B. Request Supporting Documents

Request Supporting Documents

Those reading the articles on this forum may request the verification of quotes found in the various articles. This will be done by scanning and e-mailing or uploading the article, photo or a copy of the pertinent pages from the original document quoted. Those not connected to the Internet will need to make this request through a friend or access a public library computer. Librarians are generally very helpful in this matter.

Most works quoted in these articles can be obtained from local libraries in the U.S. through the inter-library loan program, and if extensive verification of these quotes is required, you will need to order the entire work or arrange for a private viewing. In addition, some of these works may be available as used copies on the Internet.

Indiscriminate distribution of personal copies of private letters can be interpreted as a violation of privacy and copyright laws. For this reason, private letters will not be posted without permission of the author.

Copies of quoted works also can be mailed upon request. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests in a timely manner.

T. Stanfill Benns

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