthew 24, 24) who make propaganda for them, and who claim to know where the Christ is and perform great wonders to mislead even the elect if possible. These unfortunate individuals must be there for the Scripture to be fulfilled, their role is very ungrateful, comparable to that of Judas, since they must be there so that they deceive with their elaborate and perverse fables many who are going to be lost because they do not possess the love of Truth, trying to deceive also even the ones chosen by God, if this were possible.

THE FALSE CHRISTS are the representatives of the conciliar Harlot, as well as its franchises of the Anomos, which are the sects and the traditionalist – sedevacantist false clergy that emerged from the schisms engendered by Marcel Lefebvre and Peter Martin Ngô Thuc, both excommunicated for public and notorious apostasy [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], who have been generating a monstrous multi-headed hydra without any control or direction, invalidly and illegally consecrating pseudo “bishops” against the provisions of the Magisterium of Pope Pius XII [Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis] and the Code of Canon Law of 1917, which punishes with very severe penalties of excommunication ipso facto those who have the impious audacity to proceed to an episcopal consecration without permission from the Holy See [Canon 2229.3, 3º ; AAS 43, 1951, pp. 217-218; Canon 953] as well as those who presume to receive consecration from the hands of those reckless false Christs who acted without permission from the Holy See [Canon 2370].

From which it follows, then, that the spiritual offspring of these two arrogant hypocritical rebels who were disobedient to the Magisterium of Pius XII are also false christs themselves, and are thus marked with the leprosy of schism and heresy by osmosis or mutual influence with their heretical and schismatic “fathers” and “superiors”, being struck with the penalties of ipso facto excommunication and legal infamy [ Canon 2372; Pope Pius XII, AAS 42 (1950) p. 601], thus becoming dangerous heretical and schismatic intruders without mission or jurisdiction over the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ. These must be avoided by all the faithful so as not to concur in communicatio in sacris with individuals who have been excommunicated for their adherence to schism and heresy, and whose acts are null, void, invalid, illicit, gravely sinful, in short, sacrilege and desecration, as the Magisterium and the CIC teach us. The aforementioned censorships apply to the false “clergy” arising from the sect generated by hypocritical apostate Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, the SSPX, whether they continue in that sect or pretend to function as false “clerici vagantes”, as well as to all pseudo “bishops” and “priests” emerged from the schismatic hands of the mentally deranged and simoniac Bishop Thuc and his equally impious and arrogant spiritual offspring.

Likewise, within the category of false christs we must also include all the false “religious” and the pseudo “nuns”, to whom the following censorships of excommunication and infamy by law are applied for having dared to profess religious vows in the face of intruders apostates, heretics, and schismatics without a mission or jurisdiction [Canon 646.1; Canon 2314.1] and/or have dared to found a religious congregation without the permission of the Pope [Canon 492.1 and 3; Canon 497.1 and 4]. All these false christs are authentic lepers of schism, heresy and apostasy, who are spreading their despicable pride and their disobedience to the supreme authority set by God — who is the Pope — wherever they go, infecting everything they touch. Hence Our Lord Jesus Christ has warned us expressly and repeatedly (Matthew 7, 15-20; Matthew 24, 4-5; Matthew 24, 11 and 12; Matthew 24, 24; II Thessalonians 2, 8-12) not to listen to them or have anything to do with them, since they are placed there to confuse and mislead even those chosen by the One and Triune God, if this were possible, thus fulfilling their thankless but inevitable role in Scripture.

THE FALSE PROPHETS are all those who support and recognize a false authority and jurisdiction in the already mentioned false Christs, propagating and spreading their diverse and numerous sects founded on lies and fraud, in abject contempt for the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium and the Holy Canons of the 1917 Code of Law. All of them are blind leading the blind, who will all end up in the pit for their enormous sins of pride and disobedience to the Holy Ghost who speaks through the mouth of the Vicars of Jesus Christ. The Great Montinian or conciliar Harlot is the parent sect from which all these false Christs and their false prophets arise, who are all miasmas of the mystical body of the Antichrist, putrefying elements that walk towards their perdition while trying to deceive the greatest possible number of candid souls with little or no formation in the Faith, the Doctrine, and the Magisterium.

Hence the vital importance of knowing the perverse and twisted fables of the Anomos with which these supreme rebels disobedient to God try to deceive over and over again their own guilty conscience and the many unwary who are caught in their nets of deception; I have said rebellious and disobedient to God, because whoever disobeys Pope Pius XII also disobeys blessed Saint Peter, and so disobeys Jesus Christ Himself, Son of the living God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity, thus disobeying the Eternal Father and wanting to point out any flaws (!) to the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete who speaks through the mouth of the Supreme Pontiffs. This constitutes a very serious mortal sin for which Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us that there would be no forgiveness (Matthew 12, 31-32). Hence, I repeat, the tremendous importance of knowing about the absurd and diabolical fables that these unfortunate characters use to deceive locals and strangers, which will be dealt with in the next point.

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