Catacomb Catholics — At Home, But Not Alone

Catacomb CatholicsAt Home, But Not Alone 


In “renaming” the “homealone” group, this author will be accused of being the de facto head of homealoners. This rumor already has been circulated by a certain individual of the Novus Ordo church, as well as a very small and vocal, but not at all credible group which disputes the writings that appear on this board.

Those who know the nature of homealoners themselves and the impossibility of heading them in any perceptible way will not and should not give these claims credence. While it is true that certain individuals practicing “homealone” do gravitate to a few souls who promote this position, I am not one of them. Those homealoners I know today are the same Catholics I have known since I first became aware of the problems in the Church in 1979. This is true with very few exceptions. Thanks to the various charlatans among Traditionalists and Conclavists, these unaffiliated Catholics know better than to follow anyone and therefore keep their own counsel while remaining friends. While they may read these articles, they do not support any ”apostolate” or pledge allegiance to any one person championing this position, least of all myself.

Those who observe the faith in the privacy of their homes may or may not choose to be identified as “Catacomb Catholics.” These individuals are spread out across the world and cannot be treated as a readily identifiable group, but many of them are in contact with each other. They believe that for reasons of safety, it is best this is the case and I agree. They can come to this board to take what they need or they may never even know it exists; in either case it is not my concern. What I print here comes directly from the teachings of the Church and as such should be made available to all.

In providing a name for those keeping the faith at home, I seek only to offer an alternative to the belittling title assigned to us by Traditionalists. Whether “homealoners” choose to adopt this title is entirely up to them. But as one theologian has pointed out, our understanding of the faith, and the understanding of the faith that we impart to others, is only as good as the language we use to describe it. “Homealone” does not accurately describe the stance of those who hold this position and to dignify their beliefs, a better term is needed, for reasons of clarity. I do not believe that the Catholics in this group will object to this.

As explained in the two-part series under this heading, “The Church of Silence,” this new term for those choosing not to affiliate with any group aligns them with those suffering for the faith from the beginning. It also effectively links them to the last known group of Catholics left without priests known to exist prior to the death of Pope Pius XII: those behind the Iron Curtain in Communist Europe. In faith and belief, we are one and the same as those Catholics. And in spirit at least, their efforts to practice that faith, their experiences and their sorrows were and are our own.


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