Survival Guide and Reference Handbook During the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error

Survival Guide and Reference Handbook During the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error

By Javier Morell Ibarra

  1. Dedication.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Development and exposition of the true and dramatic general situation.
  4. Compendium of the main fables or false logics of the Anomos spread by the false Christs and their false prophets, with their consequent refutation by the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law of 1917
  5. Where exactly are we and where are we going? Through the Great Tribulation…
  6. About the world and its deceptions for the soul.
  7. Modus operandi of the unfathomable mystery of the Operation of error, who it hits and how to get out of it, God One and Triune willing.
  8. Our only possible weapon and defence to spiritually survive the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error combined as we await the Second Coming in glory and majesty of Our Lord Jesus Christ to judge the insolent nations and all those who do iniquity.
  9. Conclusion. Peter is the cornerstone of the Church.
  10. Final thanks.

 1. Dedication

The author writes the following fundamental essay moved by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, always seeking the greatest honor and glory of the Holy Trinity, in order to defend the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, uphold the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium, the true hidden treasure for the last times, defend the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, finally help and guide the poor souls of faithful Catholics who are scattered throughout the orb, and who are witnessing, terrified, the increasingly rapid decomposition of everything they considered sacred and immutable, without being able to find a point of reference in the midst of this terrifying diabolical confusion that has covered everything after the death of the last Vicar of Christ Pope Pius XII.

It is my sincere hope that this work will set a humble rule and final consideration to which everyone can turn for safe haven, a reliable guide to finally understanding where we are, how we got here, and lastly, most important of all, how to deal with the perfect storm that is beating down on all of us since the death of S.S. Pius XII, in other words, how to survive the Great Tribulation and the Operation of Error and not die trying.

May God Almighty have mercy on all of us and grant us wisdom, understanding, and much humility to understand and digest what is going to be exposed here.

May the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and Mediatrix of all Graces, and her blessed husband Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, give us all the help from Heaven that we will need to stand tall as we hoist the holy banner of the Cross and persevere until the very end fighting the good fight for the defense of our Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith, just as the Son of Man will come to look for in His glorious and terrible Parousia. (Luke 18, 8).

May the blessed Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul pray and intercede for us, arming us with the invincible swords of the Magisterium and Holy Scripture, against which no enemy can resist.

Christus vincit! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

Ad Jesum Per Mariam! Pro Deo et Pontifice

2. Introduction.

The “consummationem saeculi” is not the destruction of the physical world, nor the Last Day. The “consummationem saeculi” is the end of one era and the beginning of another, this period that we call the “end of the world” is a period of time that encompasses different events, from the proclamation of the Gospel to all Nations [event that has already happened], the obstacle or Katejon [the visible Church and the Roman Pontiff, as interpreted by unanimous consent by the Church] is removed, the so-called Millennium ends (which marks the end of an era), Satan is released to seduce all nations (beginning of another era that we call the end of the world), the Great Apostasy occurs, the Operation of error is unleashed, the Abomination of desolation is placed in the Holy Temple, the Antichrist is crowned [in this very temple], the Perpetual Sacrifice is abolished, the Harlot is confused with the Bride, the flock is abandoned like sheep without a Shepherd, the Bride flees into the desert fed by Divine Graces, the false shepherds appear, that is, the false Christs with their false prophets (Matthew 24:24), who claim to know where the Christ is, and who are placed there for the Scripture to be fulfilled, etc., etc… All of these are the green shoots of the fig tree that indicate that summer is coming, that is, that the Parousia or Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ in glory and majesty is truly at hand. He that readeth let him understand.

It is essential that our readers understand the eschatological and spiritual context in which we find ourselves, otherwise we will continue to wander aimlessly around the desert, being vulnerable to the fables of the Anomos and the sophistry of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that swarm everywhere to devour what little remains of Our Lord’s flock. In fact, all the errors that overwhelm and afflict us today, and which we will include under the name of the Operation of error or the seduction of iniquity (II Thessalonians 2, 10), originate from not having correctly understood the eschatological discourse of Our Lord in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, chapter 24, as He Himself rightly warns us at the beginning of said discourse: 4 Jesus answered them saying: “Take care that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come under my name, saying: «I am the Christ», and many will be deceived. And as is made clear to us in the comments to these verses in the Bible of Bishop Straubinger: *4 ss. To understand this discourse and the parallel accounts in Mark 13 and Luke 21, one must keep in mind that, according to the prophets, the “last times” and the events related to them that we usually designate with the Greek term eschatological, do not refer only to the last day of human history, but rather a longer period, which St. Thomas calls the preamble to the judgment or “Day of the Lord”, which he also considers inseparable from its concomitant events. (Cf. 7, 22 and note). It is not necessary that all the phenomena announced in this speech take place together and in a more or less distant future. Some of them may have already been fulfilled, especially taking into account the metaphorical character of many apocalyptic-style expressions (cf. I Corinthians 6, 2 s. and note).

Therefore, keeping this in mind, we are going to develop in greater detail all these events that we call the green shoots of the fig tree, which unmistakably announce the arrival of summer, that is, the imminent Parousia of Our Lord Jesus Christ, placing them within the historical-eschatological context in which we find ourselves.

3. Development and exposition of the true and dramatic general situation

On October 9, 1958, with the death of Pope Pius XII, the last Vicar of Christ, was thus removed from the Obstacle or Katejon that held back and prevented the manifestation of the son of perdition (II Thessalonians 2, 6), which was the visible Church and the Roman Pontiff, as interpreted with the unanimous consent of the Church. With the removal of the Katejon, the so-called Millennium or Christian era is concluded, in which the Mystical Body of Christ the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, with the Popes as visible Head, illuminated and sanctified the entire orb with the salvific and overwhelming influence of the Holy Ghost through the preaching of the Word of God and the administration of the Holy Sacraments.

With the Church and the Papacy having been removed from the midst, the Obstacle that prevented the advent of the Antichrist was also removed, and the son of perdition effectively manifested himself in the unfortunate person of impious G. B. Montini, alias “Paul 6”, who was “announced ” by his false prophet Angelo Roncalli, alias “John 23”, preaching a false gospel diametrically different from the Gospel taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ, in which peace and security are sought (I Thessalonians 5, 3) on earth, despising life eternal until reaching absolute oblivion of the supernatural and spiritual dimension of man, which inevitably leads to the most frightening apostasy.

The so-called era of Satan unchained begins, or the time of Anomos, that is, of lawlessness, disorder and total absence of any superior spiritual or moral authority to which one submits and by which to govern oneself, a superior authority that was always present in the Holy See, the Rock of the Papacy, the Katejon that kept at bay, repressing with the vigorous sword of the blessed infallible Magisterium, the gates of hell, which are the heresies and errors in Faith, morality and discipline, preventing time and again that they would prevail against the Primacy of Saint Peter and his Successors. In these sad times, however, Our Holy Mother the Catholic Church has been eclipsed by an abominable sect, the Great Montinian or Babylonian Prostitute, which masquerades as Her and has usurped all its external structures, deceiving the unhappy inhabitants of the earth, as prophesied by Our Lady the Most Holy Ever Virgin Mary in her apparition at La Salette, France, in 1846. It is the time when Satan has been released to seduce all nations (Revelation 20, 7-8). through the deceits of the world, always full of vanities, and the triple concupiscence of the eyes, the flesh and pride, leading the entire world to apostasy before God.

Thus we see that Antichrist Montini was, indeed, the one in charge of sowing tares in the vast field of the world that the Holy Church of God had fermented and sanctified for 2,000 years with the Gospel and the Sacraments, promoting a new “religion” that apostatizes from the eternal and immutable Catholic Religion and preaches in its place an absolute falsification of the Truth and an inversion of all Dogmas, extolling human progress and technology, indifferentism, the diabolical ecumenism that brings together all false religions and heresies existing, atheism, tolerance of any error and heresy, the false and masonic human fraternity in which there are no longer barriers or separations and all are “brothers” in chaos and deceit, the most terrifying relativism and subjectivism, in short, total chaos or Anomos.

To achieve such a perverse end, the Antichrist made use of the Great Apostasy of the entire Episcopal Body, which actually took place on the fateful day of December 8, 1965, when the unhappy Bishops and Cardinals miserably betrayed the Flock of Christ and they apostatized en masse at the moment they signed their signature on the heretical closing documents of the accursed Vatican 2 cabal, thus consummating a public and notorious act of apostasy and being excommunicated en bloc [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], losing ipso facto any position and jurisdiction they had when joining a non-Catholic sect. In this way, it was fulfilled what was predicted in the book of Revelation, chapter 13, verses 5 to 7, where we read that: “And he was given a mouth that uttered haughtiness and blasphemies; and authority was given to him to do his work for forty-two months. He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, blaspheme his Name, his dwelling place, and those who dwell in heaven. He was also allowed to make war with the saints and defeat them; and authority was given to him over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.”

Both Antichrist Montini and his infamous successors Luciani, Wojtyla, Ratzinger, and Bergoglio today, who form the mystical body of the Antichrist incarnated in the Great Whore of Babylon or Montinian/conciliar sect, have uttered and still utter arrogance and blasphemies in the form of heresy, irreverence, and other countless barbarities against the Most High God and against all His Saints, whom those supreme wretches insult and slander with their insolent impiety, falsehoods and desecrations. Montini made war on the Saints with his abominable heresies uttered during the Vatican 2 cabal, especially in the arch-heretical declarations Lumen Gentium and Nostra Aetate, and defeated them, since he made those who still kept the sound Catholic doctrine received in the times of Popes Leo XIII, Saint Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI and Pius XII, throw overboard all the immense work that the Holy Spirit, the Comforter or Paraclete, had worked in them and for them, thus losing its flavor and serving nothing more than to be thrown to the ground and trampled on by the disbelieving Gentile “dogs”, when they gave assent to the unusual apostasy driven and promoted from Rome and the Vatican by the son of perdition.

Once the Antichrist and his minions defeated the Saints and won them over to their impious cause, it was very easy for them to impose themselves by false obedience and authority over every tribe and people and language and nation, leading the once Catholic world to the most frightening apostasy and religious indifferentism regarding the One and Triune God.

Thus, the Operation of error or the seduction of iniquity is unleashed (II Thessalonians 2, 8-12), which consists in an impressive series of errors and doctrinal contradictions, false sacramental prodigies and heretical atrocities disguised as apparent Catholic orthodoxy that we will call fables or logics of the time of Anomos, but which all of them contain a deadly deception; said Operation of error being inaugurated with the advent of Antichrist Montini, and above all, with the great apostasy promoted by him which led to the massive defection of the entire Episcopal Corps, formalized on the disastrous day of December 8, 1965 on the occasion of the signing of the heretical acts of the accursed Vatican 2 bogus council. The Operation of Error is a false power sent by God to lose those who did not love Truth as it was revealed by God in Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium, but rather took pleasure in deceit and wickedness; it is a really insidious seduction and it strikes practically all the souls that have been rescued by God from the world and its many deceptions. Later on we will explain the modus operandi of this unfathomable mystery called the Operation of Error, and we will try to give a formula to get out of such implacable universal deception, God willing.

Going back to the infamous Montini, he and his impious successors in the abominable conciliar sect have implanted the Luciferian “New Pentecost”, which in reality is the large-scale spread of Satan’s filthy spirit of errors and heresies by taking advantage of the visible structures of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, thus managing to deceive the entire universe through “all power and signs and prodigies of lies, and with all seduction of iniquity for those who are to be lost in retribution for not having accepted for their salvation the love of truth. And, for this reason, God sends them powers of deception, so that they believe the lie, so that all those who disbelieve the truth, who take pleasure in injustice, may be judged”. Well, as we read in the comments to this passage in Monsignor Straubinger’s Bible, and which I allow myself to complement with my own additions:

[* 10. Those who are to be lost: This passage (verses 9-12) is perhaps one of the most terrible in Scripture and worthy of serious meditation. God, who is mercy itself, is also the truth, whose expression he gives us in his Son Jesus Christ, who is his Verb or Incarnate Word, and who does not cease to present himself as Truth and Light. Just as there will be a tremendous revenge of despised Love (Song of Songs 8, 6 and note), so we also see here the revenge of the unheeded truth. We see in Psalms 80, 13 that God abandoned the people of Israel to their dalliances, who did not want to listen to him [just as today’s heretics and schismatics have not wanted to listen to the Popes and their infallible Magisterium, thus obstinately and criminally refusing to submit to the authority that the Vicars of Christ possess over every human creature and which must be obeyed in order to aspire to achieve eternal salvation, cf. Pope Boniface VIII, Bull Unam Sanctam]; He will do so here by handing them over unarmed “so that they may believe the lie, since they had no interest in arming themselves with the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God” [expressed and revealed both in the Gospel and Sacred Scripture as well as in the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Our Lord Jesus Christ] (Ephesians 6, 11, 13 and 17). And then that word of Jesus in John 5:43, which some interpret precisely as an announcement of the Antichrist, will be fulfilled tragically—as it has been for a long time. See also Amos, 8, 11 and note.

* 12. He who is incredulous to the truth, will be pleased in wickedness for the same thing that we saw, inversely. in Ephesians 5, 9 and note.]

In this way, we then have the Abomination of Desolation placed in the Holy Temple (Matthew 24, 15), which is the coronation of the Antichrist and his minions usurping the Papacy and generating a monstrous Harlot of Babylon that eclipses ever since the Spouse of Christ to deceive the entire world, and against which Our Lord warned us to get out of there immediately and not turn back, lamenting for those who are pregnant and those who are giving birth at that time (Matthew 24, 19), which refers to the souls who were carrying out their vocation to the priestly or religious life during the fateful moment in which Antichrist Montini was crowned as impious king, these are the ones who are pregnant because they had been called by the Holy Spirit for that holy vocation and were to be the salt and light of the world, but unfortunately with the advent of the son of Satan they lost all their flavor and their sacred mission, becoming propagators and accomplices of the apostasy and impiety of the Antichrist and his infamous successors at the head of the Great conciliar or Montinian Whore; while those who were giving birth and raising infants at that sad moment are to be understood as the souls chosen by the Holy Ghost to be formators and spiritual directors of many priests, seminarians, religious, novices, postulants, pastoral care of families, etc., in clear allusion to the Hierarchy , that is, the Bishops, since they had entrusted to them innumerable souls in their respective dioceses, whom they were raising, that is, spiritually feeding them with the Holy Word of God and the Holy Sacraments.

It is now understandable the serious warning of Our Lord Jesus Christ so that, when that happened, everybody was to immediately leave the Holy Place where the Abomination had been installed, since the Antichrist and his recently gestated hellish sect were going to pervert and mutilate absolutely everything, altering the Sacraments and causing them to permanently lose their Grace, changing the liturgical times and destroying the Holy of Holies, getting rid of a terrifying number of Saints, suppressing and abolishing the Perpetual Sacrifice as already predicted to us in Daniel’s prophecy, causing the Harlot to be confused with the Holy and Immaculate Spouse of Christ, to the astonishment and horror of the entire universe, leaving the Flock literally as sheep without a Shepherd, and having the last chosen Catholic Faithful who make up the true Bride in the desert, keeping the Faith in the catacombs of their own homes and the silence of their hearts, led there by the Holy Ghost, the Consoler or Paraclete, who feeds them with the Divine Graces that are essential so as not to faint.

And if those days were not shortened, no one would be saved; but because of the elect, those days will be shortened. *If then they tell you: “See, the Christ is here or there”, do not believe it. *Because false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will do stupendous things and wonders, to the point of diverting, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have predicted it to you! Therefore, if they say to you, “He is in the desert,” do not go out; “He is in the cellars”, do not believe it. (Matthew 24, 22-26)

Comments on these verses in Bishop Straubinger’s Bible supplemented by my own reflection: [*23. Buzy, drawing attention to the fact that Jesus constantly speaks in the plural of false Messiahs and false prophets and never of a false Messiah in singular or of an Antichrist, concludes: “that in the teaching of Jesus as in that of Saint John (I John 1, 18-23) there is no individual Antichrist; there is only one powerful and terrible collectivity of antichrists.” The same author observes in his note to II Thessalonians 2, 7.

*24. The elect will be freed from deceit because the just will be given a sure judgment as a defense (Wisdom 5, 19). Cf. II Thessalonians 2, 10 ss. and note. [And what better sure judgment and right guide to judge everything than to follow the infallible authority of the Papacy and its Magisterium! Thanks to them, as well as fidelity to Divine Grace and the gifts and lights received from the Holy Ghost Paraclete to understand and penetrate the meaning of Scripture and the Magisterium, the last elect will be able to be saved in the midst of the Great Tribulation].

At the same time, during this time of the Antichrist or the Anomos, the false shepherds appear, that is, the false Christs with their false prophets (Matthew 24, 24) who make propaganda for them, and who claim to know where the Christ is and perform great wonders to mislead even the elect if possible. These unfortunate individuals must be there for the Scripture to be fulfilled, their role is very ungrateful, comparable to that of Judas, since they must be there so that they deceive with their elaborate and perverse fables many who are going to be lost because they do not possess the love of Truth, trying to deceive also even the chosen ones by God, if this were possible.

The false Christs are the representatives of the conciliar Harlot, as well as its franchises of the Anomos, which are the sects and the traditionalist – sedevacantist false clergy that emerged from the schisms engendered by   Marcel Lefebvre and Peter Martin Ngô Thuc, both excommunicated for public and notorious apostasy [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], who have been generating a monstrous multi-headed hydra without any control or direction, invalidly and illegally consecrating pseudo “bishops” against the provisions of the Magisterium of Pope Pius XII [Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis] and the Code of Canon Law of 1917, which punishes with very severe penalties of excommunication ipso facto those who have the impious audacity to proceed to an episcopal consecration without permission from the Holy See [Canon 2229.3, 3º ; AAS 43, 1951, pp. 217-218; Canon 953] as well as those who presume to receive consecration from the hands of those reckless who acted without permission from the Holy See [Canon 2370].

From which it follows, then, that the spiritual offspring of these two arrogant hypocritical rebels who were disobedient to the Magisterium of Pius XII are also false christs themselves, and are thus marked with the leprosy of schism and heresy by osmosis or mutual influence with their heretical and schismatic “fathers” and “superiors”, being struck with the penalties of ipso facto excommunication and legal infamy [Canon 2372; Pope Pius XII, AAS 42 (1950) p. 601], thus becoming dangerous heretical and schismatic intruders without mission or jurisdiction over the Flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who must be avoided by all the faithful so as not to incur in communicatio in sacris with individuals who have been excommunicated for their adherence to schism and heresy, whose acts are null, void, invalid, illicit, gravely sinful, in short, sacrilege and desecration, as the Magisterium and the CIC teach us.

The aforementioned censorships apply to the false “clergy” arising from the sect generated by hypocritical apostate Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, the SSPX, whether they continue in that sect or pretend to function as false “clerici vagantes”, as well as to all pseudo “bishops” and “priests” emerged from the schismatic hands of the mentally deranged and simoniac Bishop Thuc and his equally impious and arrogant spiritual offspring. Likewise, within the category of false christs we must also include all the false “religious” and the pseudo “nuns”, to whom the following censorships of excommunication and infamy by law are applied for having dared to profess religious vows in the face of intruders apostates, heretics, and schismatics without a mission or jurisdiction [Canon 646.1; Canon 2314.1] and/or have dared to found a religious congregation without the permission of the Pope [Canon 492.1 and 3; Canon 497.1 and 4]. All these false christs are authentic lepers of schism, heresy and apostasy, who are spreading their despicable pride and their disobedience to the supreme authority set by God who is the Pope wherever they go, infecting everything they touch, hence Our Lord Jesus Christ has warned us expressly and repeatedly (Matthew 7, 15-20; Matthew 24, 4-5; Matthew 24, 11 and 12; Matthew 24, 24; II Thessalonians 2, 8-12) not to listen to them or have anything to do with them, since they are placed there to confuse and mislead even those chosen by the One and Triune God if this were possible, thus fulfilling their thankless but inevitable role in Scripture.

The false prophets are all those who support and recognize a false authority and jurisdiction in the already mentioned false Christs, propagating and spreading their diverse and numerous sects founded on lies and fraud, in abject contempt for the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium and the Holy Canons of the Code of Law. All of them are blind leading the blind, who will all end up in the pit for their enormous sin of pride and disobedience to the Holy Ghost who speaks through the mouth of the Vicars of Jesus Christ. The Great Montinian or conciliar Harlot is the parent sect from which all these false Christs and their false prophets arise, who are all miasmas of the mystical body of the Antichrist, putrefying elements that walk towards their perdition while trying to deceive the greatest possible number of candid souls with little or no formation in the Faith, the Doctrine, and the Magisterium.

Hence the vital importance of knowing the perverse and twisted fables of the Anomos with which these supreme rebels disobedient to God try to deceive over and over again their own guilty conscience and the many unwary who are caught in their nets of deception; I have said rebellious and disobedient to God, because whoever disobeys Pope Pius XII also disobeys blessed Saint Peter, and so disobeys Jesus Christ Himself, Son of the living God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity, thus disobeying the Eternal Father and wanting to point out any flaws (!) to the Holy Ghost Paraclete who speaks through the mouth of the Supreme Pontiffs, which constitutes a very serious mortal sin for which Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us that there would be no forgiveness (Matthew 12, 31-32). Hence, I repeat, the tremendous importance of knowing about the absurd and diabolical fables that these unfortunate characters use to deceive locals and strangers, which will be dealt with in the next point.

In this sense, we can also compare the enormous sin of these false shepherds with the sin committed by King Saul [cf I Kings 8-14], who dared to celebrate the holocaust without being a priest, which was contrary to the Law and was a serious fault, even though his intention was to prevent his people from dispersing, which is exactly what the heretical and schismatic intruders do today, since they try to establish themselves in the visible Church without even being priests, under the fallacious pretext of preventing the faithful from dispersing after the great apostasy of the conciliar sect, in addition to other outlandish excuses that these hypocrites have fabricated to justify their unjustifiable transgression and disobedience to the Magisterium of Pope Pius XII and the Holy Canons.

As we read in the commentary on this passage in the Bible by Mons. Straubinger, “this is a great lesson to show us how faith and trust in God must be maintained even against all appearances, without trying to resort to our human prudence to correct what we believe to be an error by the infinite Wisdom». Which constitutes, in effect, exactly the same sin of those fraudulent impostors, who dare to impiously judge as an “error” by  Pius XII the fact that he has bound on earth and in Heaven that absolutely no one can usurp the functions of the Pope during the time that the See is vacant, for which reason these intruders, at the height of their malicious pride and satanic human prudence , have thought it convenient to “consecrate” and “order” one another, as if they could, without Peter and against Peter, thus demonstrating to all their little faith and trust in God, and their null Catholicity, because whoever is not united to the Holy See is not Catholic but heretic and schismatic.

“Whoever leaves the chair of Peter, on which the Church is founded, is not in the Church. For whoever does not maintain unity with the Church, does not have the Faith either.”

Saint Cyprian

… “They devoted themselves solely to the study of the books of Holy Scripture, without presuming to ask their own thoughts for its interpretation, but rather they sought it in their writings and in the authority of the ancients, who, in turn, as was evident, they received from the apostolic succession the rule of their interpretation.” …

Saint Gregory of Nazianzus and Saint Basil.

In addition, the episode narrated in Numbers 16 about the sedition carried out by Korah, Dathan and Abiram, with the horrible end they had, serves to perfectly illustrate the incredible perversity and daring of these miserable false prophets of the traditionalist-sedevacantist sects, who emulate those proud Israelites in their satanic attempt to create a secular priesthood, completely outside the authority instituted by God, who at that time were Moses and Aaron, and in our time is the Vicar of Christ. Let us read the excellent comments given to us in Bishop Straubinger’s Bible in connection with this passage: “In this chapter we are presented with the first known attempt to create a lay priesthood, independent of the authority instituted by God. Moses, who was not a priest, immediately recognized the scope of this movement, which if imposed would have undermined the foundations of theocratic rule. For this reason it was not meekness (cf. 12, 3) that impelled him this time to intercede for the criminals, but rather, moved by holy zeal, he asked God not to accept the oblation of the criminals (v. 15). Korah, the first cousin of Moses and Aaron, seems to have revolted out of sheer ambition and envy, because, being of the same family, he wanted to participate in the honors and privileges of the priests. He did not recognize the idea of a priesthood instituted by God, proclaimed the equality of priests and laity, and practically denied Aaron’s authority as the spiritual leader of the people. We also find similar movements in Christian times, from the Gnostics to the modern sects, all of which coincide in denying what Saint Paul says in Hebrews 5, 4. “No one takes this honor except he who is called by God as Aaron was”. That is why Saint Augustine compares Korah with the heretics who divide the Mystical Body of Christ. cf. 19, 6; I Corinthians 12, 4 ss.; Ephesus 4, 11. Dathan and Abiram had very other reasons to revolt. They didn’t care so much about spiritual authority. They were Reubenites, sons of Jacob’s firstborn, and because of this they believed they had the right to exercise some authority over the other tribes. They could not understand that God had given all power into the hands of Moses and Aaron, who were from the tribe of Levi. These two movements, that of the Levites who aspired to the priestly dignity, and that of the Reubenites who sought to recover the rights of the birthright, which they had lost (cf. Genesis 49, 4 and note), united, and organized a riot that threatened to destroy all the work that Moses had done at God’s command.”

As we see, disobedience and rebellion against God and His High Priests are at the origin of all evil and sin. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are very clear parallels between what is said in this passage and what the Lord warns us in the book of Revelation, with the same and identical words, when Yahweh warns the Israelites to stay away from the tents of those impious men [Koreh, Dathan and Abiram] so as not to be in solidarity with their sins. And in parallel we have in Revelation 18, 4 the following warning: “Come out of her my people, so as not to be in solidarity with her sins and not participate in her plagues.” It is evident that both in Numbers and in Revelation we are told to flee the company of those criminals because of the existence of sacrilege and desecration. From which it follows that God’s punishment will also fall on these unfortunate heirs of Korah who are the false christs of today, just as it did on Korah, Dathan and Abiram for being sacrilegious and profane, just as it fell on King Saul, also sacrilegious and defiling, as we have seen before. We will quote this episode again later, as it masterfully exemplifies the same sin that the usurpers and imposters commit today.

But I would not want to end this section without first mentioning the terrible threat from Jesus Christ Our Lord that hangs over the heads of false christs and their false prophets, as well as all those who believed the insane fables of these impostors and were seduced by their rhetoric and their false prodigies, falling into their clutches, that is, joining their sects and participating in their sacrileges and acts of desecration. It is especially significant and overwhelming that Our Lord warns us about these disobedient hypocrites in Matthew 7:15-20, calling them by the name of false prophets and comparing them to bad trees that cannot produce any good fruit, so they will be cut down and will be cast into the fire, that is, at the end of their thread of life they will be condemned to hell for all eternity. Indeed, shortly afterwards Our Redeemer explains to us what the sentence of condemnation of those arrogant wretches will be based upon. It is URGENT that those who have been deceived by these individuals read this and immediately get out of their pernicious influence, because they are risking eternal life: “Not everyone who says to me: “Lord, Lord”, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my heavenly Father. Many will say to me on that day: “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many wonders in your name?” Then I will declare to them: «I never knew you. Away from Me, you workers of iniquity!” (Matthew 7, 21-23). Yes, this terrible warning from the Lord applies directly to all these false shepherds, who are blind, dropsical, swollen with arrogance and eager for the false glory that their fraudulent titles and non-existent dignities of “bishop”, “father”, “abbé”, “brother” or “sister” give them, to the point of despising and disobeying the Divine Will of the Heavenly Father which is expressed in that the Catholic Church must be governed by Saint Peter and his Successors, whose infallible Magistery must be faithfully obeyed by of ALL the faithful, whether they are Bishops, Priests, or Religious, whether they are simple laymen, we are all obliged to obey the Popes to obtain the salvation of our soul, because whoever obeys the Pope obeys God, but whoever does not obey him is disobeying God himself, thus imitating the arrogant Lucifer when he sang his impious and blasphemous “Non Serviam” before the Blessed Trinity in the midst of the heavenly court, which earned him ipso facto expulsion from Heaven and being precipitated deep into the abyss of fire.

In addition, this other warning from Our Lord Jesus Christ also applies to false christs and false prophets and to those who have been deceived by them: One said to him: “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” He answered them: “Fight to enter through the narrow gate, because many, I declare to you, will try to enter and will not be able to. As soon as the owner of the house has woken up and has closed the door, you, being outside, will start knocking on the door saying: “Lord, open for us!” But he, answering, will tell you: “I don’t know you (nor do I know) where you are from.” * Then you will begin to say: “We ate and drank before you, and you taught in our squares.” *But he will tell you: «I tell you, I don’t know where you are from. Away from me, all you workers of iniquity.” There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and yourselves cast out. And from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south they will come to sit at the table in the kingdom of God. And so there are last who will be first, and first who will be last. (Luke 13, 23-30).

The comments on this passage in Bishop Straubinger’s Bible are very illuminating:

[* 26. You taught in our squares: In verse 27, He insists that he does not know them. In addition, it is written that “no one will hear his voice in the squares”, because he will not be turbulent (cf. Matthew 12, 19 and note). If they listened, then, it was to others, as Jesus told him (John 5, 43 and note); to others who did not seek the glory of the one who sent them, but their own glory (John 7, 18 and note), for which they could not have faith (John 5, 44 and note). Those were not, therefore, the true disciples to whom He said: “Whoever listens to you listens to Me” (Luke 10, 16), but the false prophets about whom He had warned so much. Cf. Matthew 7, 15 and note.

* 27. See Matthew 15, 8, quoting Isaiah 29, 13. Matthew 7, 23; 25, 41. Jesus condemns in advance those Christians who are content with the mere name of such and with their external link to the Church.]

Indeed, for at the decisive hour of Judgment, many deceived by the false Christs and their false prophets will uselessly plead before Our Lord that they “ate and drank before Him”, that is, they received what they believed were the Holy Sacraments from the hands of those intruders and impostors, who also preached to them without having any mission or jurisdiction over them, but to whom those poor gullible souls gave undue credit, thinking that with their false preaching Our Lord was “teaching them in their squares”, that is, in their schismatic and heretical “chapels” and garages, in total contempt and flagrant disobedience of the Papal Magisterium and the 1917 Code of Canon Law, which severely prohibit attending celebrations performed by intruders who have been excommunicated for schism and heresy.

How terrible their surprise will be when they discover at the crucial moment of Judgment that Our Lord will not recognize them or know where they come from, since in fact all these sectarian and schismatic communities have been generated in the spirit of rebellion and contempt for the divine authority of the Vicars of Christ to teach, bind and loose, believing in their infinite pride that they could function bypassing all channels and disciplines established by the Holy See. For this reason, we affirm that those proud rebels did not seek the Glory of God but their own, a false, vain human glory, seeking to be praised and venerated by the blind and the simple who were completely deceived in their particular sects such as the SSPX, IMBC, CMRI, SSPV, Palmar de Troya, Sociedad Sacerdotal Trento, Mont Carmel, Avrillé, and other small groups and schismatic organizations, as well as all the false “wandering clerics” that emerged from these sects and now pretend to function independently, deceiving thousands of poor blind abductees who also supported them financially and made sacrilegious simoniacs out of them, since NONE of those imposters was sent by God since there was no Pope who could grant them permission and a canonical mission, as well as provide the Jurisdiction necessary to function.

Without forgetting that they constantly belittled and ignored the voice of Peter in the person of Pope Pius XII, who strictly prohibited the misdeeds and illegalities that these fools perpetrated at the height of their boldness and hypocrisy. This is why we affirm that all of them are cursed and have been sentenced by God. The most terrifying thing will be, without a doubt, when they will have to hear from the lips of Our Lord Jesus Christ those harsh words of “I don’t know (nor do I know) where you are from”, followed by the fearsome sentence of condemnation “Get away from me, all workers of iniquity.” It is now understood our insistence that all those who have been deceived by these dangerous tricksters who traffic in sacred things must IMMEDIATELY abandon these schismatic sectarians, who have their conscience seared (I Timothy 4, 2) and walk towards their perdition while turning many ignorant souls into mere consumers of sacraments that are nothing but sacrilege and desecration, as the Magisterium and Canon Law warn us, making them concur

in communicatio in sacris with those lepers of schism and heresy.

Let no one be deceived, because all those who give credence to the fables of those impostors and grant them an authority and legitimacy they do NOT possess, participating in their simulations and allowing themselves to be fed, that is, spiritually instructed by them, should know that they are being complicit in a very serious sacrilege, despite the fact that there is no consecration, nor therefore transubstantiation in all those horrible simulations, since those who commit them are only simple laymen in disguise, but those who have allowed themselves to be mentally abducted by those false pastors do think that they are truly receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, hence the terrible warning in I Corinthians 11, 29 against those who receive Communion without making due discernment of the Body of the Lord, becoming guilty of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, eating and drinking their own damnation.

So that our readers understand the tremendous seriousness of the sacrilegious crime of the simulation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we invite you to read the following:

“It seems superfluous to us to demonstrate in many words what a grave and horrendous crime is committed by anyone who, without being invested with priestly Orders, dares to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass, since the reasons why it is justly considered such a sacrilegious crime are so evident to all that it must be detested and punished with a rigorous application of sanctions”.

[…] “No itinerant bishop, priest or deacon should be received without letters of recommendation; and when they present letters, carefully examine their content; and receive them if they are of proven piety; otherwise, do not even give them what is necessary and let them not be admitted to communion in any way: many things can result from surreptitious behavior”.

Pope Benedict XIV, Encyclical Quam Tumba

“We firmly believe and confess that, no matter how honest, religious, holy and prudent one may be, he cannot and should not consecrate the Eucharist or celebrate the sacrifice of the altar, if he is not a priest, regularly ordained by a visible and tangible bishop. For this office, three things are, as we believe, necessary: a certain person, that is, a priest properly constituted for that office by the bishop, as we have said before; the solemn words that were expressed by the Holy Fathers in the canon, and the faithful intention of the one who utters them. Therefore, we firmly believe and confess that whoever believes and claims that, without previous episcopal ordination, as we have said, they can celebrate the sacrifice of the Eucharist, is a heretic and is a participant and consort in the perdition of Korah and his accomplices, and is to be segregated from the entire Holy Roman Church.”


Finally, this severe threat from Our Lord Jesus Christ in the form of a parable also hits the false christs and their false prophets, as well as their unfortunate acolytes who preferred the seduction of the perfidious fables of those hypocritical charlatans to the solid, infallible Truth of the Holy Word of God revealed in Scripture and the Magisterium: Parable of the marriage feast and the guest who had not on a wedding garment  (Matthew 22, 10-14), which is applicable to those deceived by the false Christs and their false prophets, as well as to all those ravenous wolves themselves, since many of them will have lived in an apparently pious manner in the eyes of the world and their own deceived conscience, but they will not possess the essential Grace that would have made them Catholics, which is submission, fidelity and obedience to the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium, which those disobedient, arrogant individuals so many times ignored or openly despised, impiously wanting to believe that they could function without the permission of the Pope and without having received any mission or jurisdiction from the Vicar of Christ, for which reason they will be reputed as schismatics and non-Catholics at the hour of Judgment. We also recommend reading the comments taken from Bishop Straubinger’s Bible.

“And his servants going forth into the ways, gathered together all that they found, both bad and good: and the marriage was filled with guests.

And the king went in to see the guests: and he saw there a man who had not on a wedding garment.  And he saith to him: Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? But he was silent. Then the king said to the waiters: Bind his hands and feet, and cast him into the exterior darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. *For many are called, but few are chosen.”

[* 14. This parable also refers first of all to the chosen people of the Old Covenant. The Father first invites the Jews to the wedding feasts of his Son with mankind through his “servants”, the prophets. Those who despised the invitation will lose the dinner (Luke 14, 24). The “other servants” are the apostles that God sent without reproving Israel (Luke 13, 6 ss.), during the time of the Acts, that is, when Jesus had already been immolated and “everything was ready” (verse 4; Acts 3, 22; Hebrews 8, 4 and notes). Rejected this time by the people, as He was by the Synagogue (Acts 28, 25 ff.) and then “burnt the city” of Jerusalem (verse 7), the apostles and their successors, inviting the Gentiles, fill the room of God (Romans 11:30). The man who does not wear a bridal garment is the one who lacks sanctifying grace, without which no one can approach the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb (Revelation 19, 6ff.). Cf. 13, 47 ss. and notes]

And in the same chapter 22 of the Gospel of Saint Matthew, we read this revealing verse 29 a little later:

And Jesus answering, said to them: “You err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God.”

On which we add this juicy comment taken from Bishop Straubinger, complemented by our own reflections highlighted in purple:

[ 29. You err because you do not understand the Scriptures! Is this not a reproach that we all have to accept? Few are, in fact, those who know the Bible today, and it is not surprising that those who do not study the Scripture of Truth fall into error, as Jesus teaches so many times, and the Supreme Pontiffs remember it so much when they demand its reading daily in homes. Cf. verse 31; 21, 42; John 5, 46 and note. And even fewer are those who know the true hidden treasure of the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of N.S.J.C., which is also the Word of God inspired by His Holy Ghost to the Supreme Pontiffs for the instruction and government of all the Catholic faithful. That is why there are so many today who err and fall into the twisted sophistry and the fables of the Anomos spread by the false prophets, those lepers of schism and heresy, precisely because they did not know the Magisterium that could have protected them against those grave errors and deviations!]

It is universally known that the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church is founded on the solidity of Saint Peter, the Stone and the Rock, but these sects want us to believe that we must disobey Pope Pius XII, the fundamental stone of the Church, and that we must follow them, they who say they know the spirit of the letter, which is none other than disobedience and non serviam, that we must follow them to their dens of thieves, intruders, foxes and wolves, navigate their rafts and allow ourselves to be guided by these pirates, buccaneers, corsairs, filibusters, thieves and desecrators of the treasures of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, let us be deceived by the brilliance of their fake mitres, hooks and their plunder and booty, with the excuse of the rite, incense and pomp, and that we make a defection of Saint Peter, Prince of the Holy Apostles and Fundamental Stone of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, who speaks in his successors assisted by the Holy Trinity in full; those perfidious thieves that came out of the depths of the great Babylon want to kidnap us through sophistry and disguises to take us back from where God Almighty freely got us out of without us deserving it.

What a betrayal of the Good Lord and His compassion it would be to re-enter where He took us out of for our soul’s health, that is, our salvation!

May God grant us that we do not fall for our personal sins and get lost, and may He keep us steadfast in not abandoning His Holy Catholic Church founded on Peter, on the solidity of the Stone, instead of delving into the false churches with feet of clay and quicksand, thus abandoning the Mystical Body of Christ our Lord!

The fables, also called logics of the Anomos, are the logics of disobedience to the Papacy, which are normally used by the acolytes of the Thuc and Lefebvrite schisms, in short, by the devotees of what we have branded as “congregational sedevacantist ecumenism”, logics that are normally contradictory and based on their subjective and fallacious perception, perverse logics where these sectarians put their personal interests and their own obsessive-compulsive disorders before what the Popes have always decreed to be ruled in perpetuity, blind as all these  pretentious individuals are due to their detestable Luciferian arrogance that prevents them from receiving the Grace that God grants only to the humble and small. We will deal with these insidious fables concocted by the wickedness of the false prophets in the next chapte

4. Fables of the Anomos

The following fables of the Anomos employed by the false christs and their false prophets have been identified in the course of these turbulent years that have elapsed since the death of the last Catholic Pontiff Pope Pius XII, and with it the consequent disappearance of the obstacle or Katejon that retained the manifestation of the supreme impious who was to engender the abominable Harlot of the Apocalypse that has eclipsed the Holy and Immaculate Bride of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the eyes of the entire universe to the immense shock and horror of Heaven and earth. These twisted fables respond to a very extensive series of obsessive-compulsive disorders suffered by those who spread them, which they arrogantly describe as “new magisterium”, a term coined by themselves, and which we have called “OCD Traditionalism”, that is, Traditionalism based on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. All of them have been completely refuted by Sacred Scripture and the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Christ, both of which constitute the sword of the Holy Ghost, which is the Word of God, with which the last faithful must inevitably arm themselves if they want to survive the terrible spiritual hunt and slaughter that is unfolding before our eyes at this very moment. Therefore, every time we hear any of these false christs or their false prophets trying to deceive us with these perverse fables that follow, let us know that these people are misled because of their pride and their disobedience towards the only authority established by God to feed, rule and govern the Flock, which is blessed Saint Peter and his Successors, the last of them being Pope Pius XII, whose infallible Magisterium remains in force until the Parousia, therefore we must not lend any credit to those who try to deceive us in this way, but we must flee from them and avoid them as heretics and obstinate sectarians, applying what is recommended to us in Titus 3,10 concerning those unfortunate individuals who have gone astray and are blinded by their own Luciferian arrogance.

Compendium of the main fables or false logics of the Anomos spread by the false Christs and their false prophets:
  1. Fable of the promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be with us until “the consummation of the centuries” (Matthew 28, 20), which many false Christs and false prophets have misunderstood and translated as “the end of the world” literally, that is, Judgment Day, the physical destruction of the world, etc., in order to justify their sacrilege and desecration, and so make the arrogant claim that they can function without a Pope to provide the Jurisdiction that only the Vicar of Christ possesses by divine right, from which it follows that all of them operate from the most absolute and flagrant illegality and invalidity, without any jurisdiction, which turns them into dangerous intruders and soul thieves who have not entered through the Fold’s fenced gate and must be vigorously rejected and denounced by the faithful.

We have already explained that the consummation of the centuries is the end of an era, not the end of the world understood literally, but the end of the Christian era in which the Church and the Papacy illuminated, governed and sanctified the Catholic world, for they constituted the Katejón or obstacle that kept the mystery of iniquity tied and prevented the manifestation of the wicked man, and that once both have been removed from the middle so that Scripture could be fulfilled, Satan has been unchained, thus beginning the time of the Antichrist or the Anomos.

  1. Blasphemous and perverse fable spread by hypocritical heretic Marcel Lefebvre whereof it would be possible to recognize the Pope and resist him at the same time when he would have deviated from the Faith and taught a different Gospel (!?)

But if you accuse the Pope, you accuse Our Lord Jesus Christ, and if you accuse Our Lord, you accuse the Most Holy Trinity! The Lefebvrist madness is a very grave mortal sin against the Holy Ghost. Just what kind of madman can even imagine that a Pope could invalidate all things sacred and do everything possible so that the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ would fall into the lake of eternal fire, using the same immediate Power of the Incarnate Word and being inspired by the Holy Ghost !? What kind of hellish whisper was directing Lefebvre to even think of such blasphemy? What kind of hypnosis do his sectarians who are legion still suffer today? If Montini was the Pope, as Lefebvre always believed, then the Novus Ordo is valid, the Montinian Ordination Rite is valid, and the entire heretical Vatican 2 cabal is dogmatic. But Montini was indeed THE Antichrist!

We will revisit this fable to refute it once and for all with the aid of the Magisterium.

  1. Fable of Canon 209 and the famous “common error”.

Can. 209 – In errore communi aut in dubio positivo et probabili sive iuris sive facti, iurisdictionem supplet Ecclesia pro foro tum externo tum interno.

This is the favorite fable of the vast majority of “traditionalist-sedevacantist” false clergy and religious, who naively think that the tricky recourse to this canon will function as a “magic wand” that can validate and legitimize everything, even the most flagrant contempt and disobedience towards the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law.  According to these hypocritical charlatans, their insolent transgressions would be “excused” and “justified” by what they consider to be a state of “common error” on an almost universal scale that would have deceived the whole world during the Vatican 2 bogus council and the great apostasy that ensued shortly thereafter. Thus, these impostors imagine that anything “good” can come out of transgressing the discipline imposed by Pope Pius XII, because according to them, “they were all deceived by common error” (sic), hence Our Lord and the Church would be obliged to provide them with Jurisdiction to perpetrate their horrible Mass simulations and sacrilege. (!?)

But what these loud-mouthed, opinionated bigots fail to understand is that the Church is the Pope, its Head, who is the one who supplies Jurisdiction for the entire Mystical Body, since he is the ONLY one who enjoys full universal jurisdiction, and not any excommunicated schismatic like Lefebvre or Thuc, nor any “pneumatic church” that claims to function without a Head, since the Holy Catholic Church has always been jurisdictional. If these sectarians refuse to understand that nothing works without the Pope, and they choose to deceive themselves by saying that there was no massive apostasy on December 8, 1965, and pretend that this is like a normal interregnum, after 65 years (!)

That can only mean one thing, namely, that all these prideful imposters who hold fast to their fake cassocks are under the insidious influence of the Operation of error, which blinds them because of their arrogance and inordinate attachment to a piece of cloth that gives them a false authority over the extremely puzzled faithful, instead of the love, fidelity and obedience they owe to the Pope, the Holy Church and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Their situation is certainly harder to accept and implies a greater degree of sacrifice than ours, simple laypeople like them, but we painfully accept it and carry on whereas they cling to a non-existent clerical state, hence it would also mean more supernatural merit for them if they were humble enough to admit that they were deceived by the false Christs of Lefebvre and Thuc, but they refuse for a simple matter of despicable pride and their insatiable lust for the vainglory and esteem of the disoriented faithful without theological and canonical knowledge who blindly resort to them.

  1. Fable of the Episcopalian heretic Berkeley and his fallacy that “esse est percipi”, that is, “to be is to be perceived”, or the absolute empiricism/idealistic empiricism/subjective idealism trap, into which ALL THE FALSE PASTORS AND FALSE CHRISTS OF THE TRADITIONAL PSEUDO CLERGY fall, misapplying the common error only when they have realized the deception, and decreeing that the Great Apostasy begins only when it suits them.

The development of this highly widespread, warped fable goes as follows: Some fake “traditionalist” clergy and their misled followers say that on December 8, 1965, the Great Apostasy did not take place and the Catholic world did not apostatize by accepting the new false religion that synthesized its teaching at the end of the Vatican 2 bogus council and was accepted by the formerly Catholic hierarchy, but it took shape when some were able to perceive it at the end of the 70s, beginning of the 80s; others say that this happened with the imposition of the Novus Ordo Missae by Montini-Paul 6; others claim that it occurred in the mid 80s with the Assisi pandemonium organized by Wojtyla-JP2; others hold that it was accomplished when Ratzinger-Benedict16 stepped down as top usurper; others say that the Apostasy was effected with Bergoglio and his pandering to Pachamama, and so on; thus there existing some sort of limbo where heresy and apostasy would not exist, simply because they are not perceived by many (!?).

So common error would keep them in a virtual state of “non-existence”, where the Code of Canon Law and the Magisterium would remain “stranded”, and it is only when they are perceived that the apostasy would “magically” appear out of the blue, so those who perceive it are capable of choosing the moment that interests them to save their so-called power of order and jurisdiction, for instance, or their membership in the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, and from hence the common error is cleared and all those who are not in the same position, once this starting line has been drawn, are automatically defined as being in apostasy, heresy and schism, a line that can be moved by sympathy or some other vested interest.

Therefore, the apostasy would not exist until it becomes evident and is perceived by X actors, who would then confirm the end of common error from the moment the apostasy becomes a reality for them and starts to be, which is obviously ridiculous.

This is nothing more than a bunch of chimerical ideas intended to save the members of the particular sects, since they are the ones who arbitrarily determine when the Operation of error should begin, which is precisely when by some remote grace they discover the deception, but led by their intolerable moral arrogance, they decide instead that it began when it suits them, because if they had the courage to admit that the apostasy began formally and publicly on December 8th 1965, and that there has been no Pope since October 9th 1958, then they would be forced to accept the cold, hard truth, which is they are not what they say they are, that is, Catholic clerics, but they are all in a state of infamy of law for heresy, schism and apostasy and are not willing to accept that they fell into the Operation of error, as the entire Catholic world did, accepting a false religion and adhering to their ranks, consciously or unconsciously.

  1. Fable of “SALUS POPULI SUPREMA LEX ESTO”, that is, “let the salvation of souls be the supreme law”, or “necessity knows no law”, which is the battle cry of all schismatics to try and implement their schisms, even if it means disobeying the Papacy and its Infallible Magisterium, which together with the 1917 Code of Canon Law (CIC) completely incapacitate and invalidate these dangerous charlatans, depriving them of any desire to usurp the Jurisdiction that only the Pope possesses fully and universally, but whom those prideful individuals are hell-bent on ignoring and belittling over and over again.

 6. Model fable of “OCD traditionalism” (Obsessive Compulsive      Disorder). The “Traditionalist” fake clergy and sects truthfully say: Vatican 2 was a bogus council! The Novus Ordo Missae is a false rite! More than a billion people are deceived! More than four hundred thousand clerics belonging to the conciliar sect are invalid! Bergoglio is not the Pope!

The fake clergy of the conciliar sect reply to them: You, prophets of misfortunes and calamities! Servants of Satan! You lead us to despair and distress! What happened to the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ? You say the gates of hell have prevailed! You say that Jesus lied! Anathema!

We also tell them (to the “Traditionalist” fake clergy and sects): Your private chapel or sect is invalid and illicit, gravely sinful and sacrilegious, unlawfully established against Pope Pius XII’s infalible Magisterium and the 1917 CIC.

The “Traditionalist” fake clergy and sects reply to us: You, prophets of misfortunes and calamities! Servants of Satan! You lead us to despair and distress! What happened to the promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ? You say the gates of hell have prevailed! You say that Jesus lied! Anathema!

Thus, our readers will be able to verify the blindness and hypocrisy with which these dangerous delinquents who violate the Magisterium and the CIC reason and act.

  1. Recurring fable of the promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28, 20.

The “Traditionalist” intruders and imposters clamor wherever they go:

We know from Matthew 28,20 that there will be Bishops until the end of the world!

We know from Matthew 28,20 that there will always be a Holy Catholic Sacrifice!

Therefore, our “chapels” (sects, garages, cellars, etc.) are valid and lawful!

We answer them:

And what do we do with Saint Peter then?… Wasn’t Saint Peter included in the promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ?…

And the prophet Daniel, what did he say about the cessation of the Holy Sacrifice?…And he shall confirm the covenant with many, in one week: and in the half of the week the victim and the sacrifice shall fail: and there shall be in the temple the abomination of desolation: and the desolation shall continue even to the consummation, and to the end.” [Daniel 9,27]

And what does the Magisterium say about your schismatic “chapels”?…


Deep down, all those modern pharisees reason like those who were scandalized by Our Lord Jesus Christ when He announced to them the kind of death with which He should die, as we read in John 12, 32-34:

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to myself. (Now this he said, signifying what death he should die.) The multitude answered him: We have heard out of the law, that Christ abideth for ever; and how sayest thou: The Son of man must be lifted up? Who is this Son of man?”

“et ego si exaltatus fuero a terra omnia traham ad me ipsum hoc autem dicebat significans qua morte esset moriturus respondit ei turba nos audivimus ex lege quia Christus manet in æternum et quomodo tu dicis oportet exaltari Filium hominis quis est iste Filius hominis”.

With the obstinacy those blind individuals exhibit, they are clearly showing us that they do not believe that Saint Peter and his Successors have been placed by Our Lord as the foundation and cornerstone of the mystical edifice of the Church, since they blasphemously imagine that the Church can continue to expand without the fidelity and obedience due to the Rock of the Papacy and its Magisterium, which proves their null catholicity, since whoever denies the dogma of papal infallibility is NOT Catholic, but schismatic and heretical; furthermore, in their supine ignorance, they refuse to accept that the Holy Sacrifice of the altar must cease at the time of the Antichrist, also called the time of Satan unchained, thus contradicting the divinely inspired Holy Scripture, which constitutes a sin against the Holy Ghost; finally, they dig their own grave by ignoring the discipline imposed by Pope Pius XII’s Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law when they dared to seek the Holy Episcopal Orders at a time when it was strictly prohibited to do so, belittling and ignoring the serious warnings of the legitimate Successor of Saint Peter, Pope Pius XII, who made it very clear in his Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis that during the vacancy of the Holy See NOBODY can usurp the Jurisdiction and prerogatives that only the Pope possesses by divine right, therefore no one can move or confer any Orders until a new Pontiff has been legitimately chosen and confirmed by the Holy Ghost. It will now be understood by all the enormous sin against the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity these arrogant sophists commit every time they dare to question and disobey the Vicar of Christ and his infallible Magisterium.

  1. Fable of the supposed validity of the spurious orders of the sedevacantist “traditionalist” imposters and hirelings.

All these false christs hide behind the supposed validity of their fraudulent titles and dignities, although inwardly they know they are illicit, which is why these charlatans avoid, like vampires avoid light and holy water, naming the word “illicit”, because according to them, what really matters is if they are “valid”, since that would make everything they touch “holy”, and thus they deceive many unwary souls with little or no knowledge of the Magisterium and the 1917 CIC, who grant them a credit and a competence none of those disobedient hypocrites possess. The improvised pseudo-theology of the Thucist and Lefebvrist sectarians has wreaked havoc, as they have created a kind of “new” magisterium to justify themselves and their sacrilege, despising and minimizing the one true Magisterium that every creature is obliged to obey if they want to save their souls, hence chaos and confusion are rampant.

In reality, none of them has really understood the difference between validity and liceity, which is why they manage to deceive the simple so easily, so an urgent explanation of both key concepts is required.

To be licit, permission from the Pope is required, also a canonical mission so as to be consecrated Catholic Bishop (can. 953), and so that he can ordain Catholic Priests; this canonical mission is fundamental, since it is what would make the minister Catholic, have Apostolic Succession, be part of the Hierarchy of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, have an ecclesiastical position or office (can. 147) and, consequently, have the power to rule the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ, a power that only the Pope can transmit to the Catholic Bishops, a power that the Pope receives immediately from Christ Our Lord [cf Mystici Corporis Christi, Ad Sinarum Gentem, Apostolorum Principis Sepulcrum]. Therefore, liceity is an ESSENTIAL requirement to function as a cleric, since lacking this, one is NOT a Catholic but a schismatic.

On the other hand, to be valid, permission from the Pope is not required, therefore one is not a Catholic, one does not have an ecclesiastical office, one does not have jurisdictional power, hence one is an intruder since he has not entered through the gate of the sheepfold, so he does not have the power to rule the flock of Christ; to be valid, it is only required that the ordaining minister be a validly consecrated bishop (matter, form, intention), that is, without the permission of the Pope, but evidently all these consecrations and ordinations will be illicit, desecration, gravely sinful, all of them being excommunicated both the ordaining bishop and his ordinands, since they are outside the Mystical Body of the Church, lack mission and power to rule, and are intruders who would only perform invalid acts, which, if carried out, would be gravely sacrilegious. This is the case of the Greek and Russian Orthodox schismatics, who were valid clergy, but completely illicit, non-Catholic.

Pope Pius XII, 1951


“The bishop of any rite and dignity, who confers episcopal consecration on someone without having received the appointment of the Apostolic See or without it having been expressly confirmed, and also the one who receives said consecration, even if both do so coerced by grave fear (canon 2229 § 3, 3°), they incur ipso facto excommunication reserved in a very special way to the Apostolic See.”

AAS 43 (1951), 9th April, pp. 217-218

“All those who support a priest, bishop or diocesan administrator who has not legitimately received his mission from the Pope, and all those who maintain relations with him in spiritual matters, are, like the one they support, treated by the Church as schismatics, because with such an action they separate themselves from the unity of the Church.”

Manual of the Christian Religion, 1891, p. 371 by Wilmers Wilhelm, 1817-1901.


Valid = ordained without the permission of the Pope, non-Catholic, without power of government, all his acts are sacrilegious, sinful, null and void.

Licit = ordained with the permission of the Pope, Catholic, with power of government, his acts are sacred.

His Holiness Pope Pius VI tells us in this regard:

“… ministers without a mission and pastors without jurisdiction, and consequently intrusive parish priests, would only do null acts, and all the functions they exercised would be equally desecration.”

It is abundantly clear that the supposed validity these intruders claim is of no use to them at all, because it does not make them Catholic since they never received permission or Jurisdiction from the Pope. Therefore, it is absurd and even suicidal for them to cling to this very dubious validity to justify their sacrilege and desecration in the eyes of their misled followers. Furthermore, they are not even valid (!), as they are nothing more than simple laymen in disguise, since the Magisterium denounces and proves them guilty, as we will have the opportunity to demonstrate throughout this essay.

  1. Fable of the supposed “ignorance” about the Magisterium and Canon Law on the part of those who sought the Holy Orders when it was forbidden to do so.

This is probably the most “humane”, subtle fable those hypocritical impostors can appeal to in order to gain the sympathy and trust of the extremely disoriented faithful. Its false logic would be formulated as follows:

“You dare state that we are invalid and illicit for seeking the Holy Orders from people [Lefebvre & Thuc] who, according to you, were not worthy and could not confer any Orders on us, having lost Jurisdiction after apostatizing along with the rest of Catholic Bishops on December 8, 1965… BUT WE DIDN’T KNOW IT BACK THEN (!?) We were completely IGNORANT of Canon Law and the Magisterium (!?), and WE JUST WANTED TO BE ORDAINED PRIESTS (AND BISHOPS) FOR THE HONOR AND GLORY OF GOD, AND FOR THE GOOD FOR SOULS, AND TO SAVE THE CHURCH (!?) We didn’t know anything, we just wanted to help prevent the disappearance of the Priesthood and the true Catholic Mass (!?) Therefore, HOW DARE YOU JUDGE US, AND JUDGE OUR HOLY INTENTIONS?… HOW DARE YOU IMPUTE THESE SERIOUS ACCUSATIONS OF BEING SCHIMATIC AND HERETICAL INTRUDERS TO US?”

To which we will respond with complete serenity and firmness in the following manner:

“If the offender making this claim is a cleric, his petition for mitigation must be dismissed, either as false or as indicating ignorance that is affected, or at least gross or supine. His ecclesiastical training in the seminary, with its moral and dogmatic theology, ecclesiastical history, not to mention canon law, ensure that the attitude of the Church towards heresy was imparted to him… Thereafter, his professional associations and his contacts with Church affairs offer another guarantee that he must have known about heresy. Therefore, his present ignorance is unreal; or if it is real, it can only be explained as either deliberately fostered – affected ignorance – or else as the result of a total failure to do even a modicum of work regarding fundamental ecclesiastical theory and practice – gross and supine ignorance.”

Eric Francis Mackenzie, The Delict Of Heresy, 1932, p. 48

In this simple way, we will silence and hopefully put to shame those conceited schismatics. As a matter of fact, what annoys them all is when someone dares speak to them based on the unquestionable authority of the Magisterium, making them see they are hopelessly wrong. They cannot stand this and react like pharisees, tearing their hair out, yet another evident sign that they are not in the truth but in error, since they only seek the acclaim of the simple and spiritually ignorant to feed their ego. This should come as no surprise, because looking back in the history of the Church, we will discover that the Supreme Pontiffs of Our Lord Jesus Christ have always spoken with divine authority because their word was sacred and infallible, yet many bad Christians and false brothers refused to believe in this dogma of faith, and for this reason they rebelled against the Papacy and its Magisterium, being the origin of fatal schisms and heresies. Here is the origin of evil: pride, the reluctance to accept that God had chosen certain specific men to entrust them with the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to bind and loose, and to teach, guard and govern the Flock of Christ Our Lord. And how could it be otherwise, behind this spirit of pride and rebellion we always find the father of lies, who was the first rebel who dared utter his impious “Non Serviam” in front of the Holy Trinity, which earned him the most lightning expulsion from Heaven and being hurled into the depths of Hell.

  1. Fable of “Non Una Cum” the antipopes of the conciliar sect, in this case, Bergoglio, aka “Francis”, according to which the grave sacrilege and desecrations of the sedevacantist intruders arising from Msgr. Thuc’s line would be “legitimized”, as well as of those performed by Lefebvrist pseudo “clerics” who later became sedevacantists.

According to this absurd logic, the only thing that counts would be to remain “Non Una Cum” Bergoglio, alias “Francis”, no matter if the Minister be heretical and schismatic, illicit, invalid, null and sacrilegious; all that would be secondary, the important thing is to be “Non Una Cum”, that is, to not be in communion with, even if those who tell us so have been excommunicated for disobedience to the Magisterium and for their adherence to schism and heresy, no problem, let us all repeat the wicked mantra of “Non Una Cum”, as if that were the magic wand that could turn their sacrilegious simulations into something acceptable to God Almighty, which is ridiculous and false.

  1. Fable that the Magisterium should not be interpreted literally.

The false prophets accuse those who rely on the Magisterium of being rigorous zealots for wanting to expose them, since they allege that it is barbaric and unfair to want to interpret everything to the letter, but that is a blatant lie, as well as blasphemy, because belief and adherence to the Magisterium is a matter of Catholic faith, which tells us that “the See of Peter always remains free from all error.” Basically, the great problem of these sophists who are expert in misrepresenting everything is they have convinced themselves that the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Christ was a matter of purely human faith, like private revelations, when in reality it is a question of Catholic faith. Therefore, whoever does not respectfully believe and yield obedience to the Magisterium divinely inspired by the Holy Ghost for the edification and government of the souls that make up the Mystical Body, whoever does not believe this, commits a sin against the Holy Ghost, make no mistake about it. There is no excuse whatsoever for those professional charlatans posing as Catholic clergy.

  1. Fable that we ought to recognize antipope Bergoglio, alias “Francis”, along with the other usurpers of the Papacy starting from masonic agent Angelo Roncalli, since the laity would have no authority to determine whether or not they are heretics, so we would be somehow forced to submit to these enemies of God, resisting them when they make mistakes, because absolute obedience is not due to the “popes” (?), alleging sophistically that “we must obey God before men.” [Acts 5, 29]

The answer to this absurd fallacy is very simple, since it is not we, simple laymen, who determine that the See is Vacant, but it is heresy itself that determines it, since a public and notorious heretic [from Roncalli to Bergoglio] cannot be Pope, since the Magisterium of the Catholic Church establishes very clearly that a person who departs from the Catholic Faith and commits heresy cannot be Pope, without the need for a subsequent express declaration to that effect, as decreed by Pope Paul IV in his Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio promulgated in perpetuity. This admonition of the first Vicar of Christ and the rest of the Apostles in Acts 5,29 has been maliciously distorted to try and turn it into carte blanche to disobey the Supreme Pontiff, but the “luminary” who came up with such an impious interpretation completely forgot about Luke 10,16 where we read that whoever hears blessed Saint Peter and his Apostles, hears Our Lord, and whoever despises them, despises Christ and His heavenly Father that sent Him. For the Pope is sweet Christ on earth, so he that hears the Pope, hears Christ and His Eternal Father. Quoting his Holiness Pope Pius XII: “By mysterious designs of the Providence, WE HAVE BEEN CALLED TO BE here below the Vicar and representative of Jesus Christ, THE LIVING IMAGE OF GOD INCARNATE” (September 30, 1939.)

Basically, it is about the same perverse fallacy held by hypocritical heretic Marcel Lefebvre and his unfortunate spiritual offspring of the SSPX sect, thus showing their null catholicity by recognizing and resisting on multiple occasions those whom they considered as “popes”, that is, antichrists Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla, Ratzinger, and now Bergoglio, “ignoring” that the Pope is the Successor of Saint Peter, and that the Episcopal Body, which is the Catholic Bishops in communion with the Pope, that is, the Bishops validly and licitly consecrated, with a mission received from the Pope, they are the successors of the Apostles, hence, if anyone dares to disobey the Pope, he is disobeying God. It is of Catholic and Divine faith that the Holy Church is exempt from all error, and furthermore Christ and his vicar constitute a single Head [cf Unam sanctam, Mystici Corporis Christi]. Therefore, to maintain that the passage from Acts 5:29 would enable anyone to disobey the Pope is blatant blasphemy typical of charlatans like hypocritical heretic Lefebvre.

The malice of this sophistry is enormous, since to dare claim that the Pope, the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the most holy head in the entire world, who is also the Head of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Holy Catholic Church, the most holy and immaculate Body that ever existed, to even venture that such a Head can fail or err is intolerable impiety and gross blasphemy. In another age, the Holy Office would never have allowed such a degree of audacity and irreverence, which constitutes a very grave sin against the Holy Ghost as it maliciously suggests that the Paraclete would be wrong when speaking through the mouth of the Pontiffs.

  1. Fable of appealing for adherence to a “future Pope” who, according to the “Traditionalist” impostors, would confirm and legalize (!?) the multiple irregularities and transgressions committed by those wretches, who insolently pretend to be nothing less than “successors of the Apostles.” (!?)

Based on this false logic, many of these hirelings and soul thieves have impiously dared to erect “religious foundations” and to profess “solemn vows”, carrying out according to them the “apostolic mission” for which they have been called (!?), trusting in a future “Pope” who will give his approval to such desecrations, which is utter madness.

The answer to such arrogance is simple, and it is provided by Pope Pius II: “Who will not find it ridiculous, when the appeals are made for what does not exist and for the time of whose future existence no one knows?” 

Pope Pius II, Execrabilis, 1460.

From which it automatically follows that without Jurisdiction provided by the Pope there is no Apostolicity, and without the Pope there is no Jurisdiction [cf Mystici Corporis Christi, Ad Sinarum Gentem, Apostolorum Principis Sepulcrum), all those pretentious charlatans being only intruders, that is, non-Catholics.

“Legitimate mission is that which comes from the one who has the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven or of the Church, who is the Pope. Thus, the intruding bishops or those who separate from obedience to the Roman Pontiff, ARE NOT SUCCESSORS OF THE APOSTLES, BUT THIEVES, as Jesus Christ calls them, and we must flee from them as sheep flee from wolves.”

Saint Anthony Mary Claret, 1849, The Fourth Mark of the Church: Apostolic

“To become a successor of the Apostles, it is necessary to be received into the body of the Apostles, into that body that Christ gave power to govern His Church. Thus, even at the time of the Apostles, their successors were appointed… Jurisdiction is possessed only by those in communion with and under the obedience of the supreme head of the Church… The Roman Catholic Church is apostolic because the body of their teachers and rulers legitimately succeed the Apostles.

The apostolicity of the teaching body of the Church is for us a guarantee for the apostolicity of the doctrine and the sacraments of the Church, and of all its permanent institutions. Being the successors of the Apostles, the bishops cannot carry out their office independently of the Pope, their supreme head, because the apostles recognized Saint Peter as their supreme head…

The dependence of the bishops on the Pope is even greater than that of the Apostles on Peter; because the Apostles, having received the extraordinary mission of preaching the Gospel… also received an extraordinary power from Our Lord they did not transmit to their successors… Individual bishops do not inherit this extraordinary power… The bishop… invested with the episcopal dignity by the clergy or even by a chapter, contrary to the laws of the Church… is an intruder. All those who support a priest, bishop or diocesan administrator who has not legitimately received his mission from the Pope, and all who relate to him in spiritual matters, are, like the one they support, treated by the Church as schismatics, because by such action they separate themselves from the unity of the Church.”

Rev. Wilhelm Wilmers, Handbook of the Christian Religion, 1891.

“Apostolicity of mission means the Church is a moral body, that it possesses the mission entrusted by Jesus Christ to the Apostles and that it is transmitted through them and their legitimate successors in an uninterrupted chain of the current representatives of Christ on earth. This authoritative transmission of power in the Church constitutes apostolic succession. This apostolic succession must be both material and formal; the material consists of the royal succession in the Church, through a series of persons from the apostolic age to the present; the formal adds the element of authority in the transmission of power; It consists in the legitimate transmission of the ministerial power conferred by Christ on his Apostles. No one can give a power he does not possess. Therefore, in tracing the location of the mission of the Church back to the Apostles, no gap can be allowed, no new mission can emerge; rather, the mission conferred by Christ must pass from generation to generation through legal and uninterrupted succession. The Apostles received it from Christ and gave it in turn to those rightfully appointed by them, and these again selected others to continue the work of the ministry. Any interruption in this succession destroys apostolicity, because the break means the beginning of a new series that is not Apostolic. “How will they preach if they are not sent?” (Rom. 10, 15). An authoritative teaching mission is absolutely necessary, a mission entrusted by a man is not authoritative. Hence any concept of apostolicity that excludes the authoritative union of the apostolic mission robs the ministry of its divine character. Apostolicity, or apostolic succession, then, means that the mission conferred by Jesus on the Apostles must pass from them to their legitimate successors, in an unbroken line, until the end of the world/consummation of the age. This notion of apostolicity is derived from the words of Christ himself, the practice of the Apostles, and the teaching of the Fathers and theologians of the Church.

Apostolicity is not found in any other Church. This is a necessary consequence of the unity of the Church. If there is only one true Church, and if the Catholic Church, as just pointed out, is Apostolic, it follows that no other Church is Apostolic. All the sects that reject the episcopate, by the very fact make the apostolic succession impossible, since they destroy the channel through which the apostolic mission is transmitted. Historically, the beginnings of all of these churches date back to a period of time after the time of Christ and the Apostles. As for the Greek Church, it is enough to point out that it lost the apostolic succession by withdrawing from the jurisdiction of the legitimate successors of Saint Peter in the See of Rome. The same is true of Anglican claims to continuity (MacLaughlin, “Divine Plan of the Church”, 213; and, Newman, “Diff. Of Angl.”, Lecture 12), for the very fact of separation destroys their jurisdiction. They have based their claims on the validity of Anglican orders. However, these have been declared invalid. But even if they were valid, the Anglican Church would not be apostolic, for jurisdiction is essential to the apostolicity of mission. A study of the organization of the Anglican Church shows that it is completely different from the Church established by Jesus Christ.”

The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1907.

  1. Fable that the Montinian, Novus Ordo or conciliar sect is our only enemy, cunningly seeking to exempt their “traditionalist” franchises from any responsibility. It is a reiteration of the “Non Una Cum” fable, used as a perverse mantra by the false prophets of the Thucist schism and the ex-Lefebvrist false wandering clergy.

Resolution of this fable:

If you and your followers state day in day out that the Conciliar church is not the Catholic Church, but a non-Catholic sect that has broken with Catholicism, then absolutely all the Catholic Bishops, whether validly and licitly consecrated by His Holiness Saint Pius X, His Holiness Benedict XV, His Holiness Pius XI or His Holiness Pius XII who defected to the Conciliar sect, ipso facto ceased to be Catholic Bishops [cf Canon 188.4, Cum ex Apostolatus officio] by their public abandonment of the Catholic Faith, ipso facto losing their ecclesiastical offices and their jurisdiction, not the character of the order, which is indelible, that is, indelible as long as the order has been received, of course.

On the other hand, if you state actively and passively that His Holiness Pius XII is the last true Pope, who bound in heaven that the power of Jurisdiction only reaches the Bishop through the Pope [cf Mystici Corporis Christi, Ad Sinarum Gentem, Apostolorum Principis Sepulcrum], who made it clear that the current discipline for the consecration of Catholic Bishops is reserved exclusively to the Pope, and that no Bishop can proceed to it without a certain apostolic mandate (Canon 953), and whoever consecrates without permission from the Pope ends up being excommunicated (Acta Apostolica Sedis 43 (1951) pp 217-218) and suspended ipso facto (canon 2370), and who also taught that in periods of interregnum (Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis [Acta Apostolica Sedis 38 ( 1946), n. 3, pp. 65-99]) under His Supreme Authority, which is that of Our Lord Jesus Christ, all power and jurisdiction of the Pope in life cannot be used or exercised, otherwise it will be null and void , that is invalid.

As His Holiness Pope Leo XIII declared in his infallible Bull Apostolicae Curae of September 13th 1896, the current discipline on episcopal consecrations is reserved exclusively to the Pope while he is alive (Canon 953), and in interregnums it is prohibited not under illegality, but under nullity, that is invalidity, and as His Holiness Pope Innocent IV said in his Apparatus Super Quinque Libros Decretali, where he states that the Pope can, by means of a Constitution, prohibit a Bishop from christening, ordaining, and even validly baptizing , so if it affirms that the sacraments conferred by such persons are invalid, then they are effectively invalid (sic).

“Et quidem satis bene videntur dicere in eo, quod dicunt, quod possunt facere constitutiones summi Pontifices super praemissis, et eis factis, si constituatur quod non valeant sacramenta a talibus collata, non valebunt”.

Therefore, could you explain to us how would it possible that there can be a valid “Bishop”, who would have received jurisdiction directly from the Pope, that is, which is an essential requirement for him to be licit and Catholic, in your “chapel”-sect created in 1981 by the hands of the “Archbishop” of Bulla Regia [Thuc], an “Archbishopric” that Montini-Paul 6 gave him in 1968, and that by sleight of hand Canon 188.4 and Pope Paul IV’s Cum ex apostolatus officio would not be applied to him, nor the discipline of episcopal consecrations (canon 953 (Acta Apostolica Sedis 43 (1951) pp. 217-218) and that of interregnums (Acta Apostolica Sedis 38 (1946), n. 3, pp. 65-99), not to mention more illegalities than have already been quoted hundreds of times, and we also leave out what His Holiness Pope Leo XIII said in his infallible bull Apostolicae Curae:

“Since obtaining nullliter orders means the same thing as a null and void act, that is, invalid, as the same word and common speech require”; would you please explain all of that?… “Nulliter enim obtinuisse ordines idem est atque irrito actu nulloque effectu, videlicet invalide, ut ipsa monet eius vocis notatio et consuetudo sermonis; praesertim quum idem pari modo affirmetur de ordinibus quod de beneficiis ecclesiasticis…” And the same goes for Lefebvre, of course.

Can you tell us, if you would be so kind, how is it possible that in your sect-garage-private “chapel” there is a valid Bishop, with jurisdiction, and who is Catholic, i.e., licit?…

Because, as far as we know, priests cannot consecrate bishops, and it is prohibited sub poena nullitatis to usurp the powers and jurisdiction of the Pope in interregnums since 1945, the current discipline of episcopal consecrations being exclusively reserved to the Pope; therefore, the leader of your sect could never have been consecrated Bishop sub poena nullitatis, much less as a Catholic, so we will have to conclude that he is nothing more than a priest who lost his office in 1965, and who believed in 1981 that an ultramodernist Montinian Archbishop [Thuc], who had previously “consecrated” 5 “Bishops” to the Vetero-Catholic schism, and 5 countrymen of Palmar de Troya (Spain), an Archbishop who lost his office in 1965 -just like the Roncallian Titular Archbishop of Sinnada of Phrygia [Lefebvre]-, who “made” him a Catholic Bishop 23 years after the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII, and 16 years after the Great Biblical Apostasy; and you dare say that 65 years after the death of Pope Pius XII, and 42 years after the infamy of your garage, you affirm that laymen disguised with mitres can “consecrate” Catholic Bishops and “ordain” Catholic Priests, you carry on with the chimerical tale that these men would be valid, licit, and would have jurisdiction to absolve sins, and they would represent the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, but nothing could be further from the truth.

From which it can be easily gathered that not only did these men not receive the power of jurisdiction, for we have not had a Pope since October 9th 1958 [cf “Mystici Corporis Christi”, “Ad Sinarum gentem”, “Ad Apostolorum principis”], but nor did they receive the power of order sub poena nullitatis in an interregnum, that is invalidity. (Vacantis apostolicae Sedis, Apostolicae Curae, canon 953, AAS 43 (1951) pp 217-218).

Therefore, at the very least, their episcopal ordinations would be dubious (to some, to others it is obvious that they are invalid), and in conferring the sacraments it is never permissible to adopt a probable course of action as regards validity, abandoning the safest course; the opposite was explicitly condemned by Pope Innocent XI in the Decree of the Holy Office of March 2, 1679.

As a result, they are not only illicit, in other words, intruders, which they know, and for this reason they always emphasize that they are valid in order to deceive the simple, since they lack all jurisdiction to govern the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but they are also invalid because the leader of their sect or garage was never consecrated Bishop in 1981 sub poena nullitatis during the interregnum in which they say we are, so we must necessarily conclude that they have been simulating episcopal consecrations and ordinations, as well as simulating the adminitration of sacraments, for more than 40 years.

Furthermore, we inform you that if canon 188.4 and Cum ex apostolatus officio do not apply to a single subject, as you purport, they do not apply to anyone, but then you cannot legally defend the vacancy of the Holy See. On the other hand, if you defend that the See is vacant, then you must stick to the current Apostolic Constitution for interregnums, that of the year 1945, and this is included in the Apostolic Acts, nº 43, and His Holiness Pope Saint Pius X, in his Apostolic Constitution Promulgandi of September 29th 1908, stated that all promulgation of general ecclesiastical laws is carried out exclusively through the insertion of the law in the official publication of the Holy See, the “Acta Apostolicae Sedis”, and that said laws come into force and are binding on all members of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, something that you and your sects do not do, which leads us to logically ask if you are members of the Catholic Church, which is evident you are not, since you have pulled out of your hats a “new” discipline to function, as well as a “new” Magisterium, as if you could do such a thing, but you cannot, except in the darkest and most sinister deception.

Consequently, if you pretend to be Catholic, then you owe your obedience to His Holiness Pope Pius XII, instead of thiefs and bandits who have not entered the sheepfold through the gate, because you must not forget that:

“When a Catholic cooperates in schism by his conduct, it is impossible for him not to acknowledge by that very fact the sin of schism, and not to recognize and treat the intruder as a legitimate priest.”

His Holiness Pope Pius VI, September 26, 1791.

Because, if you can obviously skip all the laws and censures you want, it follows that anyone can skip them too, as unfortunately happens in these times of the Anomos, but you also jump out of the ark of salvation by despising the Magisterium and the discipline imposed by the Papacy.

“Since not all sins, however grave, by their very nature separate man from the Body of the Church, as do schism, heresy, or apostasy.”

Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi, of June 29, 1943.

And finally, we remind you of Pope Benedict XIV’s words in 1757:

“We consider it superfluous to demonstrate in many words what a grave and horrendous crime is committed by anyone who, not invested with the priestly order, dares to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass, since the reasons why it is justly considered a crime so sacrilegious that it must be detested and punished with a rigorous application of sanctions.”

  1. Satanic fable that there can be “bishops” and “clerics” without a Pope.

The answer is very simple: for there to be Catholic Bishops there must be a Pope, since without a Pope there cannot even be clergy (!), as tonsure is a legal act that marks the admission to the clerical state, without citing the current discipline that invalidates all current intruders in Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis, the 1917 Code of Canon Law, canon 953, and the Acta Apostolicae Sedis 43 (1951) April 9 pp. 217-218, which renders all false pastors excommunicated.

The harsh reality is that there are many blind people who are only following simple laymen disguised with fake mitres and cassocks purchased online. If you happen to be one of them, we beg you, one more time, to have mercy on your own soul and recant the heresies of Gallicanism and Febronianism as soon as possible.

  1. Fable that the visible and hierarchical Church can never die, which in reality is a diabolical subterfuge used by “Traditionalist” imposters to justify their false ordinations and continue with their sacrilege.

These false prophets are the main adversaries and detractors of the Parousia of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as they refuse to accept that they were deceived by Lefebvre and Thuc when they resorted to them in search of the Orders, just as they refuse to believe that the hierarchical and juridical Church ceased to exist after the death of Pope Pius XII, and above all, after the massive apostasy of all the Bishops on December 8, 1965 on the occasion of the closure of the heretical Vatican 2 fake council, so instead they have decided to carry on advancing towards the precipice in a suicidal manner, dragging with them a large number of naive souls, whom they teach the same error with obstinacy.

Thus, these hapless characters imitate those lukewarm followers of Our Lord in the famous passage from the Gospel of Saint John 12:32-36, who were under the pernicious influence of the Scribes and the Pharisees, hence they were scandalized when Our Lord told them that the Son of God must die and be raised from the earth to attract everything to Him, replying proudly that they knew from the Scriptures that the Messiah would not die, so they abandoned Him and returned to the false christs of the Scribes and Pharisees who told them what they wanted to hear instead. Well, exactly the same thing happens to the unfortunate supporters of the “Traditionalist” false prophets today, that is, the Lefebvrist and Thucist fake clergy, since they flatly refuse to accept there is NOT A SINGLE valid and licit Catholic priest left in the world who can offer the Holy Sacrifice of the altar, because this was meant to happen so that the Word of God could be fulfilled and the Son of God could come to judge everyone in His glorious Second Coming, showing with their sacrilegious, reckless acts that they disregard the infallible Magisterium of the Vicar of Christ because they love the ephemeral false glory of men more than the eternal glory of God.

  1. Fable spread by the lay intruder Mark A. Pivarunas that there may be consecrated persons without the permission of the Pope during an interregnum.

This hypocrite individual supports his fable by saying that there were 21 consecrated persons without the permission of the Pope during the interregnum between 1268-1271, which is absolutely false, as Konrad Eubel and Pius Bonifacius Gams tell us in their respective works “Hierarchia catholica medii aevisive Summorum pontificum sive” and “Series episcoporum Ecclesiae catholicae”, where we can verify that there was only one consecrated, adding the following two consecrations by the book Ecclesiastical History of Spain: Volume IV of the year 1873, by the Encyclopedia Gallia christiana, by the book Life of Félix Amat, Archbishop of Palmyra of the year 1838; as well as the book Viage Literario A Las Iglesias De España, Volume 19; and if a minimum of follow-up and study is done, it is verified that all of them had permission from the Pope. We could even quote “Licet ecclesiarum” by Pope Clement IV. Therefore, sustaining such impiety is manifestly heretical and perverse, since holding this fable is typical of the false prophets who try to get rid of the fundamental figure of the Pope, by daring to usurp his powers and prerogatives divinely conferred by Christ Our Lord.

  1. Extremely perverse fable of resorting to “epikeia” as a false solution and “miraculous” excuse to skip over and disregard what has been established by the Vicars of Christ in their Magisterium and in the Holy Canons.

First of all, we will explain what epikeia is, so that our kind readers can understand the twisted logic of this fable of the Anomos so widely used by today’s false prophets.

According to the Salmanticense Moral Compendium, epikeia is a modification of the law, or the exception of a particular case; it has also been defined as justice tempered with the sweetness of mercy.

Based on this definition, Traditionalist intruders have concocted a very harmful fable, since it directly threatens the Primacy of Saint Peter, which those charlatans dare to question and deny when they blasphemously defend that anyone during a vacancy of the Holy See may be elected, confirmed and consecrated as Catholic Bishop, regardless of what Pope Pius XII decreed and confirmed in V.A.S., and that in Sede Vacante, through the use of the “epikeia”, or rather with nom serviam, even priests may marry (!?), because it is an ecclesiastical law, they may also ordain other priests (!?), according to their logics of the Anomos, since we have precedents, such as Boniface IX in the Bull Sacrae Religionis of 1-II-1400 that granted the Abbot of Saint Osita, in England, the possibility of ordaining deacons and priests, major orders, later renewed by Martin V in the Bull Gerentes ad vos of 6-XI-1427, and Innocent VIII in the Bull Exposcit tuae devotionis of 9-IV-1489, granted the general of the Cistercians the ability to ordain subdeacons and deacons.

It is obvious that, for these proud televangelists of the Anomos, everything, even Dogmas (!!), is open to change, as modernists and schismatics have always said and done, and since there is no Pope because the See has been vacant since October 9th 1958, everyone may be able to skip papal constitutions and all discipline by means of epikeia. We find ourselves in the most absolute and wildest non serviam, where we can make a Copernican turn in the Divine Constitution of the Church, and turn Divine laws into ecclesiastical ones by sleight of hand, such as those that include the forms of organization of the Mystical Body of Christ, as are also the laws that regulate the constitution of the Church and those that define the powers of the Pope and the Bishops, and thus usurp the powers and jurisdiction of the Pope in life, as if such satanic audacity could even be possible, in a sophistic boast that any intruder can change the laws that they decide to call ecclesiastical, as if such laws did not demand obligatory submission to all validly baptized individual, as stated in the Council of Trent and the Code of Canon Law, which is where they come from, as well as other disciplinary documents that this schismatic mob want to skip, as if they could, and that anyone could vary them at their spurious whim.

As a matter of fact, they are trying to make us believe that just because we may skip the law of fast during Lent if we are convalescing due to illness thanks to epikeia, we could also reach the conclusion that anyone can repeal the laws imposed by the Popes and even convert Divine laws into human ones, which constitutes horrendous blasphemy and impiety. Therefore, it is not surprising to see many of these false christs posing as wandering “clerics” who actually believe possessing such an impious power that would enable them to roam freely without being subject to their “Bishop”, and so many other irregularities, which are upheld by those who claim to defend “Tradition” with the most infamous treason.

Given these soul thieves believe that “epikeia” is the magic word that would whitewash their sacrilege and desecration, they should learn the following:

“Let us assume that an elected Bishop, presented by His Majesty, after receiving the presentation certificates, went to the Church, to be presented distantly, as all those in Peru are, and in great need for the governing Bishop, and that said Bishop who is distant, and with the need to consecrate it, and take possession of his Bishopric, and that His Holiness, in the interim, having made the consistories that are made for the confirmation of the Bishop, found, that he did not he had to confirm him, and so did not confirm him; I wonder what would it be then? would epikeia prevail? or the express will of the Pontiff?

Because if epikeia prevailed, we should say that there may be episcopal jurisdiction in the Church of God, which does not emanate from the Supreme Head, against his express will.

But if the express will of His Holiness prevailed (as it is certain that it would prevail), it would be evident that the express will of His Holiness had to have been kept, by fiat, and his confirmation, and that the reason of epikeia could not be obtained by usury in said case.”

Francisco de Contreras, Information that those elected to bishops cannot be consecrated or take possession of their bishoprics without first receiving the apostolic letters from His Holiness the Pope, 1647, nº 37.

“Human invalidating laws sometimes stop binding; but epikeia cannot be applied to human invalidating laws.”

The History, Nature, and Use of Epikeia in Moral Theology, by Riley, Lawrence J. (Lawrence Joseph), Bp., 1914, page 460, point 12.

IMPRIMATUR: Richardus Jacobus Cushing. D.D., May 7th 1948.

We now quote the 1917 Code of Catholic Canon Law:

Canon 11: Only those laws by which, in express or equivalent terms, an act is declared void or a person is declared incapacitated will be considered invalid or disqualifying.

POPE PIUS XII, 1945, Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis, paragraphs 1 to 3, chapter 1:

“The laws given by the Roman Pontiffs cannot be corrected or changed by the meeting of the cardinals of the Roman Church [the See] being vacant; nor can anything be removed or added, NOR CAN ANY DISPENSATION BE MADE REGARDING THE LAWS THEMSELVES OR SOME PART OF THEM. This is very evident in the Pontifical Constitutions [on]… the election of the Roman Pontiff. BUT IF ANYTHING CONTRARY TO THIS PRECEPT IS PRODUCED OR INTENDED BY CHANCE, WE DECLARE IT BY OUR SUPREME AUTHORITY VOID.”


Canon 2370: “A bishop who consecrates another bishop, and the assisting bishops, or the priests assisting bishops, the consecrator and the newly consecrated bishop, who have made the consecration without an apostolic mandate in violation of Canon 953, are all automatically suspended (and excommunicated) until the Apostolic See has relieved them of their sentence.”

Canon 2372: “A suspension ‘a divinis’ reserved for the Apostolic See thus strikes those who presume to receive the orders of an excommunicated, suspended or prohibited minister after a declaratory or condemnatory sentence, or of a notorious apostate, heretic or schismatic. Those who have been ordered in good faith by one of them are deprived of the exercise of the order thus received, until they are exempt from this prescription.”

Canon 188.4: “All offices will be vacant ipso facto by tacit resignation: If a cleric has publicly departed from the Catholic faith.”

Canon 2316: “Anyone who, spontaneously and consciously, helps in any way to spread heresy, or communicates “in divinis” with heretics, is considered a suspect of heresy, contrary to what is prescribed in canon   1258.”

Rev. Riley, Lawrence J., The history, nature, and use of epikeia in moral theology. IMPRIMATUR: Richardus Jacobus Cushing. D.D., May 7, 1948.

“…it can be concluded that in regards to matters that touch the essence of the Sacraments, the use of epikeia is always excluded.”

Page 344

“As regards the essence of these Sacraments, what has been previously explained about all the Sacraments is applicable to them, that is, that epikeia is never licit.”

Page 347

“At most, epikeia may excuse the individual from the precept, but it can never confer the ability to act. Epikeia cannot grant him the power that he now does not possess, nor can it restore the power that the law has withdrawn from him. For such granting or restoration of power requires a positive act.”

Page 387

  1. Everyone agrees that the sacraments of the new law, as sensible signs that produce invisible grace, must both signify the grace they produce and produce the grace they signify. Now, the effects that must be produced and, therefore, also signified by the Holy Ordination to the diaconate, to the priesthood and to the episcopate, namely, power and grace, in all the rites of the different times and places of the universal Church, are sufficiently signified by the imposition of hands and the words that determine it.

SACRAMENTUM ORDINIS, The episcopate is a sacrament.

Pope PIUS XII, 1947

“Consideration of the above truths leads to the conclusion that the manifest and unequivocal intention of Jesus Christ, the Divine Founder of the Church, was to establish it forever as a hierarchical-monarchical society. Nowhere in the revelation is there evidence of the intention to allow exceptions or changes to this constitution in future history, through the use of epikeia or on any other basis Men are physically free, of course, to found other churches, differing in constitution and nature from the one established by Christ. But such churches are not of Christ, and their very existence is opposed to the will of the Son of God. For, by virtue of the positively expressed will of its divine founder, the Church in its essence is to remain unchanged until the end of times.”

The history, nature and use of epikeia in moral theology, by Riley, Lawrence J. (Lawrence Joseph), Bp, 1948, page 330

And assuming a certainly impossible assumption that we could bypass an invalidating law, by means of epikeia, thus bypassing the Supreme Authority of a Pope, which cannot be done, the question is the following: Where are those Bishops consecrated before October 9, 1958 with jurisdiction, mission, apostolicity, Catholicity that only a true Pope can give them, which is of Divine Right, and who did not apostatize in 1965?… Of course, in the multiple sects founded by the Montinian archbishop of Bulla Regia, that is to say, in the multiple sects of the Thucist schism, no way, they are not there. Nor are those Bishops found in the schism generated by the Montinian Archbishop of Sinnada de Phrygia, i.e., in the SSPX or Lefebvrist sect.

All the intruders coming out of the most pestilent bowels of the great Babylon in the 70s and the 80s will tell us that, in order to save ourselves, we must disobey the Papacy, its Magisterium and Canon Law, which is terrible blasphemy, pretending to make us believe that, by means of a Copernican twist of the “Salus populi suprema lex est”, disobeying the Pope will save us; but that is only typical of ministers of the Antichrist, so we must obey the Pope at all times, because he will never take us out of the Ark of Salvation, and flee from the false shepherds who claim to give bread, but can only give wormwood, that is, bitterness and spiritual death. We remind those schismatic rebels of the serious warning by Boniface VIII: “we declare, say, define and pronounce that submitting to the Roman Pontiff is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature.” [Bull Unam Sanctam]

It is more than evident that the “Traditionalist” intruders seek to drag as many unsuspecting people as possible into the multiple schisms they have set up based on hoaxes, sophistry, double language and manifest disobedience to Saint Peter and his Successors. Hence, the faithful should keep their eyes wide open and not be deceived by these lepers of schism and heresy, because as Saint Jerome teaches us: “Whoever does not sow with Peter, scatters his seed in the wind.”

“May God give you the necessary grace to defend the rights of the Sovereign Pontiff and of the Holy See; because without the Pope there is no Church, and there is no Catholic Society without the Holy See.” – Pope Pius IX, Address to Religious Superiors, June, 1872.

  1. Fable that since we no longer have a Pope to obey, the wildest anarchy and non-compliance with the divine laws established in the Magisterium and the 1917 CIC would be somehow justified.

This is just another version of the previous fable, and it is very easy to solve, because in this time of prolonged vacancy of the Holy See, all the faithful must abide by the Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis, which is the discipline for vacant sees that Pope Pius XII left us for these times, and run away from those who ignore and disobey the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law because they have been infected with the leprosy of schism and heresy.

“During the time of the vacancy, the Church remains firmly established, which is the fruit of the exercise of the primacy. […]

During the time of the vacant seat, the Church and its unity remain firmly in place with the pre-existing exercise of primacy, as well as the current law and providence of Christ, which prohibits the transformation of the monarchy into a collegiate government or the dissolution of the one Church in various autocephalous churches. […]

Drawn from the dynamic influence of the papacy, sooner rather than later it turns fatally into disintegration and division, either in broken Protestantism, or in the disintegration of national autocephalism into Orientalism.”


  1. Absurd and delusional fable whereby the laity, according to the false prophets, would not have the authority to judge competently nor to interpret the Magisterium. (!?)


Indeed, “Traditionalist” impostors want to prevent us from citing the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law, where they are exposed as sacrilegious, thieves, and soul killers, whose acts are nothing but desecration, while they, who have dared to constitute themselves a pseudo “hierarchy” from their private “chapels” and garages, keep their acolytes in the most absolute ignorance and spiritual starvation with “sermons” riddled with lies and half-truths, completely deceived, while their most sectarian followers distribute their poisonous propaganda of stubborn disobedience to the Papacy and usurpers of its powers and jurisdiction. These false christs have stolen the show in order to deceive even the elect, if this were possible, using their false mitres and cassocks, and their sacrilege in Latin for over 40 years, which is all very seductive for many, unfortunately.

Pope Pius XII gave clear instructions to the laity regarding the apostolicity of doctrine in situations where it is practically impossible to have contacts with the hierarchy, such as the time that concerns us, when we do not have a Pope, we do not have Catholic Bishops, we do not have Catholic Priests, and instead we are surrounded by schismatic intruders and sacrilegious usurpers who impiously say the Magisterium that bothers them would be outdated or abrogated.

POPE PIUS XII, 1957, Acta Apostolica Sedis (AAS), 22nd November 1957, 49: 906-922 to the «Union Mondiale des Organisations féminines catholiques»:

“Christ, before ascending to Heaven, entrusted to his apostles and through them, to his entire Church, the task of preaching the Gospel to the world in His Name. Therefore, every Christian must realize that part of this responsibility falls on their shoulders… THE INITIATIVE OF THE LAY APOSTOLATE IS PERFECTLY JUSTIFIED EVEN WITHOUT A PREVIOUS EXPLICIT ‘MISSION’ OF THE HIERARCHY… Personal initiative plays a great role in the protection of the faith and Catholic life, especially in countries WHERE CONTACTS WITH THE HIERARCHY ARE DIFFICULT OR PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. In such circumstances, the Christians on whom this task falls must, with the grace of God, assume all their responsibilities… Even so, nothing can be undertaken against the explicit or implicit will of the Church, or contrary in any way to the rules of faith or morality, or ecclesiastical discipline.”

And also here:

“We wish, then, that all those who recognize the Church as Mother carefully consider that not only the sacred ministers and those who have consecrated themselves to God in religious life, but also the other members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, have an obligation, each according to their strength, to collaborate intensely and diligently in the building and increase of the same Body.”

Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi, June 29th 1943.

Consequently, let the schismatic “Traditionalists” show us a single magisterial document where the popes would tell us we should not flee from them and their sacrilege, but rather we should consider these dangerous intruders as Catholic Hierarchy. Obviously, such a document does not exist except in the chimerical fables devised by these charlatans.

“…we severely forbid the ill-chosen and illicitly consecrated from assuming episcopal jurisdiction since they have never received it. Nor should they count, for the care of souls and the administration of the Sacraments, UNDER ANY PRETEXT OF NECESSITY.”

Pope Pius VI, April 13th 1791


“When speaking of hierarchy, what is meant is the organization of ranks and orders in the Christian Church. In a broad and loose sense, when one considers that the entire Catholic Church exists in the midst of heretics, schismatics and pagans, even the laity can be considered as part of the hierarchy…”

A Catholic dictionary, by W.E. Addis and T. Arnold, page 402

Saint Augustine

“If no one imposes the burden of the apostolate on us, we must apply ourselves to the study and knowledge of the truth. And if it is imposed on us, we must accept it due to the urgency of charity.”

The City of God 19,19

“Continue, then, your race and persevere running to the finish line; and with the example of your life and the word of your exhortation draw in your race as many as you can.”

The Goodness of Widowhood 23,28

“The charity of Christ, for whom I wish to conquer all men, does not allow me to be silent, insofar as it depends on my will.”

Against the academics 105, 1,1

“…The mangy sheep, if it is not separated from the healthy ones, communicates its disease to the others, and the man attacked by the plague is fearsome for many; likewise the dog, possessed by rabies, is greatly dangerous to those it approaches.

If, therefore, we do not separate the wicked man from the Church of God, we will make the house of God a den of thieves.”

Pope Saint Clement I, Constitutions, Chapter XVIII (fragment)

  1. Fable that Canon Law should not be taken literally, because, according to the false christs, “only” with the aid of the Holy Canons it would not be possible to know God’s Holy Will and the mind of the Church, thus daring to establish themselves as absolute legislators to the detriment of the Vicar of Our Lord Jesus Christ, fabricating a “new magisterium” at will.

This sloppy fable quickly collapses under its own weight, for as we read in The Catholic Encyclopedia:

“THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF CANON LAW IS GOD, whose will is manifested either by the very nature of things (natural divine law) or by Revelation (positive divine law) … To achieve its sublime end, the Church, endowed by its Founder with legislative power, makes laws in accordance with natural and divine law. The sources or authors of this positive ecclesiastical law are essentially the episcopate and its head, the Pope, the successors of the Apostolic College and its divinely appointed head, Saint Peter. They are, properly speaking, the active sources of Canon Law. Its activity is exercised in its most solemn form by the ecumenical councils… (these) councils, especially… Trent, occupy an exceptional place in ecclesiastical law… If we wish to know the will of God and the mind of the Church, as it has consistently been expressed throughout the centuries, we need only look as far as Canon Law. […]

The sovereign pontiff is the most fertile source of Canon Law: … Since the most remote times the letters of the Roman Pontiffs constitute, together with the canons of the Councils, the main element of Canon Law; …everywhere they are trusted and collected, and the ancient canonical compilations contain a large number of these precious decretals […]

On this positive divine law depend the essential principles of the constitution of the Church, the primacy, the episcopate, the essential elements of divine worship and the sacraments, the indissolubility of marriage, etc.”

Taken from The Catholic Encyclopedia; an international reference work on the constitution, doctrine, discipline and history of the Catholic Church, 1907, Volume IX.

  1. Very malevolent fable that the Code of Canon Law of 1917 would be abrogated, according to the false prophets, due to the effects of the great apostasy/consummation of the centuries/end of time/vacancy of the See never seen before/unprecedented apocalyptic crisis, etc., whatever those wolves in sheep’s clothing call it, anything that serves to “justify” their sacrilegious actions.

Which is an impiety of Cyclopean proportions, for who are these charlatans to declare this abrogation of Church discipline, and with what authority do they dare uphold such blasphemous falsehood? If we take into account that the Code rules with full Petrine authority since the times of Pope Benedict XV until our days, and there is no other higher authority on earth, by express mandate of Our Lord to blessed Saint Peter and his Successors, then this satanic farce is instantly dismantled since the Code is part of the Pontiff, who is the only one who can repeal or change it, since he is the only arbitrator in matters of discipline, liturgy, faith and morals. Trad intruders try to make us believe that Canon Law is nothing more than mere positive law that can undergo changes and modifications, but they are maliciously obfuscated by not wanting to see the operation and intervention of Providence in the current discipline for the salvation of souls, and thus they put their own mistaken personal criteria before the sacred words of the Pope, criminally “forgetting” what Pope Pius XII taught us:

“…for there are also legal norms that are incorporated into the same ecclesiastical structure, and in its substance directly from the divine Founder of the Church: forms of organization of the Mystical Body of Christ, as in ecclesiastical constitutional law, in the provisions on power of the Pope and the bishops. Christ did not found his church as a formless spiritual movement, but as a firmly established community.”


It is essential that the faithful understand that, in any age, situation or circumstance in which we find ourselves, the ONLY thing that differentiates us from heretics and schismatics, and therefore, that which will guarantee that we remain within the Little Flock of Christ Our Lord, it is obedience to the Pope and the Magisterium, since Orthodox schismatics, for example, have everything except the Pope, hence their salvation as a moral person is none, they are condemned to hell, for being outside the Holy Catholic, Apostolic Church and Roman, as our Faith teaches us.

We also have the glorious example of the Japanese Catholics who spent 200 years without the Sacraments and without recourse to any hierarchy in their lands, but were attached to the Pope and his obedience, which constitutes the fundamental factor, so they, as a moral person, were saved, since they were members of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.

The quotes that follow will help us understand the enormous gravity of rejecting the ecclesiastical discipline established by the Supreme Pontiffs in the Holy Canons, since those who oppose discipline are schismatics, no matter how many false mitres and cassocks they put on, nor how much Latin they know or how much incense they burn.

Pope Pius XII, to the religious students of Rome on June 24, 1939: “Canon law is likewise directed to the salvation of souls; and the purpose of all its regulations and laws is that men live and die in the holiness that is given to them by the grace of God.”

Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Quartus Supra, 1873:

“All who boast in the name of Catholics must not only share their faith and dogmas, but also obey when it comes to rites and discipline.”

Saint Augustine, Letters 108, 7.20:

“Let us correct together, with the discipline we can, the wicked, saving unity.”

Proverbs 5,23: “He will die for lack of discipline, and for his great foolishness he will wander.”

Wisdom 3,11: “For wretched is he who despises wisdom and discipline; his hope is vain, his labors fruitless, and his works useless.”

Encyclical Quae in patriarcatu, by Pope Pius IX:

“Whoever denies the discipline of the Holy See is a heretic.”

Encyclical Mediator Dei, by Pope Pius XII:

“The purity of faith and morality must be the characteristic norm of this sacred discipline, which must absolutely conform to the very wise teachings of the Church. It is, therefore, our duty to praise and approve everything that is well done, and to suppress or disapprove of everything that deviates from the true and just path.”

Encyclical Mirari Vos, by Pope Gregory XVI:

“Church-sanctioned discipline must never be rejected.”

Auctorem Fidei Constitution, August 28th 1794:

“Erroneous doctrines of the Synod of Pistoia.

The power of the Church in terms of establishing and sanctioning external discipline.

  1. By the part which insinuates that the Church has no authority to enforce compliance with its decrees other than by means depending on persuasion; insofar as it understands that the Church does not have the power that has been conferred on it by God, but also to command by means of laws, and to coerce and compel the disobedient and stubborn by external judgment and salutary punishments.

It leads to a system other times condemned as heretical.”

Encyclical Quanta cura, Pope Pius IX:

“And we cannot ignore the silence of those who claim that sound doctrine does not support the judgments and decrees of the Apostolic See, the purpose of which is declared to take into account the general good of the Church and its rights and discipline, provided that it falls short of the principles of faith and morals, that assent and obedience may be refused without sin and without any loss to the Catholic profession. To what extent is this contrary to the Catholic dogma of the full power of the Roman Pontiff divinely conferred by Christ the Lord, the universal power to feed and govern the Church.”

Encyclical Quo Graviora, Pope Gregory XVI:

“2. The innovators and the doctrine and discipline of the Church.

The extremely false opinion, born from the impious and absurd system of religious indifference, has prevailed for a long time and has been widely disseminated in those regions, which affirms that the Christian Religion can be perfected. And as the proponents of this vain opinion dare not extend the presumed possibility of perfection to the truths of the faith, they apply it to the external administration and discipline of the Church. To reconcile faith with their error, perversely and with no small ability to deceive, they rely on the authority of Catholic theologians who frequently teach that this is the difference between the doctrine and discipline of the Church, while the former is perpetually one and immutable and not subject to any change. Once this is established, they affirm that there are undoubtedly many things in the current discipline, governance and external worship of the Church that do not conform to the nature of our times and that as detrimental to growth, it is convenient to change without any detriment whatsoever for faith and customs. Thus, displaying zeal for religion and under the appearance of piety, they accumulate novelties, meditate on reforms and carry out the regeneration of the Church.”

Encyclical Editae saepe, Pope Saint Pius X:

“And indeed, only by a miracle of divine power can it happen that, amidst the flood of corruption and the frequent deficiency of members, the Church, as the Mystical Body of Christ, remains unfailing in the holiness of doctrine, of the laws, of its end; extract fruitful effects from the causes themselves; from the faith and justice of many of her children she reaps abundant fruits of salvation.”

Encyclical Mediator Dei, Pope Pius XII:

“81. Just as no sensible Catholic can reject the formulas of Christian doctrine composed and decreed with great utility by the Church, inspired and assisted by the Holy Ghost, in recent times, in order to return to the formulas of the ancient councils, nor can he repudiate the laws in force to return to the prescriptions of the ancient sources of Canon Law; thus, when it comes to the sacred liturgy, he would not be animated by a righteous and intelligent zeal who wanted to return to the old rites and uses, repudiating the new norms introduced by divine Providence and by the modification of circumstances.”

Encyclical Ad Apostolorum Principis, Pope Pius XII:

“37. We have heard that many of these elections have been carried out against all rights and laws and that, furthermore, certain ecclesiastics have recklessly dared to receive episcopal consecration, despite the public and severe warning that this Apostolic See issued to those concerned.

Therefore, since such serious offenses against the discipline and unity of the Church are being committed, we must conscientiously warn everyone that this is completely at variance with the teachings and principles on which the right order of the society divinely instituted by Jesus Christ our Lord rests.”

  1. Fable that only those who call themselves “sedevacantists” would be Catholics today because they do not recognize Bergoglio and his sect, yet instead pay sacrilegious homage to the intruders and false “bishops” spawned from the schisms generated by unbalanced and simoniac Archbishop Thuc in the middle of the 70s and early 80s.

This absurd logic is easily refuted, since neither sedevacantism nor “traditionalism” are synonymous with Catholicism, so calling them Catholics is nothing other than ecumenism, liberalism, lukewarmness and giving freedom to error, and as Saint Augustine said, “Is there a worse death for the soul than freedom from error?”

It is not jurisdiction that separates or divides us, Pope Pius XII was very clear about it, but heresy and schism, which are the product of persistent disobedience to the Papacy.

Indeed, for if we accept as Catholics all those schismatic groups of the 70s and the 80s, what prevents us from accepting the Photians, the Henry the Eighths, the Luthers, and many others, even Montini and Belial? And what concord can there be between Christ and Belial? Quæ autem conventio Christi ad Belial?

“Heresies have often arisen and continue to arise because of this, because disaffected minds quarrel, or because disloyal rioters fail to keep unity. But these things the Lord allows and endures, leaving man’s freedom intact, so that when our minds and hearts are tried by the touchstone of truth, the unshakable faith of the approved ones appears in the clearest light. This is foretold by the Holy Ghost through the Apostle when he says: There must also be heresies, so that those who are approved may be revealed among you. Thus are the faithful tested, thus are the infidels revealed; so also, even before the day of judgment, already here below, the souls of the just and the unjust are distinguished, and the wheat is separated from the chaff.This explains why some people, supported by their staunch associates, seize authority without any divine sanction, becoming prelates without regard to the rules of appointment, and having no one to confer upon them the episcopate, they assume the title of Bishop on their own authority. In the Psalms, the Holy Ghost describes these men as sitting in the chair of the plague; they are pests and plagues for the faith, deceivers with a serpent’s tongue, skillful corrupters of the truth, spitting deadly poison from their poisonous fangs; whose speech spreads like a cancer; whose preaching injects a fatal virus into the hearts and chests of all.”

The unity of the Catholic Church, Saint Cyprian, Bishop of Cartago

Published by Westminster, Md.: Newman Press, 1957, Page 53

  1. Extremely wicked fable according to which, one could resort to the false prophets for the confession and absolution of sins, since they claim to possess the power of order.

Those who reason like this in a most careless fashion should ask themselves which Pope gave permission to consecrate the “Bishop” who “ordained” that “priest” with whom they confess their sins so confidently, and what jurisdiction does the “priest” have to confess and be able to forgive the sins validly, as the Sacrosanct and Dogmatic Council of Trent says, as well as the 1917 Code of Canon Law of Pope Saint Pius X and Pope Benedict XV, since we have not had a Pope since October 9, 1958.

Council of Trent, Session 14, on Penance, Chapter VII:

And inasmuch as the nature and essence of the trial requires that the sentence falls precisely on subjects; the Church of God has always been persuaded, and this Council confirms this persuasion with certainty, that the absolution pronounced by the priest over people in whom he does not have ordinary or sub-delegated jurisdiction should not be of any value. Our most holy Fathers also believed that it was of great importance for the government of the Christian people, that certain of the most atrocious and serious crimes should not be acquitted by any priest, but only by the high priests; and this is the reason why the Supreme Pontiffs have been able to reserve to their particular judgement, by virtue of the supreme power that has been granted to them in the universal Church, some cases on the most serious crimes. There can be no doubt, since everything that comes from God proceeds in order, that this is lawful to all Bishops, respectively to each one in their diocese, so that it yields usefulness, and not ruin, according to the authority they have been communicated over their subjects more fully than the other inferior priests, especially with respect to those sins to which the censure of excommunication is attached. It is also quite according to divine authority that this store of sin should have its efficacy, not only in external government, but also in the presence of God. However, it has always been observed with great charity in the Catholic Church, in order to prevent someone from being condemned because of these reservations, that there are none in the article of death; and therefore all the priests can absolve any penitent of any sins and censures in said article of death. But, since they do not have any authority with respect to reserved cases, outside of that article, let them try to persuade the penitents to seek their legitimate superiors and judges to obtain acquittal.

Canon 872.

Praeter potestatem ordinis, ad validam peccatorum absolutionem requiritur in ministro POTESTAS IURISDICTIONIS, sive ordinaria sive delegata, in poenitentem.

Canon 872.

In order to validly absolve from sins, the minister requires, in addition to the power of order, the power of jurisdiction, ordinary or delegated, over the penitent.

  1. Fable that the last Catholic Pope, His Holiness Pope Pius XII, could not even remotely imagine the current disastrous situation that would ensue after his death, so he would not have wanted to bind anything that would leave the Church “paralyzed” or “frozen” (sic).

It is indeed a very warped fable concocted by these perverse prevaricators of the “Traditionalist” fake clergy, according to which neither Pope Pius XII nor any of the previous Pontiffs could foresee that Freemasonry and other secret societies would infiltrate the Church to the point of reaching its apex to destroy it from within.

The refutation of this absurd logic, which only seeks an excuse to disobey the Papacy and the Magisterium, and thus justify this breed of heretics and schismatics who dare to function without mission or jurisdiction provided by the Pope, is very simple, since the Mystery of Iniquity has been operating since the primitive Church, it is not something that has happened only in the last century, hence Pope Pius IX had to decree the Dogma of infallibility, being forced to leave the Vatican in disguise when the secret societies protected by impious King Victor Manuel occupied Rome militarily; in addition, Pope Leo XIII had a vision of the Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Temple, for which he had to perform an exorcism about it; and Pope Saint Pius X, in his first encyclical, said that the Antichrist had already been born, plus he wrote the Encyclical Pascendi; then, Pope Benedict XV finished the Code of Canon Law, and there was the Apparition of Our Lady in Fatima; during the pontificates of Popes Pius XI and Pius XII the two World Wars came about, and, last but not least, Pope Pius XII changed the Constitution for the vacancy of the Holy See by Pope Saint Pius X, the first thing that he changed being the providential fact of adding null and void to any attempt to usurp the powers and jurisdiction of the Pope while in life, to name but a few.

“How great is the authority of the Pope, who is the successor of Peter. The Pope IS CHRIST FOR US, the Vicar of Christ, the Vice-God. He is the supreme authority whom we must obey, since on our obedience depends that he binds or looses us in heaven and before God. IF WE OBEY HIM, WE OBEY GOD; IF WE DISOBEY HIM, WE DISOBEY GOD. If he justifies us, we will be justified before God; if he condemns us, we will be condemned before God.”

Sal Terrae, 1912, page 409.

“…Therefore WE TEACH AND DECLARE that the Roman Church, by order of the Lord, possesses the principality of ordinary power over all the others, and that this power of jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff, who is truly episcopal, is immediate. Pastors and faithful, of any rite and dignity, both singularly and collectively, are obliged to it by duty of hierarchical subordination and true obedience, and this not only in matters of faith and customs, BUT ALSO IN WHAT CONCERNS THE DISCIPLINE and regime of the Church spread throughout the world; so that, keeping the unity with the Roman Pontiff, both of communion and of profession of the same faith, the Church of Christ is a single flock under a single Supreme Shepherd [16]. This is the doctrine of Catholic truth, from which no one can depart from it without undermining their faith and their salvation.

Canon: Thus, if anyone says that the Roman Pontiff has only a supervisory or directing office, and not the full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the entire Church, and this not only in matters of faith and customs, BUT ALSO REGARDING THE DISCIPLINE and government of the Church dispersed throughout the world; or that he has only the main parts, but not all the fullness of this supreme power; or that this power of his is not ordinary and immediate both over each and every one of the Churches and over each and every one of the pastors and faithful: LET IT BE ANATHEMA”.

Dogmatic Constitution “Pastor aeternus” on the Church of Christ, Vatican Council I.

  1. Fable that everyone may take from the Magisterium what suits them best, ignoring and even changing what contradicts the fraudulent story fabricated by each false prophet in particular.

Indeed, it is not surprising that nearly all the sacrilegious usurpers  cunningly resort to Pope Saint Pius V’s Bull Quo Primum Tempore, with the insane purpose of justifying the celebration of their countless acts of simulation and desecration, hypocritically affecting being devoted and obedient to the Papacy and the Magisterium; however, all of them “curiously” agree when it comes to rejecting the validity of the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Pius XII Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis, which exposes them as intruders and wolves in sheep’s clothing, thus showing once again their null respect and appreciation for the authority of the Vicar of Christ, whom these individuals do not hesitate to disobey, moved by their insatiable desire to perpetuate their carousel of sacrilege come what may.

The false christs and their false prophets say, with the following words His Holiness Pope Saint Pius V definitely barred any attempt at change, and no one may do so under pain of incurring the wrath of God:

“Therefore, no one is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, mandate, precept, grant, pardon, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. However, if anyone dared to commit such an act, they should know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of blessed apostles Peter and Paul.”


Yet, those same false shepherds and their acolytes also dare say, with these words His Holiness Pope Pius XII definitely allowed any attempt at change (!!), and everyone may do so, without fear of incurring God’s wrath (!!)

“Therefore, let no one be permitted to weaken this page of Our constitution, ordinance, abrogation, commandment, binding order, warning, prohibition, precept and will, or to go against it by reckless undertaking. Further If anyone dares to attempt such thing, let him know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.”


  1. Return to the recurring fable that Our Lord would be with us until the end of the centuries, which the “Traditionalist” false christs literally interpret as the end of the physical world or the last day, in a desperate, suicidal attempt to justify the impossible, namely, that the intruders could function without a Pope granting them mission and jurisdiction, which is heretic and blasphemous.

We are going to definitely dismantle this perverse fable, which has confused and deceived so many unwary souls, making them fall into the clutches of the false pastors of the “Traditionalist”-sedevacantist bogus clergy, adding a pertinent update, since one of the false prophets defending these sacrilegious usurpers has maliciously contributed a fragment of the Encyclical “Ad Catholici Sacerdotii” of Pope Pius XI -specifically section 14 of a translation into Spanish-, to try and justify the untenable opinion that there is and will be both a valid and licit Catholic hierarchy and a valid and licit Sacrifice of the Holy Catholic Mass until “the end of the world”, a time which, apparently, he identifies with the “end of the (PHYSICAL) world”.

“14. And since then, the Apostles and their successors in the Priesthood began to elevate to heaven their pure offering prophesied by Malachi, for which the name of God is great among the nations; and at all hours of the day and night IT WILL CONTINUE TO BE OFFERING HIMSELF WITHOUT CEASING UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD”.

But reading the TEXT AS IT WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED, THAT IS, IN LATIN (Acta Apostolicae Sedis (AAS), number 28, year 1936, page 11 of the document, htm), it is verified that it reads: “AD INTERITUM USQUE HUMANI AEVI PERPETUO PERAGETUR”, whose translation into English is: “IT WILL CONTINUE IN PERPETUITY UNTIL THE END OF THE HUMAN ERA”. And that “END OF THE HUMAN AGE” appears as “CONSUMMATION OF THE AGE” in Mt 24, 3 and in Mt 28, 20. This is explained in more detail below.

Fragment of said encyclical in its original version (in Latin) obtained from AAS 28 [1936], page 11 of the document:

“Hoc ex tempore Apostoli eorumque in sacerdotio successores illam, quam Malachia Propheta vaticinatus est, «oblationem mundam» caelesti Numini offerre instituerunt, qua quidem divinum nomen magnum est in gentibus; quaeque iam, in quavis terrarum orbis parte ac qualibet diei noctisque hora, caelo admota, AD INTERITUM USQUE HUMANI AEVI PERPETUO PERAGETUR.”

Which, translated into English, it reads:

“And from then on, the Apostles and their successors in the priesthood began to offer to heavenly God the “pure offering” prophesied by the Prophet Malachi(*), for which the name of God is great among the nations; which, already offered in all parts of the earth, and at all hours of the day and night, IT WILL CONTINUE to be offered IN PERPETUITY UNTIL THE END OF THE HUMAN AGE [i.e., until the “CONSUMMATION OF THE AGE”, which does not mean the end of the PHYSICAL world , but rather the end of an “ERA OF HUMAN HISTORY” (cf. Mt 24, 3). And knowing the events that have taken place since the death of the last true Pope (Pope Pius XII) up to the present, it is evident that this “HUMAN ERA » to which Pope Pius XI referred was the « AGE OF THE MESSIAH ON EARTH » (cf. Mt 28, 20), which, evidently, ended with the emergence of the AGE OF THE ANTICHRISTS (an era or epoch of great apostasy thanks to the infamous Vatican 2 cabal), being initiated –the era of the antichrists– by modernist masonic agent Roncalli and continued by the iniquitous Montini and the other anti-Christian successors until currently Bergoglio, THE ERA OF “HOMO PECCATI”, 2 THESSALONIANS 2.

(*) Cf. Malachi 1, 11.

Consummationem saeculi/End of the Centuries/End of the world. Verbum Dei. Commentary on Holy Scripture. B. ORCHARD, E. F. SUTCLIFFE, R. C. FULLER, and R. RUSSELL. Published by HERDER (1957), Imprimatur of 1956, Momor (Gospels).

Next, we will read the impressive work done by our brother the Anchorite to refute such a twisted fable of the Anomos once and for all.

The “End of the Century” Does Not Mean the “End of the Physical World”

By the Anchorite.

  1. Summary

The true Catholic Church approved, at least since 1953, the interpretation of the “consummation of the century”, “consummation of the world” or “end of the world” in Saint Matthew 24,3 as: “consummation of an era of human history». According to this interpretation, “the consummation of the world” means the end of an “epoch of human history”, but it does not mean the “end of the physical world”. In addition, in Saint Matthew 28, 20, Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks of the “century”, whose interpretation is, also according to said exegesis, “the era of the Messiah on earth” [era of the Messiah on earth, which spanned from the institution of the Catholic Church by Christ Our Lord until the usurpation that occurred in October 1958 by antipope Roncalli, usurpation that marked the beginning of what can be called the “era of the antichrists” and that we are still living with antipope Bergoglio].

  1. Bibliographic evidence

2.1. Saint Matthew 24, 3 (Holy Bible, Monsignor Dr. Juan Straubinger)

«3 Afterwards, having gone to sit on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to Him in particular, and said to Him: “Tell us when this will happen, and what will be the sign of your advent and of the consummation of the age”.»

2.2. Exegesis of Saint Matthew 24, 3 [1]

“The remark was unexpected, and the disciples walked, perhaps in silence, perhaps in heated discussion, until they reached the top, where they stopped to rest. The four privileged disciples of our Lord (Mc) proposed the double question: “When?” “What signs will there be?” […]. The “end of the world” (συντελεία του αιώνος) has a more decisive force to signify the end of the world than the term “parousia”. However, the word αιών means not the physical world or the universe, but “era”, “epoch” of human history; for Paul’s use of it, cf. ALLO, Vivre et Penser, Series 1.a, 1941, 179. Therefore, the “era” here may be that of the old economy. In 28, 20, where the perspective changes, [said “era”] is the new messianic era [which begins with the abrogation of the Old Law when Our Lord Jesus Christ instituted the New Law through his Holy Catholic Church].»

2.3. Saint Matthew 28, 16-20 (Holy Bible, Monsignor Dr. Juan Straubinger)

«16 The eleven disciples therefore went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had commanded them. 17 And when they saw him they worshiped him; some, however, doubted. 18 And coming up Jesus spoke to them, saying, “All power has been given to me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; 20 teaching them to keep everything I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you every day, until the consummation of the century.”

2.4. Exegesis of Saint Matthew 28, 20 [2]

«Faith and ritual are not enough. There are moral obligations. “In a few words our Lord initiates a regime hitherto unknown to ancient peoples: a doctrine not only religious but moral at the same time”, LAGRANGE, Mt 545. Its precepts and its spirit are known to the apostles, who, however, will need the light and strength of His presence [that of Our Lord Jesus Christ] in the difficult days that are to come. This light and this strength will assist them until the age of the Messiah on earth comes to an end [thus, it is shown that, in this passage, the words “until the end of the age” are interpreted as “until the age of the Messiah on earth comes to an end.” And didn’t “the era of the Messiah on earth” come to an end with the consummated usurpation by the antichrists (era of the antipopes or antichrists) after October 9, 1958, followed by a generalized apostasy, both of hierarchy and faithful, to join the Whore of Babylon prophesied in the Apocalypse, all of which continues to be fulfilled up to the present moment?]. Therefore, the promise has stood firm for [nearly] two thousand years [note that this exegesis was first published in 1953, in the 1st English edition of this work; and which was later translated into Spanish, with an Imprimatur of 1956]».

  1. Fable that, in order to love God and advance in sanctification, it would not be necessary to resort to Saint Peter and his Successors, nor to submit and obey their infallible authority, because only with love and devotion to Jesus and Mary, as well as the Saints, it would be possible to arrive at the port of salvation.

It is the typical fable of those recently converted to the Faith and most beginners in the spiritual life, who are often moved by pride and false humility that leads them to believe they would already be justified and would have reached a degree of superior spiritual illumination, when the naked truth is they are poor ignoramuses who know little or nothing about dogmatic theology and canonical books.

Those who reason like this must urgently know that, in order to love Our Lord Jesus Christ, it is necessary to know who Saint Peter is, and the reason why God Incarnate, being able to do anything else, nevertheless chose him to found a Church, His Church, and He put him as the shepherd of His sheep so that they would go around the world teaching the Gospel to the lambs and baptizing them. Our Lord, to all the souls that God wants to save, He sends them, through the intercession of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, to Saint Peter, and this is not something trivial, but FUNDAMENTAL, because if those souls do not reach Peter, they could never know if they are in the Ark of Salvation that Peter pilots. So, if today we are able to safely stay in the catacombs of our homes, it is not because of Holy Scripture alone, it is because Peter has confirmed to us that we must be there and not in another place, because Peter speaks for Christ Our Lord and has all the power that He has immediately given him for His flock, that of God Incarnate, therefore, if we do not take the Magisterium of the Vicars of Christ as the very Scripture, and if we do not take Saint Peter and Pope Pius XII as Our Lord himself, we will be lurching backwards and forwards and will be exposed to being shaken by the force of the elements unleashed against us.

In this sense, resorting to the Saints is highly laudable, but insufficient if one is not willing to believe with divine Faith that absolutely all the Saints who are in Heaven today, as well as those who will be saved in the future, have all been admitted to Glory and must be admitted by blessed Saint Peter and his Successors, without whom NO ONE will enter eternal life.

The Saints are so precisely because Saint Peter said that they were Saints infallibly, since there are countless Catholics with exemplary lives since Saint Dimas, the good thief, most of whom did supernatural things, but Saint Peter, that is, the Pope, did not beatify them; the Pope, with his keys, sent them directly to Heaven, God willing, yes, but Saint Peter is also there, he is not to be taken as some sort of clumsy wallflower or ornament.

The Pope being just a man, this is the reason why those blind individuals are not capable of seeing that the Incarnate Word gave him the mission of converting all the peoples so that, following him, Saint Peter, they could be saved, because Christian denominations there are hundreds of them, but Saint Peter said that they are heretics and their Christian churches cannot save anyone, only Saint Peter’s Church, the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, because Our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted him with the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, as if Peter were Christ himself, making him the Shepherd of his flock, with the power to bind and loose urbi et orbe, i.e., all over the world, bestowed upon him by divine will.

“Therefore, those who think they can embrace Christ, Head of the Church, without faithfully adhering to his Vicar on earth are in a dangerous error. Because, by removing this visible head, and breaking the sensitive bonds of the unit, they obscure and deform the Mystical Body of the Redeemer, in such a way that those who search for the port of salvation cannot see it or find it”.

Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi, no. 40, June 29, 1943.

And let no one be confused, this is not attempting to place Saint Peter above Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary, as some may object maliciously, far from us such barbarity! What must be understood by all is that the Lord gave Peter and Peter alone the keys of the Kingdom, and it is due to Peter, not to Christ Our Lord nor to the Most Holy Virgin Mary, that outside the Church there is no Salvation (!!), because for example the Phocian schismatics have everything except Peter, but by not having Peter, as a moral totality they are condemned. Let no one forget that Our Lord said that Saint Peter, the first Pope, and the Apostles, the first Bishops, would be judging next to Him on Judgment Day, they will be united to their glorified bodies and they will be judges, seated on 12 thrones, the first Pope will judge as well as the last of them. [cf Matthew 19, 28].

Basically, it is the same fable arguing that, in Sede Vacante -in reality Finita- and during a prolonged interregnum, only Christ Our Lord would be the Head of the Church, without taking into account blessed Saint Peter in the person of Pope Pius XII, who continues to govern from Heaven what little remains of Christ’s Flock with his Apostolic Constitution V.A.S., which remains in force until the Parousia.

There are many beginners and recent converts to the Truth who easily get excited and imagine that, just by resorting to Sacred Scripture and the lives of the Saints, they already have enough to form themselves doctrinally, but they are dangerously unaware that it was the Popes who decided which books were to be contained in Holy Scripture and which ones were not. Therefore, if today we can enjoy reading the Apocalypse, as well as its respective translations, it is not due to Saint John, but thanks to Saint Peter and his Successors, who established the canon to include the books that should appear in Holy Scripture, especially in the New Testament, based on these three criteria:

1.- That they had been written by an Apostle or his disciple.

2.- That they were used in the liturgy of the Apostolic churches, e.g. Rome, Corinth, Jerusalem, Antioch, etc.

3.- That they were in accordance with the Catholic faith received fom the Apostles.

It is not surprising that, from Simon Magus to today’s insolent Thucists and hypocritical Lefebvrists who are staunch adherents of the recognize and resist heresy, it has always been Peter and the Papacy that have been attacked, either for reasons of discipline, creating innumerable schisms, or for questions of faith and morals, heretics properly speaking, because all of these are Christians, yes, but they are twisted and condemned for not following Peter, who is the Vice-God, Christ on earth, the Vicar of Our Lord, the Shepherd of shepherds, the center of Christianity, the immovable column, the fundamental cornerstone, the captain of the Fisherman’s Boat.

It is not without reason that Pope Pius XII left an immovable discipline to be observed during an interregnum, which is in force until the Parousia, so all those who dare skip it, ipso facto jump out of the ark of salvation, thus falling into schism irretrievably. All congregationalist sedevacantists are, therefore, in a situation of greater schism and heresy than those who are still deceived by the conciliar or novus ordo sect, because although both arise from the same Montinian Harlot, the former add insult to injury by disobeying a true Pope, His Holiness Pius XII, and opposing him in a most pertinacious way, which is far more serious, and this for spurious interests of different modalities, in short, for the same old non serviam.

Let it be manifestly clear, then, that the ONLY one who has received the power to confirm in the Faith all of us who are part of the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ, it is blessed Saint Peter and he alone, for he is the one who keeps us firmly anchored to the true Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith. The Vicar of Christ is the only one who has received the power to teach, govern and direct ALL the sheep of Our Lord, a power that he has been transmitting uninterruptedly to his Successors for 2000 years, thus forming the most powerful Obstacle or Katejón that withheld the man of sin until the time marked by God One and Triune. But Saint Peter and his Successors up to Pope Pius XII continue to watch over us and intercede for us from Heaven, in such a way that, even though there is no longer a visible Hierarchy, there continues to be a government and a discipline left to us by the last Vicar, which, lest we forget, must be followed to the letter as it remains in force until the Parousia!

  1. Fable of the alleged historical circumstances and the supposed exceptional times to which the false prophets allude to justify their sacrilegious misdeeds.

This fable is exposed and refuted with this hilarious fictional dialogue between one of the false christs and a former faithful of his who is scandalized by the incredible contradictions of those wolves in sheep’s clothing and begins to see the light:

– But you are invalid, then.

– No, no, we are valid (proudly illicit, that is, we disobey the Pope/Papacy with pride and care, but we are as valid as the Photians), that is, we are the true Church. (!!)

– But the Photians were valid yet they are outside the Holy Catholic Church due to their schism, they are illicit.

– But we are valid too, there is no need to worry.

– But the Magisterium says that illicit pastors are intruders and soul thieves, spiritual murderers from whom one must flee, who are gravely sinful and sacrilegious, whose acts are all of them null and void, desecrations, even if they were valid.

– Says who?

– The Magisterium of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church.

– Oh, it does not matter, the Magisterium has been repealed. (!)

– Who repealed it?

– Historical circumstances, times of exceptional emergency. (!)

– But Pope Saint Pius X says in his Encyclical Pascendi that this is how modernists speak.

– No, Pope Saint Pius X surely did not mean to say that, not for these times, it was intended for other historical circumstances and for modernist heretics, we are “Traditionalists” and Saint Pius X undoubtedly wanted to say that, in these extraordinary times of emergency, we can repeal the Magisterium. (!!)

– Oh! Just like Ratzinger then, when he said that the V2 “council” was the anti-Syllabus?

– No, Ratzinger was a modernist and so was the V2 thing, since he dared repeal the Magisterium due to historical circumstances, due to the social emergency of the times, to adapt them to the society that took shape after the Second World War.

– Oh! So, would that mean the Magisterium is repealed?

– Yes, due to historical circumstances, due to these extraordinary times of emergency.

– What times of emergency, what historical circumstances?

– The historical circumstances that require amending the changes to the Magisterium that occurred due to the historical circumstances of the incipient society at the end of the Second World War, which modernist heretics repealed in a false council, setting up a false church with a heretic at its head, the Holy See remaining vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII.

– Oh! Wouldn’t it be better to return to the Magisterium, instead of abandoning it?

– No, it is necessary to abrogate the Magisterium given the historical circumstances, in order to amend the abrogation performed by the modernist heretics in the Vatican 2 cabal due to the historical circumstances to which they appealed. (!!)

– Oh! Then, so as to amend what was abrogated by modernist heretics, that is, the entire Magisterium from Saint Peter to Pope Pius XII, it is required to repeal the same Magisterium from Saint Peter to Pope Pius XII, but from the stance of “Traditionalism”, right?

– Yes, that’s right, from the true Church we repeal the entire Magisterium from Saint Peter to Pope Pius XII, due to historical circumstances, as Pope Saint Pius X, Pope Pius XII, and the rest of the Successors of the Prince of the Holy Apostles would undoubtedly have wanted, who in turn would not have allowed the abrogation that the modernist heretics appealed to, due to historical circumstances and times of emergency. (!!)

– But Pope Pius XII says that, under his Supreme Authority, which is that of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he says that it cannot be done, and even less in a time when the Holy See is vacant, and that any change of the Magisterium and use of the power and jurisdiction of the Pope while he was alive, would be null and void, that is to say, invalid.

– No, you got it wrong, buddy, Pope Pius XII surely did not mean that, he meant to say the opposite, such is the mind of the legislator, as we have said, and Pope Saint Pius X surely authorizes us, so we “Traditionalists” can change, use and repeal the Magisterium due to historical circumstances. (!!)

– Ok then! Thank you for your very valid opinion.

– That’s right, we are valid, remember, valid, if they ask you, you must always say we are valid, va-lid.

– Like the Photians?

– Spot on.

Next, we provide two FUNDAMENTAL quotes to definitively clear up any doubt and refute this absurd, inconsistent fable that appeals to supposed emergencies and fictitious extraordinary times:

“…we severely forbid the ill-chosen and illicitly consecrated from assuming episcopal jurisdiction, since they have never received it. Nor should they appoint, for the care of souls and the administration of the sacraments, under any pretext of necessity”.



“…such rights do not exist nor have they ever existed, except in a temporary and precarious way, and that, once extinguished, cannot be revived without being granted again. That is why I now assume, and it is a necessary consequence, that no cause that arises, no matter how urgent and extraordinary it may be, can be sufficient to conceptualize the Metropolitans as authorized to confer confirmations, by the well-known principle that for the value and the legitimacy of the acts is not enough for the causes, or that they are motivated by necessity and usefulness, if the power is lacking, which is the main requirement. This rule, which is current for any acts related to private law, should be much more inviolable and sacred when applied to public law, or when it comes to creating the main authorities that, like the Bishops, are the foundation of their Churches, and on they must rest the firmness and value of its administration: because Ecclesia super Episcopum constituitur, as Saint Cyprian says. (Epistole 27.) Non enim esse Ecclesia sine Episcopo potest, repeats Saint John Chrysostom. THE NATURE OF THE CAUSES NEITHER THE GREATEST OR LESS SERIOUSNESS OF THEM IS NOT CAPABLE OF CORRECTING THE DEFICIENCY OF A REQUIREMENT AS ESSENTIAL AS JURISDICTION IS”.

Pedro Iguanzo y Rivero, Archbishop of Toledo, Cardinal, Canonist, Councilor of State, Discourse on the confirmation of Bishops, 1836.

  1. Fable that the current discipline imposed by the last Pope to be observed during an interregnum may be abrogated, as it suits the false prophets.

The twisted excuse adduced by those rebels against the authority of the Pope would be formulated as follows:

“As Pope Gregory X abrogated during his pontificate (1272-1276) the discipline in force during the interregnum of the years 1268-1271, imposed by Pope Clement IV in the year 1265, and the Constitution for conclaves Licet de vitanda by Pope Alexander III of March 19, 1179, imposing instead his own discipline and the bull Ubi periculum of 1274; we have reached the conclusion that the discipline for an interregnum imposed by Pope Pius XII in 1945 and the Code of Canon Law of 1917 (can. 953) and the Apostolic Acts No. 43 of April 9, 1951 on pages 217-218, have also been abrogated for the simple reason that they annoy us, because they excommunicate and invalidate us.” (!!)

Response to this fable:

“Dear gentlemen, the discipline of Pope Clement IV in Licet ecclesiarum of the year 1265 in force during the interregnum of 1268-1271, and that of the conclaves of Licet de vitanda by Pope Alexander III of March 19, 1179, abrogated by Pope Gregory X, and the one imposed by himself in 1274 in the bull Ubi periculum for the conclave, is NOT the discipline of the interregnum in which we have been since October 9, 1958. THE CURRENT DISCIPLINE for this interregnum is the Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis of 1945, under the Supreme Authority of Pope Pius XII and the Code of Canon Law of 1917 (can.953), and the Apostolic Acts nº43 of April 9, 1951 on pages 217-218.”

Will you please tell me, false shepherds, who has abrogated the discipline imposed by the Supreme Authority of Pope Pius XII, which is that of Our Lord Jesus Christ?… Was it you, you who are nothing but invalid and illicit intruders, did you abrogate it in the 1980s?…

Welcome to the magical world of the logics of the Anomos, the time without law or discipline!


“We are aware that those who despise obedience to justify themselves in the functions they have unjustly assumed, defend their position by recalling a usage that prevailed in past times. However, everyone sees that all ecclesiastical discipline is overthrown, if in any way it is lawful to restore arrangements that are no longer valid, because the supreme authority of the Church long ago decreed otherwise. In no sense do they excuse their way of acting by appealing to another custom, and they prove indisputably that they deliberately follow this line to escape the discipline that now prevails and to which they must obey… “

POPE PIUS XII, 1958, Ad apostolorum principis.

*       *       * 

It has become abundantly clear that the so-called logics of the Anomos are parodies of real arguments, which show the twisted logic of the multiple “Traditionalist” schismatic sects or garages, which see the accidental as essential and the essential as accidental, or defend one thing and its contrary without blinking. These logics show the thousand and one contradictions of these schismatic sects, whose only law is the Anomos, THAT IS, the absence of any law, and hence they do nothing but contradict themselves. All of them are based on real arguments spread among these sectarian groups by their misled acolytes and false pastors, contradictions that the “Traditionalist” phoney clergy do not even bother to correct, because they fear losing the esteem of their followers if they do, just as they fear losing their livelihoods, thus showing the null respect these sacrilegious traffickers feel for the glory of God and their blind attachment to the fraudulent titles and dignities they imagine to possess.

According to those conceited sophists, if the Magisterium, the Code of Canon Law and authorized authors are cited, it is reprehensible for leading to error and heresy. (??)

However, if they come up with any subjective fable adaptable to any ear, sect and situation, open to evolution and contradiction, appealing to various sentimentalisms and repeating chimerical sophistry by post-1980 wannabe theologians [eg. Des Lauriers, Cekada, Tello Corraliza, Zins, Kelly, Pivarunas, etc.], that would make them ipso facto defenders of Catholic Truth (sic).

“And everything that is not of the flock of Jesus Christ, is not of the flock of Saint Peter; and everything that is not of the flock of Saint Peter, ceases to be of the flock of Jesus Christ.”

Louis Veuillot, 1859

After having extensively exposed and refuted the absurd fables of the false Christs and their false prophets, we will conclude this section by once again warning those who have allowed themselves to be seduced by the heretical hoaxes of those sly enemies of the Holy See, becoming fervent proselytes of those partisans of schism and error. The harsh reality for all of them, regardless of whether they want to accept it or not, is that, when they distance themselves from the Magisterium, they instantly enter into rebellion, because they distance themselves from the Lord, who is the Spirit, and they despise the power of God. When they do, they say “non serviam”, we will not serve. It is simpler than it seems, either we obey Pope Pius XII or we obey him not, and that obedience is being used by God Our Lord to sift the wheat from the tares, separate the sheep from the goats, the elect from the reprobates.

Who are these false pastors and their exalted followers to dare point out the Holy Ghost’s flaws and turn Pope Pius XII’s Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis into less than a dead letter? How dare they perpetrate such impiety and blasphemy?

God instructs the hearts of the faithful with the light of the Holy Ghost, which is nothing but the very fire of divine love, inspiring the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII when, in the Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis, he leaves all the sedevacantist sects with their hands tied to prevent them from doing what they are doing. Although he has already died and is now in Heaven, the last Vicar of Christ continues to legislate in these times of the Anomos with his constitution for the vacancy of the Holy See, preventing usurpers, whatever their names are, and all ministers of the Antichrist to have any power over the flock of Christ Our Lord. In that providential moment when the Ghost inspired Pope Pius XII, it took place the GAME OVER for the   “traditionalist” sects and false clergy. As we would say in sports terms, it was a touchdown and game, leaving all the false prophets out of the tie, even if they didn’t know it yet or continue to feign supine ignorance.

The question that arises is very serious: was Pope Pius XII ranting and raving or, on the contrary, was he acting with prophetic words of truth and with the power and authority of God when, inspired by the Holy Ghost, he promulgated the Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis? If he erred or made a mistake, he could not be a legitimate and infallible Pope. On the contrary, if, as is evident, he acted inspired by the Holy Ghost, then the sedevacantist sects are in big trouble, since they are sinning against the God the Holy Ghost. Not surprisingly, starting from the basis of Matthew 12:32, when Christ says that sins against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven, we could conclude by affirming that the denial of the Magisterium will not be forgiven either, since it means denying the Holy Ghost that inspired it and rejecting God’s mercy and the Truth revealed by the Paraclete. Thus, whoever with full conscience contradicts or interprets the Magisterium at his whim, as if it were the work of mere fallible and corrigible men, is sinning against the Holy Spirit. There can hardly be repentance and return to God for those who have decided to reject God’s mercy and, like some who were once angels, sing “non serviam”, “I will not obey”, which earned them being expelled from Heaven and turned into hideous demons.

Is it really so hard to understand and accept that Pope Pius XII acted with prophetic words of truth and with the power and authority of God when, inspired by the Holy Ghost, he promulgated the Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis?… We should all obey what the Holy Father decrees, even if we do not understand it, beyond our particular opinion, because if we refuse to give assent, under pretexts of necessity and exceptionality, we abdicate the Catholic faith (!) In short, we stop being faithful to God by not loving the Truth. Therefore, it is not so difficult to understand that there are still Catholics faithful to Pope Pius XII and Christ, who do not adhere to the heretical and apostate Novus Ordo false church neither to any “traditionalist”-sedevacantist sect, since all of them are in a situation of heresy and schism. This is, simply and plainly, remaining faithful to God by loving the Truth, for the Lord is powerful, through His Holy Word and the hidden treasure of the Magisterium, instructing the hearts of the faithful with the light of the Holy Ghost, which is nothing but the very fire of God’s love. Who is like God? No one like God! May God give us the grace to remain faithful by loving Truth until the arrival in glory and majesty of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Pope Leo XIII, in Satis cognitum, # 9, June 29, 1896, reminds us to obey the truths of the Church and its Magisterium beyond our own particular opinion: “…can anyone be allowed to reject any of those truths without rushing openly into heresy, without separating from the Church and without repudiating all Christian doctrine as a whole? For such is the nature of faith, that nothing is more impossible than to believe this and disbelieve that. The Church effectively professes that faith is ‘a supernatural virtue by which, under inspiration and with the help of God’s grace, we believe that what has been revealed to us by Him is true; and we believe it not because of the intrinsic truth of things, seen with the natural light of our reason, but because of the authority of God himself, who reveals those truths to us and who cannot deceive Himself or us’ (Conc. Vat I, sessions 3, chapter 3). (…) On the contrary, whoever refuses to assent to the divinely revealed truths in a single point, really abdicates all faith, since he refuses to submit to God inasmuch as it is the sovereign truth and the proper motive of faith.” 

And Father Félix Sardá y Salvany elaborates for us this excellent list of false prophets who have afflicted the Church from the beginning of its foundation, warning us that “The apostate cleric is the first factor that the devil seeks for his work of rebellion. He needs to present it in some authorized way to the eyes of the unsuspecting, and for that nothing serves him as much as the endorsement of some minister of the Church. And since, unfortunately, there are never a lack of clergymen corrupted in their customs, the most common path of heresy; or blinded by arrogance, also a very common cause of all error; hence, the devil has never lacked apostles and ecclesiastical authors, whatever the form in which it has been presented in Christian society.

Judas, who began in his own apostolate to murmur and sow misgivings against the Savior, and ended up selling Him out to his enemies, is the first type of the apostate priest and sower of tares among his brothers; and Judas, note, was one of the first twelve priests ordained by the same Redeemer Himself.

The sect of the Nicolaitans originated from Nicholas the deacon, one of the first seven deacons ordained by the Apostles for the service of the Church, and companion of Saint Stephen, protomartyr. 

Paul of Samothrace, a great heresiarch of the third century, was Bishop of Antioch.

Of the Novatians who so disturbed the universal Church with their schism, the presbyter of Rome Novatian was the father and author.

Meletius, bishop of the Thebaid, was the author and leader of the schism of the Meletians.

 Tertullian, also a priest and eloquent apologist, falls and dies in the heresy of the Montanists.

 Among the Spanish Priscillianists, who caused so much scandal in our country in the fourth century, are the names of Instancio and Salviano, two bishops, whom Higinio unmasked and fought; they were condemned in a council meeting in Saragossa. 

Perhaps the main heresiarch that the Church has had was Arius, author of Arianism, who came to drag behind him as many kingdoms as Lutheranism today. Arius was a priest of Alexandria, spiteful for not having achieved the episcopal dignity. And there were Arian clergy in this sect, to the point that a large part of the world had no other bishops or priests for a long time.

Nestorius, another of the famous heretics of the first centuries, was a monk, priest, bishop of Constantinople and a great preacher. From him came Nestorianism.

Eutyches, author of Eutychianism, was a presbyter and abbot of a monastery in Constantinople. 

Vigilandus, the heretic tavern keeper so gracefully satirized by Saint Jerome, had been ordained a priest in Barcelona. 

Pelagius, author of Pelagianism, which was the object of almost all of Saint Augustine’s polemics, was a monk, indoctrinated in his errors about grace by Theodore, Bishop of Mopsuestia. 

The great schism of the Donatists came to count a large number of clergymen and bishops. 

A modern historian says of these (Amat, Historia de la Iglesia de J.C.): «They all imitated the arrogance of their boss Donatus, and possessed of a kind of fanaticism of self-love, there was no evidence, no gift, no threat that could remove them from their opinion. The bishops believed themselves to be infallible and impeccable; individuals with these ideas imagined themselves safe in following their bishops, even against the evidence. 

Sergius, Patriarch of Constantinople, was the father and doctor of the Monothelite heretics.        

Of the Adoptian heretics, Felix, Bishop of Urgell. 

Into the Iconoclastic sect fell Constantine, Bishop of Anatolia; Thomas, Bishop of Glaudiopolis, and other prelates, whom Saint German, Patriarch of Constantinople, fought against. 

Of the great schism of the East, it is not necessary to say who the authors were, since it is known what Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople, and his suffragan bishops were. 

Berengar, the wicked impugner of the Holy Eucharist, was Archdeacon of Angers Cathedral. 

Wycleffe, one of Luther’s forerunners, was a parson in England; Jan Huss, his fellow in heresy, was also a parish priest in Bohemia. They were both executed as heads of the Wycleffe-Huss heretical movement. 

Of Luther we only need to remember that he was an Augustinian monk from Wittenberg.

Zwingli was a parish priest in Zurich. 

Of Jansenius, author of cursed Jansenism, who does not know that he was bishop of Iprés? 

The Anglican schism, promoted by the lust of Henry VIII, was mainly supported by his favorite Archbishop Cranmer. 

In the French Revolution, the most serious scandals in the Church of God were caused by the revolutionary priests and bishops. Horror and fright are caused by the apostasies that afflicted the good in those sad times. The French Assembly witnessed for this reason scenes that the curious can read in Henrion or in any other historian. 

The same thing happened later in Italy. Known are the public apostasies of Gioberti and Fr. Pantaleone, of Passaglia, of Cardinal Andrea.

In Spain there were clerics in the clubs of the first constitutional period, clerics in the convent fires, impious clerics in the Cortes, clerics on the barricades, clerics in the first introducers of Protestantism after 1869. There were plenty of Jansenist bishops in the reign of Carlos III. (See on this volume III of the Heterodox, by Menéndez Pelayo). 

Several of these requested and many applauded in pastoral letters the iniquitous expulsion of the Society of Jesus. Even today in various Spanish dioceses some apostate clergy are publicly known, and they are immediately married, as is logical and natural. 

Let it be known, then, that from Judas to ex-Father Jacinto, the race of ministers of the Church traitors to their Chief and sold out to heresy, follows one another without interruption. That side by side and opposite to the tradition of truth, there is also in Christian society the tradition of error; in contrast to the apostolic succession of good ministers, hell has the diabolical succession of perverted ministers. Which shouldn’t shock anyone. With regard to this, remember the sentence of the Apostle, who did not forget to warn us: It is necessary that there be heresies, so that those among you who are the truly proven ones may be revealed”.

  1. Félix Sardá y Salvany, 1887

As can be expected, the final fate of these false Christs and false prophets is quite uncertain and tragic, and the same can be said of those who have been fooled by them, because in all probability these unfortunate people are not going to accept that they are wrong and that, due to their arrogance and audacity, have placed themselves in a situation of EXCOMMUNICATION for SCHISM and HERESY, as well as INFAMY OF LAW. They will never accept it because pride blinds them; clinging to a fraudulent, fictitious status is more important to them than the humility to recognize that the Popes have ALWAYS been and will always be right, because their word, that is, their Magisterium is INFALLIBLE yesterday, today, and always. The saddest thing of all is these conceited individuals are not going to accept it, and for that reason they are most likely going to be condemned, and what is worse, they are going to be the direct cause of condemnation for many other souls who have been seduced by their twisted fables, and this is going to happen precisely FOR THE SCRIPTURE TO BE FULFILLED (!!), which is an authentic mystery beyond our grasp. They will not accept it because that is how it is written [cf Matthew 24, 24], in effect, THAT THERE WOULD BE FALSE CHRIST AND FALSE PROPHETS in these last times that we are living, proud and deceitful impostors who will say to many unsuspecting souls “Lo, here is Christ,” in our basements, private cellars or garages, “come, we have the true Mass and the Sacraments”, and thus they will pervert many, trying to deceive even the elect of God, if this were possible.  

These individuals have been placed there to be a stumbling block for many, because they did not love the Truth revealed by God, they did not love the Popes and their Magisterium, which is the Word of God revealed by the Holy Ghost, but preferred to follow that bunch of false doctors and charlatans who told them what they wanted to hear and deceived them with their farces and elaborated sophistry. The most terrible thing is that many of these people will not allow that last saving Grace that could move them to humility and penance, no, unfortunately they will not do so due to the accursed spiritual pride that blinds them, real Luciferian pride. Just as Judas rejected the repentance that would have saved him from eternal damnation, but gave in to despair and ended up taking his own life, which earned him eternal affliction, these false proohets are going to end the same way, tragically, blinded by their arrogance and persevering in their contempt for the Papacy, thus sinning gravely against the Holy Ghost. He that readeth let him understand.

“Whoever is not found within this ark of Noah, will perish when the flood reigns: whoever does not gather with Peter, scatters; he is not of Christ, he is of the Antichrist.”

Saint Jerome, Epistle ad Damas.

 “Fill yourselves with terror when contemplating the terrible expectation of the final judgment and the avenging fire that one day will consume all those whose support and help have caused schism to spread and prevail…”

Pope Pius VI, Collection of Briefs, Volume II, Page 378, March 19, 1792.

“Pray for those unfortunates, as I do for my persecutors; but never hesitate to courageously defend the holy doctrines that you have been taught in Rome. You go, oh my children, like lambs in the midst of wolves: nevertheless, do not fear, for as long as you remain faithful to the true Shepherd of the flock, the predatory beasts will not be able to devour you…”

His Holiness Pope Pius IX, June 9, 1873, to young Armenian missionaries.

“All sects, to deceive others, and even deceive themselves, need rigorism; BUT THE REAL RELAXED MORALITY IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS DISOBEDIENCE. Those who do not know how to humble themselves to authority, cease to belong to the Church”.

Joseph Marie de Maistre.

– Psalm 137,6: “For the Lord is high, and looketh on the low: and the high he knoweth afar off.” 

– Proverbs 11,2: “Where pride is, there also shall be reproach: but where humility is, there also is wisdom.”

– Proverbs 29,23: “Humiliation followeth the proud: and glory shall uphold the humble of spirit.”

– 1 Peter 5,5: “In like manner, ye young men, be subject to the ancients. And do you all insinuate humility one to another, for God resisteth the proud, but to the humble he giveth grace.”

– James 4,6: “But he giveth greater grace. Wherefore he saith: God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.”

– Matthew 11,29: “Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls.”

In these times of great tribulation and spiritual anxiety, with raging seas full of Satan’s pirates, there is no other boat that will take us to the safe harbor of salvation than the Barque of Saint Peter, which carries Sacred Scripture, Doctrine, Tradition and the bimillenary Magisterium of the Popes. Sacred Scripture is the solid body of the ship, Catholic Doctrine and Tradition are the oars, and the Magisterium is the wind of the Holy Ghost that moves the sails. To find this holy boat that will take us to the safest haven ever in the midst of this terrible storm and darkest night of the great spiritual tribulation, it is necessary to empty oneself of pride and arrogance, and fill oneself with the grace that only comes after cultivating humility of heart. To empty oneself of the world’s many pitfalls and snares until nothing remains, so we can fill ourselves with God to be everything through Him. Humility of heart is the end or rope that God pulls to make us climb by hHs grace to the boat of our salvation. Or, to put it another way, to be part of the crew, that is, members of the Mystical Body of Christ, God requires humility of heart from us. As Saint Therese of Lisieux said: “Jesus gives like God, but he demands humility of heart”. 

To finish this section, we will quote Fr. Sardá and Salvany again, who will speak to us clearly and bluntly about true Catholic Charity, which consists of absolute intransigence in the face of error and lies, so that we know how to take courage and not give in in our defense of the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium against all its enemies, even if they wear a false mitre or cassock with the wicked purpose of deceiving the unwary and poorly trained. Let us read and savour this sublime quote:

“The highest Catholic intransigence is the highest Catholic charity. It is for the neighbor for his own good, when for his own good it confuses and blushes and offends and punishes him. It is for the good of others, when in order to free one’s neighbors from the contagion of an error, it unmasks its authors and supporters, calls them with their true names of evil and wicked, makes them hateful and despicable as they should be, denounces them to the common execration, and if possible, to the zeal of the social force in charge of repressing and punishing them. Finally, it is in the order of God when, for His glory and His service, it becomes necessary to dispense with all considerations, jump over all fences, hurt all respects and interests, risk one’s own life and that of those who be necessary for such a high end.

And all this is pure intransigence in true love, and for this reason it is supreme charity, and the types of this intransigence are the most sublime heroes of Charity, as understood by true Religion. And because there are few intransigents, there are few truly charitable souls today. The liberal charity that is in fashion today is in the style, flattery, condescension and affection; but deep down it is the essential contempt of the true goods of man and of the supreme interests of truth and of God.”

Fr. Félix Sardá y Salvany.

  1. Where exactly are we and where are we headed? Through the Great Tribulation…

“For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be. And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24, 21-22)

“Let no one excuse themselves, all times are times of martyrdom.” (Saint Augustine)

“He who, out of obedience, submits to evil, adheres to the rebellion against God and not to the submission due to Him.” (Saint Bernard of Clairvaux)

Lest anyone be fooled or entertain any absurd illusions, this is exactly the chilling situation we find ourselves in today.

General overview of the current apocalyptic situation

  1. On December 8, 1965, EVERYTHING was blown up after the miserable defection and massive apostasy of the Catholic Bishops gathered in the damned Vatican 2 bogus council by signing the heretical documents produced in such a sinister assembly convoked by Antichrist Montini, alias “Paul 6”, and his false prophet Ángelo Roncalli, alias “John 23”. With this infamous act of public and notorious apostasy, all the valid and licit Catholic Bishops, legitimate descendants of the Apostles, ipso facto lost their office and jurisdiction [cf Canon 188.4 & Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio], and so they lost their savour and ceased to be the salt of the earth and light of the world (Matthew 5,13-14), no longer serving for anything but to be cast out of the sheepfold of the Church, and to be trodden on by men, that is, the incredulous, neopagan world. All those wretches thus became the false Christs and false prophets against which Our Lord repeatedly warned us in the Gospel, particularly in Matthew 24,24. From that fateful moment, the infamous Montinian or Conciliar Harlot was born, also known as Babylon the Great, the Prostitute of the Apocalypse [cf Revelation 17,1-18], who has since eclipsed Our Holy Mother the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, posing as Her and usurping all her visible and external structures, deceiving all the unfortunate inhabitants of the earth whose name has not been written in the Book of Life [cf Revelation 17,8], he that readeth let him understand. From that moment also, the true Little Flock (cf Luke 12,32; pusillus grex) of Christ Our Lord was left unprotected and prey to all sorts of wolves in sheep’s clothing, that is, the false christs and their false prophets of the conciliar Harlot and its “Traditionalist” schismatic franchises that spawned shortly afterwards, who could only bring them the worst possible death, which is the death of the soul through freedom of error and the seduction of iniquity or “Operation of error” [cf II Thessalonians 2, 10].
  2. Consequently, the current situation is that the Holy and Immaculate Bride of Christ, the Mystical Body, the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, has been eclipsed [cf prophecy of Notre Dame de La Salette], that is, invisible, hidden, apparently erased from the face of the earth, as if She had been taken out of the way [cf Saint Victorinus of Pettau], but She continues to be alive and present only in those very few souls who have understood, God One and Triune willing, the terrible and gigantic imposture operated in the world, and have escaped the sphere of influence of both the infamous Whore that has eclipsed the Church and its traditional franchises, such as the schismatic sects generated by the Bishops excommunicated for their adherence to the conciliar heresy and apostasy, namely, Marcel Lefebvre and Pierre Martin Ngô Dinh Thuc, who, by their reckless, sacrilegious actions, engendered a multitude of new headless sects without mission or jurisdiction over the Little Flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ, sects which are in turn led by extremely haughty individuals who impiously claim to be “hierarchy” and “clergy” of the Catholic Church, when the sad reality is that all of them are nothing but simple laymen in disguise who never received the Holy Orders in a valid and licit manner, since there is no Pope to grant them permission and validity for it, and without a Pope to provide the necessary Jurisdiction that is requiered to pass from the legal status of layman to the status of cleric, that is, the aggregation to the ecclesiastical state (Can. 108 §1) and thus be able to receive orders (Can. 118) and be able to function as Priests, just as without a Pope who grants validity and Jurisdiction it is impossible to hold an episcopal position or office that was never received. Pope Pius XII, in his Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (V.A.S.) of 1945, invalidates and annuls, thus PREVENTING episcopal consecrations in an interregnum WITHOUT permission from the Pope, and therefore since there are no valid and licit Bishops to ordain Priests , FOR IN DECEMBER 1965 ALL VALID AND LICIT BISHOPS LOST THEIR OFFICE AND JURISDICTION BY PUBLIC DEFECTION OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH AND ADHERENCE TO ANTICHRIST MONTINI-PAUL 6’S NEWBORN SECT, there is no Catholic Clergy either, there are no Priests, so all those who today usurp that title and pose as such are in fact intruders and impostors, wolves in sheep’s clothing.
  3. To make matters worse, it must be understood that while the Catholic Church was visible, because there was always a Pope as Head of the Body, the souls that had been “touched” by the Holy Ghost, that is, those called and chosen by God to be the salt and the light of the world through personal sanctification that usually resulted in sanctification of the rest of the Mystical Body, these souls always had a safe refuge in the Holy Bride of Christ, who offered her temples, cathedrals, basilicas, seminaries, religious orders, monasteries, convents, and houses of mercy for shelter and protection of all her sons and daughters scattered throughout the wide world. For 2,000 years of the Christian era, the Holy Catholic Church, with Its Pontiffs at its head, enlightened, softened, beautified, and sanctified the entire world, and in a singular way, its much-loved sons and daughters, that is, the faithful Catholics of all time and place, with the Word of God and the Holy Sacraments, thus producing the holiest and most beautiful examples of piety and spirituality in the history of mankind. Well, that sacred treasure and vast legacy was tragically and definitively ended with the death of Pope Pius XII, the last Vicar of Christ, and the usurpation and subsequent eclipse of the spotless Bride of Christ by an apostate and blasphemous Harlot, who was begotten in the course of the accursed Vatican 2 cabal and birthed by Antichrist Montini on the extremely unfortunate day of the closing of said infamous event. From then on, the time of Satan unchained to seduce all nations begins [cf Revelation 20, 7-8], and the Little Flock is alone in the world, and must work to earn its salvation with fear and trembling [cf Philippians 2, 12] in the middle of the wide and dangerous field of the world, without the protection and refuge that the Holy Church of God had always provided for 20 long centuries to all the souls that wanted to respond to the calling of God for consecration to the priesthood or religious life; all of that is gone forever, unbelievable as it may seem to us. Since then, the Great Tribulation has begun and all of us Catholics and souls faithful to the Papacy and the Magisterium are scattered and with literally no one to protect us, since there is no Holy Father anymore, there is no Pope to defend us from the gates of hell, which are the heresies and errors of all kinds, hence the CRUCIAL importance of holding fast to sound Doctrine, healthy Tradition and the infallible Magisterium of the Pontiffs divinely inspired by the Consoling Paraclete, since they constitute our only weapons and our last hope of survival in the midst of a rotten and decadent world, paganized and idolatrous, incredulous and rebellious, a world that is cursed by God since it did not want to know or receive the One who made it and who was its light [cf John 1 , 10-11], preferring the darkness of error and spiritual ignorance, a world that is and has always been under the influence of the prince of this world, who is none other than the Evil One [cf I John 5, 19], who deceives and perverts millions of souls with the triple concupiscence of the flesh, the eyes and pride, with the vanities of sensuality, lust, impiety, immorality, scandals without number, unbridled luxury, rampant egoism , greed, gluttony, lies, false appearances, hypocrisy, and other miseries with which Satan entangles so many unfortunate people who end their days in this life that was given to them to know, love, and serve God, and by means of this save their souls, but which they used up in vanities and absurd trivialities, their final fate being truly uncertain and frightening.
  4. In order to understand the magnitude and seriousness of the Great Tribulation in which we find ourselves, a frightful tribulation such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be [Matthew 24, 21], it is enough to meditate on the following, since in fact there is no longer any place on earth today where the children of God can lay our heads [cf Matthew 8, 20] to rest and protect ourselves from the elements and dangers that plague and oppress us everywhere.

Indeed, evil and apostasy are so widespread, that it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to seek refuge in any ancient vestige of what was always the Catholic Church, since everything has fallen and will not rise again; There are no longer religious Orders where souls who feel the calling of God or the vocation to contemplative life can go, since they have all apostatized and adhered to the apostasy and heresy promoted by the conciliar Harlot in Rome, defecting miserably for fear of losing their bread and butter, and accepting a different “gospel” [cf ecumenism, collegiality, tolerance with other “religions”, end of “proselytism” (sic), that is, of the missionary spirit and the evangelization of pagan peoples, communitarianism, bastardization of worship, laypersons’ empowerment, indifferentism, rampant subjectivism, complicity and freedom of flagrant error, etc.], totally opposed to what the Holy Bride of Christ always preached, thus renouncing to be the salt and light of the world for which the Church was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and becoming an infamous monstrosity that sows and spreads the tares of error and impiety throughout the world, doing the work of the enemy of God and destroying all the sacred and universal work of sanctification of souls and nations that the Mystical Body had performed for 2,000 years.

In addition, it is no longer possible to enter any seminary to become a Priest, since all the Bishops publicly and notoriously apostatized on December 8, 1965, ipso facto losing their office and jurisdiction [cf Can. 188.4], with no one left standing who can confer the tonsure required to pass from the lay state to the priestly state, and without a Pope who grants them the necessary Jurisdiction for it, so if anyone commits the temerity of resorting to the false christs of the traditionalist-sedevacantist sects, who are all excommunicated and in a situation of legal infamy for their impious presumption of seeking the episcopate without a Pope who allows them to do so and grants them the validity required to be consecrated [cf CURRENT DISCIPLINE OF V.A.S 1945 + CAN 953 + AAS 43 pp. 217-218], then the same censure of excommunication and infamy of law also falls on them.

To finish aggravating things, it is not possible for the faithful to enter a Church to kneel and pray before the Blessed Sacrament, receive Holy Communion, or the Sacrament of Penance or Confession, since there are no longer validly and licitly ordained ministers to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the altar, since they are all INVALID and cannot consecrate the Holy Host, thus preventing Transubstantiation from taking place [*Note: in the Montinian or conciliar sect there still may be very few valid ministers who can consecrate, provided that the consecrating phrases are correct, as well as the matter, that is, wheat bread and grape wine, but they will do so in a sacrilegious manner, we are talking about those elderly ministers who were tonsured before October 9, 1958 and were ordained by bishops consecrated before October 9, 1958, since until December 8, 1965, the Bishops consecrated before October 9, 1958 had jurisdiction to tonsure]; nor is there anyone left who has jurisdiction to forgive and absolve sins [cf COUNCIL OF TRENT Session 14, Chapter VII + CIC 1917 Canon 872]; nor are we allowed to enter a temple of a non-Catholic and apostate sect in order to pray [cf the Montinian or Conciliar sect, which has eclipsed Our Holy Mother the Catholic Church since December 8, 1965] for the certain danger of incurring communication in sacred things with non-Catholics and heretics [cf Canon 1258].

[*In any case, even if they consecrated by the Roman rite of Saint Pius V with a Missal of Pope Pius XII, it would be a sacrilege because these aged priests made a defection from the true faith and joined an apostate, heretical sect, so only the Pope could take away the infamy of the law they incurred.]

We have been literally deprived of all visible resources and consolations, because we have been left without the Sacraments [with the exception of Baptism and Marriage, which do not need Priests to be administered], we have also been deprived of Sacramentals such as holy water, salt, oil, etc., since there is no one to bless them according to the Code of Canon Law given that there are no longer valid and licit Ministers; consequently, the ordinary ways or channels through which the Grace of God is transmitted to souls have been rendered useless and altogether destroyed, which leaves us with nothing more than the act of Contrition and perfect Contrition, Spiritual Communion or Communion of desire, the Holy Rosary,  spiritual reading of Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Popes, the particular devotions to the Saints, and little else. Taking all this into account, it should be clear enough why we affirm with full certainty that we are in the midst of the Great Tribulation as it was announced to us by Our Lord in the Gospel of Saint Matthew 24, 21.

  1. Therefore, and to conclude with this matter, those of us, worthless servants, who have been rescued by God’s infinite mercy and have favorably received the divine graces and inspirations of the Consoling Paraclete, are necessarily mixed in today’s apostate world with the great massa damnata of worldly reprobates, who unfortunately will not be able to be saved as a result of having voluntarily and obstinately rejected the Graces that God sent them through His Holy Word, which all these people did not want or did not care to listen and meditate in their hearts, and which had the power to make them children of God, since it would have completely changed them by making them be born again, that is be born of the Spirit [cf John 3, 5-6] and die to the old man of sin and corruption [cf Romans 6, 6], but we were already warned in the Gospel that the good seed of the Word of God would be rejected, misunderstood, poorly received, and ultimately forgotten by many [cf Luke 8, 5-15; the parable of the seed.]

This blessed Parable of the seed explains the situation magnificently, so we are going to delve into it to make an exact X-ray of the world in which we have had to live. It is essential to understand that the majority of the world’s inhabitants belong to the category of those who are by the way side, that is, those who have heard the Word of God at some time in their lives, but then the devil comes and takes the word out of their heart, lest believing they should be saved; there are also souls in the world who are in the category of those who received the good seed of the divine word among thorns, that is, they who have heard, and going their way, are choked with the cares and riches and pleasures of this life, and yield no fruit; there are likewise souls that the Lord compares to rocks, these are the ones that hear the word and receive it with joy, but once any good resolution inspired by God is born in them, it ends up withering away due to lack of moisture, that is, they have no roots. That is why Jesus tells us that these poor souls believe for a while, but in time of temptation, they fall away, in other words, they apostatize miserably, so it is impossible not to see in this category so many lukewarm, pusillanimous and false brothers, who tend to be those who defect in the first place, and then deceive many others with their refined, subtle sophistry, errors, heresies and schisms; finally, there is a small group of souls in this wide world of God dominated by the devil who are the good ground upon which the blessed seed of the Word falls, these are they who in a good and perfect heart, hearing the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit in patience. It is in this last group that all the last elect by God are obliged to join in order to be saved, keeping in mind that we must also face the lies and fables of the false Christs and their false prophets, who are placed there precisely so that the Scripture may be fulfilled, and who will deceive and lose many who had received the Word of God with joy, since we know from the Gospel [cf Matthew 24, 24] that these wretches will try to deceive even the elect, if possible.

Hence, it is urgent to insist ad nauseam and cry out against these impostors and wolves in sheep’s clothing that have emerged in this time of Satan unchained or time of the Anomos, that is, of total disorder and lack of law, since they are the main danger that threatens those who want to remain faithful to God and to the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, keeping the Catholic Faith in its entirety as the Son of man will come to look for it on the very last day in His glorious and majestic Parousia [cf Luke 18, 8.] If this general description of the very difficult current apocalyptic situation is understood, then it is a very good sign and means without any shadow of doubt or error that one is in a position to enter the only strait way that leads to the narrow gate of eternal life and salvation. [cf Matthew 7, 13-14.] May the Good God grant that those who read this can understand the seriousness and magnitude of the reality that surrounds us, humbly allowing themselves to be gently guided by the Holy Ghost, and by utilizing the good seed received, they can work their salvation in the midst of this wicked generation, because the final victory belongs to the brave and violent who bear Heaven away with their conduct and their exemplary lives, that is, by using violence upon ourselves, by mortification and penance, and resisting our perverse inclinations. [cf Matthew 11, 12.]

Returning to the question that opens this section, we will continue to clear up the unknowns to clarify without a shadow of a doubt that we are indeed fully immersed in the Great Tribulation, which we were told would take place in the last times that precede the Parousia of Christ Our Lord in glory and majesty. This great tribulation, we insist, must be understood in a spiritual and bloodless way rather than physical and bloody, as unfortunately many want to interpret it, since time has shown that this exegesis was wrong, because all the persecutions suffered by the Holy Church throughout its history until the second half of the 20th century with atheistic communism could never defeat it, as the blood of martyrs has always been the seed of new Christians. Until the perfidious devil understood that nothing was achieved with fierce and bloody persecutions, which could only kill the bodies but the souls remained unscathed, so he devised a much more subtle and insidious strategy to infiltrate the Church and destroy it from within, precisely through obedience to the one who should feed, rule and govern the Flock of Christ. To carry out his deadly end, Satan kept plotting intrigues and conspiracies, inspiring his pawns and lackeys of secret societies, until the time of the consummation of the centuries arrived, and the obstacle that prevented the manifestation of the man of sin was taken out of the way, that is, the Papacy was extinguished after the death of Pope Pius XII, the last Vicar of Christ, and Satan was released to finish seducing and perverting all the nations, notably those that were Catholic, being granted permission from God to place his nefarious “vicar” at the top of what had always been seen as the Church, the son of perdition, who was none other than the personal Antichrist, infamous G.B. Montini, alias “Paul 6”, who carried out the most systematic and atrocious spiritual extermination that has ever been devised, protected under his fraudulent status as Supreme Pontiff, sowing the tares of error, flagrant heresy and the most frightening apostasy urbi et orbe. 

In 1945, before surrendering his soul to God and appearing before the Eternal Judge, Pope Pius XII decided, by some providential inspiration from the Holy Ghost, to modify the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Saint Pius X on the vacancy of the Holy See, which led him to decree and establish that any usurpation of the powers and jurisdiction of the Pope while alive would be null and void, this is invalid; moreover, he likewise forbade any change of any law that the Pope had declared while he was alive. Consequently, since it is a Divine Law that all jurisdiction flows from the Pope, and that it is from him and from no one else, from whom the consecration and confirmation of Bishops proceeds and corresponds, since in this consists the Primacy of St. Peter, by the current discipline wisely imposed by Pope Pius XII [cf can. 953, Apostolic Act Sedis 43 (1951) April 9, pp. 217-218] any consecration made after the death of the last Pope is invalidated, that is, it simply never took place, after daring to avoid the current Discipline and the Apostolic Constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis, which prohibits it under invalidity.

Therefore, all true valid and licit Bishops that lived after the death of Pope Pius XII shamefully apostatized in the Vatican 2 cabal, thus consummating the Great Biblical Apostasy, thus losing all of them their ecclesiastical office and jurisdiction, jurisdiction that the Pope transmitted to them when they had been consecrated by other Bishops, always with the permission of the successor of Saint Peter, and confirmed by him, either Pope Saint Pius X, Benedict XV, Pius XI, or Pius XII, jurisdiction they lost by publicly apostatizing, as stated in the bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio of Pope Paul IV and canon 188.4. Likewise, all the Priests lost the office and jurisdiction that their respective Bishops had given them, for the same reason of adherence to a false church, that of Antichrist Montini.

In short, there was a massive apostasy promoted from the Vatican that swept the entire world, the Antichrist first imposed it on the entire hierarchy, and the hierarchy in turn imposed it on the faithful, thus being configured the Great Biblical Harlot of Babylon.

It should be noted, then, that the Militant Church today is formed solely by the lambs, that is, the faithful, and She will never disappear, given that all validly baptized children under 7 years of age are members of the Holy Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church, and so are all persons older than 7 years that have not fallen into heresy, schism and apostasy. Then there are those of us who are Catholics by desire, having been members of the apostate Vatican 2 schism, which means we are most probably in a state of infamy of law, and only the Pope can remove this penalty from us. From which it follows that we have fled to the desert, to the catacombs of our own homes, as it is written for these times of the Anomos in which we live, where we find ourselves in the midst of the Great Tribulation, which is the extreme anguish of seeing ourselves without a Pope, without Bishops, without Priests, without Religious Orders, without Seminaries, without Monasteries, without Convents, without Abbeys, without Temples, without the Holy Sacrifice, without the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, without the possibility of resorting to the Sacrament of Penance so that our sins may be absolved and washed away, without the Sacrament of Extreme Unction for the dying, etc., in short, without absolutely NO sensible traces or ANY external structure of the Holy Bride of Christ, living ONLY by supernatural Faith, in imitation of the holy hermits and Fathers of the desert in the first centuries of the Church, in imitation of the Just of all ages [cfHabakkuk 2,4; Hebrews 10,38], while we await with holy patience and perseverance the glorious Second Coming of Our Lord for the immense joy of the children of God and the fear of the unbelievers and impious.

“For yet a little and a very little while, and he that is to come, will come, and will not delay.” (Hebrews 10,37).

Regarding the term consummationem saeculi, we can venture the following without fear of being wrong:

There are 4 consummations of the centuries or end of an epoch, namely:

  1. that of the prophets waiting for the Messiah.
  2. that of Our Lord Jesus Christ from his Incarnation to his Ascension
  1. that of the Catholic Church (hierarchical/legal) from Saint Peter to Pope Pius XII (the so-called one thousand years)
  2. that of the Antichrist/Satan seducing the nations, with the militant Church in eclipse and the faithful scattered throughout the world, a time that will end with the Parousia of the Son of God.

Consequently, the consummationem saeculi was, properly speaking, the end of the Christian era and the visible Church. Now we are already in the last age of the world, the time of the Ánomos or time of the Antichrist, an age of total chaos and contradiction, where absolutely every visible vestige of the Bride of Christ has fallen and only Faith, Doctrine, Scripture and the infallible Magisterium remain; moreover, we are surrounded by the false spirit of the world that opposes the Holy Ghost and has been operating actively since the original sin, and we must also escape from the deadly Operation of error, which inexorably hits those who have managed to come out of the diabolical influence of the world and its multiple deceits and vanities. Here there is no turning back, we have reached a point of no return. This is about dying with our boots on bearing witness to Christ Our Lord and remaining faithful to the Papacy and its infallible Magisterium to the end. He who perseveres will be saved, but he who falters will be deceived and will fall to be lost.

To finish this section, we will include here the outstanding exegesis of the 7 kings mentioned in chapter 17,9 of the Apocalypse, an explanation that has been developed by our dear brother Interregnum/Cefas, and which we connect with what has been called “the Roman Question”. We ask our readers to read it with the greatest attention, as it contains a deep meaning.

First of all, we will explain what is meant by “The Roman Question”:

On September 20, 1870, after the occupation of Rome and the remains of the Papal States by the Italian army, Pope Pius IX declared himself “a Prisoner in the Vatican.” This definition, together with his attitude in general, was maintained by his successors (Popes Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Benedict XV and Pius XI) who refused to leave the Vatican and the Apostolic Palace, until on February 11, 1929 the Pacts of Lateran agreed to the creation of the sovereign state of Vatican City. Let us not forget that the last Vicar of Christ, Pope Pius XII, also refused to leave the Vatican and the Apostolic Palace, thus imitating his venerable predecessors in the Chair of Saint Peter, also demonstrating his energetic protest against the harassment and hatred professed by the secret societies and secular powers towards the Visible head of the Mystical Body of Christ.

“The Popes were universally recognized as delegates of the same Divinity, from whom sovereignty emanates […] An invisible law raises the Chair of Rome, and it can be said that the head of the universal Church was born Sovereign.”

Joseph de Maistre, On the Pope, 1819

We must consider that the Pope has always been the king of Rome, a city that had belonged to the Pope since the donation of Constantine (Donatio Constantini), an imperial decree (apocryphal) attributed to Constantine I, according to which, while acknowledging Pope Sylvester I as sovereign, the city of Rome, the provinces of Italy and all the rest of the Western Roman Empire were donated to him, thus creating the so-called Patrimony of Saint Peter or the Papal States. The exegetes had regarded the 8 kings of Babylon as wicked persecutors, but they were wrong, since Rome was usurped by the servants of Satan [the Masonic sects at the hands of impious King Victor Emmanuel II], becoming Babylon as of September 20, 1870. Pope Pius IX is therefore the first king of Revelation 17,9.

“When this city, the head of the whole universe, was stripped from us and given to the whim of those who had oppressed it.”

His Holiness Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Letter Saepe Venerabiles, August 5, 1871.

The five kings of Rome who went into exile [Vatican prisoners, as they defined themselves Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Saint Pius X,  Benedict XV and Pius XI, all the way to the Lateran Pacts], those kings have already died, they are the five that are fallen; the sixth king still is, “one is,” that is, he continues to be so when Saint John narrates it, and to this day he continues to be the last legitimate Sovereign of Rome, His Holiness Pope Pius XII; then the Book of the Apocalypse does mention two more, who are Roncalli and Montini, as we will see below.

Pope Pius IX made, in a speech, a comparison of King Antiochus (type of the antitype of the Antichrist [Montini]) with King Victor Emmanuel II, who was the King of Sardinia who violently usurped and snatched Rome and the papal territories from the Pope, who was the Sovereign of Rome, an usurpation in collusion with secret societies, from whence the Catholic worship was prohibited and persecuted in the very eternal city, the Center of Christianity, where the head of the Catholic religion and the center of its unity had established their residence, and where the blood of the martyrs had been spilled for many centuries; the Catholic worship that was replaced by all kinds of impious festivities, which reached the pontifical apartments, which Prince Humbert made them his, and was the protagonist of scandalous events in the same room where the Pope had slept.

Rome was usurped on September 20, 1870, thus becoming Babylon, and it was never recovered by its legitimate Sovereigns, its legitimate Kings, the 5 Vatican prisoners as they defined themselves, these are, Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Saint Pius X,  Benedict XV, and Pius XI; on February 11, 1929 Pope Pius XI was granted the Sovereignty of the Vatican, being by right the Sovereign of Rome and of the pontifical territories usurped by Victor Emmanuel II that he did not recover; the Sovereign/King of Rome, the one who “is”, who continues to be so by divine right, is His Holiness Pope Pius XII, the last Vicar, the last King of Rome, the Katejon or Obstacle that prevented the manifestation of the son of perdition.

In this sense, the seven heads or the seven mountains on which the Harlot of the Apocalypse has established her headquarters, referring without a doubt to Babylon the great or current apostate Rome since December 8, 1965, these seven heads are also the seven kings that are mentioned in Revelation 17:10-11, who could very well be Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII, Saint Pius X,  Benedict XV, Pius IX [the five that are fallen]; then there is Pope Pius XII [who is the one that is, since being the last true Vicar of Christ, even though he already died, his Magisterium and the Discipline he left to feed, rule and govern the flock of Our Lord are still in force]; then we have the false prophet Roncalli [the other who is not yet come; and when he is come, he must remain a short time]; finally, we have the supreme impostor Montini, the Antichrist [the beast which was, and is not [i.e. the rebirth of Paganism represented by that infamous apostate], the same also is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into destruction.]

Afterwards, we find the ten horns of the beast that carries the woman drunk with the blood of the Saints and the blood of the witnesses of Jesus, “And the ten horns which thou sawest, are ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but shall receive power as kings one hour after the beast.  These have one design: and their strength and power they shall deliver to the beast.  These shall fight with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, because he is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they that are with him are called, and elect, and faithful.”

Well, the ten kings would be the powers of the prince of this world, Satan, such as liberalism or freedom of error, the revolutions, Islam, the sodomitic sect, indifferentism, etc., in other words, everything which the Montinian Harlot or conciliar sect has rescued and embraced, dark powers which will turn against her and take control of the world, which Roman Catholicism previously had; in this way, the Harlot is devoured in the sense that she loses control of the world, and the beast itself would be Paganism, which Montini represented when he generated his apostate sect promoting a false indifferentist religion that emerged from the Vatican 2 cabal, a sect that is now in the hands of temporal, political, and secular power, since the Harlot, after all, lacks power as such, being an intruder or imposter, which is very evident, for as we see, this monstrous sect hardly has any real power, given that even its lowest members revolt before their leader, today infamous Bergoglio, and has passed to the most absolute irrelevance in the world, having to adapt to the currents or trends that the beast itself (Paganism) imposes, which today are climate change, feminism, sodomy and transsexualism, among others, tomorrow will be other fashions or trends of impiety and scandal, in short, open and flagrant rebellion against God.

What are we basing ourselves on to carry out this exegesis? We rely on the fact that Pope Pius IX lost Rome at the hands of the revolution and Freemasonry – let us remember that the Syllabus of modern religious errors prepared by Pope Pius IX turned the temporal world of the nineteenth century upside down, as well as the Dogma of the infallibility of the Pope promulgated at the Vatican Council of 1870, and it was precisely in those years that Rome became Babylon dominated by Victor Emmanuel II in collusion with the revolutionary and Masonic sects, –shepherds of Satan, as Pius IX calls them-, so that in Rome itself, which during the Christian era was always the center of the rorld and the seat of Truth, paganism was imposed by temporal force, usurping that temporal power from the Pope who was the Sovereign of Rome; subsequently, Montini would be in charge of usurping the spiritual power by removing the Katejón of the Papacy, and giving legitimacy to paganism (the beast) in his heretical and apostate “new religion” created during that anti-Syllabus that was the infamous Vatican 2 cabal, which represented what the Antichrist and his impious successors have perversely and hypocritically described as the embrace or reconciliation of the Church (sic) -in reality the Harlot- with the world, slave to the devil, and which the Church has always considered one of the enemies of the soul, along with the devil himself and the flesh;  which results in the conciliar sect being devoured by the same beast and the ten kings or tendencies that represent it, which have all agreed to give their power and authority to the beast against God and His true Vicars.

Indeed, we see how the Montinian Harlot or Babylon the Great, who is drunk with the blood of the Saints because she tries to appropriate by usurpation the merits and the blood of thousands of Saints and Martyrs, has fornicated with all the powers of the earth, of this world that belongs to Satan, and that is why we see that today it no longer has ANY relevance, having been reduced to being one more huge NGO in the midst of so many, a gigantic dead body or infectious parasite that is rotting and decomposing with great speed, an abomination almost no one respects or listens to – how could they, if the world and its mouthpieces are under Satan’s rule from the start? Montini and his impious successors always strove to embrace the world and its errors and deceits, which constitutes total APOSTASY, that is why Montini was THE Antichrist, since that extremely wicked individual was the one who adulterated and perverted all those who allowed themselves to be deceived by his ambiguous deadly rhetoric.

As a matter of fact, Montini killed all the Bishops by leading them to apostasy, he murdered all the faithful by leading them to apostasy, he destroyed all the temples by filling them with desecration and sacrilege, he razed Rome and turned it into the seat of error, and he marked them that dwell on the earth, he made all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads, which represents the acceptance and adherence to his false “new” religion, a character on the forehead, that is, by faith, and in the right hand, that is, the external practice of that “new” religion that emerged after the eternally ill-fated Vatican 2 fake council. The many unfortunates who continue to be deceived by the Harlot, on whose forehead “a name was written: A mystery; Babylon the great, the mother of the fornications, and the abominations of the earth”, those deceived by her are the poor souls that continue to be struck by the supernatural punishment of the Operation of error or seduction of iniquity, which leads them to mistake the abominable Harlot for the Holy and Immaculate Bride of Christ, and join that damn prostitute thus receiving her character in the hand and on the forehead, i.e., falling into apostasy and heresy, partaking of her sins, iniquities and sacrilege.

Therefore, it is not necessary to dig too deep to intuit that Sodom or Egypt, where God’s two witnesses will prophesy, will fight against the beast, will be overcome by her, and after three days and a half they will be revived by a spirit of life from God sent by the Most High [cf Revelation 11, 1-13], undoubtedly refers to Rome, where the apostate sect generated by the Antichrist and his iniquitous successors has its headquarters, the great city, which hath kingdom over the kings of the earth. [cfRevelation 17,18] 

Let the final combat now begin.

A few thoughts about the interpretation of Gog and Magog.

We would not want to end this chapter without mentioning a few words about the passage in 20,7-10 from the Book of Revelation, where we are told about Gog and Magog.

“And when the thousand years shall be finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go forth, and seduce the nations, which are over the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, and shall gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they came upon the breadth of the earth, and encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city. And there came down fire from God out of heaven, and devoured them; and the devil, who seduced them, was cast into the pool of fire and brimstone, where both the beast And the false prophet shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”

Here is Bishop Straubinger’s comment on this specific passage:

[Gog and Magog are here, as in Ezekiel 39, 2, representatives of the anti-Christian kingdoms and peoples. (…) What cannot fail to be pointed out is what this means as the final “stage” of the invariable apostasy of man before God (cf. 13, 18 and note). “It began in paradise (Genesis 3), and was repeated sixteen centuries later in the flood (Genesis 4-7) and four centuries later with the tower and city of Babel (Genesis 8-11). After the election of Abraham, the patriarchal era ends paganized in the slavery of Egypt (430 years), and after another fifteen centuries the chosen people of Israel, seduced by their religious-political leaders, claimed and obtained a cross for the Messiah long awaited. Shall the nations of the Gentiles be more faithful? We have seen them in the previous chapter following the Antichrist and we see them here, as soon as Satan is released, rushing back to his ominous service. Sad check for Adam’s race! Let us say, then, that if all humanity is not saved, it will not be because God has not exhausted his efforts until delivering his Son. See John, 3, 16.]

According to Saint Augustine, in his work The City of God, Gog and Magog are the crowds, the pagan nations; my dear brother Interregnum (Cefas) and myself, we think that they could most likely refer to those who enthusiastically awaited the liberal aggiornamento gestated and precipitated by the Vatican 2 cabal, as well as the staggering majority who accepted it, so Gog and Magog would be represented by the bulk of the conciliar apostate heretics. In this sense, the photo of the arch-heretical apostate gathering of false religions in Assisi in 1986, where apostate heretic Wojtyla-JP2 presided over a most grotesque pandemonium, perfectly illustrates the representatives of Gog and Magog reunited after the Antichrist and his successors managed to defeat the Saints, that is, the last exponents of true Catholicism that were overcome at the Vatican 2 spiritual massacre. The conciliar Harlot of Antichrist Montini already took it upon herself to gather Gog and Magog, that is, the idolatrous, pagan Protestant, Orthodox, Buddhist, animist, Muslim mob, etc., along with the liberal, progressive, woke, transgender and other trends of today, which from Montini to Bergoglio, these wretches have been gathering to harass the last of the elect.

Gog and Magog could also be all those bad Christians, false brothers, lukewarm and complacent with the world, and also the false Christs and their false prophets, who are the ones who apostatize because they lack root and moisture so that the good seed that had been planted in them could have grown and born fruit; those ones, plus all the peoples of the four corners of the earth, that is, pagans, idolaters and unbelievers, will all be seduced by Satan through his lies and false prodigies, and they will make war against the last Saints and elect of the Lord. They will attack and surround us, which is already happening because we are despised and counted as pests, fanatics, intransigent, sectarians, and other nice things. This is going to be a fight to the death, dear readers, an it’s every man for himself, in which we will have to die with the boots of Holy Doctrine and Magisterium on, defending our Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith until the last breath. But fortunately, we are not alone, because God is with us, and if He supports us, who can stand up to us? Victory is ours, it is Christ the King’s, the roaring Lion of Judah!


“Friendship with this world makes souls adulterous and makes them fornicate away from their only true legitimate Spouse, from whom you have received the Holy Spirit as a ring.”

Saint Augustine, Sermon, 260C, 7

“But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ; by whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world.”

 (Galatians 6, 14).

“The new man is born from the old, because spiritual regeneration begins with the change of terrestrial and mundane life.”

Saint Augustine

“All truth, no matter who says it, comes from the Holy Spirit.”

Saint Ambrose

[*Initially, this subject was not conceived to be dealt with in this essay, but I have finally decided to include it because of the undeniable relevance and influence the world has in relation to what is called the mystery of iniquity, which is the spirit of evil that opposes God from the beginning of Creation, and also due to the role played by the world in connection with the unfathomable mystery of the Operation of Error, which we will explain in a later chapter.]

We will now deal with the false spirit of the world, which does not know God and opposes Him hostilely; it is actually the spirit of the prince of this world, that is, of the devil. Its false maxims extol the triple concupiscence of the eyes, the flesh, and pride. The sensual and material are its only values, vainglory and selfishness being the object of all its hopeless efforts. It is the impious and profane spirit that promotes disbelief, idolatry of false religions, atheism, apostasy, etc. It has enslaved the entire world, its dominion is total, especially today that the Church is no longer visible, the Papacy and the visible Church having been taken out of the way.

Elaborating an overview of the world today, we see, thanks to the spiritual understanding provided by the Consoling Paraclete, that there is an enormous mass of worldly pagans who live as if God did not exist, totally oblivious and deaf to the Gospel, enslaved to their particular fictions and vanities, entangled in their own unmortified passions that constantly make them fall into grave sins of all kinds. All of them sadly place themselves outside of God’s plan of salvation, due to their own stubbornness and their pride in refusing to listen to the Word of God or read about it, or if some of them do listen to it, they do not put it into practice and soon forget it, a sign that they have not really believed in that Word that has the power to make them children of God and direct them towards the narrow path that leads to salvation and eternal life.

The following reflections taken from a Catholic Sanctoral from the times of Pope Pius XII [*Roman Martyrology (1956), Sanctoral of Juan Esteban Grosez, S.J.] will help us to put in context the vast matter we are going to deal with:

There is only deceit in the world. Fidelity is not found among friends, nor charity among relatives; dissimulation reigns everywhere; all hide their feelings, hide their projects, seek their interests and their pleasures. Who can one trust? Who should not be mistrusted? However, oh my God, we trust the world that has so often deceived us and not You, who have always been faithful to your promises!

There is no peace in the world; division and confusion reign everywhere: men war against each other and rebel against God with their sins; grant us that peace that You give to your servants and that the world cannot give us! Let us imitate the Saints, who live without disturbance in the midst of the world, because they are not animated by the spirit of the world, but by that of Jesus Christ.

There are no real goods in the world. Its favors are ambushes to lose us. Its goods are only apparent. Its pleasures are always mixed with gall and bitterness: they have never satisfied even one of their supporters; the more you have, the more miserable you are. Let us renounce a world that is not faithful and always suspicious: in it, the little ones are the prey of opprobrium, and the great ones of envy (Saint Eucherius).

Let’s not flatter ourselves about earning heaven without it costing us a lot of work. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence; only the courageous can conquer it. This life is not a resting place; it’s a battlefield. Jesus Christ has shown us the way to heaven with the footprints of His Blood; the Saints have watered it with their sweat, their tears and their own blood. What cowards we are! Would we like to have without work what has cost our ancestors in the faith so much? 

God calls to his service those He loves; He separates them from the world, as He did with these two apostles, sons of Mary of Cleopas, cousin of the Blessed Virgin. Jesus particularly loved these two brothers, thanks, no doubt, to Mary’s intercession on their behalf. It is only God who calls us to his service, but how many souls owe their vocation to the Blessed Virgin! Let us renounce the world, and we will be greater than its honor and all its glory (Saint Cyprian).

The world persecuted blessed Saint Peter and all the apostles and put them to death, because they dispelled their darkness with the light of the Gospel. Christians: persecution will always be your lot in this life. You hate the world, do not be surprised that it repays you with the same coin. Rejoice, because the more you dislike men, the more you will please the Lord. The world loves only those who are like it.

Threats, slander, torment and death were not enough to stop the zeal of the Apostles. The world will strive to make everything you undertake for the love of God fail; but do not let yourselves be discouraged: advance, God will make you triumph against all obstacles. Let us not seek to please men; let us rather rejoice in displeasing those whom God himself has displeased. (Saint Paulinus).

Do not love the world, do not let yourself be caught by its fallacious caresses; it flatters its supporters, but only to lose them. It presents them with honey in a golden cup, but this honey is poisoned. The love of Jesus, on the contrary, begins with bitterness and ends with sweetness. Christian, you have been created for heaven, do not forget your glorious destiny. What are you doing in the century, my brother, you who are bigger than the world? (Saint Jerome).

Don’t fear the world. Fear, as well as love of the world, diverts from the service of God. The world is a fool, an enemy of Jesus Christ; it is impossible to make it happy, whatever you do. If you have a little courage, it will be powerless against you; it triumphs only over cowards.

I do not want to fear but You, oh my God; let the world speak as it wants, I will fear your judgments and not theirs. It is not the world, it is not its supporters that one day will judge me. You will be, Lord, and you will judge me not according to the maxims of the world, but according to the precepts of the Gospel.

You have to despise the world, trample it; to achieve this, it is enough to consider the vanity of its promises and the way it treats, every day, its dearest favorites. What does it give them in exchange for the sacrifices that have been imposed, but bitter disappointments? The world screams at us that it can do nothing for us; You, Lord, promise to help us; and behold, we leave the one who supports us to run after the one who abandons us! (Saint Augustine).

The world, as one of the three enemies of the soul, along with the devil and the flesh.

We must understand something very clearly in our life if we want to follow the Lord’s commands. We must be prepared and know that the enemies of the soul are three: the world, the devil and the flesh. These lead us to disobey God.

1.- The world:

It is overcome by learning to value things as God and the Saints value them, not as faithless people do for they have a fully materialized way of thinking, downplaying God and His commandments.

This is what we call secularism, that is, acting according to the customs, fashions or ideas of people without faith, without morals and without God, organizing life as if He did not exist, giving importance only to what our body demands, extolling pride or greed.

The scale of values for God is as follows:

  • Love God and keep His commandments
  • Love our neighbor and treat them as we wish to be treated
  • Perfect ourselves as much as possible with the indispensable help of God

In contrast to this pyramid, the value scale of the world is:

  • Have a lot of money and idolize it
  • Give the body all the pleasures it demands
  • Strive to obtain (futile) honors, fame and influence

Obviously, following God’s scale of values will give us peace already in this life, and an eternal reward in Heaven, while that of the world only brings anguish, fear, worry, and the danger of eternal damnation.

2.- The devil:

Who is the devil? The devil is an angel created by God in heaven who, having rebelled against God himself, was precipitated into hell with many other companions of his wickedness, which we call demons.

The devil harasses, accuses, tempts, deceives and lies in his fight against Christians. He works through his allies, the world and the flesh. The devil uses the world and the flesh to cause the greatest harm to the children of God, to hinder the progress of what is right, to intimidate Christians, stop the proclamation of the Gospel and weaken the Christian’s offensive to promote the Kingdom of God.

The only way to overcome it is with prayer, with Faith, with sacrifices, and by rejecting all evil. But the devil is especially defeated with humility. Since he is so proud, he flees from the humble.

3.- The flesh:

The only way to overcome it is by not giving in to the impure temptations that our heart conceives. It is not a sin to have temptations, the sin lies in consenting to them. God allows them to give us the opportunity to increase our merits and our reward in heaven by fighting against them to show God that we love Him before anything else.

God placed certain pleasure in things for the enjoyment of human beings, such as pleasure in eating so as not to starve, in sleeping so that the body can rest, and pleasure in sex so that we can procreate. Pleasure is only a stimulus, it is not the end, the problem is that we pursue that stimulus in things and not the end in itself.

Saint Augustine said “I am not so afraid of the devil, I am more afraid of the world, but our worst enemy is our own Flesh”.

In order not to fall into temptation, the Church recommends that we go to confession*, attend Holy Mass*, receive Holy Communion*, avoid sinful occasions, avoid dangerous friendships, think about the Judgment and the Eternity that await us, and make sacrifices and penance.

[*Note: today this is no longer possible as the Bride of Christ is eclipsed, so we must resort to the act of contrition and perfect contrition, as well as to Spiritual Communion or of desire].

Defeating our enemies

The saints despised the world and defeated it, considering it was utterly insane. In the world it is said that the smart ones, the intelligent ones, those who are happy, are those who know how to become rich and enjoy fame, riches and pleasures. Instead, Jesus Christ, the eternal wisdom, said the opposite: “Happy are the poor, the persecuted, those who suffer, those who cry.” (Gospel of Saint Matthew, 5,3-11).

Holy Scripture and the Magisterium teach us that we should not love the world and that we should not satisfy the desires of the flesh. They also teach us how to fight against the devil. If we stand up and resist the devil, he will walk away from us. The devil trembles when we pray. He is defeated when we quote or read a passage of the Scripture or the Magisterium, because Christ and Peter sent by Our Lord are immediately present.

Let us not fear. If God be for us, who is against us?

 “If the world is against the truth, then I am against the world.”

―St. Athanasius

Next, we will reproduce here the excellent discourse On Truth and the great number, by the great Saint Athanasius.

“From God we must expect the strength and the lights necessary to combat lies and error, and to Him we will have recourse to obtain them. He is the God of Truth, He has brought us out of the bosom of error and illusion, He tells us in the depths of our heart: “I am the Truth”, He sustains our hope and encourages our zeal, when He tells us: “Have confidence, I have overcome the world.”

After that, how can one not feel compassion for those who only measure the strength and power of the Truth by the great number? Have you forgotten, therefore, that Our Lord Jesus Christ chose only twelve disciples, simple people, uneducated, poor and ignorant, to oppose them, with a totally gratuitous mercy, to the whole world and that he did not give them, as the only defense, but trust in Him? Are they unaware that He gave these twelve envoys as an instruction, not to follow the great number, and those millions of men who were lost, but to win over that multitude and commit it to follow them? How admirable is the force of Truth! Yes, Truth is always victorious, even if it is only supported by a very small number.

To have no other recourse than the great number, to resort to it as a wall against all attacks, and as an answer to all difficulties, is to recognize the weakness of your cause, it is to agree on the impossibility of defending yourself, it is, in a word, to admit defeat.

What do you mean, in fact, when you reply to us with your great number?

Do you want, as in another time, to raise a second Tower of Babel, to keep God at bay and attack Him in case of need? What an example, that of that senseless crowd!

May your great number present me with the Truth in all its purity and brilliance, I am ready to surrender and my defeat is certain; but let him not give me as proof and reason anything more than its own great number and its authority: it is wanting to cause terror and fright, but in no way persuade me.

When ten thousand men have assembled to make me believe in broad daylight that it is night, to make me accept a copper coin for a gold coin, to persuade me to take a poison discovered and known to me, as a useful and convenient food, would I be forced by that to believe them?

Therefore, since I am not obliged to believe in the great number, which is subject to error in purely terrestrial things, why, when it comes to the dogmas of religion and the things of heaven, should I be forced to abandon those who are attached to the Tradition of their Fathers, those who believe with all the others who have been before them, what has been believed in the most remote centuries, and also confirmed by Holy Scripture? Why, I say, would I be obliged to abandon them to follow a crowd that does not give any proof of what it affirms? Did not the Lord himself tell us that there are many called, but few are chosen, and that the door of life is small, that the path that leads to it is narrow, and that few find it? 

Therefore, where is the reasonable man who would not prefer to be of this small number, who enters eternal life by that narrow road, than to be of the great number who run and rush to death by the broad road? Who of you, if you had been at the time when Saint Stephen was stoned and exposed to the insults of the great number, would not have preferred or even desired to be of his party, even if he were alone, rather than follow the people, that by the testimony and the authority of the crowd believed to be in the true faith?

A single man of recognized probity deserves more faith and more attention than ten thousand others who count only on their number and power. Search the Scriptures and you will find the proof. Read the Old Testament, there you will see Phinees [Aaron’s grandson, Exodus 6,25] who appears alone before the Lord, only he appeases His anger and makes the slaughter of the Israelites cease, of whom twenty-four thousand had just perished. If he had been content to say so, who would dare oppose such a large number that is united to commit the crime? What can I against the crowd? What use would it be for me to oppose the evil they commit with full will? Would he have acted valiantly and stopped the evil committed by the great number? No, without a doubt, the rest of the Israelites would have perished and God would not have spared that people thanks to the zeal of Phinees.It is necessary, therefore, that the feeling of a man with probity, who works and speaks with the freedom that Religion gives, be preferred to the opinions and corrupted maxims of a multitude. 

As for you, follow if you will the great number that perish in the waters and abandon Noah, the only one who is preserved; but at least do not prevent me from saving myself in the Ark with the small number. Follow if you will the great number of the inhabitants of Sodom; as for me, I will accompany Lot; and though he be alone, I will not abandon him to follow the crowd from which he parted to seek his salvation.

Do not think, however, that I despise the great number; no, I respect it, and I know the considerations that must be taken with it: but it is that great number that gives proof and makes see the truth of what it affirms, and not that great number that fears and avoids discussion and examination; not that great number that seems always ready to assault and that attacks with pride, but that great number that rebukes with kindness; not that great number that triumphs and is pleased with the novelty, but that great number that preserves the inheritance that their Parents have bequeathed to them and is attached to it.

But as for you, what is this great number of which you boast? What to say about the individuals defeated, seduced and won over by caresses, those present, about the individuals blinded and carried away by their incapacity and their ignorance, about the individuals who, some out of timidity and others out of fear, succumbed to your threats and your credit, of individuals who prefer a momentary pleasure, even if sinning, to life that should be eternal. 

Thus, therefore, do you intend to support error and lies through the great number, and establish it to the detriment of Truth, which a very great number did not blush to publicly confess at the expense of their lives? Oh, by the way, you show the magnitude of the evil and you make the depth of the wound known, since the misfortune is all the greater the more individuals are involved in it! 

“Do not follow the crowd to do evil, nor in judgment do you accommodate yourself to the opinion of the greatest number,

if by doing so you deviate from the truth.”


After having savored all these delicious quotes filled with truth and divine wisdom, we will go on to address in detail the question of the world and its numerous deceptions for the soul with the humble reflections that this poor servant of the Lord has written under the inspiration of the Consoling Paraclete.

The whole world is immersed in one gigantic lie and collective madness and blindness, the world lives in some absurd and banal fiction that it builds in a most suicidal desire to try and kill God and banish Him from his creation. The world lives in permanent apostasy and strives in vain to suppress everything that vaguely reminds God. The world is horrified by the thought that there is an infinitely holy and just God who sees everything and judges everything, a God who loves truth and virtue and hates lies and vice, because deep down the world knows that it is in error and darkness, but it does not want to be reprimanded because it is and has always been proud and homicidal like its prince, the devil. That is why the world hates the light of God, because it knows that it is in sin and its deeds are not good, which is why it never comes close to the Truth, which is Our Lord Jesus Christ, since it greatly fears being repressed and reproved for its wickedness and its duplicity.

The world does not understand the things of God, it cannot understand the holy Word of God, much less the mystery of the Cross, which regards as utter madness and scandal, that is why Our Lord warns us so that we do not throw holy things to the dogs and the swine, “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you.” (Matthew 7,6), because the the Gospel is seed and should not be given by force to those whose spirits are badly disposed by pride, because we would only get them to profane it and increase their hatred. Because, as Saint John of the Cross says, only those who, denying their appetites, are willing to receive the Spirit, are allowed to feed on it. These dogs and swine are worldly, carnal, materialistic, sensual people, who do not know God and cannot receive His Spirit because they are closed to the Word of God and the life of grace, and who live only to satisfy their appetite and their senses. That is why it is useless to preach to them and talk to them about God, because no matter how sad and tragic it may seem to us, those poor people are not going to understand it and they are going to trample on the word that we bring them from God, that is, they are going to reject it and take it as an absurdity and a scandal, and what is worse, they will even become indignant against those of us who bring them that blessed food for the soul and try to correct them for their good, and in their anger, they will try to tear us apart, they will even take our lives if they could, as it has happened with so many Saints, Martyrs and Virgins who died violently for confessing the Holy Name of God and for testifying to their Faith rather than conforming to the world and its perversity, which would have meant denying and apostatizing from the One and Triune God.

From all of the above it can easily be seen that the world is today the main enemy of those of us who love God and want to follow His Divine Will against all odds. It is the greatest enemy of Christians because it assaults us from everywhere, it enters our lives through television, the internet, the streets and its dangers, the people around us and their pagan and secularized opinions totally far from God and the Gospel. It is practically inevitable not to get dirty, if only a little bit, with the distorted spirit of the world and its blind partisans. That is why those of us who have been preserved from the world by the sheer mercy and grace of God, we must do violence to ourselves and avoid unnecessary and even dangerous contact and conversations with worldly people as much as possible, for, if we do not do so, we run the risk of turning away from God and relapsing into our same old evil ways, causing our faith and piety to chill and stop dangerously.

The criteria and norms used by the world and its crazy lovers to judge people and events is seriously flawed, which is why they are not reliable at all for us Christians and we cannot be guided by them, since it is a criterion that judges only guided by the weak and insufficient light of reason, based on deceptive appearances, and never penetrates the essence of things, but always remains in the crust, on the surface. The world and its slaves judge according to merely human, carnal standards, and not divine or spiritual; the world judges, but not like God does, but like men do, that is, like the devil, following deceptive and subjective feelings, not according to God and His Holy Word, that is why its judgment is not valid or is most of the time fallacious and wrong, as attested by Christ Our Lord before Peter when He declared to his disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the ancients and scribes and chief priests, and be put to death, and the third day rise again, which scandalized Peter, who wanted to make the Son of God Himself change his mind: “And Peter taking him, began to rebuke him, saying: Lord, be it far from thee, this shall not be unto thee. Who turning, said to Peter: Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men.” (Matthew 16,22-23). Like the apostles in general, Saint Peter did not come to understand then the full meaning of Jesus’ messianic mission, which was inseparable from his Passion. Thus we see that Peter’s love was still sentimental, and it continued to be so until he received the Holy Spirit on the holy day of Pentecost. This explains why he abandoned Jesus in Gethsemane and then denied Him in the palace of the pontiff, a sin for which the first Vicar of Christ and Prince of the Apostles later wept bitterly and expiated by doing exemplary penance for the rest of his life.

In addition, the world is guided by the great number and not by Truth, that is to say, it attaches greater importance and credibility to what the blind and rioting majority say than to what a few souls who have been enlightened by the Holy Spirit infallibly hold true. For us Christians, what the world may say or believe should matter very little, because its judgment is always false since it does not know God and does not allow itself to be enlightened and guided by the Spirit of God, the Holy Ghost. Therefore, if the whole world tells us that such a person or thing is undoubtedly good, while a Christian who speaks with his reason enlightened by Faith tells us it is the opposite, that is, bad, we should always grant all credit and respect to those who speak under the influence of the divine Spirit, and believe that such a person or thing is indeed bad, or else we will err in our judgment and be unjust as the world and its blind followers are.

In addition, the worldling and the godless need to see themselves constantly supported and reaffirmed in their false, iniquitous judgments by other unfortunate people like them, because deep down in their guilty consciences they know they are wrong and they sense, even in a very weak way, that they are being unfair and selfish. The world is and has always been a huge conspiracy of sinners and transgressors of the holy Law of God who seek refuge and understanding for their sins and crimes among themselves, impiously thinking that because they feel supported by an infinite majority of blind sinners like them they will perhaps be able to escape the inscrutable and implacable judgment of God and His holy and just wrath. They are certainly to be pitied, for they have gone so far astray from the only narrow path that leads to eternal life and immutable truth.

The most tragic thing is that worldly people do not act under the influence of the Holy Spirit, whom they do not allow to enter their souls by refusing to believe in God and His holy Word, so most of the graces that God sends them to save them are rendered sterile in them. In this sense, although it seems very hard and painful to accept, it is nevertheless fair to affirm that these poor people, who today constitute the vast majority of the inhabitants of the world, listen and follow the insidious voice of the father of lies, that is the devil, who is called the prince of this world, so unfortunately this would put them outside the strait way that leads to the narrow gate of salvation.

Indeed, it is a tragic truth that worldly people do not really know what the purpose of their existence is, they do not know what they live for or what their ultimate goal in existence is, so one can really say that “they know not what they do.” (Luke 23,34). It is true that they are worthy of compassion, since these poor blind multitudes only follow the capricious voice of their passions and the triple concupiscence of the flesh, the eyes, and pride, for which reason they are swayed mercilessly by the world and its multiple vanities and deceptions, which keep them busily engaged in absurd fictions until the end of the life time that has been granted to them, and once they die they find to their great horror that they will appear before the Eternal Judge totally naked, that is, empty of good deeds for eternal life. It is certainly an infinite tragedy and makes one want to cry bitterly for all of them, admittedly.

The false worldly wisdom makes these countless fools completely insensitive to the warnings that God sends them through the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit, which they do not let enter their souls due to their disbelief and disregard for God’s Holy Word revealed in the Scripture and the Magisterium. They are so hardened and blinded that they do not listen to the reproaches directed at them by their own guilty conscience, which never lies and has been placed there by God to act as an implacable accuser when we deviate from the Truth and consent to any sin or transgression of God’s holy Law. In fact, the twisted philosophy of the worldly preaches to all its devotees to take advantage of the fleeting moment and not deprive themselves of any sensual pleasure, even if it is prohibited by divine law, a law that they know more or less remotely, but about which they have no qualms when it comes to satisfying their brutish passions. God waits for them and patiently suffers their outrages and transgressions, as the good, merciful Father that He is, He gives them plenty of time to come round and understand the seriousness of their sins, repent with a contrite heart and do  penance that would earn them God’s forgiveness, but unfortunately, most of them hardly ever listen to the voice of conscience that justly accuses them and urges them to repent, and instead they give in to the most absolute dissipation, thus fulfilling what Holy Scripture says: “And the Lord, the God of hosts, in that day shall call to weeping, and to mourning, to baldness, and to girding with sackcloth:  And behold joy and gladness, killing calves, and slaying rams, eating flesh, and drinking wine: Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die.  And the voice of the Lord of hosts was revealed in my ears: Surely this iniquity shall not be forgiven you till you die, saith the Lord God of hosts.” (Isaiah 22,12-14). And also here: “If (according to man) I fought with beasts at Ephesus, what doth it profit me, if the dead rise not again? Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die.  Be not seduced: Evil communications corrupt good manners.  Awake, ye just, and sin not. For some have not the knowledge of God, I speak it to your shame.” (I Corinthians 15, 32-34). And so it is, sadly, for these unfortunate wordlings only know how to drown their moral sorrows indulging in lavish food and drink, thus giving in to all sorts of temptations that stimulate their unbridled greed and lust. This is what happens when one does not allow the grace of God to work on themselves.

The children of God, on the other hand, are under the influence of divine love and we follow the holy motions and inspirations of the Holy Spirit, adjusting our lives and our duties to the Divine Will, doing everything for God’s love and greatest honor and glory, for which reason we enjoy immense inner peace already in this life, peace that God gives us to comfort us and encourage us to continue our arduous fight against the world and its sugar-coated deceptions, peace that is nothing but a blessed anticipation of the eternal joy and tranquility that we will possess in the glory of the Saints if we persevere living in God’s grace until the end. We do know what we live for, what our purpose and ultimate goal in life is, and the Holy Spirit confirms it to us with its holy inspirations and the inner peace with which it fills our little wineskins and vessels, i.e., our souls, that is why we can feel very calm even in the midst of the greatest worldly disasters and commotions, because our minds and our hearts are no longer in the world, but in God, from whom all joy and rest come to us. Furthermore, those who fully trust in Divine Providence do not worry so much about satisfying the essential needs of this mortal life, unlike the worldlings who do not know God, because we know that the Eternal Father takes care of us and watches over us so that nothing is lacking to those who have left everything to follow His Divine Son Jesus Christ carrying our own cross and denouncing the world and its false maxims. “And he said to his disciples: Therefore I say to you, be not solicitous for your life, what you shall eat; nor for your body, what you shall put on.  The life is more than the meat, and the body is more than the raiment.  Consider the ravens, for they sow not, neither do they reap, neither have they storehouse nor barn, and God feedeth them. How much are you more valuable than they?  And which of you, by taking thought, can add to his stature one cubit?

If then ye be not able to do so much as the least thing, why are you solicitous for the rest?  Consider the lilies, how they grow: they labour not, neither do they spin. But I say to you, not even Solomon in all his glory was clothed like one of these. Now if God clothe in this manner the grass that is today in the field, and tomorrow is cast into the oven; how much more you, O ye of little faith? And seek not you what you shall eat, or what you shall drink: and be not lifted up on high. For all these things do the nations of the world seek. But your Father knoweth that you have need of these things.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his justice, and all these things shall be added unto you. Fear not, little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom. Sell what you possess and give alms. Make to yourselves bags which grow not old, a treasure in heaven which faileth not: where no thief approacheth, nor moth corrupteth. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Luke 12, 22-34).

Because only one thing is necessary, that is to listen to the Word of God with humility and attention, allowing it to penetrate our soul and thus grow and yield abundant fruit afterwards. (Luke 10, 38-42) As we read in the commentary on this passage taken from Monsignor Straubinger’s Bible, this is another of the fundamental points of Christian Revelation, and very difficult to understand for those who do not become small and humble like children. God does not need us or our works, and these are worth in proportion to the love that inspires them (I Corinthians 13). Jesus Christ is “the one who speaks” (John 4, 26; 9, 37), and the first homage we owe Him is to listen to Him (Matthew 17, 5; John 6. 29). Only then can we serve Him worthily (II Timothy 3, 16). 

Indeed, we cannot do anything of value to God until we first listen to Him calmly and humbly. If we pretend to act without knowing what God wants from us, we will only be satisfying our pride and self-love, but we will not do God’s Will, which is the worst mistake we can make, because self-complacency and selfishness are not acceptable to the Lord, and for many apparently praiseworthy works that we do, as long as we do not do them out of pure love for God and to fulfill His Will, they will have very little or no value at all in His eyes. “If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor, and if I should deliver my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.” (I Corinthians 13, 1-3).

It is for this reason that most of the works and efforts attempted by the ungodly and the foolish devotees of the world are not pleasing to God, because they do not conform themselves to the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Ghost, but only seek to do their own selfish will come what may, never caring about God or anything related to Him.

Hence, those who are dominated by the worldly spirit of unbelief and impiety, a spirit totally hostile to God, are considered as “dogs”, “mules” and “swine” by Holy Scripture, as we have already mentioned earlier in this chapter. Let us read in this regard the following quotes to better illustrate this:

Psalm 31,9: “Do not become like the horse and the mule, who have no understanding. With bit and bridle bind fast their jaws, who come not near unto thee.” 

Matthew 7,6: “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest perhaps they trample them under their feet, and turning upon you, they tear you.” 

Indeed, the unfortunate worldlings do not have spiritual understanding, only carnal, for which reason they allow themselves to be carried away by their sensuality and sinful desires, judging according to their own emotions and bodily needs, without taking God into account, pretending to live as if He did not exist or as if He was not there. And at the same time, they mock, despise or even hate those who put themselves under the safe guidance of the Holy Ghost and strive to faithfully observe the Commandments and obey the Magisterium of the Vicars of Christ. This is truly a deep unfathomable mystery, i.e., why is there only a very small remnant that submit to the Divine Will and do their best to live accordingly, while the vast majority do not want to submit. We will tackle this most unknown issue of the fewness of the elect in an upcoming essay.

Psalm 72 (73) The mysterious prosperity of the wicked

“How good is God to Israel, to them that are of a right heart!  But my feet were almost moved; my steps had well nigh slipped.  Because I had a zeal on occasion of the wicked, seeing the prosperity of sinners.  For there is no regard to their death, nor is there strength in their stripes. They are not in the labour of men: neither shall they be scourged like other men.

Therefore pride hath held them fast: they are covered with their iniquity and their wickedness. Their iniquity hath come forth, as it were from fatness: they have passed into the affection of the heart. They have thought and spoken wickedness: they have spoken iniquity on high. They have set their mouth against heaven: and their tongue hath passed through the earth. Therefore will my people return here and full days shall be found in them.

And they said: How doth God know? and is there knowledge in the most High? Behold these are sinners; and yet abounding in the world they have obtained riches. And I said: Then have I in vain justified my heart, and washed my hands among the innocent. And I have been scourged all the day; and my chastisement hath been in the mornings. If I said: I will speak thus; behold I should condemn the generation of thy children.

I studied that I might know this thing, it is a labour in my sight: Until I go into the sanctuary of God, and understand concerning their last ends. But indeed for deceits thou hast put it to them: when they were lifted up thou hast cast them down. How are they brought to desolation? they have suddenly ceased to be: they have perished by reason of their iniquity. As the dream of them that awake, O Lord; so in thy city thou shalt bring their image to nothing.

For my heart hath been inflamed, and my reins have been changed:  And I am brought to nothing, and I knew not. I am become as a beast before thee: and I am always with thee. Thou hast held me by my right hand; and by thy will thou hast conducted me, and with thy glory thou hast received me. For what have I in heaven? and besides thee what do I desire upon earth?

For thee my flesh and my heart hath fainted away: thou art the God of my heart, and the God that is my portion for ever. For behold they that go far from thee shall perish: thou hast destroyed all them that are disloyal to thee. But it is good for me to adhere to my God, to put my hope in the Lord God: That I may declare all thy praises, in the gates of the daughter of Sion.”

I John 5, 4-5 and 18-21; comments taken from Bishop Straubinger’s Bible.

“For whatsoever is born of God, overcometh the world: and this is the victory which overcometh the world, our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?” (…)

We know that whosoever is born of God, sinneth not: but the generation of God preserveth him, and the wicked one toucheth him not. We know that we are of God, and the whole world is seated in wickedness. And we know that the Son of God is come: and he hath given us understanding that we may know the true God, and may be in his true Son. This is the true God and life eternal.

Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.”

[* 19. The whole world is seated in wickedness: Cf. John 14, 30. The Father’s great work of mercy, says Saint Paul, consists in taking us out of that power to transfer us to the kingdom of the Son of His love (Colossians 1, 13). This happens to those who put on the new name through intimate knowledge of Christ (Colossians 3, 9 s.), leaving the old man who lay under the Evil One. Because the knowledge of Christ sincerely sought is for man an illumination on the truth of the Father (verse 20). “I thought I knew Christ from childhood, but when I studied him in the Scriptures I saw, with immense surprise, that I had made a new discovery, the only one that can always be called a discovery, because each day reveals to us, in His words, new aspects of His wisdom. It is never exhausted, and we are never satisfied with penetrating it” (Mons. Keppler).]

I John 5, 13-17

“These things I write to you, that you may know that you have eternal life, you who believe in the name of the Son of God. And this is the confidence which we have towards him: That, whatsoever we shall ask according to his will, he heareth us. And we know that he heareth us whatsoever we ask: we know that we have the petitions which we request of him.

He that knoweth his brother to sin a sin which is not to death, let him ask, and life shall be given to him, who sinneth not to death. There is a sin unto death: for that I say not that any man ask. All iniquity is sin. And there is a sin unto death.”

[* 16. Verses 14 and 15 prepare the mood to receive this extraordinary promise, which should mainly fill parents with joy. What is promised in the Holy Anointing of the Sick regarding the body—“and the prayer of faith will heal the sick” (James 5:14 s.)—is promised here regarding the soul of the one for whom we pray. And it is no longer just as in James 5, 13, in which he will be forgiven if he has sins, but he will be given life, that is, conversion in addition to forgiveness. It is the hope of being able to save, through prayer, the soul we love, as Saint Monica obtained the conversion of her son Augustine; as the prayer of Stephen was followed by the conversion of Paul (Acts of the Apostles 8, 3 and note); how God forgave Job’s bad friends by his prayer (Job 42, 8 and note). As for the sin of death, it is not what today is understood by mortal sin, but apostasy(2, 18 and note; Hebrews 6, 4 ss.; 10, 26 ss.; I Peter 2, 1 ss.), the sin against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:29).In such a hypothesis, we should not want to be more charitable than God and we must wish that His will be fulfilled in all respects with that soul, because we know that He loves it and desires it much more than we do and because our love for Him must be ” above all things” and our fidelity has to reach, if necessary, to “hate” our parents and our children, as Jesus says (Luke 14, 26 and note).

Luke 16, 8-15

“And the lord commended the unjust steward, forasmuch as he had done wisely: for the children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light. And I say to you: Make unto you friends of the mammon of iniquity; that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings. He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in that which is greater: and he that is unjust in that which is little, is unjust also in that which is greater. If then you have not been faithful in the unjust mammon; who will trust you with that which is the true? And if you have not been faithful in that which is another’s; who will give you that which is your own? No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.  Now the Pharisees, who were covetous, heard all these things: and they derided him. And he said to them: You are they who justify yourselves before men, but God knoweth your hearts; for that which is high to men, is an abomination before God.”

[* 8. The children of light are the children of the kingdom of God. Jesus does not praise the administrator’s bad practices, but his ability to save his existence. As the administrator ensures his future, so we can “store up riches in heaven” (Matthew 6, 20) and we must not be less farsighted than he. Even the “riches of iniquity” are to be used for that purpose. It is noteworthy that this is not a simple individual but a butler and that the liberalities with which he saved himself were not at the expense of his own property but at the expense of his mistress, who is rich and good. Is there not here a teaching also for pastors, to preach the goodness and mercy of God, which comes from his love (Ephesians 2, 4), guarding against “placing heavy loads on the shoulders of others?” (Matthew 23, 4). Cf. Jeremiah 23, 33-40 and note; Roman Catechism III 2, 36; IV, 9, 7 sec.

* 10. In that which is least: Here is a promise, full of unspeakable softness, because we all dare to do the very least, if we want to. And He promises that this very least will become a lot, as if to say: My Father does not care about the quantity of what you do, but the spirit with which you act (cf. Proverbs 4, 23). If you know how to be children, and you are content with being little (cf. Matthew 18, 1 s.), He will take care of making you giants, since holiness is a gift of his Spirit (I Thessalonians 4, 8 and note). From here Teresa of Lisieux derived her technique of preferring and recommending the small virtues over the “great” ones into which she easily infiltrates, or the fallacious presumption, as the Kempis says, which then fails like Peter’s (John 13, 37 s.), or the venous satisfaction of self-love, as in the Pharisee that Jesus presents to us (18, 9 s.), whose arrogance, let us note, did not consist in temporal things, wealth or command, but in the spiritual order, in pretending that he possessed virtues. * 12. Others are temporal goods, since they belong to God who created them (Psalm 23, 1 s.; 49, 12), and we only have them on loan; because He, when giving them to us, did not get rid of his dominion, and gave them to us so that with them we might earn what is ours, that is, the spiritual and eternal (verse 9), the only ones that the heavenly Father gives us as his own. For the acquisition of this fortune of ours, the use we make of that foreign loan greatly influences, as Jesus teaches here.

* 15. Abominable. “The tomb of humanism” has been called this sentence of irreparable divorce between Christ and worldly values. Cf. I Corinthians chapters 1-3.]

The world and its blind lovers and poor slaves are in the order of nature, in the realm of the sensible and the material, while the Saints and those of us to whom spiritual understanding has been opened to understand supernatural things are in the order of Grace, in the realm of the spiritual, in a supernatural plane superior to the natural plane in which those who have not allowed the Word of God to enter them are found. It is crucial to understand that God is a good, just and merciful Father with all His children, and that He does not want anyone to perish, but rather that all may have eternal life, but He deeply respects our free will, and does not force us to obey Him. We know and love Him, but He wants us to be the ones who, of our own free will, take the necessary step and leap of Faith so that God enters our lives by defending the Truth and by reading pious, spiritual books. If someone persists in rejecting the many calls that God makes to them, and despises the graces that He sends to each soul, there comes a time when God abandons that soul, after seeing Himself abandoned by them in the first place. This constitutes the greatest misfortune that can happen to someone in life, to be abandoned by God because of his own rebellion and pride. The main problem today is that hardly anyone preaches the Word of God anymore, therefore, the good seed can hardly enter souls and the Holy Spirit cannot exercise its salutary influence and beneficial action on them, it cannot fertilize and prepare the souls for eternal life. And the main factor responsible for this being the case is the world and its deceptions and vanities, which has the vast majority of souls in critical condition due to spiritual negligence, a world which only deals with satisfying their bodily needs and inflating the vain pride of those who are under its pernicious influence. That is why we say the world is our main enemy today, because its contagious and negative atmosphere for spiritual life has invaded practically all areas of public and private life, preventing people from thinking about God and eternity, making them mere slaves of sensual passions and material possessions.

“The first action of the Holy Spirit will be to put us on guard against the only obstacle on earth capable of separating us from the divine will, that is, our love of sin. Well, the love of sin is nourished by objects without which it cannot survive, and it is the world and our own passions that feed it with the riches that keep it alive. What food is that? Saint John says: “For everything in the world is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life” (I Jn 2:16). On earth and in the world -this world that our Lord detests- there are objects that attract us and that favor the lust of the flesh with the lowest temptations, the lust of the eyes with material goods and the lust of the spirit with pride and independence. There is nothing else in the world and, for this reason, our Lord detests those three attractions that, in order to make us sin, tend to tear away our cares, our aspirations and our will from the Kingdom of God.

The gift of fear of God arms us against those sinful tendencies—against those three lusts that seek the riches of this world—through detachment from the flesh, detachment from exaggerated independence, and detachment from riches. Well, that is the spirit of poverty. Perfect fear inspires in us a feeling of rejection towards our tendency to sin and towards the goods with which it feeds, which is translated by the desire to detach ourselves from all those goods.

What a difference with the worldly spirit that, in its unbridled race, turns to pleasures, honors, licentiousness and fortune! The call of the Spirit of God is absolutely opposite. Saint Paul says: “What was profit for me I consider rubbish” (Phil 3, 8). The Spirit of fear causes us to turn the object of our worldly desires into something to be rejected. Rejectable because even accepting it to a certain extent, we are afraid of the danger of binding ourselves to it and separating from our Lord; because we fear his justice; and because we have no more refuge than Him nor with more security than the one that the spirit of poverty inspires us in the face of everything that could feed our tendency to sin.”

(Father Ambroise Gardeil O.P., The Holy Spirit in the Christian life, pp. 30-32).

(To be continued)



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