+Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul+

We daily hear about Cancel Culture and the ravages wreaked on American traditions as the push to establish Socialism in this country moves relentlessly forward. Faithful Catholics are neither surprised nor are they unfamiliar with the methods used by the Progressives; at least they shouldn’t be. It will serve well to repeat here what was stated last month in the series on false worship:

“What is it that hath been? the same thing that shall be. What is it that hath been done? the same that shall be done. Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us. There is no remembrance of former things: nor indeed of those things which hereafter are to come, shall there be any remembrance with them that shall be in the latter end” (Ecclesiastes I: 9-11).

In summary, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Cancel Culture was long ago used as a tool to destroy the Church whether we are aware if it or not. What else would you call the Protestant Reformation if not one gigantic effort to cancel the glorious Age of Faith in the name of more progressive moral and doctrinal views? In other words, the exchange of truth for lies; orthodoxy for heterodoxy. And in its wake came the American Revolution, then the French Revolution, for Catholic France could never be allowed to stand. What else was KulturKampf in Germany but a disguised Cancel Culture? And we know what the Bolshevik Revolution and the Communist rule that followed accomplished throughout Europe. Let us also not forget the totalistic systems of Nazi Germany and Mao’s China, with its diabolical imposition of thought reform. It is disgusting to see so many condemning Cancel Culture today, simply because it is happening to America, without making the necessary connections to these historical precedents. But they will not because they cannot; no one is any longer allowed to speak the whole truth.

No one dares remind those braying on the talk news channels about the dangers of Communist generated Cancel Culture that Socialism and Communism were condemned long ago by truly Catholic popes, or that the Fatima apparitions occurred at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. Once Catholic monarchies and other governmental systems toppled, drunk with their success, the Masonic forces driving Communism and Socialism focused on infiltrating the Church and reducing her to a mere outer shell. This, as we know all too well, resulted in the disastrous reforms of the Vatican 2 era. Such changes also were gradually introduced among more conservative Protestant denominations. As Robert Jay Lifton explains in his classic work Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism,“’ideological remolding’… or ‘thought reform’ has in fact emerged as one of the most powerful efforts at human manipulation ever undertaken.” And he credits the Chinese Communists with bringing to this method “a more organized, comprehensive and deliberate — a more total — character, as well as a unique blend of energetic and ingenious psychological techniques.” Thanks to modern day technology, these now have been enhanced one hundredfold. Pope Pius XII condemned these methods in his constitution Ad apostolorum principis, paras. 15-17:

“In order to spread these wicked principles more efficiently and to fix them in everyone’s mind, this association – which, as We have said, boasts of its patriotism – uses a variety of means including violence and oppression, numerous lengthy publications, and group meetings and congresses. In these meetings, the unwilling are forced to take part by incitement, threats, and deceit. If any bold spirit strives to defend truth, his voice is easily smothered and overcome, and he is branded with a mark of infamy as an enemy of his native land and of the new society. There should also be noted those courses of instruction by which pupils are forced to imbibe and embrace this false doctrine. Priests, religious men and women, ecclesiastical students, and faithful of all ages are forced to attend these courses. An almost endless series of lectures and discussions, lasting for weeks and months, so weaken and benumb the strength of mind and will that BY A KIND OF PSYCHIC COERCION an assent is extracted which contains almost no human element, an assent which is not freely asked for as should be the case.

Lifton’s book is too complicated and lengthy to delve into in any detail here but suffice it to say they appealed to the young people, to the criminal and the simple peasant element, and to disenchanted intellectuals and government employees to accomplish their goals. It is clear the brainwashing in this country was done in liberal universities across the nation, and the world for that matter, and the foundation was laid for Cancel Culture long ago. Most of it became more apparent after the death of Pope Pius XII, but it had been a work in progress for decades. And in retrospect, some of the propaganda used by the Communist Chinese had just enough truth to make it appear later that no brainwashing had been used at all! This is revealed in the following excerpt from Lifton’s book, quoted from the writings of a Belgian Catholic bishop, Hans Barker, who lived in China as a missionary for 40 years.

“You cannot escape the fact that your society and your mission ought to be regarded as spy centers, sending out reports to both headquarters, and that Rome becomes the world center from where imperialist governments draw their perverting information… as proof that you now condemn this process, you must at once give full information about the spy activities of your society, of your mission, as of Rome.” Bishop Barker later remarks that the Chinese “lie so truly.” But how sad is it that this very comment, based on information presented in The Phantom Church in Rome, can actually be proven to be true, a spy operation set up with the help of the British OSS during World War II by none other than Giovanni Montini, Paul 6? Now what? Will this be used by those now indoctrinating the public and viciously slandering the Church as proof the Chinese were right all along? Is it any wonder that this country is so friendly with the Chinese, considering they are using and have been using all along their own indoctrination techniques?!

All that we see today was mirrored in the events that occurred in the 1960s, when it first became apparent the Church was no longer the same institution She had been for nearly 2,000 years. The Vietnam war, peaceniks, anti-patriotic activities, campus riots, cults, assassinations, drug and alcohol abuse, abortion, pornography, family breakdown, a surge in serial murders — as the Church goes, so goes the world. But today’s society cannot admit it. They cannot believe that what the Catholic Church gave to the world was far superior to anything we have in way of government and civilization today. Were there abuses? Of course there were abuses, just as there are now, but the standard to judge who would pay and to what extent was based on moral and doctrinal principles, not some wacked out critical race theory that is nothing more than glorified Nazism. We are the white supremacists? Really? This is the biggest historic lie since time began, and anyone who has access to the Internet and real history sources is guilty of allowing such lies to be propagated by remaining willfully ignorant. Or is the real explanation for this that they are truly brainwashed? You be the judge.

As a teenager, I was privileged to have a father who did the research and knew what Nazism was and why it came to power. I was introduced to such books as The Nightmare Years and Berlin Diary, by William Shirer, among other works. In junior high school I was fortunate enough to be educated formally on the dangers of Communism and Socialism, which took up an entire two semesters. To say that the similarities today are frightening would be an understatement. I later expanded on what I had learned and discovered some connections that for Catholics should be very telling.

Luther and Hitler

According to the Episcopalian scholar Peter F. Wiener, writing in the 1940s at the beginning of World War II, a pamphlet was issued by the German government worthy of Hitler himself. It only proves the following, as stated in a site article written 15 years ago: Hitler merely reaped the bountiful harvest sown by Martin Luther. This pamphlet warned the world what they could expect from Germany. The Allies were told that WWI was “Luther’s idea come true.” They heard that “Christianity [the Lutheran variety] is the religion of war, and that Germans preach a “German, a national God.” One Lutheran preacher declared: “I am proud to preach the religion of might and what our enemies call barbarism.” Despite these hateful boasts, WWI ended in defeat for Germany. As Wiener explains, the German government pretended for a time to incline to Internationalism, simply as a ruse to allow them to recover sufficiently before making yet another pass at the world. When Hitler came to power in the late 1920s, the Lutheran pamphleteers wholeheartedly supported him. After years of attending international congresses to promote world peace, the Germans could now drop the mask and be themselves. Internationalism, “the sweet- sentimental and sentimental-weak Christianity” of their opponents dissolved overnight, and the Third Reich was born.

It was Luther, not the Catholic Church, that stirred up hatred of the Jews in Germany. He wrote, as quoted by Wiener: “The Jews are malignant snakes and imps…It is our own fault that we have not avenged the sacred blood of Our Saviour and the innocent blood of countless Christians and children, it is our own fault that we have not annihilated the Jews but placidly let them stay where they are despite all their murders…” And so the diatribe goes. Griener says his worst utterances are too filthy to be repeated. Luther also published his own anti-Jew code centuries before Hitler would come to power. In it the Reformer suggested that Jewish synagogues and all their prayerbooks and literature be burned; that their houses be burned as well; that they be deprived of all their belongings and be barred from moving freely about the country; that they all be herded under one roof and that their rabbis be forbidden to teach and finally that all Jewish children be put to hard labor or driven out of the country.

Historians called Luther’s anti-Jewish hatemongering “mad fanaticism,” calculated to “provoke the people to an unchristian persecution of their Jewish neighbors…Official reports go to prove that the cruel persecution of the Jews was no mere paper measure.” Dr. Lewin wrote that all future “anti-Semitic decrees had their origin in Luther.” Griener comments that Martin Luther died plotting a wholesale and violent attack against the Jews which the German princes failed to carry out. The full harvest of his hatred would be gathered by yet another antichrist at a later time. But it would be the Catholic Church, and specifically Pope Pius XII — not the Lutherans —that would be accused of encouraging anti-Semitism.

As von Kirchman remarked, “Luther…is not the reformer, but the devastator of faith and Church.” Lutheranism from WWI on became synonymous with Nazism. Hitler’s satanic treatment of Jews, Catholics, and those mentally and physically defective is well-documented fact. It is exceeded in its monstrosity only by Stalin’s murder of Christians and Catholics in Russia. Hitler was, mentally and politically, Luther reincarnated. His fits of rage, egomania, paranoia, immorality, and delusions of grandeur, so similar to Luther’s own, are well documented. Mein Kampf is testimony to his political and spiritual beliefs. In the end it was Hitler who carried out Luther’s last project: the incarceration and extermination of the Jews. Had circumstances allowed, he would have destroyed the Vatican and as many Catholics as possible. This last task, however, is most likely reserved for the Stormfuehrers of the Fourth Reich, now waiting in the wings for the signal to be thrown and the New Order to begin.

It is important to understand that Hitler’s Germany began as a democracy under the Republic of Weimar. It was set up under American auspices following WWI, just as Lenin came into power as a result of Kerensky’s Menshevik democracy, financed with American money. Internationalism will struggle to the death with National Socialism for world control. In the meantime, the Internationalists are content to allow Germany and her American and South American sympathizers free reign to do their worst, to clear the way for the New World Order. To give Americans some indication of where they are headed Wiener states: “Christianity and a conservative political power became identified with each other, as well as piety, love of power, purity of doctrine, and the glorification of war and the aristocratic standpoint.” In many respects, the same could be said of America today with her stance of manifest destiny, her democratic mission to all nations, the glorification of civil and military service to the exclusion of all else, and the fat cat attitudes of the Mayflower families still in power.

Wiener sums up his work by condemning the Lutheran-German idea of religion and political superiority; the anti-intellectualism and willful stupidity which deliberately encouraged the creation of an unquestioning and obedient warrior nation. He quotes a leading French cleric, Fr. Pasquier, who admits, “Too many German Catholics have proved (during the war) that they are marked Lutherans.” Too many indeed, and they are still with us.

Education as a preparatory tool

John Taylor Gatto on his The Underground History of American Education informs us that it was Luther and the philosopher Fichte who first insisted on compulsory public education. “Prior to Fichte…any number of compulsion school proclamations had rolled off the printing presses here and there, including Martin Luther’s plan to tie church and state together this way… [The] address to the German nation [in 1806] by the philosopher Fichte [was] one of the influential documents of modern history leading directly to the first workable compulsion schools in the West…Fichte told Prussia…children would have to be disciplined through a new form of universal conditioning. They could no longer be trusted to their parents. Look what Napoleon had done by banishing sentiment in the interests of nationalism. Through forced schooling everyone would learn that ‘work makes free,’ and working for the State, even laying down one’s life to its commands, was the greatest freedom of all…The Prussian mind had a clear idea of what centralized schooling should deliver: 1) Obedient soldiers to the army; 2) Obedient workers for mines, factories and farms; 3) Well-subordinated civil servants, trained in their functions; 4) Well-subordinated clerks for industry; 5) Citizens who thought alike on most issues: 6) National uniformity in thought, word and deed…While German state management was rigid and regulated with its common citizens [and enlisted men], it was liberal and adventuresome with its elites. After WWII, and particularly after Vietnam, American elite military practice began to follow this German model.”

Gatto explains that Luther, Calvin, Hobbes and Rosseau, among others, believed that “without compulsory universal schooling, the idiosyncratic family would never surrender its central hold on society. Family had to be discouraged from its function as a sentimental haven, pressed into the service of loftier ideals — those of the perfected State.” The politician Horace Mann taught that families were addicting their children to artificial wants, created by the advent of the Industrial Revolution and its ensuing materialism. The observation was correct; the solution was disastrous. Here we see further examples of Luther’s contradictions. Sentimentality was to be preserved for religious devotion only, yet it was to be cut off from the Germans’ function as citizens. The State could not afford it as a guiding principle any more than the Church could afford it; but then one must understand that in nationalism, the State, not the Church, rules in God’s place.

Luther and democracy

We also see Luther’s firm distinction between the ruling class and the common people. Only officers in the German army were given special training; the enlisted ranks had only to obey. Clearly Luther and King Henry VIII first advocated the separation of Church and State. It is easy to understand why they wished to retain sentimentalism in religion. Without the fuel of fiery speeches and exhortations from the pulpits, Lutheran and other German preachers could not appeal to the passions and baser instincts of their congregations, enforcing obedience to rulers and stoking the fires of military fervor. In this way these preachers rendered their assigned service to the Faderland. In like manner Traditionalist ministers have preached John Birch, conservatism in general and even British Israel from their own pulpits and publications, and Novus Ordo ministers also have preached decidedly liberal political themes.

Bitter rule by fear and intimidation resulted in the reactive herd instinct and blind obedience on the part of subjects. “That no revolution ever successfully played out in Germany” proves the atmosphere of resignation, unthinking acceptance and unflinching obedience,” (Wiener). America has been formed in the German mold now for many generations, both spiritually and politically. The revolt of the South against those supported by the federal government in the North ended in destruction of the Southern way of life and liberation of the African Americans indentured to the Southerners, another example of cancel culture, even though the popes had condemned slavery centuries before Lincoln came on the scene. It was the Republican party that built itself on the freedmen of the South despite the protests of plantation owners and native Southerners. Reconstruction eventually waned, and freedmen never realized their promise of “40 acres and a mule.” No real plan to ease those freed from slavery ever evolved to help them integrate into society on a level footing with their white counterparts. But as we have learned, democracy doesn’t operate on the principles of Christian charity.

St. Thomas Aquinas, after naming off several different political systems, including democracy, noted that none of these systems save a right-ordered monarchy “takes thought for the common good.” He said of democracy: “The perversion…of democracy, (meaning power of the people or rather the vulgar mass) is the perversion of that polity [constitution] in which the many dominate, but on the basis of at least one virtue, viz., military bravery.” And this is the very perversion that those favoring fascism would seek to bring about. It is interesting to note that Nietzsche believed democracy to favor “the nurturing of a human type prepared for slavery in the most subtle sense of the term.” As Lord Acton stated, “Socialism is the infirmity that attends mature democracies,” and as democracies go, America is mature. This maturity and the relative instability of democracies throughout history explain why this country is ripe for the adoption of National Socialism.

“The teachings of Luther [on subservience to the State] had two very natural results. In the first place, the people were taught that they had no right to rebel or protest against even the most unjust ruler…The other result is that Luther strengthened to the highest degree the power of the princes,” (Wiener). St. Thomas distinguishes between the manner in which the authority is acquired and the use made of this authority. All authority, good or bad, ultimately is from God. The abuse of this authority, when it commands sin or even when it is merely violating the end in view for which the authority is instituted excuses from obedience. “Should therefore the authority command an act of sin contrary to virtue, we not only are not obliged to obey, but we are also obliged not to obey, according to the examples of the holy martyrs who preferred death to obeying these ungodly tyrants.” No one can command us to sin. Nor does the Church teach that an abuse of power be tolerated without complaint because of the harm done to the common good. Because the discussion of disobeying authority when there is a perceived abuse of power is a very convoluted and thorny one, however, it will not be discussed in detail here.

Wiener notes that Luther glorified war, even if it was unjust. War must be fought, according to Luther, “even if it should be mistaken and sinful,” something which in this country has been done in practice, if not intentionally. St. Thomas teaches that a just war requires three conditions be met: 1) That it be called by legitimate authority; 2) That those who are to be attacked deserve it on account of some fault or misdeed; 3) And that those waging war have the right intentions — that good be advanced, evil be avoided. St. Thomas quotes St. Augustine as teaching that war cannot be waged for revenge, hope of spoils, world conquest, material advantage and so forth. These motives are “rightly condemned in war.” In other words, if Catholic soldiers resisted being drafted for a war that is judged unjust by St. Thomas’ standards, they would have sufficient probability to support their refusal to be drafted based on Catholic teaching. Catholics have not only a right, but an obligation to refuse to cooperate in sin, and an unjust war involves grave sin.

Luther urged the princes into censorship of those not in sync with his Augsburg Confessions. And presidents practice censorship in withholding from Americans information affecting their welfare and the right to make informed decisions concerning the selection of their leaders. The Bay of Pigs invasion, Watergate, the Contra affair, Clinton’s Monica caper, Bush’s secret wiretaps, Bengazi, the Russia hoax, FISA warrants, Hunter Biden’s current woes and all manner of other secret dealings all serve to illustrate the clandestine mindset of the federal government. Few Americans believe the media delivers the truth and nothing but. Most understand that journalism is held hostage by gag orders, legal or otherwise, issuing from advertisers, law enforcement, political figures, government entities and secret societies. Sins of omission in reporting and slanting the news have done as much damage as misreporting, if not more. This devious form of censorship is rarely recognized for what it truly is.

Then of course there is censorship in the religious sphere. Traditionalists love to threaten lawsuits if one dares reveal the truth about something or someone dear to them. In another essay, we have detailed the methods used by Traditionalists to destroy their opponents, methods Luther would proudly have claimed for his own. It has been reported many times that those visiting this site have been warned they will be “excommunicated” or otherwise ostracized for reading these articles and questioning their Traditionalist “keepers.” It has previously been explained on this blog how some Traditionalist operations themselves are a front for neo-Nazi activities and in actuality have more to do with political than religious beliefs, using religion as a ruse to distract those who question their orientation. Timewise it is midnight in America, and Traditionalists and Americans in general have some very grave decisions to make. The one withholding factor that kept the entire world from descending into barbarism and atheism effectively has been removed from sight. Unless it is recognized as soon as possible by those professing the true faith; unless those entrapped in false belief flee to the mountains — to that eternal city, the Church, ever standing on the mountaintop — no flesh will be saved.

It is appropriate to remind Catholics of what could possibly halt this madness, as noted in a previous blog.

“If Christians today would bring the mentality of overcomers to bear upon contemporary realities in the service of truth, and above all that of the Gospel, the world would once more be compelled to bow to their testimony. It is when witnesses, apparently dead come back to life that men give glory to God. May our witness thus be revived; may it become strong again so that the new spirit of the Gospel may enter into our spirits and our lives! Then shall we again stand upright on our feet and the enemies of Christ will once more be reduced to silence,” (The Apocalypse Explained, H.M. Feret, 1958).










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