Fatima According to the Liturgical Year

The PDF here enclosed with permission of the author is an insightful study by Lauri Brown of the dates on which the Fatima apparitions occurred, tying the apparitions to the liturgical calendar. It is a study long neglected, and in the ongoing furor over the authenticity and meaning of the apparitions it is a much welcome look at Fatima’s true relation to the Church’s own calendar. The reader can easily see that the Fatima message is embedded in the Church’s liturgy, and was for decades, even centuries prior to the apparitions. This is no mere coincidence, but only a further indication that what Our Lady revealed at both La Salette and Fatima accurately reflects the mind of the Church as expressed in Her sacred liturgy. In 2017, the 100th anniversary of Fatima, it is a fitting tribute to Our Lady.

  • T. Benns

Mind of the Church on Apparition Days

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