K. Recommended Reading List

Books Every Catholic Should Read

Holy Scripture

• Haydock’s Bible commentary

• St. John’s Apocalypse, by Fr. Sylvester Berry

• The Book of Destiny, by Rev. Herman B. Kramer

Faith and Morals

• Sources of Catholic Dogma (Denzinger)

• The Church Teaches

• Catechism of the Council of Trent

• The Catholic Controversy, St. Francis de Sales

• Fr. Thomas Kinkead’s Baltimore Catechisms, 1-3 and Explanation

• A Catechism of Modernism, Rev. J. B. Lemius

• Rev. Dominic Prummer’s Handbook of Moral Theology

• Sins of the Parents, Fr. Hugo Doyle

• Cana Is Forever, Fr. Hugo Doyle

• All of St. Alphonsus Liguori’s books

• Anything by Henry Cardinal Manning

Spiritual Works

• The Heliotropium, Drexelius

• Humility of Heart, Fr. Cajetan Mary de Bergamo

• Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey’s The Spiritual Life

• Science of the Saints, Rev. Meyers, S.J.

• Soul of the Apostolate, Dom Chautard

• The Gift of Self, Fr. John Nicholas Grou

• Abandonment to Divine Providence, Rev. John-Pierre Caussade

• Liberalism is a Sin, Fr. Felix Sarda-Salvany (also sold as What is Liberalism?)

• Spiritual Guidance, Fr. Hugo Doyle

• How to Profit From One’s Faults, Fr. Joseph Tissot

• Sinners Return to God, Fr. Michael Mueller

• The Raccolta


• All of Fr. Denis Fahey’s works

• All of Leon de Poncins works

• Cobbett’s Reformation


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