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Dear Readers,

The final week of the Fatima apparitions is upon us, beginning with the feast of the Holy Rosary on Saturday. It concludes this Friday Oct. 13, and in this same time period we mark the 59th anniversary of the death of Pope Pius XII Oct. 9, the Maternity of the Blessed Mother Oct. 11 and the feast of St. Edward the Confessor Oct. 13. The constellation witnessed Sept. 23-25 has passed without event, although it was definitely an unusual and unprecedented “sign in the heavens,” which seems to correspond to Apoc. 12:1. As noted prior to these dates on this blog, the heavenly configuration was most likely a warning from Our Lady of what is to come.

On Jan. 25-26, 1938, another such warning was seen in the sky. This was the sign predicted on July 13, 1917 by Our Lady that God would give to the world, signaling the beginning of yet another war. In referring to the light, Sr. Lucia dos Santos called it a “great sign,” and “unknown light” which would appear in the sky “during the reign of Pope Pius XI,” as Our Lady had predicted. Our Lady also said it would be: “… the sign God gives you that He is about to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, hunger, persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.” And while Pope Pius XII has been much maligned as the pope who not only allowed Vatican II to happen but actually paved the way for the false council, he indeed was a pope persecuted in ways that those calling themselves Catholics today do not even understand.

“As Our Lady’s prophesied ‘unknown light’ illuminated the evening skies of Europe and North America, the top Communist, Freemason, and Rothschild agent Christian Rakovsky was giving Stalin’s chief interrogator the strategy to approach Hitler with the idea of the Hitler-Stalin pact. This was the idea which led directly to World War II … The ‘unknown light’ shown in the Western Europe evening sky throughout the entire first half hour of the Rakovsky interview at which point it faded. But the same unknown light shown in the evening skies of North America almost till the end of the interview,” (http://realnews247.com/rakovsky_interrogation.htm). And so Our Lady pinpointed not only the time of the actual pact that precipitated the war, but placed it unmistakably in a time frame that will soon be known to be the beginning of the end of the juridic Church. Please see also the new guest post under recent articles by Lauri Brown that further demonstrates Fatima’s message is in perfect agreement with the liturgy of the Church.

Though many seem not to have made the connection, the very same tactics used by the secret societies to destroy the Church are in play today to destroy this country. It began in earnest with the election of Barack Obama, whose citizenship was (and still is) contested just as Roncalli’s Church membership was later contested. Many things were done secretly by Obama that are just now coming to light, as with the usurpers. This was the general undermining preceding the final blows. Today we see the destruction of this country’s culture by the ultra-leftists, bent on ramming Socialism and Communism down the throats of Americans. Christian manger scenes forbidden, 10 Commandment monuments removed, business owners forced to violate their consciences to satisfy public sinners, war monuments destroyed that represent the history of this nation, the dishonoring of Christopher Columbus — the list goes on and on.

Probably the most striking likeness to the destruction of the Church’s devotions, Her Mass and Her Sacraments was evidenced last month when a fourth-grade teacher in Mesa, Arizona substituted the word “humans” for the word “men” in the Declaration of Independence, instructing students to recite the “gender-neutral” version during class-time. One congressman strongly objected to the substitution, declaring the “sacred words” of the Declaration are immutable and incapable of change. But who was publicly protesting when the Canon of the Mass was being falsified — Christ’s own words?  If Christ Himself can be knocked into the gutter, nothing will stop America’s enemies from discarding the words of mere men. Having destroyed the Church, what hope does this country have of saving itself? Unbeknownst to all but a few, the role America has played in that destruction defies belief, and unfortunately she will pay the price for it. Only the Immaculate Conception, her appointed patroness, can save her now.

As the Church goes, so goes the world, so that is the bell that tolls for America. Freedom may be the torch the lady in the harbor holds, but no one is ever free to sin; and that is precisely what these freedoms have come to mean in this country. Men freely created her Declaration of Independence and Constitution as a grand Masonic experiment and can just as freely dismantle it. The Declaration of Independence even says as much. Christ Himself gives us the answer:  “If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you: if they have kept my word, they will keep yours also,” (John 15:20).

Fatima’s predictions will be realized in God’s own good time, regardless of anniversaries or signs in the sky. We continue to watch, sickened by what we see, but knowing that God is with us “even to the consummation.”

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