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Hey Trads: Are you really content with being Novus Ordo sleepers?

Dear Readers,

While we have known for many years that Traditionalists and their leaders are “asleep” where their faith is concerned, we think they would be outraged if they knew that for all practical purposes they actually have been sleeping with the very enemy they profess to detest the most all these years.

After all, haven’t Traditionalists of various colors spent their entire lives monitoring and soundly denouncing Vatican 2 teaching, the Novus Ordo, its false popes and its activities? Haven’t they dedicated numerous websites and publications to championing the Latin Mass and proving the Novus Ordo Missae is invalid? And haven’t they relentlessly vied with each other over issues such as jurisdiction, qualification of priests to administer the Sacraments, the necessity of the papal mandate, the validity of bishops and Roman antipopes practically forever? Surely not all of this has been posturing; misguided and misinformed though they are, the sentiments behind their writings and their posts are real. Traditionalists may give their clerics the benefit of the doubt where validity and liciety is concerned, but they would never be willing to believe that for decades these men have based their entire theological approach to them on Novus Ordo theology straight from Vatican 2.

Of course some are aware there are varying opinions in their groups that not all of Novus Ordo teaching is necessarily in error, so perhaps they would not be concerned that their leaders’ attitudes toward Church law and its interpretation reflected a certain orientation to Vatican 2 teachings. Or would they?

A new site article under Canon Law, (top): “Vatican 2 Theology: The Basis for Traditionalists’ Stance on Canon Law and Epikeia” explains how the followers of these clerics unwittingly have been creatures of the conciliar church all along. In an article from a 1965 edition of Pastoral and Homiletical Review, all the tenets promoted by Novus Ordo theologians writing for this publication concerning Canon Law and papal teaching, epikeia and even jurisdiction share a common basis in Traditionalists’ teaching on these particular topics, among others. These teachings originated from the mouth of the counterfeit church and bear her stamp of approval. And the entire basis for modern Rome’s contempt for Canon Law is stated as the necessity of implementing the Vatican 2 changes on the liturgy, which the 1917 Code of Canon Law prevented. How strange it is that the very liturgy the Traditionalists claim to despise so much is cited as precisely the reason the Novus Ordo church had no use for Canon Law. So why weren’t Traditionalists champions of the very laws that safeguarded the Mass?

Because it otherwise frustrated their ability to function as clerics and required them to prove they not only possessed jurisdiction, but were worthy of exercising it and capable to do so according to the laws of the Church. This placed them in the same position as the Novus Ordo “theologians” concerning the NOM liturgy, only for different reasons. But as concerns Canon Law, the disrespect, the disregard, the disobedience were all the same. When it came to theology, Traditionalist ministers were Novus Ordo at heart, whether their “flocks” knew it or not. No better evidence exists to prove this than the “material papacy” nonsense held by many Traditionalists today, which essentially contends that all their “jurisdiction” issues from Paul 6! The proponents of this beastly theory now are busy working behind the scenes for their church’s “restoration” or “resurrection”, ranking them right along with the Lefebvrists still attempting to compromise with Rome. And that will happen only if the SSPX agrees to accept “the dogmatic content of the Second Vatican Council,” (July 24 CNA/EWTN press release).

It is time to be either hot or cold, for Christ warned us that the lukewarm He would vomit from His mouth. Let him who reads, then, understand.


T. Benns

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