Without a head there is no Church

Dear Readers,
The link above is a reprinted version of Patrick Henry’s amusing evaluation of the ridiculous claims to authority posited by Traditionalist clergy. We do not endorse this site because it is run by a member of the Novus Ordo, who, however, has exposed some of the corruption in that church. Nevertheless, it is very sad that a member of the Conciliar church would use this to discredit Traditionalists (and rightly so) while holding his own Church as superior to, and even one with the Church that (temporarily) ended with Pius XII. It is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, when both are going into the fire. While the entire article is very instructive as well as funny, and should be taken seriously by those who read it, the most telling and important parts are excerpted here:
“Rev. Anthony Cekada predicted in his article, “Two Bishops in Every Garage,” that the multitude of heads connected to the monster from the many Thuc-line branches would eventually unite to elect their own pope.  But his prediction made 27 years ago has not yet come true.  Many of the Traditionalists have been asking, “Why has such an important election not taken place?” Henry then provides an answer, as though it was being given by one of the Traditionalist bishops.
“ ‘We all know that if the Church ever has another truly elected pope, he will take away our universal ‘jurisdiction’, liberties, and freedoms that we all enjoy so much.  The scary truth of why we are not united in the faith, and why we make little effort to elect a true pope is because the many heads of this non-Catholic monster are not even qualified, capable, or eligible to elect a pope.  The second scary reason we would not elect a pope even if we could, is because he would have to side with the true popes of the Church.  Any real Vicar of Jesus Christ would be like Pope Pius VI, and proclaim and declare all of us heads who make up this scary monster sect to be intruder, non-Catholic priests, bishops, and pontiffs.’ ”
The “Catholic” church Traditionalists pretend to belong to is acephalous, or without a head. It could no more be the true Catholic Church then the Jehovah Witnesses’ Kingdom Hall down the road. And not only do Traditionalists not have a pope, they do not want one either, and in fact will make every possible excuse they can to explain why they do not have one and cannot elect one. Of course they will never admit they are unqualified or incapable of electing one, but they will provide every other possible excuse. If Traditionalists were honest, they would admit that no one man could ever bring to together all the many splinter Trad groups out there – it would need to be a POPE in every garage. But then honesty has never been their strong suit.
Without a canonically elected pope, the visible, juridical Church cannot exist; it is a teaching of faith. Ergo, Traditionalists cannot and do not exist. They have no right to identify themselves as Catholics. And we have every right to demand that they stop representing themselves as the true Catholic Church.
T. Benns
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