+ Feast of the Assumption +

+ Feast of the Assumption +

Dear Readers,
Wishing you all a blessed feast day on this anniversary of Our Lady’s glorious Assumption into Heaven.

Because all of us wish with very fiber of our being to join her there some day in contemplation of the Beatific Vision, it is fitting we present those who have requested it with a comprehensive explanation, all in one place, of why Traditionalism will not save Catholic souls. Yes this document is lengthy, but it is divided into three parts, the third part consisting of the whole text of the important proofs cited in the first two parts. This work, we hope, can be kept on hand to answer the questions of those who yet are members of Traditionalists groups, such as they are. For it is said that these groups are quickly being absorbed either by the Novus Ordo (those leaving Traditionalism for the indult mass, material/formal proponents poised to accept the first “pope” who recants, also members of the Pope St. Pius X Society reconciling with Rome) or by conclavist groups pretending to have access to a “true” pope.

This last group has recently increased its recruiting efforts by referring to the dissolution of the first two groups, a sign only that God continues to separate the wheat from the chaff as He gathers the unspoiled kernels into His barn. Remember that the constant application of Communist principles — thesis, antithesis , synthesis — bring about the condensation of these groups, then finally their dissolution, as first envisioned by the ancient Rosicrucian alchemists. Those who remain members of these two groups are simply pawns in the deadly game of those working to destroy the Church. While they may object that they are not able to sort through and understand lengthy and technical explanations of the Catholic faith, they do not hesitate to pour over the propaganda provided by the various groups they may belong to, their justifications for operation and their regular talks or “sermons.”

These objections to examining such proofs are both specious and dishonest, since with prayer to the Holy Ghost, the will to engage in study, always difficult, and to engage in further research they could easily decide if they have been deceived by the operation of error to believe lies or not. A second article has been written on the absurdity of the basis offered for the Gregory XVIII “papacy,” now being actively promoted via an Internet blog. Both articles have been posted to the Free Content site under Recent Articles. Readers are urged to distribute the work, “Binding Power of Papacy Voids Traditionalist Acts” to any and all asking for an explanation of how catacomb Catholics can justify their position. Offer to help them read through it or verify quotes. Help them find additional confirmation of what is written as presented in other site articles. Email us for help. Pray for them, most especially. For our time is short, and any day could be our last day on earth, “the end of the world” for us personally.

Please be advised that these two works may be subject to additions and clarifications as new information presents itself or new works are obtained with additional information. Please also help us by making known any additional information in this regard.

T. Benns

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