F. Biography of Dr. Cyril Andrade

Bio-Sketch of Cyril Brendan Andrade

Name: Cyril Brendan Andrade.

Date of Birth: 16 May 1913.

Place of birth:  In Ajmer, a district of Rajasthan in northern India..

Credentials:  Ph.D.; M.B.; M.R.C.P. (London); D.T.M.+H. (England).

Qualification: Courses in: Catholic Philosophy; Catholic Theology; and Catholic Canon Law. All certified by the Archbishop of Calcutta, India Dr. Andrade received his basic education in Ajmer, a district of Rajasthan in northern India. Attended college in Calcutta (Kolkatta). From college he joined the British army as a doctor. In the military he was able to continue in advanced studies.  Served in the British army during World War Two, with the rank of Colonel. Was a middle-weight boxing champion in the British army. Resigned from the military in 1947 when India was granted independence. Was an accomplished operatic singer. Went to England in 1949 to complete his degree in DTM&H and then joined ICI as its first Indian Medical Director. Retired from BW in the early 1970’s. Was deeply involved in Literature and was an expert in Latin. In pre-Vatican II times was an active lay Catholic, both in Calcutta and Bombay. After the New “Mass” was perpetrated on the worldwide Catholic Church, in 1970 Dr. Andrade  published a booklet for circulation among local Catholics titled: Is The New Mass Valid ? Conclusion, based on Church teaching: The New “Mass” is not a valid Mass. In the early post-Vatican II years he tried to enlighten India’s bishops about the rapidly spreading Church crisis by sending hand-written letters to all of them – but to no avail. Between 1970 and 1990, without the aid of a computer, Dr. Andrade minimally circulated 13 papers he himself authored-compiled, along with 3 papers by other authors – all on the subject of the Church crisis

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