Why Catholics left the Church in Rome in the 1960s and 1970s; also Radio Interviews on this subject

The recent upsurge of ill-feeling toward what non-Catholics believe to be the true Catholic Church under Benedict 16 in Rome has resulted in the revival of all the old calumnies against the Church. These calumnies long ago were corrected even by decent Protestants and were refuted by Catholic theologians and lay authors over a century ago. Today entire websites are dedicated to these rehashed accusations and allegations and various conspiracy theories that seem believable today, in light of what has happened since the death of Pope Pius XII, are inevitably woven around them.
In order to debunk these falsehoods and make some sense out of the misinformation that continues to confuse so many, the following radio interviews were given in November 2009, also January and March of 2010. Kindly allow a little leeway, since this author is a novice when it comes to radio interviews. After a somewhat bumpy takeoff, however, some good points are made that Catholics may find helpful in dealing with non-Catholic friends and relatives.
November, 2009
Interview with Melodee – KHEN – http://www.givemesometruth.info/benns1109.mp3
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