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On arriving at this expanded version of BetrayedCatholics, you’re probably wondering why, when you’ve been reading this site for so many years, you are now asked for a donation to access what is presented here. But appearances can be deceiving. Actually the original site, still free to everyone, has been entirely reworked at the suggestion of readers to make it as easily navigable as possible and best assist all those seeking the truth in their quest. Also the new Catacomb Catholics site, devoted exclusively to those considering and researching this position, is free and open to all.
Many have pointed out that the lengthier, more in-depth articles posted to the main site were too difficult to process. In re-evaluating the articles, it was possible to correct this problem by redirecting the focus of the site to more basic truths of faith. This allows the greater majority of the initial articles to be placed in a different category for those engaged in advanced study, featuring the core study topics on the main site. In this way the true historic and background nature of these articles can be better demonstrated and appreciated.
But the Library and Archives will feature much more than just these articles. It will not just consist of what once appeared on the main site — it will become much more. And believe me, for a monthly donation of only $4.98, you will be getting your money’s worth! Plenty of membership sites ask for more than triple that price and have nothing close to the content and research found here. And that is only the beginning.
The Library eventually will be filled with hundreds of free Catholic book downloads pre-1959. E-books also will be available. We hope to begin filming and posting videos. A photo gallery will be provided. A discussion blog will be added eventually. And a product line of Catholic items not available elsewhere is in the works. There also are many other extras planned as the site completes its gradual expansion.
We have a lot of great ideas and that all translates to value for you. After all, isn’t $5 a month chump change for most people? Even for Catholic families on a budget, $5 to become better informed about the most precious gift we will ever possess — our Catholic faith — would be well worth collecting pennies in a jar each month. This website has been run free of any charge since 2003— and the main site and Catacomb Catholics remain free content. So help us to continue to provide these services, if you truly believe in what we are doing, and we will give back to you one hundred fold.
For starters, just for joining today, don’t forget to download your free your free e-book, “When There is No Priest…” after finishing your membership sign-up.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your interest in the site and for your criticisms, corrections, suggestions and support over the years. Without that, it would make this work much more difficult than it already is. But having said that, I can truly say it is a labor of love I hope to continue for as long as God allows.
For it doesn’t matter how difficult a task may be when the ultimate goal is doing all we can do to please God. Nothing will ever be enough or be good enough for Him, and I pray that what is available here is pleasing to Him in every way. Thank you again, and may God shower you all with the graces you need most.Signature


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