+Sts. Nicander and Marcian+

It is a misunderstanding of the term “black mass” that has prevented Catholics from seeing the Novus Ordo (and Traditionalist operations) in their true light. Criminologist Henry Rhodes described a true black mass, attributed to the Cathars, as one in which “men said one thing and meant another…It was possible for a priest to introduce prayers and ceremonies into an orthodox rite without any of the congregation except the satanically initiated being aware that anything unusual was taking place.” Other occult authorities agree with Rhodes, noting that a mass said by a priest with a contrary or perverse intention also can be called a black mass. In his “History of Witchcraft,” Montague Summers defined a black mass as a “blasphemous mass in which the words of consecration are omitted.” While a substitution is not the same as an omission, it is still a fact that in substituting new words, the old formula is omitted. “The abomination of the black mass is performed by some apostate or renegade priest…shamefully prominent among the congregation of witches… (These) witches are as profoundly convinced of the doctrine of Transubstantiation, the totality, permanence and adorableness of the Eucharistic Christ (and) sacrificing priesthood as the most orthodox Catholic. Unless this were the case, their result would be empty…” True perhaps until the abomination could be set up on once-Catholic altars, for then the need of pretense and secrecy would cease.

One of the best modern examples of this phenomena can be found in the Liberal Catholic liturgy celebrated by heretical Old Catholic priests, with a Gnostic emphasis on certain vowel sounds and the use of magnetized water in sacramental rites. Are not magnetized particles what is said to be in the COVID vaccines, and in our food supply and other consumer goods? Is this not black magic, the art of the would-be antichrist Simon Magus, at the very height of its development?! These New Age guru-priests very often have become the consecrators for Traditional priests and other candidates for the priesthood, on the pretext of conveying valid orders. In “Are Liberal Catholic Orders Valid,” (Homiletic and Pastoral Review, March 1958) Dr. Leslie Rumble, of Radio Replies fame, wrote: “A Catholic who lapses from the Church and receives orders from a schismatical bishop can be received back into the Church only on the understanding that such ordination, even if valid, will be completely disregarded.”

This statement needs to be burned into the brains of every reader, for several reasons. 1) Rumble is speaking here of ANY person lapsing from the Catholic faith, not just Liberal Catholic church members. 2) He makes it clear that by seeking orders from any schismatic bishop, (one not in communion with a canonically elected Roman Pontiff), one lapses from the Catholic faith. 3) Such orders will never be accepted by the Church, even if the one erring seeks reconciliation with Rome. They are to be completely disregarded, EVEN IF VALID! This by virtue of a Nov. 18, 1931 decree of the Holy Office, stating that such orders are null and void. And Catholics are ignoring this?! Dr. Rumble warned in his article that the Liberal Catholics were so thoroughly alarmed by this ruling they circulated a forgery of a Holy Office document which declared their orders to be valid. Rumble consulted the Holy Office in the 1950s, which confirmed no such decision had ever been handed down. At a later date, a Liberal Catholic historian wrote Rumble stating the original claim was based on a forgery, later attributed to a former Liberal Catholic priest in Belgium.

This shows the lengths the Gnostic church was prepared to go to in order to protect their future line of pretender priests who later deliberately infiltrated the Catholic clergy. No wonder that today we see public manifestations of satanic liturgies as punishment for such blindness and deceit. Rhodes identified the Cathars as masters of the art of secretly penetrating orthodox groups and subverting from within, a trait also peculiar to the Illuminati. This is the legacy handed down from Judas Iscariot and the Gnostic progenitors of these individuals, who St. Jude, in apostolic times described as “certain men, secretly entered in, denying the only sovereign Ruler and Our Lord Jesus Christ,” (Jude l:4). St. Paul gives the reason why so many are deceived: they do not love the truth. “Therefore, God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying,” (2 Thess. 2: l0). At La Salette Our Lady warned that religious houses would become cesspools of iniquity. She also warned that priests THEN (mid-1800s!) were no longer worthy to offer the Holy Sacrifice, and that Satan would be loosed to seduce mankind. And one of the oldest and most effective ways of blotting out the Mass was to offer it sacrilegiously with a contrary intention.

That such masses were still valid if reduced in fruitfulness until Pope Pius XII’s death in 1958 is explained by the 1911 Catholic Encyclopedia as follows: “When, however, as De Lugo rightly points out, an excommunicated or suspended priest (not one excommunicated however for heresy whose Mass would be invalid – Ed.) celebrates in defiance of the prohibition of the Church, this ecclesiastical merit is always lost, since such a priest no longer acts in the name and with the commission of the Church. His sacrifice is nevertheless valid, since, by virtue of his priestly ordination, (and this must be unquestionably valid, which is not true regarding Traditional ordinations and consecrations — Ed.), he celebrates in the name of Christ, even though in opposition to His wishes, and, as the self-sacrifice of Christ, even such a Mass remains essentially a spotless and untarnished sacrifice before God. We are thus compelled to concur in another view of De Lugo, namely that the greatness and extent of this ecclesiastical service is dependent on the greater or less holiness of the reigning pope, the bishops, and the clergy throughout the World, and that for this reason in times of ecclesiastical decay and laxity of morals (especially at the papal court and among the episcopate) the fruits of the Mass, resulting from the sacrificial activity of the Church, might under certain circumstances easily be very small.” So these Masses dating from at least the time of La Salette had very small fruits indeed, given the faithlessness exhibited by “Catholic” cardinals in “electing John 23 and the apostate bishops presiding at the false Vatican 2 council.

In his Satanism and Witchcraft, the avowed Satanist Jules Michelet wrote: “The original framework of the Black Mass was elastic and could find room for a thousand variations of detail…Fraternity of man with man, defiance of the Christians’ heaven, worship of nature’s God under unnatural and perverted forms – such [is] the inner significance of the Black Mass.” Michelet explained that this abominable anti-sacrifice arose in medieval times as an offering to the “Proscribed of ancient days, the great creator of the earth, the Master that makes the plants germinate from the soil,” to deliver the serfs from their slavery. Michelet cited as “not improbable” that not only Luciferians but also the “Knights of the Temple” joined in the fomentation of these masses. Included in the “intention” in a Black Mass is the “redemption of Eve from the curse Christianity has laid upon her, [for] she is priest, altar and consecrated host.” The abominable “meal” celebrated at these infernal services was “a confareatio, the sharing of bread which has absorbed magic virtue.” Medieval monks taught that child killing and abortion was the entry point for the practice of Satanism by common folk, leaving the blasphemies and insults against God and actual dissemination of error to the ruling magicians. In one paragraph, then, can be linked all the errors of the Novus Ordo and the modern world with worship of the Evil One.

This bread “with magic virtue” was not something new to the medieval ages, for it was known even in Old Testament times. Surprisingly, it is in Scripture that we find the strongest condemnations of “bread idols” and the rites that produce them. In “The Divine Armory,” an extensive cross-reference of Scripture quotations compiled by Rev. Kenelm Vaughan, we find the following under the heading, “Names and Types of the False Christs: “bread idols, the bread of deceit, the bread of lying, bread of wickedness, wheat bringing forth thorns, profitless wheat, the two iniquities [bread and wine], unacceptable holocaust, a sin graven on the horns of the altar, wicked gifts,” and so forth, all with a corresponding Scripture verse. Vaughan even includes as a type of false Christ, (and an unconsecrated host believed to have been consecrated IS a false Christ) the name of Daniel’s unknown God, Maozim, one of 99 official names of Allah in Islam. Here also is listed as connected to this topic the sin of desolation and the abomination of desolation, both mentioned in Daniel. One of the most striking quotes Vaughan cites is the following, taken from Ezech. 13:19: “They violated Me among my people for a piece of bread, telling lies to My people that believe lies,” and this could apply to Protestants, Novus Ordo believers and Traditionalists alike. Preceding the section on bread idols is a lengthy treatment of the faithless Israelites led astray by the pastors “who have destroyed My vineyard” and “profaned My sanctuary upon earth,” (Jer. 12:10; Ps. 88:40).

And another purveyor of these sacrilegious events listed two other forms of the black mass. In his The Golden Bough, Sir James Frazer described a certain “Mass of the Holy Spirit…” which was celebrated “with certain special rites.” It was believed by superstitious French peasants to have a great efficacy in obtaining the impossible. He also detailed the repulsive, undoubtedly Satanic “Mass of St. Secaire,” which is resorted to by those seeking revenge on others. “None but wicked priests dare perform the gruesome ceremony,” Frazer stated. The ceremony can be celebrated “only in a ruined or deserted church.” The priest says the mass backwards, consecrates a black, triangular host and commits other depraved acts to effect the death of the one named in the mass. These are the abominations that prefigured the institution of the open-ended Novus Ordo Missae.

Paul 6 (Giovanni Montini, who fulfills all the biblical prophecies regarding Antichrist) relied on the elasticity of ceremonial mentioned by Michelet. He knew that establishing the Novus Ordo mass would not cover all bases. The new ecumenical church was very well aware of the resistance movement among Catholics that championed the Tridentine and held to pre-Vatican II faith. To think that arrangements had not been made in advance for the perversion even of those celebrating the old rite would be failing to give the Devil his due. The demonic genius of the Novus Ordo Missae lies in its ability to be read in a Catholic, Protestant or even Satanic sense, all at the same time. Yet as stated above, a Black Mass can exist even when offered in Latin and appearing impeccably orthodox. This is how so many are deceived.

Because Catholics failed to exert the necessary effort to sort out truth from lies and truly study their faith to determine the manner of action to be taken, the fight for the Church was lost. And Catholics themselves were lost in the wasteland of unbelief, unaware that in order to retain membership in the Church, a Catholic must believe ALL the truths of faith, in the same sense the Church has always taught them, (DZ 1797, l800). In focusing on the exterior practice of religion only, they lost sight of the fact that there can be no guarantee of faith without the exercise of those powers Christ entrusted only to St. Peter and his successors. Because they did not understand, or were led astray by false shepherds, error triumphed.

And “Traditional priests and bishops” are no better than the Novus Ordo variety, for these priests and bishops cannot claim in anyway to be part of the line of direct apostolic ascent from the hierarchy established by Christ. This is demonstrated above in the Holy Office decision on schismatic orders. Traditionalists were established as a part of the Gnostic church before Vatican II was ever called and their object from the start was deception and enrichment through the donations of those calling themselves Catholics. The clean-up crew was already in position to scoop up Catholics protesting the Vatican II changes and re-channel them into less harmful cells that could be easily managed and continually expanded according to the needs of the infiltrators and the frame of mind among the people at any given time. In the wake of this controlled opposition, made possible by Catholics who failed to educate themselves, trailed every other evil imaginable. And those who cooperate with them in their evil in any way are as guilty as they are.

Public opinion won their toleration, and that opinion was long in forming. The Gallicanists, the German Nationalists, the Priory/K of M, the Liberal Catholics and Old Catholics, the Gnostics and the Illuminati among the world governments worked for centuries to bring about the downfall of the Church. They even remained at the scene of the crime to absorb whatever might be left of the true Church following Vatican II and neutralize any genuine Catholics displaying tendencies to restore the Church. And this was by design. Montini spent years learning at the feet of Felix Morlion, champion of religious liberty, the best way to successfully manipulate events and form public opinion. And having created those events in large part himself, he knew in advance what methods would be used.

It is the Old Testament story of the priests of Bel all over again. In Daniel’s time, Bel had all the appearances of a living god. The pagans, including King Nebuchodonosor, worshipped him unquestioningly. Daniel spoiled the game by telling the king that Bel was not a living god and he could prove it. He exposed the imposture of the priests who pretended to feed the god, and then secretly entered at night with their families (the “aristocracy”) to eat all that had been fed to him during the day, making it appear as though the god himself had consumed it. Montini fed the beast for decades, and one of those beasts, sadly, was Traditionalism. His successors in iniquity have continued in this role and have seduced many. All about the seat of the beast can be seen the telltale footprints of the faithless priests, who fleece their devotees and offer stones for bread. Novus Ordo and traditional masses alike are the food of Bel, offerings to the demons. And unless Christ’s Mystical Body refrains from eating this bread of damnation, they will meet with the fate of Bel’s priests and followers, who were cast into the den of lions intended for Daniel and were devoured.

And so we end where we began. “What is it that hath been? the same thing that shall be. What is it that hath been done? the same that shall be done. Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us. There is no remembrance of former things: nor indeed of those things which hereafter are to come, shall there be any remembrance with them that shall be in the latter end” (Ecclesiastes I: 9-11). And here we are…


The fact that those participating in “masses” offered by ministers not in communion with a canonically elected pope are actually worshipping demons might have seemed a stretch until the events of these past few years. Now Satanism is out in the open and all can see the extent of Satanic influence, built in part on the false sacrifices offered to these idols by those calling themselves Catholic. Those unable to understand the enormity of such a crime have been so desensitized to any idea of the truly sacred nature of Mass and Sacraments — indeed of Our Lord and His Holy Sacrifice itself — that they are incapable of appreciating the inexpressable horror it represents. This began long ago when the shortage of priests caused many Catholics to confuse the minister of the Sacraments with their actual source — Christ Himself. The near worship of these “precious priests,” perceived to be the only ones who could actuate the graces needed to reach Heaven, is the root cause of many a Traditionalist affiliation. Do these people not know that Christ will never leave us orphans? That Our Lady is the Mediatrix of all graces? That the faithful Israelites who lived before Christ’s coming and never knew the Sacraments also made it to Heaven without them?!

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but there can be no fear hence no wisdom is ever possible when His laws have been trampled underfoot and the teachings of His Vicars ignored and perverted.  God must be placed first in the lives of those wishing to be Catholic. Unless His laws and the teachings of His Church are obeyed, whatever is worshipped on altars where men who have no mission to serve Him officiate — be they Protestant, Novus Ordo or Traditionalist — is offered to demons, however offensive that may seem. As the Prophet Elias once cried, “How long do you halt between two sides? If the Lord be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him.” (Kings I: 21).


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