Binding Power of Papacy Voids Traditionalist Acts

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  1. Irene Keast

    “The Church, therefore, cannot exist without Peter,” Revs. Devivier and Sasia. Reading this quote on page 4 in “The Binding Power of Papacy Voids Traditionalists Acts”, brought home to me again the reason why Trad “clerics” cannot claim supplied jurisdiction. If I am understanding the article correctly, without a Pope, there is no Church in ACTION today. The Church has been suspended in this long interregnum just as the Sacrifice has been suspended or taken away. (Please read the book of Daniel.) So it is unbelievable that the Trad-self-appointed “pastors” dare to say that the Church supplies and gives them the ability to do whatever they feel the need to do. They boldly disregard the infallible writing of Pope Pius XII in VAS (see Teresa’s article) which says the opposite. Do you think these false “priests” seriously believe the heretics Roncalli through Bergoglio to be legitimate popes? They must know that Jesus promised Peter’s faith would never fail. And they must know where we are in history right now. But they don’t want to reveal this very important fact to their “flocks”. (Please read this article, “Binding Power of Papacy…” for explanation of this promise of Christ.) The false “priests” just CANNOT tell their people about this because then the people might start finding out the whole truth and leave them, as they should!
    That the false “clerics” ignore “Cum ex Apostolatus Officio” by Pope Paul IV and they tell their “flocks” to ignore it, is such treachery. What consolation to read on p. 30 of “Binding Power…” in regard to departing from a man only appearing to be pope.
    The false “clerics” tell the poor innocent people that “necessity knows no law” (see “Binding Power…”) and the people repeat this firmly in response to any objections, but when asked, the people are not at all sure about the statement, except that it gives a man, any man, they think, permission to become a priest without being called, and to do just about anything he sees fit for his “flock”. The innocent people parrot this phrase without questioning. I did the same thing when I was in the Trads’ grip, but God gave me the grace to see through the false “priests”, as He will do for ANYONE who really sets out to learn the Truth. I beg anyone caught in the snares of these wolves to not forget Jesus’ warnings in the Bible that I am sure you have read many times. Stand up and fight for Jesus whom you say you love.
    Thanks so much for this article, Teresa. God bless,
    Irene Keast

  2. Javier Morell

    A very enlightening article indeed. It made me fully understand the extent of the confusion that we’re living in these days. I used some of the quotes here to tell a Trad “priest” why he’s wrong and why he’s acting like a hireling whether he wants it or not. His response came as no surprise to me: “Sorry, I have no time for your groundless quotes” (!?) Obviously, he felt he had been unmasked and his only defense was to discredit all I said to him, but he should have known better because it was the teachings of the Popes and of qualified canonists he was trying to dismiss. Every day I thank the Good God that He brought me to this unique site which has helped me escape the snares of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. As Irene Keast says above, it is high time we stood up and fought for Jesus by crying out whenever we see any of these false “clerics” come near our homes.
    Thanks a lot for writing this, Teresa S. Benns. Que Dios la bendiga.


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