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Over the past several years, it has become increasingly clear that the material on this site is known to a good many throughout the world. Site visitations and other indicators testify to this. For some time, the author has been urged by friends and readers to summarize what is presented on the site, incorporate recently discovered material and make it available in one volume. That is the purpose of the new e-book. This will change the site content, hopefully in a good way.
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With the Church truly in “eclipse” as foretold at La Salette and Fatima, Catholics must understand that this event was first symbolized on Calvary when a solar eclipse accompanied the death of Christ. We stand weeping outside Christ’s tomb, awaiting the Resurrection of His Church. The Church was without a visible head during the three days of His entombment (St. Peter was not actually commissioned as the first Pope until after the Resurrection), and so we also find ourselves without that same head during this time, the Passion of Christ’s Mystical Body. Like our Divine Head, immolated on the Cross, we have been betrayed and abandoned by our own. Stripped of every shred of dignity, mocked, spat upon and reviled just as Our Lord Himself was, we count ourselves honored and humbled that he has seen fit to invite us to participate in His sufferings; to thereby take part in some small way in filling up what is wanting to His Passion.

It is our sincere belief that soon the time foretold in so many Catholic prophecies will arrive and either Christ will come to judge the living and the dead or He will destroy the wicked with the breath of His mouth. We side with the majority of saints and holy people in the belief that the Church will be restored, if only briefly, before the very end. This seems to be in keeping with Christ’s time on earth following His Resurrection, the granting (anew) of jurisdiction and his (re)commissioning of a new St. Peter as pope. No, we do not believe Our Lord will reign personally during this time, as the Church has condemned this belief. But we do believe that even if He must briefly come to re-establish His Church on earth — that His promises She will last unto the consummation are fulfilled — He will do so. We may weep outside the tomb now, having been betrayed by the Judas priests of our own time, but He will wipe the tears from our eyes. They have taken Him away, but we shall find Him once again, and will dine with Him at the long-awaited wedding feast, God willing, whether in this world or in the next.

In the meantime we pray and watch; we labor to fill our lamps with the oil of truth. In 2 Machabees 2: 26-28, watching is associated with the labors of study, for we read: “We have taken care for those indeed that are willing to read that it might be a pleasure of mind; and for the studious, that they may more easily commit it to memory: and that all that read might receive profit. And as to ourselves indeed, in undertaking this work of abridging, we have taken in hand no easy task, yea rather a business full of watching and sweat. But as they that prepare a feast, and seek to satisfy the will of others: for the sake of many, we willingly undergo the labor.” This, in a nutshell, explains the purpose of this work and all the rest.

But you, dear reader, must pray for the fire from heaven, sent by the Holy Ghost, to light your lamps. “For only the Spirit of God can set fire to the mind and make the oil blaze into living knowledge and by it stir the heart to generous action. May the Holy Ghost do this for you, gentle readers, so that our effort, accompanied by His grace, may aid you to know, love and serve Him better and so enlarge His kingdom on earth.”

Walk while you yet have the light…

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