Stained Glass depicting Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274) in Mechelen Cathedral, Belgium.

+St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor+

In order to know how to survive something spiritually, we must first know what it is we are expected to survive. In recent blogs we have tried to explain that misinformation, diversion, distraction and deceit are all tools used by those wishing to promote Traditionalism as the surefire solution to the crisis in the Church. The only path Catholics must faithfully follow today was mapped out long ago by the teachings of the Roman Pontiffs until the death of Pope Pius XII, the ecumenical councils and the Sacred Canons. This is what constitutes the Deposit of Faith in the Catholic Church. Unless we adhere strictly to this Deposit as it was bequeathed to the Church; unless we obey the Roman Pontiffs, we are not members of Christ’s Mystical Body the Church. According to these teachings, no one who has ever been ordained or consecrated when the Church is without a true pope — and that rules out everyone today — can convey valid Sacraments. If we seek such persons out for Mass and Sacraments despite these teachings, we are no longer members of the Church.

This leaves only one option open to us — praying at home, availing ourselves of the spiritual substitutes for Penance and Holy Communion, baptizing those newly born and converts to the faith and contracting marriage under Canon 1098. And we must constantly pray and watch. In watching we must study our faith and be on our guard against any innovations. We must especially be on alert for supposed fulfillment of private prophecy reflected in recent events and Scriptural prophecy which has been improperly fitted to some specific occurrence. On the other hand we must recognize the “signs of the times” as Christ advised and not discount the actual fulfillment of Holy Scripture, and this can be a laborious process. Some have become confused regarding what we must believe of faith regarding these signs and what we may consider only as opinion. Below we will try to provide some pointers on this.

Where we stand today in Scriptural prophecy

Unfortunately much of what is contained in Holy Scripture describing the end times is a matter of opinion on the part of those approved commentators writing pre-1959. None of them seem to have anticipated a lengthy interregnum, the extended reign of usurpers in Rome, or the impersonation of valid and licit clergy by Traditionalists. Some hint at this and allow it as a possibility, but only for a brief time. Even such saintly writers as St. Augustine and St. Robert Bellarmine leave it up to those living in these days to determine what has or has not been fulfilled, presumably on the assumption that there will be clergy to guide us, or that God Himself will assist us. Given all this, we must carefully sort out for ourselves the things that we must believe regarding these times and those that we must consider only probable. As we know, we cannot act on a probable opinion regarding eternal salvation, so anything that would possibly involve mortal sin (such as believing a certain personage or event was or was not prophesied in Holy Scripture when this is only probable) is not binding on us.

How do we learn of these things? The theologians and commentators have provided some clues and Holy Scripture itself is sometimes clear on these matters. We have covered this in previous blogs. In some instances the popes have even addressed these things and must be relied upon to guide us. But anything presented here is only this blogger’s interpretation of events and is of far lesser value. The only advantage we do have is one that the commentators noted and granted us gratuitously — we are living in the times they only attempted to anticipate and comment upon. This is why the identification of Paul 6 as the Man of Sin, something first proposed in 1990, has any merit. This because it is solidly based on the definition of the abomination of desolation by Pope Paul IV, and the warning he issued in his 1559 bull (Cum ex Apostolatus Officio) regarding the election of a heretic, apostate or schismatic to the papacy. This is patently obvious, since Paul 6’s abrogation of the Novus Ordo Missae is what drove the remaining faithful to fulfill the prophecy of the scattered flock and leave the Novus Ordo church. And this could only occur once the pastor was struck (Matt. 26:31; Zach.13:7).

As described by St. Bernard Clairvaux and various ecumenical councils, those usurping the papacy are always referred to as antichrists, just not the antichrist. The two things that qualify Paul 6 as the Man of Sin according to Holy Scripture are his usurpation of the papacy and the abrogation of the immemorial Latin Mass of Pope St. Pius V. Pope Paul IV predicted the usurpation, and his bull was later confirmed by Pope St. Pius V. According to Henry Cardinal Manning, “he who withholdeth” is the papacy and it is the unanimous opinion of the Fathers that Antichrist will cause the cessation of the Continual Sacrifice. Catholics must accept this as certain from the Vatican Council: “…No one is permitted to interpret Sacred Scripture itself… contrary to the unanimous agreement of the Fathers” (DZ 1788). So if those today deny that in abrogating the Latin Mass Paul 6 was not the Man of Sin, they are contradicting the teaching of the Vatican Council and the ancient Fathers.

And no obfuscation of this truth by appealing to the fact that the Latin Mass is still celebrated can be taken for anything other than the falsehood that it truly is. Pope Pius XII infallibly decreed in Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS) that nothing may be changed regarding Canon and papal law during an interregnum and that if such a thing is attempted, it is null, void and invalid.  Establish that this interregnum yet exists — which we have — and the 1983 revised Code crumbles into dust, along with any “teachings” promulgated since Pope Pius XII’s death.  Now the first law to be changed or ignored was the election of an unworthy (heretical) candidate in John 23. This invalidated the entire election as it is laid out in VAS. And furthermore, Canon 2391 §1 invalidated all future elections held by a college electing an unworthy candidate, with the canon commentary specifically mentioning  that this applies to those excommunicated for heresy, apostasy or schism. This coincides with the mention of Can. 188 no. 4 in VAS, automatically also disqualifying electors guilty of heresy, apostasy or schism. And the parent law of Can. 188 no. 4 is none other than Pope Paul IV’s Cum ex Apostolatus Officio.

Since papal teaching and Canon Law upholds the conclusion that Paul 6 was the Son of Perdition, the Antichrist, we can be certain that this was indeed the case. Pope Paul IV explains in his bull how he who withholdeth is taken out of the way (by the election of a heretic, apostate or schismatic) and who the man so elected would be — the abomination of desolation. Paul IV taught: “…It behooves us to give fuller and more diligent thought where the peril is greatest, lest false prophets (or even others possessing secular jurisdiction) wretchedly ensnare simple souls and drag down with themselves to perdition and the ruin of damnation the countless peoples entrusted to their care and government in matters spiritual or temporal; and lest it befall Us to see in the holy place the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, We wish, as much as possible with God’s help, in line with our pastoral duty, to trap the foxes that are busily ravaging the Lord’s vineyard and to drive the wolves from the sheepfolds…” Now this abomination when detected in cardinals or bishops, (addressed in the bull along with a pope), would be heresy proper. But when it involves the Roman Pontiff, who can never be guilty of heresy in his official capacity, it styles him as THE abomination.

Paul 6 and his fellow antichrists

Rev. E.S. Berry, in his The Apocalypse of St. John, 1921, (p. 137) tells us that abominations perpetrated in former times are nothing in comparison to what will occur during Antichrist’s reign: “Such things but faintly foreshadowed the abominations that will desecrate churches in those sorrowful days when Antichrist will seat himself at the altar to be adored as God.” Was not Paul 6 adored as the defender of the Jews, the idol of the liturgical renewal crowd — the people of God — and the darling of the ecumenists? Is it not true that not only did he abrogate the Latin Mass, but that he made a new liturgy his own, with the help of Protestants and even Jews, entitling it the Novus Ordo Missae? And is it not also true that having done that, he was then mentioned in the canon of this sacrilegious mass as a valid pope, there to be worshipped in this new liturgy and adored? And this not only for instituting the new mass but for the changes wrought by the false Vatican 2 council to accommodate the faithless remaining laity and endorse the heresies of Americanism and ecumenism.

Daniel speaks of no other abomination except the Jewish antichrist Antiochus and the sacrilegious sacrifices he demanded of the Chosen People; the two are described together. throughout his book.  And it has ever been the unanimous opinion of the Fathers and theologians that this also applies to the reign of Antichrist. So why has the cessation of the Sacrifice in our day been entirely disconnected from the abomination of desolation who forbade it in the first place?! (For further explanation of this term, see the articles HERE and also HERE.) The main objections to Paul 6 as Antichrist are addressed in the second of these two links: that his reign must last only three years and a half. And yet the commentators clarify this by stating that the time limit applies primarily to the height or end of his reign, when actual physical persecution will probably commence. At that same time Antichrist will be at the apex of his ability to deceive and will make it appear that he can and is accomplishing actual feats that he is unable to perform. And these include his claim to be the actual Jewish Messiah heading a newly reorganized “Christian“ church from Solomon’s rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, there to reign; events that now seem close to fulfillment.

It has been explained elsewhere that while Paul 6 was the Man of Sin, he and Roncalli established Antichrist’s system in their Roman successors, a system still in existence today and growing bolder by the minute. This system is the Whore of Babylon and is closely aligned with the New World Order’s political/financial system. Each successor of the Man of Sin corresponds in power and likeness to the original, since Satan, ever jealous of the God who exiled Him and determined to exact retribution, wished to imitate Him as closely as possible. He accomplished this by creating a diabolical papacy with its own succession in opposition to the See of St. Peter and his successors. This may very well have reference to the beast in Apocalypse whose deadly wound was healed, who dies and lives again in each devilish successor. They are Antichrist clones only, not Antichrist proper. Yet they form a perpetual chain and each rules in his own right, in mockery of the popes, creating a sort of diabolical “continual magisterium.” Just as no one else could be St. Peter, the original, no one else could be Paul 6.

Only Christ’s Mystical Body will survive

And yet the evil he began has perfected itself and expanded, until now Satan himself can be more clearly seen in each one of these usurpers. They have been planning their grand finale for decades and it now seems to be at our very doors. The gifts that will be most needed during this final phase of Antichrist’s reign are knowledge and understanding, for he will be at the peak of his ability to deceive even the elect. And this is what the article we have just completed HERE will attempt to provide. The conclusions in this article are very much dependent on the invalid election of John 23 and the identification of Paul 6 as Antichrist. For on these facts hinge whether or not the very idea of the Catholic Church will even survive. I once wrote a book entitled, Will the Catholic Church Survive the Twentieth Century? Of course the Mystical Body will never lose its Divine Head and in that sense the Church will always survive until the consummation. At the time I wrote that first book, I believed a true pope could still be validly elected. Of course today, after long years of study, I must sadly admit this is now impossible.

The answer to the title of that book, then, is that the juridical Church has NOT survived into the 21st century. And yet there are those alive who still know what the Church was and how She taught and functioned, who remember receiving valid Holy Communion and Confession and attending valid Masses. But all that is a memory of the last century. Traditionalists today think they continue the Church but we know this is a lie. And even the externals they think they perpetuate lack the necessary sensus Catholicus, a sense which fades a little more each day with the death of those baptized Catholic who once knew the beauty, the sanctity, the unity of doctrine and Sacraments shared with fellow Catholics that was once the Church. And soon it will all slip away, even the memory of it and the anchor of faith that secured it. Because Satan is not satisfied with simply usurping the papacy and falsifying Sacraments through the Novus Ordo and Traditionalists. His hatred is so great that he is determined to do everything in his power to completely eradicate the Church’s very existence.

How will this happen, you will say. Well it will happen because when something as precious as Christ’s very Spouse on earth is not loved, not defended, not preserved inviolate, not treasured and not obeyed, God rightfully removes it from us. Catholics lost their Church long ago, and sadly they did not really lose it; they assisted in its destruction by their disregard for the pope, their bishops, their adoption of liberalism and their demands for change. And now there is a plan, long in the making, to unite all religions except one under one universal head — and that exception is the Catholic Church. Our religion will be destroyed, discredited and replaced by some yet unknown Protestant hybrid, one that may not even be entirely acceptable to some Protestants. This is not a theory, or an hypothesis but a plan that has been documented and promoted publicly for decades. The only thing preventing its fulfillment was the proper puzzle pieces falling into place and the dying out of those more conservative Catholics and Protestants standing in the way of Satan and his henchmen.

Of course the Novus Ordo and Traditionalism hasn’t been Catholic since the death of Pope Pius XII. And the erosion of the faith has been so complete that little now remains that has not been somehow perverted. Well Satan wants that little and he will have it. They will make it official and the Catholic Church will be no more. The one thing that has aided them more than anything else in this effort is the distrust of and indifference toward the papacy, dating back to the 19th century and beyond. This then became outright defiance, rebellion and insubordination — even subversion and betrayal — in the case of the hierarchy, with the advent of Modernism and ecumenism. And of course it ended with the outright usurpation of the papal throne, and the banishment of any idea of the papacy among the ranks of those claiming to uphold “Tradition.” Then came the financial scandals, the strange liturgical aberrations following Vatican 2, the sex scandals, the heretical teachings of so many usurper “popes.” Each one opened a door, a door that certain Protestants and the secret societies were only too happy to run through.

They gloated over the fact that the false church in Rome now fit the description of the Scarlet Whore in Apocalypse 17 and used their popular publications and broadcasts to good effect to point out the many similarities. Sadder still because so much of it was true, all of course save their horrid blasphemies regarding the Blessed Mother and what once was the Holy Sacrifice; also all those Protestant teachings condemned at the Council of Trent. This then is how the papacy as Antichrist and the Church as pagan Rome was revived in the latter part of the  20th century, after largely dying out in the early 1900s. And what tools did 1950s “Catholics” employ to combat this? Nary a one, because they had none. They were focused on their own needs, not the deadly serious plight of the Church. Their understanding of God only encompassed one side, and that the self-interested side, of their relationship with Him.  God is there for us; yes, always. But only if we are fully in union with Him and place Him first in our everyday lives.

If God had truly been first in the lives of Traditionalists, they would have championed the papacy, not made their crusade the loss of the Mass. They depended, however, on those they believed to be leading them to inform them properly; but these men were actually intent on diverting them. Henry Cardinal Manning observes that this diversion tactic was successfully employed by the Protestants and Old Catholics already in the 1800s as one of their  “weapons… to fight the Church and destroy it internally.” Quoting the liberal Protestant, Dr. Friedburg, Manning writes: “One must first attempt to draw off the waters carefully, letting them flow into other channels and conducting them into reservoirs. What remains will then be easily absorbed into the air.In other words, dry up the Church, draw from it all intellectual, moral and spiritual influence over the people, paralyze the action of its pastors et cetera… This done, religion will soon evaporate” (The Vatican Decrees and Their Bearing on Civil Allegiance, 1875).

Following their exit from the Vatican 2 church, Catholics were informed that no one could really figure out the problem with the usurper popes and declare them false popes; they were offered mass and sacraments, nothing else. At that time Lefebvre was in the lead, and he cow-towed to Rome until his death. So why not?

Christ is the true head of His Church

Because the papacy was just the visible manifestation of the true head of this Church — Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Redeemer, invisible head of His Mystical Body. The real objective of those aiming to destroy the Church was the destruction of Christ, Himself, that only their perverted image of Him would remain in the minds of those calling themselves Christians. Their war against the papacy is proof of this, which is why they must obliterate it at all costs. It is proof also that the Catholic Church alone is the true Church of Christ on earth — why else would hundreds of years been spent in “an universal and simultaneous conspiracy against it… [by] civil governments, …[who are] now preparing for their own dissolution” (Ibid., Manning). And we are seeing today the end result of what Manning foretold. The Great Apostasy and the arrival of Antichrist had to occur to fulfill Scripture prophecy; it was unavoidable. So also the operation of error to believe lies. But the wholesale reaction of Catholics to this event was entirely avoidable; many could and should have called Traditionalists’ bluff but failed to do so.

They had forgotten, or perhaps they never completely comprehended the fact, that the true head of their Church was Christ Himself; we have discussed this in previous blogs. One must wonder if they never even grasped the reality of Christ’s physical existence on this earth, His commission to St. Peter and all its implications, his dual participation with the pope and only the pope in the Church’s governance. Christ never left His Church; the Church left Him. Catholics in the 1960-70s had a very important job to do and they chose to gratify themselves with externals rather than take up their Cross and follow in Our Lord’s footsteps. If anyone at all was truly interested in “saving souls” — and not just their own, or those of Catholics in general but non-Catholic souls as well —  they would have worked as a dedicated group to study the situation and explain from the teachings of the Continual Magisterium, the ecumenical councils and Canon Law precisely what happened to the Church and how it yet exists today. They would have witnessed to the truths of faith they claimed to hold.

Most importantly of all, they would have emphasized the fulfillment of prophecy in the absence of the papacy and insisted on upholding and guarding the teachings found in the Deposit of Faith, issuing from the Roman Pontiffs. They would have created public awareness regarding the changes in the Church and the differences between what passes for the Church in Rome and the unchangeable, irreformable teachings of Christ’s true Church, and not from the standpoint of Traditionalism. They would have insisted that Protestants make the necessary distinction between the church they see ruling from Rome today, and that Church as She rightfully existed up to the death of Pope Pius XII. Their personal example and commitment, given the strength of their convictions and sufficient numbers, would have spoken volumes. And perhaps it could have sufficiently curbed the renewed portrayal of the Church, clear back to its founding, as the spawn of Satan and the deceiver extraordinaire. At any rate, all had the obligation to at least make this concerted effort, regardless of its outcome.

Some did attempt to do so, even though they were long past the point where it could have made a real difference, and God will reward them for their efforts. Life is a continual warfare, and the previous generation of Catholics deserted the battlefield; the culmination of that desertion is looming straight ahead. Several readers have requested that this author provide a more complete timeline for the end times, and this is finally available in the see link provided above. It seems apropos that it be released during Lent, since some commentators on Holy Scripture have suggested that the final act of the Church’s betrayal will occur during the Lenten season. We have tried to prepare readers in advance for the shock they may receive in reading it, but many already know much of what they can expect. May the Holy Ghost guide you and may Christ the King soon come to claim His kingdom!

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