Holy Thursday, 2014

Dear Readers,

Today we celebrate Holy Thursday, and this evening is the anniversary of Christ’s betrayal by Judas Iscariot, the one-time apostle.

Of course we know that Judas was initially a Jew, as were all the apostles. He betrayed our Lord for monetary gain and political favor, and although he repented of his deed, he couldn’t live with what he had done.

Many Traditionalists today blame the entire Jewish race for the death of Christ and for that reason bear a bitter hatred of the Jews in their hearts. We are very grieved to see this, as it is not what our Lord would wish nor is it what the Roman Pontiffs have taught. Yes; past popes have condemned the Jews for their unjust treatment and perversion of Christians, even on occasion for ritual murder, as witnessed in the annals of the saints. But not in order to return evil for evil, but rather to protect Christians in all justice and charity from the resulting evils of the Jews’ actions.

Many teach today that it is an actual duty to hate and oppose the Jews if we are to profess our love for Christ. This is not what He taught us. The God-man whose life was taken by the Jewish leaders of the day said instead, from the heights of the Cross, “Forgive them, Father…” The Jews of today are neither the race nor the people of Christ’s time. Although they may claim to profess the Jewish religion, Talmudism as developed after Christ’s death is not the same religion practices in His lifetime. Christ’s Jewish persecutors have long since passed from the face of the earth and are beyond reach. So those calling themselves Jews today who oppose all that is the Church are neither Jews by religion, or for that matter, by race. Not only Catholics have come to this conclusion but Jews themselves, in researching the history of the Jewish bloodline and racial migration patterns.

So who is it today that Catholics so fiercely oppose and call Jews? The Apocalypse 3:9 holds the key to this answer, and it tells us these people are not Jews in the true sense. If they are not Jews per se, then why is so much hatred being directed against them by Catholics and others? It is because irrational fears based on race hatred seldom make any sense. Use the trigger word and all that it is associated with; this is all that is needed. Throw in the unfortunate fact that “Jews” have cheated people out of money via the banking industry and the atmosphere gets ugly quickly; nothing brings out the mean in people more effectively than financial loss. But not all who have been the instruments of such loss are Jewish (sic) and many of these losses have occurred largely owing to the ignorance and indifference of Catholics in matters concerning money, not to mention religion.

To help clear up some of the confusion concerning the “duty” of Catholics to hate the Jews, I have posted an article to my site at the bottom of the main articles list on this, the anniversary of my site’s establishment and Christ’s betrayal. Please read it carefully and remember: Catholics are bound to accept with a firm and sincere assent even the opinions of the Roman Pontiff, under pain of sin.

Wishing all a blessed remainder of this Holy Week and a joyous Easter.


T. Benns

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