Prayer Society Intention for April: Devotion to the Eucharist by refusing to dishonor it.

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First Friday and Saturday April 1 & 2

There has been some dismay expressed regarding the objections to a prayer society and a call for common sense about such things — something that is much needed. Glad to see someone realizes that these objections are truly specious and shouldn’t need to be answered by providing a mini-Canon Law dissertation (lol).  Jansenistic rigorism had thoroughly coursed through the veins of the spiritual life long before the death of Pope Pius XII, an over-reaction to liberal inroads that blurred the lines between the passivity of quietism and the heresy of action. Some modern-day Traditionalist groups revived full-blown rigorism and it has left its mark on many exiting from those sects. It seems pretty obvious to a rational person to conclude that without a superior to ask permission, one may proceed, if cautiously, but then who is rational these days?

And that is the real problem; we are no longer dealing with rational human beings, but products of ruthless propagandization and even delusion. Does the phrase lying wonders strike a chord? It should, now more than ever. What I am about to suggest below is slowly becoming a consensus among those praying at home. And while it may raise eyebrows, there is every indication that we need to calmly and objectively re-evaluate this entire Fatima business based on information that has only become available in the last few decades. That is what rational people do, and we can ill-afford to ignore the many alarming signs that the Fatima messages as we were taught to understand them were politicized and prostituted to promote a one-world agenda, just then emerging under Woodrow Wilson following WWI. This may be upsetting and objectionable to readers, but we ignore the truth at our own peril.

Fatima “consecration” March 25

Oh what great care was taken to make this dog and pony show look oh so reverent, even “traditional” (not). All the exterior trappings were in place. Even the wording of the “consecration” seemed uncharacteristically unobjectionable. Surely many were sucked in. They cannot and will not look around them and see the devastation caused by Vatican 2 and Traditionalism (Masonic and political) and conclude that this cannot be and is not the Catholic Church.

St. John’s Apocalypse mentions the need to do penance six times in his address to the seven churches (Ch. 2 and 3); again to those who have survived the plagues loosed by the four angels to kill one-third of mankind (9: 21-22) and twice in Ch. 16, when the angels pour out their seven vials of wrath and men blaspheme God rather than do penance.  War, famine, plagues, universal bankruptcy — nothing will convince those deceived by the operation of error that the promised Fatima peace is not theirs simply because they failed to abandon the Roman usurpers and the bishops and priests they held as idols. Nor will they heed the final call of the angel to leave Babylon (pagan Rome) in Apoc. 18:4: “Come out of her my people that you be not partakers of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues.” All the Marian messages delivered in the 1800s, right down to the last messages before the death of Pope Pius XII — all of them demanded prayer and penance, so we know this part of the Fatima message, at least,  is genuine. But who was listening? According to Our Lady herself, very few, and today we are reaping the whirlwind.

The fulfillment of the Fatima promise of Our Lady was dependent on the required number of souls practicing prayer and penance as we have pointed out in a previous blog. Those engaging in idolatrous practices since the death of Pope Pius XII, having never heeded the angel’s command to leave the Babylonish whore, cannot possibly hope to satisfy that request. Fatima at this juncture, however useful it may be as a tool for the establishment of a new world order and religion, is really a moot point for Catholics today because it has been perverted in ways we cannot even fathom. So I am going to try and explain what needs to be said here by telling a story. It may become confusing at times but please bear with me.

The key to understanding everything

During the 19th century, there was an alarming surge in occultism and secret societies. We know the papal condemnations of the secret societies began in the late 1700s. Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII continued these condemnations. But it was not just Freemasonry they condemned but ALL secret societies, and they went under many disguises as Pope Leo XIII explained in Humanum Genus. It was in the 19th century that a very sinister form of Gnosticism began to emerge that involved several different related secret societies working in concert. It manifested itself in various ways, both religious and political. It involved Kabbalism, the ancient Gallicanist heresy, theosophy, naturalism, syncretism, ecumenism, the Liberal Catholic and Old Catholic sects, neo-Modernism, Nazism, a return to an unCatholic type of monarchical rule and what Pope Pius XII would refer to as black paganism — hedonism, immodesty, individualism and rationalism. If Modernism was the “synthesis of all heresies,” neo-Modernism is merely that same synthesis, widened to include all the new variations of those same heresies we see today.

The best way to describe the operation of all these systems is to compare it to Santeria, the practice of paganism under the guise of Catholic devotion to the saints. The practitioners of these systems and members of the groups above have all worked in concert to concoct a religion that outwardly appears to be Catholicism but secretly could be practiced as any of the Egyptian mystery religions connected to Freemasonry including gnosticism. This “wedding” of Catholicism with paganism is the syncretism expressed in the heathen philosophies of Plato and the Greek philosopher Pythagorus in the early centuries B.C. Today’s brand of syncretism assimilates Christianity, also Kabbalism, (Jewish mysticism), with these and the other philosophies named above, amounting to a pagan sort of Christianity.

Priory of Sion, Hieron du Val d’Or

To provide an example of how this would work, let’s say that one believed in the heresy that Christ did not die on the Cross, escaping instead to France with Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea and fathering a family. This is what the Priory of Sion, which Lefebvre apparently belonged to, is all about. They further believe that Jesus’ descendants then founded the monarchical dynasties of nearly all the European nations. Holding this heresy, you could speak of Jesus, Mary and Joseph all day long, while meaning something entirely different than Catholics! Another example of this is provided by the founders of the Hieron du Val d’Or, a group affiliated with the Priory of Sion. If beliefs from that group were held, one could foster devotion to the Sacred Heart while believing it represented the third eye of Shiva, head of the Hindu gods. This is where ecumenism was going all along, first with toleration of all religions and the teaching that anyone could be saved in any religion. This then progressed through the hidden actuation of this dual belief system by the secret societies who had penetrated the Church, linking any religion desired to Catholic practice and credo.

Catholic writer Mary Lejeune warned in the 1970s that the Traditionalist sects they were joining were occult-based and Masonic in origin, but to no avail. Author Craig Heimbichner, in his Blood on the Altar (2005) notes that many of those initially singing the praises of the Latin Tridentine Mass in the late 1960s, early 1970s were practicing theosophists, who succeeded in luring Traditionalists into “Latin Mass” groups. Theosophy, founded by Russian-born Helena Blavatsky around 1875, “combined elements of Plato’s philosophy with Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu thought (including reincarnation), in a way that she claimed had been divinely revealed to her,” according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Heimbichner links the awe for the old Mass to C.W. Leadbetter, founder of the Liberal Catholic (Theosophical) church in Sydney, Australia in 1917, citing several quotes proving theosophic occultism later was introduced into Traditional circles. Dr. Leslie Rumble, wrote an article for the Homiletic and Pastoral Review in March 1958 entitled Are Liberal Catholic Orders Valid?  Under the subhead “Magical Sacraments,” Rumble comments as follows on Leadbetter’s consecration as bishop by the Old Roman Catholic bishop Wedgwood: “Already in Anglican orders, [Leadbetter] evidently hoped to obtain, from his episcopal consecration, an intensification of psychic force and of clairvoyant powers!”

Aleister Crowley, OTO and the “magical mass”

Heimbichner quotes author James Wasserman as stating that “Persons of Gnostic-hermetic interests have more in common with traditionalist Catholics than with either modernist Vatican II Catholics or with Protestants…The right-wing exploits a superstition among some Catholics who hold to a kind of unspoken “magic sacramentalism,” [condemned by Pope St. Pius X in his encyclical Pascendi dominici gregis against Modernism–Ed], “i.e, the notion that being present at the Holy Mass itself, with its awe-inspiring solemnity and its bells, incense and candles — not one’s state of grace, fidelity to the Commandments of God or relationship with Jesus Christ — becomes the individual’s guarantor of sanctity.” Heimbichner calls this a “Satanic perversion” of Catholicism, mixing pagan elements with the true, much as is done in the Satanic rituals connected to Voodoo and Santeria, as noted above. He links all this to Aleister Crowley’s the Golden Dawn and his Order of Oriental Templars (OTO). Here we must quote more from Heimbichner on this magic sacramentalism as understood by practitioners of theosophy:

“If the Mass is that kind of magic, as stated by a seminary lecturer and prominent writer for the largest traditional Catholic group in America, [presumably the St. Pius X Society-Ed] then the priest must be a magician. This magical sacramentalism falsifies the reality of the Eucharist and satanically mocks it by twisting it into a totem of the eternal Pagan cycle drama rather than upholding the truth that as the embodiment of Calvary the Eucharist is the sole ontological exception to that cycle drama. The occult heresy of magical sacramentalism and the aristocratic caste mentality it fosters reflects the hierarchical order Crowley sought to impose. The model Crowleyan hierarchy has no accountability. A megalomaniac does not brook interference. Checks and balances are nonexistent.

“The goal is absolute power without restraint. Where better to launch such a totalitarian project in the ranks of breakaway traditional Catholics who crave the restoration of order and obedience but who do not recognize any higher earthly authority other than the prelates who rule over their particular group? I hasten to add that this perverted magical belief is not intrinsic to Catholicism; rather it is just that: a satanic perversion. Pope Pius V convened the council of Trent in part to crush this heretical counterfeit theology, a function of this ‘Satan is the ape of God’ process.The crisis today is that orthodox authentically traditional Catholics too often do not wish to confront this growing menace in their ranks, preferring instead to sweep it under the rug which is exactly what the occult infiltrators hope they will do.

Fascism and totalitarianism

“Magical sacramentalism is not the only means for transforming pious Catholics into slavish occultists. If we studied the juncture at which royalism and monarchism intersect with the once secret heresy which teaches that certain of the crowned heads of Europe were literally genetic descendants of Jesus Christ, we begin to discern the emergence of an organization that would have an authority so divine it could not be resisted by any believing Christian. The law of this illumination to occultists seeking to impose totalitarian rule is nearly irresistible. Their modern agent in this regard was Pierre Plantard who founded the Priory of Zion. Aleister Crowley preached occult fascism, venerated Adolf Hitler and rabbi Blau and remained a British agent and crypto Zionist all of his life.” It was Thomas Case writing for Fidelity Magazine in the 1990s who assayed the Traditionalist sects and found that several clergymen were markedly anti-Semitic, with definite neo-Nazi or British Israel leanings.

“There is a virulent sickness of hatred and Hitlerism running through the Traditional Catholic movement,” Case wrote. “Society of St. Pius X [priests] in France see Marshall Petain as a hero, and his pro-Nazi Vichy government of World War II as a paragon of virtue. Catholic Traditionalism as a whole in France is imbued with extreme right-wing politics…the historical dream of a restored Catholic Monarchy, allied with pro-Hitler, anti-Semitic fascism.” Case points out that like the Action-Francais movement in the 1930s, condemned by Pope Pius XI, (atheistic) right-wing political interests are absorbing Traditionalists and using them to promote their own hidden agenda. When journalist William Shirer first began noticing the advent of Nazism in France in 1934, it was attended by riots inspired by L’ Action FrancaisMonarchists, among other right-wing groups also agitating for stable government and employment opportunities. It seems the son of the current pretender to the French throne, the duc De Guise, inspired these riots at least in part. The son, then 26, felt the time was ripe to reclaim the Orleans monarchy. Shirer explained that France’s unstable government and political scandals, but most especially the Depression, precipitated the riots and created a favorable climate for Fascist rule, bringing in Hitler as another sort of messiah. And here we see the entire world being set up for the reign of just such a “savior.”

Monarchism and the Great King

One Traditionalist website has claimed for years that this French Monarch has amassed a large army and is only waiting until the time is right to commence the fulfillment of his mission. This individual (also another person who has since distanced himself from him) promotes the idea of a “hidden pope” who is waiting in the wings and will soon make himself known to the world. These sites quote numerous Catholic prophecies supporting the advent of such a monarch. They believe he will rule with this hidden pope during an era of peace for the world predicted at Fatima and elsewhere.  According to a Wikipedia article brought to my attention by a loyal reader, “The Hiéron’s agenda was the creation of a new Habsburg and Catholic Holy Roman Empire with a French temporal and spiritual head in the manner of the Grand Monarch, an association of Europeans bound by common law and dedicated to advancing the mission of Christ the King.” (Here they cite sources linked to the Priory of Sion.) “They claim the existence of a secret parallel Catholic tradition called l’Eglise d’Avignon (Church of Avignon), which they trace to the medieval Papacy installed in Avignon from 1309 to 1378. The claim is that it continued in secret with a Pope who represents the esoteric aspects of the Catholic Church. L’Eglise d’Avignon is said to serve as an intermediary between the Roman Church and the Eastern Orthodox tradition.” So just as was noted in our last blog, the plan all along has been to absorb the Eastern Orthodox churches.

My, my, my… Now we know where all of this hidden pope business is leading us to. And we also know why they seem to be linked to shady sources and personages and are reportedly ultra-secretive with their followers, even to the point of threatening those who stumble upon their secrets or question their authority. After all, who wants anyone to know they aren’t really Catholic?!!! Let’s explore this Gallican Church they talk about establishing and dig a little deeper here. Because I think we have discovered the answer to why it is that there are so many similarities between Traditionalist and Gallicanist/Old Catholic organizations: They are one and the same! This one-world church has already been established internationally by various Traditional groups who appear to be disconnected — it is just waiting for a head. And the Catholic Restoration bunch as well as others out there are only too happy to promote those involved in keeping this “parallel papacy” alive and well until the appointed time. No doubt they will present someone at least remotely presentable who will then become the “holy pope” predicted by the prophecies, minus any pretensions to infallibility. And many panicked Traditionalists will fall for it.

Gallicanism was at its height during the time of the Western Schism. Its advocates worked hard to promote their beliefs, voiced as follows by Jean Gerson from Henry Cardinal Manning’s The Pastoral Office: “Bishops in the primitive Church were of the same power as the PopeThe decision of the Pope alone, in matters which are of faith, does not as such bind (anyone) to believe… ‘The Roman Church, the head of which is believed to be the Pope ……may err, and deceive and be deceived, and be in schism and heresy, and fail to exist.” Are not these all the very teachings that have emanated from Traditionalism? And these same beliefs also were held by Gerson’s contemporaries Peter d’Ailly, Almain and others. Later in The Catholic Encyclopedia article on Gallicanism, which should be read in full to properly understand this topic, the author tells us that during this time period and even before, those promoting Gallicanism believed that bishops were equal to the pope in the sense that they received their commission directly from Christ and without any need for its activation or regulation by the Pope. So there you have it. Apparently the Gallicanists were agents of those who believed that the French kings ruled by Divine right as descendants of Christ, per the Priory of Sion heresy, and therefore those rights should take precedence over any exercised by the pope. Sound familiar?

Now does everyone understand why the Vatican Council was called specifically to condemn Gallicanism? Is it not clear that Pope Pius IX realized the storm that was about to break regarding the dogma of infallibility? If those believing themselves to be Catholic wish to sell their birthright to this monstrosity that is parading as Traditionalism, then at least they should know exactly what it is they are getting themselves into. Private revelations such as Fatima and age-old prophecies regarding the Great Monarch and a holy Pope reigning during an era of peace —  the same peace promised at La Salette and Fatima — all must be seen now for what they truly are: genuine revelations in the beginning perhaps, but later manipulated by Freemasons to promote their one-world agenda (see more on the Great Monarch hoax here). And we mention Fatima because sadly there is every indication it has been more highly co-opted and politicized than any other revelation, with the possible exception of La Salette. Both of these apparitions actually happened and the resulting revelations are true in part, but what part? La Salette seer Melanie Calvat was relentlessly persecuted and Sr. Lucia dos Santos may well have been murdered to prevent her from possibly revealing the third secret on her own.

Doctrinal warfare and psychopolitics

In 2015, David A. Wemhoff published his monumental 990-page biography on Jesuit John Courtney Murray, (John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition: How the C.I.A.’s Doctrinal Warfare Program Changed the Catholic Church; South Bend: Fidelity Press, 2015). In his work, Wemhoff describes the operation used to subvert the Catholic Church and names those who were responsible for its implementation. “The Doctrinal Warfare Program is the name given to a classified US Government operation commenced in 1953 (in a document entitled PSB D33 with annexes) which targeted the intellectuals, business leaders, and clerics in a number of different societies with the goal of having them approve of the American ideology in principle,” (read here “adopt the heresy of Americanism). The program also was referred to as “psychological warfare” or “psychopolitics.” Wemhoff explains that psychological warfare involved “the manipulation of words, events, and ideas to shape a target audience’s views ideas, perceptions and beliefs.” It was Time/Life media mogul Henry R. Luce who honed it as a weapon using the written word and, with the help of his associates, embedded it in newspapers and other publications throughout the world. One of these associates was John Courtney Murray, another the Jesuit Gustave Weigel and yet another, Dominican Felix Morlion. There were many others.

A detailed explanation of how this program was applied, at least from a journalistic standpoint, is presented in Morlion’s 1944 work, The Apostolate of Public Opinion. This book basically laid the groundwork for how to mold public opinion in a certain way to produce the desired results, using Catholic and secular print, radio and television media. With Fatima the desired results were to employ it as a political tool to fight Communism during the Cold War and promote the democratic ideal as one that could be reconciled with Church practice, paving the way for the laity’s greater role in Church affairs following Vatican 2. While Communism may have been the error intended by Our Lady in her message to the three children, it could also be said that her use of dates and numbers pointed to a warning regarding the errors of Freemasonry, not Communism.  Many forget that Communism is only one of the many levels found on the Masonic pyramid. But no one wished to hear about Freemasonry, even though Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky were all high-ranking Freemasons and members of the Illuminati, according to Internet sources. One work claims the Soviet Union was abolished only to rule under another name — the European Union. The plan was to make nice with the Masonic sect, which is exactly what John 23 did.

Felix Morlion and Pro Deo

For those attempting to see Fatima in a new light, the Freemason angle is important. The Jesuit Fr. Robert Graham reportedly confirmed to one news outlet that Morlion was a CIA agent. who answered to head Jesuit Janssens, OSS operative Giovanni Montini, (who later became Paul 6) and John 23. Giuseppe Cardinal Siri also is reported to have been appointed as a Pro Deo official. Morlion later established Pro Deo, a “Catholic” intelligence agency, with the help of Office of Strategic Services (OSS) director Bill Donavan. The OSS was a forerunner of the CIA. Pro Deo University was established in Rome in 1945. An Internet document dated 1957 reports that “James D. Zellerbach has been succeeded by Louis Rabinowitz… Fred Altschul, Nathan Cummings, Leo Cherne and David Steinman… the first Jewish members on the Board of Directors of the American Council. Other members include Henry Luce, Dean Harry Carman, Huntington Hartford and C. D. Jackson. It has the approval of church authorities through the cooperation of a Doctrinal Council composed of members of the Dominican Order, responsible for its religious and philosophical inspiration in the spirit of Thomas Aquinas as developed in Vittoria and Bellarmine for national and international government by consent.” Conspiracy theorists will recognize Jackson as the founder of the Bilderbergers. Truly we see here an ecumenical and conspiratorial board of trustees.

We could lead readers through the maze of Masonic and other conspirators and trace them all to their final destination — the destruction of the Church — but we would be preaching to the choir. Most readers are already well aware of the players in this game. So what is the bottom line to all this? Morlion began what we now see today as the corruption of the media, slanting the news in ways that can never be fully appreciated. It is interesting to note that he first set up his news agency under the direction of Cardinal Cerejeira in Lisbon before relocating to the U.S. in 1941. Shortly thereafter, in 1943, Lucia was told by Bishop da Silva to write out the third secret. She delivered it to him via messenger in a sealed envelope in 1944. There it remained until the Holy Office demanded the secret be delivered to Pope Pius XII in 1956-57. This according to Bro. Michael in his The Whole Truth About Fatima: The Third Secret. Later the Holy Office also demanded that a photocopy of all of Sr. Lucia’s writings be sent to the Vatican. Bro. Michael writes that the intent of the Holy Office in doing this was “…to snatch it from the hands of the future recipient, Cardinal Cerejeira” (p. 496). No real reason is given for this comment. But the author further notes that beginning in 1956, there was a notable cooling on the part of Pius XII to the entire Fatima message.

Pius XII and Fatima

In retrospect, we see above a chilling indication that Pope Pius XII may very well have been tumbling to the fact that there was something very wrong regarding Fatima. He may even have begun to suspect that Sr. Lucia had passed away, to be replaced by a double. Certainly, beginning in 1954 following his near brush with death, (which several attribute to poisoning), the pope became a different man, limiting contact with the public, refusing to fill key Curia and other Vatican offices and generally withdrawing from the outside world. Yet his writings continued; he was ever the shepherd. Some claim that when he was favored with a vison of Christ before his recovery, which Pius XII publicly confirmed, Christ left him with a message. That message was placed in a sealed envelope to be opened by his successor. If indeed this is the case, it died with the Fatima Secret; but as with that secret, we know the contents. Some believe his death also could be contributed to poisoning, something later testified to by one of the Swiss guards instructed to watch over his decaying corpse on display in the Vatican.

The early decomposition of Pius XII’s body later was contributed to a botched embalming process, but one physician reportedly whispered to the guard that it was actually an attempt to hide the poisoning. It is certainly possible that those so close to their victory could not afford to deal with a “woke” pope, and so Pope Pius XII had to be removed. Physicians later testified that excluding the hiccups he experienced during his previous illness, which had returned with a vengeance, he was otherwise a very healthy man and should have lived much longer. But the Pope knew before his death what would happen. He is said to have commented to one cleric: “After me, the deluge.”

Blaspheming Our Lady

What is said above about the dual belief system observed by pagan and Masonic “Catholics” who have infiltrated the Church has, sadly, been extended to devotion to Our Lady as well. One theosophist author, J.J. Van der Leeuw, gives us a crude hint at what reverence for the Blessed Mother could mean in a pagan context. “When we turn to that most ancient religion of Hinduism, we find that every male deity has… his feminine counterpart of aspect and thus the idea of the motherhood of God is interwoven through the entire structure of this great religion of Hinduism. In the religion of ancient Egypt, God the mother was worshipped as Isis… and the Trinity of that great religion of light was Osiris, Isis and Horus, the son. This is the identical conception of the great mother in all the ancient religions.” Van der Leeuw calls this a “better understanding of the third person of the divine Trinity — God the creator, the divine mind, and the divine mother — and he urges people to try and comprehend these realities so that they may worship the eternal mother in their daily lives and experience “the divine transmutation of the creative energy, the Magnum Opus, by which man becomes more than man; by which man becomes God” (The Fire of Creation, published in 1976).

This is nothing more than pure secular humanism intertwined with transgenderism, and the worship of God’s mother as divine! The author concludes his work with the following: “It is by giving the worship of Our Lady the proper place in the Christian religion… that we can actively insist in bringing nearer that religion of the near future, which in its ideals will show us the unity that binds what we call the masculine and feminine aspect in all things…This precious heritage…the worship of God the Mother…(will), in the Christianity of the future, be a great and splendid religious ideal.” Van der Leeuw’s references to “sacred sex”, aka Aleister Crowley’s “sex magic,” tells the rest of this disgusting and distressing story. So here we have the reason why Theosophy reveres Our Lady, and New Age priestess Annie Besant is even featured in one photo holding a rosary. The idea of God as a woman is not new. As Gnosticism progressed and mingled with other sects, the teachings of the Ophites and Naassenes, who worshipped the serpent as the first created being who possessed all wisdom, were mixed in with Barbelo-Gnostic teachings.

Mgr. Cristiani, in his book Satan in the Modern World, relates that in 1957 a work appeared written by one R. Barbeau that identified Leon Bloy as a confirmed Satanist. Based on correspondence from Bloy himself, Barbeau revealed that Bloy revered Satan as the Holy Ghost. This new twist on Barbelo Gnosticism resulted from the influence of the above-mentioned sects that later introduced serpent worship. But Bloy takes the female spirit idea one step farther — he identifies this Barbelo spirit as Our Lady and Satan at the same time. Bloy wrote the book She Who Weeps, dedicating it to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. This book incorporated Melanie’s version of the secret, interpreted according to Bloy’s Gnostic “revelations.” For this reason Pope St. Pius X, in 1911, forbade the circulation of the book and any further interpretations of the secret. Bloy proposed that Mary was weeping at La Salette because Our Lady’s tears were an expression of her sadness over the fact that Satan has been exiled from heaven and is so little appreciated! He styles her “triumph” as the winning, by Our Lady, of God’s forgiveness of Satan and the banishment of hell.  This was a theme expressed by “Cardinal” Karol Wojtyla in a Lenten address before Paul 6 in March of 1976 (Sign of Contradiction, Wojtyla).


All the above is reported with regret and great sorrow, yet we feel the information is necessary to make better sense of where all of this is heading and why. It is only a bare sketch of what is really going on, which would take an entire book to explain. Certainly we will not hear it on the nightly news, even if we read between the lines, thanks to Felix Morlion and his successors. This is the true Passion of the Church — being forced to stand by and watch helplessly as Our Lord is crucified a second time and His Church desacralized and presented to the world as the creation of Satan. This is what requires our prayers and sacrifices, although we can only hope to dress the wounds, not heal them.

And it should explain why the prayer society is named as it is — Society for Reparation to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Not only have her messages been ignored, they have been perverted to promote those things most offensive to her Sorrowful Heart. All the more reason why we cannot use this as an excuse to neglect what is requested by Our Lord and Our Lady simply because some might misinterpret it, for this is human respect. Nor, when there is sufficient doctrinal basis for what is contained in these messages, can they be dismissed as unworthy of circulation or “optional,” especially when what is predicted comes to pass. At the very end, her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart will triumph, and peace will finally reign when she crushes the head of the abominable serpent.

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