Antisemitism Among Traditionalists

Antisemitism Among Traditionalists

A Letter To Friends

Recently the availability of anti-Semitic literature advertised on or linked from Traditionalist sites has almost become epidemic. Given the recent rise in anti-Semitic feeling and demonstrations worldwide, this is indeed distressing. Many of these sites point to Rev. Denis Fahey’s works as proof positive of the correctness of their orientation, but Rev. Fahey was not anti-Semitic in his teachings, only anti-naturalistic and pro-magisterium.

I have used Rev. Fahey’s works in the past for much of my research; he is a veritable font of good information on many topics. However I believe his works must be read in light of the times in which he lived. Some of his books were written before or during World War II, (others after the war). Those days were rife with anti-Jewish propaganda, in preparation for Hitler’s all-out campaign against Our Savior’s race and in sympathy for the Fourth Reich even following the war. I certainly condemn the stance taken by the N.O. church since Vatican II concerning the Jews, but with the pre-1959 Church I ABSOLUTELY CONDEMN the out and out anti-Semitism that seems to have permeated many of the Traditionalist and Conclavist sects.

Those who make the Jews their scapegoats for the destruction of the Church simply do not understand the nature of that destruction. Certainly the Jews played a part, but considering everything that has happened since, it was a small part indeed when compared to the destruction Catholics have wrought on their own Church. We have seen the enemy and he is us. Our Lord was “wounded in the house of them who loved Me,” and in His day it was those of His own race. Today it is Catholics who have sold Him out, and that is far more reprehensible than anything the Jews could possibly have done, save the responsibility for His Crucifixion by the Sanhedrin.

The one thing that the Secret Societies despised above all else and took great care to subvert — the Papacy — is the very thing Traditionalists and Conclavists themselves have helped them dismantle and suppress. Until those believing themselves still Catholic begin behaving as true Catholics ought, they have no business pointing fingers and assuming the victim stance. After all, isn’t this one of the very traits they criticize the Jews for in the first place? And no, thank you, I have no intention of sending out money into cyberspace to perpetuate this travesty.

In Defense of the Faith,

Teresa L. Benns

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