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That we may always “Hear and follow the Sovereign Pontiff(s), who teach infallibly through the Holy Ghost, and the Church, which is the pillar and ground of truth” — the Raccolta

The following quotes from the first installment of Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work have been objected to by several readers and for this reason will be addressed below.

Did Novus Ordo bishops defect prior to 1965?

Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work makes frequent and specific mention of the operation of error. He claims that those bishops following Angelo Roncalli and Giovanni Montini did not officially lose their offices until 1965, But is this really the case? He writes:

“The… Bishops and Cardinals miserably betrayed the Flock of Christ and …apostatized en masse at the moment they signed their signature on the heretical closing documents of the accursed Vatican 2 cabal, thus consummating a public and notorious act of apostasy and being excommunicated en bloc [Canon 188.4 and Bull Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio], losing ipso facto any position and jurisdiction they had when joining a non-Catholic sect.”

This was indeed a public betrayal, but it was by no means the first. And while it was the first that most of the faithful may have been able to know about all this, Canon Law does not require that such heresy be manifest to EVERYONE, en masse, before the censure is considered to be incurred. This false  belief that these bishops may be considered not culpable of their offenses immediately on the election of Angelo Roncalli is one of the primary errors of traditionalistsIt is one that leaves the door wide open to the “discovery” of some validly consecrated bishop in the future and the alleged validity of their subsequent ministrations.

In order to determine exactly how Catholics must view the Great Apostasy, it is necessary to follow precisely the order laid out by St. Paul in 2 Thess 2: vs. 3-7, 12: “Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God… And now you know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time… Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented to iniquity.” The revolt or apostasy does not come at the end; it comes at the beginning. It actually began with the Protestant Reformation, as we have pointed out in other articles, and culminated in the defection of the cardinals who “elected” Angelo Roncalli, False Prophet. It was Roncalli who worked hand in hand with Montini throughout his entire reign as false pope. One might even call Montini Roncalli’s puppet master.

The Son of Perdition, Montini, could not have eventually been revealed without the invalid election of Roncalli. Thiswas the great defection — the cardinal-bishops’ and the cardinal-priests’ violation of all that was written in Pope Pius XII’s Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS), and for that matter by Pope Paul IV in his Cum ex Apostolatus Officio in electing an unworthy candidate. This 1559 bull announced that the abomination of desolation would sit in the Holy Place if a heretic was invalidly elected as pope, which sadly happened in October 1958. So first the revolt, once he who withholdeth was taken out of the way. Next, the gradual revelation of Montini as the Man of Sin, refused the cardinalate by Pope Pius XII, being falsely “lifted up” to the cardinalate by Roncalli. Then Montini’s invalid election as pope, sitting “…in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.”

The bishops to whom the election of a true pope devolved, according to Canon Law and all Church practice, by their “silence and manner of acting,” (Can. 1325 defining heresy), lost their offices for accepting Roncalli as pope, when they were bound to know he was unworthy of election and were obligated, for this reason, to elect a true pope. In this they consented to “…the operation of error, to believe lying: That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity” — the very mystery of iniquity that was THE Antichrist, (Montini), introduced by Roncalli. That the actions of these bishops were both public and culpable is explained below.

Canon 2197

“In Canon law the term offense implies an external and morally imputable violation of a law to which at least an indeterminate canonical sanction is attached” (Canon 2195).

“An offense is public if it has already been divulged or if it was committed under or attended by such circumstances that it’s divulgation may and must be prudently considered easily possible (1) “An offence is notorious by notoriety of fact if it is publicly known and committed under such circumstances that it cannot be concealed by any subterfuge nor excused by any excuse admitted in law, (i.e., both the fact of the offense and the impeccability or criminal liability must be publicly known” (3) “An offense is occult if the offense is public but its imputability is not public” (4) And Canon 2199 further explains imputability as follows: “The imputability of an offense depends on the evil will of the delinquent and the extent to which his ignorance of the violated law or his omission of proper diligence was culpable…” Revs. Woywod-Smith note that an offense is considered public when at least 6-10 persons in a small community know of its existence or could know; more in a larger commmunity.

Canon 2200

“The evil will spoken of in Canon 2199 means a deliberate will to violate a law and presupposes on the part of the mind and knowledge of the law and on the part of the will freedom of action given the external violation of a law the evil world is presumed in the external form until the contrary is proved.” Commenting on Can. 1828, which warns against conjecturing about something not proven as “a fact established by evidence in the case,” Revs. Woywod-Smith write: “(5) ALL PERSONS are presumed to know the law (CANON LAW DOES NOT ADMIT IGNORANCE AS AN EXCUSE FROM THE LAWS THAT DISQUALIFY A PERSON OR RENDER ACTS INVALID…)” and Pope Pius XII’s constitution Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (VAS) is an invalidating law. Under Can. 2242 Woywod-Smith further observe: “Contumacy of the offender is implied in the deliberate violation of a law to which a censure latae sententiae is attached, and therefore the censure is incurred immediately with the breaking of the law. The violation is considered to be deliberate where disqualifying and invalidating laws are concerned, such as a lack of jurisdiction which invalidates the Sacrament of Penance.”

Rev. Garrigou-Lagrange also notes that under Can. 985, n. 1: “Apostates from the faith, heretics, and schismatics incur irregularities ex delicto, by the sinfulness of their condition (whether material or formal).” This confirms the statements made by other theologians concerning the return of those from heresy held by one after the age of 14, who wished to be admitted to orders. For they teach that unless first absolved, they cannot be so admitted. Ignorance, therefore, will not excuse these bishops. It excused the faithful only up to the time that the revised sacramental rites and Novus Ordo Missae was introduced: THE FINALIZATION OF THE GREAT APOSTASY came when the faithful, priests and religious left the Novus Ordo between 1965-69.  After that time they too incurred excommunication for heresy and schism by migrating to Traditionalist or other non-Catholic groups without first determining what happened and why. They became at least material heretics under Can. 2200, meaning they were guilty of incurring the censure but not necessarily of committing the SIN of heresy. That is something that only the pope or a bishop delegated by him for that specific purpose could determine.

Roncalli’s public defection

All Canon Laws are public documents available to the faithful. Bishops especially are bound to be well-versed in these laws. Angelo Roncalli was first listed as a “suspected Modernist” in 1925 by the Holy Office when he was relieved of his teaching position at the Lateran Seminary for exhibiting these tendencies. When Roncalli was the nuncio to France, he appointed a thirty-third degree Freemason and close friend, the Baron Yves Marsaudon, as head of the French branch of the Knights of Malta, a Catholic lay order. Pope Pius Pope Pius XII later refused to appoint a new head for the Knights of Malta following the death of its then existing head. Roncalli also insisted on receiving his cardinal’s hat from the anti-Catholic Vincent Auriol, an atheist and notoriously anti-clerical socialist, then President of the country of France. He also was implicated as a socialist sympathizer in the banning by Pius XII of the worker priest movement in France. Prior to Pope Pius XII’s election, he also campaigned publicly to become pope. And yet his unworthiness was not known to these bishops???

These are not occult offenses; they are very public affairs. Roncalli may later have been absolved by the pope from favoring these heresies and given a warning, (this would have been done secretly), but that does not make him anyone worthy to be elected pope. These cardinals and bishops were bound to know this, given his public behavior and the notoriety of his acts Even the heads of cathedral chapters are bound to know the laws governing the invalid election of unworthy candidates when electing clerics. Pope Pius XII’s Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis orders that cardinals voting to elect a pope go to the altar and “…kneeling there, he will pray for a little while; then rising, in a loud and intelligible voice, he will swear an oath in this form, which is kept written down on a card placed on the Altar: ‘I call to witness Christ the Lord, Who will judge me, that I choose the man that, according to God, I conclude ought to be elected.’” The violation of this oath invalidated the entire election according to VAS itself, and ALL the hierarchy were bound to know this and to obey this constitution.

In matters of doubt as to whether Roncalli could have been elected given his past behavior, they were bound to refer to the old law, that being Pope Paul IV’s 1559 bull Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, which reads: “We sanction, establish, decree and define, THROUGH THE FULLNESS OF OUR APOSTOLIC POWERthat… all and sundry Bishops, Archbishops, Patriarchs, Primates, Cardinals… who in the past… have strayed or fallen into heresy… or who, in the future, shall stray or fall into heresy or shall incur, incite or commit schismBEING LESS EXCUSABLE THAN OTHERS IN SUCH MATTERSare forever deprived of, and furthermore disqualified from and incapacitated for their rank…” This bull is the basis, noted In the Fontes or footnotes to the 1917 Code, for the tacit resignation of all offices found in  Can. 188 no. 4. The bull further states: “They shall be treated, as relapsed and subverted in all matters and for all purposes, just as though they had earlier publicly abjured such heresy in court. They can never at any time be re-established, reappointed, restored or recapacitated for their former state…” (para. 3).

And this bull applies to the bishops as well, if they do not oppose the election of a heretic. For Cum ex… further states: “…Whoever knowingly presumes in any way to receive anew the persons so apprehended, confessed or convicted [and Roncalli was known to have been put on notice by Pius XI and Pius XII for his behavior], or to favor them, believe them, or teach their doctrines, shall ipso facto incur excommunication, and, become infamous.They shall not and cannot be admitted orally, in person, in writing, through any spokesman or procurator to offices public or private, or deliberations or a Synod or general, or provincial Council, or a Conclave of Cardinals, or any congregation of the faithful, or anyone’s election, or to give testimony. They shall be incapable of making a will, nor shall they receive any inheritance; furthermore, no one shall be obliged to answer to them in any affair.”

There is also the infallible 1458 bull of Pope Pius II, Execrabilis, confirmed at the Vatican Council, which states that; “Nobody dares under whatever pretext to make such an appeal from any of our ordinances sentences or commands and from those of our successors or to adhere to such appeals made by others or to use them in any manner by [appealing to a future council]… Anyone of any status, rank, order or condition, even if adorned with imperial, royal or PAPAL DIGNITY, who shall contravene [this bull]… shall ipso facto incur sentence of anathema from which he cannot be absolved except by the Roman Pontiff and at the point of death.”  And this bull precedes that of Pope Paul IV.

Bishops bound to uphold papal laws

So there was never a second Vatican Council; for from the moment Roncalli attempted to announce the intent to convene such a council, in January of 1959, he was deposed under this bull. This has not been emphasized enough and adds additional weight to the invalidating effects of VAS. Certainly in all the preparatory sessions to the Council beginning in 1959, as history readily reveals, Roncalli had given ample evidence of his heretical intentions. Those bishops who arrived to participate in the first session of this council October 11, 1962 were already heretics and therefore could scarcely convene one; neither could the usurper Roncalli call such a council. But even if they had not been heretics previously, they were from that point ipso facto excommunicated. The following oath from the episcopal consecration illustrates how far they fell from fulfilling their duties:

“I …, elected to the Church of …, from this hour henceforward will be obedient to Blessed Peter the Apostle, and to the holy Roman Church, and to our Holy Father, Pope…, AND TO HIS SUCCESSORS CANONICALLY ELECTED. I will assist them to retain and defend the Roman Papacy… I shall take care to preserve, to defend, increase and promote the rights, honors, privileges and authority of the holy Roman Church, of our Lord, the Pope, and of his aforesaid successors. I shall observe with all my strength, and shall cause to be observed by others, the rules of the holy Fathers, the Apostolic decrees, ordinances or dispositions, reservations, provisions and mandates…” The consecrator asks: “Will you receive, keep and teach with reverence the traditions of the orthodox fathers and the decretal constitutions of the Holy and Apostolic See?… Will you exhibit in all things fidelity, submission, obedience, whom was given by God the power of binding and of loosing, AND ACCORDING TO CANONICAL AUTHORITY, to Blessed Peter the Apostle, to his Vicar our Holy Father, Pope N. and to his successors, the Roman Pontiffs?”

How were they to fulfill this oath of strict obedience without knowing how to determine whether or not such a pope was canonically elected??? Even the faithful are bound by the laws of the Church, and these laws state that if the external act is committed, the offense is considered deliberate and culpable until proven otherwise. Rev. Benedict Pfaller notes: “…The religious would renounce the Catholic faith in passing over to a non-Christian group such as Buddhism, Mohammedanism, some well-defined cult of paganism, Judaism, etc.; or in joining a Protestant, heretical, non-Catholic Christian sect or a schismatic church; or in joining any professedly and manifestly anti-Catholic group, such as a league of Freethinkers, or, finally, in openly denying even one article of the Catholic faithOn July 30, 1934, a response of the Pontifical Commission for the Authentic Interpretation of the Code…state(d) that the declaration of fact IS NOT NECESSARY in order that a religious be considered as ipso facto legitimately dismissedTHE RELIGIOUS MUST BE CONSIDERED DISMISSED EVEN BEFORE THE DECLARATION OF THE FACT TAKES PLACE,” (Ipso Facto Dismissal of Religious, Catholic University of America Canon Law dissertation, 1948, Volume 34, Number 7, page 743-4, April 1934). Once again, this indicts bishops on grounds of accepting a false pope.

Concerning irregularities, Revs. Woywod Smith comment on Can. 986: “Contrary to the former law… the irregularity [for apostasy, heresy or schism] is now incurred [by the clergy] even though one does not join an heretical sect.” Particularly during an interregnum, we may NOT dispense ourselves from these laws! Like it or not, many of us cooperated in heresy and/or were involved in a schismatic sect and incurred excommunication for heresy and/or schism. We must conduct ourselves accordingly, doing penance for three years. We must also amend our lives and repair any damage done by such heresy and schism. If even those age 14 and older are considered culpable, how much more so ourselves. This is especially true in this age of instant access to the truth via the Internet. Revs. Woywod-Smith also state under Can, 672§1, (see also Can. 2295) that the religious who has given signs of complete amendment for three years is to be readmitted to his order, but the reason for dismissal must have been grave, as stated in Can. 647§2. Therefore, Catholics who have done penance could readily be absolved were there a true pope and hierarchy, so there is hope and there is a remedy.

All of this is stated on the website in several different places as well as in The Phantom Church in Rome. But it does not hurt to remind everyone WHY we must believe these bishops were schismatics from the beginning of Angelo Roncalli’s reign and must be considered as such by all Catholics.

Must Catholics believe Antichrist was an individual person? 

In a quote from Msgr. Straubinger’s Bible, cited in the first installment of Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work, one could be led to believe that Antichrist will not be a specific man, but only a collectivity. This is an error, as shown below, although not one that Mr. Morell-Ibarra seems to engage in, since prior to this quote he names Paul 6, Giovanni Montini, as theAntichrist. Today of course we are left only with the collectivity, or system, which is the thought I believe he was trying to convey. The quote is cited below.

“Buzy, drawing attention to the fact that Jesus constantly speaks in the plural of false Messiahs and false prophets and never of a false Messiah in singular or of an Antichrist, concludes: “that in the teaching of Jesus as in that of Saint John (I John 1, 18-23) there is no individual Antichrist; there is only one powerful and terrible collectivity of antichrists.”

Rev. E. Sylvester Berry says it is certain, and that Suarez holds it as an article of faith that Antichrist is a definite person. Bellarmine teaches also that he will be one, individual person (se Summo Pontifice, lib. iii, c. 2). Likewise Rev. Augustin Lemann according to Fr. Fahey, Rev. H.B. Kramer and several others. Henry Cardinal Manning states in his The Present Crisis of the Holy See Tested by Prophecy that it is the unanimous opinion of the Fathers that Antichrist will be a definite PERSON, which means we must accept this as a rule of faith. The Vatican Council teaches that: “In matters of faith and morals pertaining to the instruction of Christian doctrine, that must be considered as the true sense of Sacred Scripture which Holy Mother Church has held and holds whose office it is to judge concerning the true understanding and interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures. And for that reason, no one is permitted to interpret Sacred Scripture itself contrary to this sense or even contrary to the unanimous agreement of the Fathers“ (DZ 1788).

Manning points out that it is the Protestants who would make Antichrist only a SYSTEM, meaning all the popes from the beginning. Yet all these authors also concede that The Antichrist will be the culmination of, or the head of, A SYSTEM. Rev. Kramer attributes the establishment of this system to Roncalli, False Prophet, in advance of his reign. Rev. Bernard Le Frois  calls this system “collective Antichrist,” persecuting  Christians down through the centuries, symbolized in the last days by the seven heads in Apocalypse, Chap. 13. We can neither deny that Antichrist is a specific man nor that he heads a system, for he scarcely would be able to accomplish anything if not aided by others, and Holy Scripture indeed teaches he will be so aided. This is why we have always maintained that Giovannni Baptiste Montini, Paul 6, was Antichrist, installed as the Man of Sin with the help of the False Prophet, Angelo Roncallli, aka John 23.

We now proceed to our third installment of Mr. Morell-Ibarra’s work below. Any further questions arising with this work will be addressed in a later blog.

Installment #3 of Javier Morrell-Ibarra’s Survival Handbook

The fables, also called logics of the Anomos, are the logics of disobedience to the Papacy, which are normally used by the acolytes of the Thuc and Lefebvrite schisms, in short, by the devotees of what we have branded as “congregational sedevacantist ecumenism”, logics that are normally contradictory and based on their subjective and fallacious perception. These are perverse logics where these sectarians put their personal interests and their own obsessive-compulsive disorders before what the Popes have always decreed to be ruled in perpetuity, blind as all these  pretentious individuals are due to their detestable Luciferian arrogance that prevents them from receiving the Grace that God grants only to the humble and small. We will deal with these insidious fables concocted by the wickedness of the false prophets in the next chapter.

The following fables of the Anomos employed by the false christs and their false prophets have been identified in the course of these turbulent years that have elapsed since the death of the last Catholic Pontiff Pope Pius XII, and with it the consequent disappearance of the obstacle or Katejon that retained the manifestation of the supreme impious who was to engender the abominable Harlot of the Apocalypse that has eclipsed the Holy and Immaculate Bride of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the eyes of the entire universe to the immense shock and horror of Heaven and earth.  These twisted fables respond to a very extensive series of obsessive-compulsive disorders suffered by those who spread them, which they arrogantly describe as “new magisterium”, a term coined by themselves, and which we have called “OCD Traditionalism”, that is, Traditionalism based on obsessive-compulsive disorders. All of them have been completely refuted by Sacred Scripture and the infallible Magisterium of the Vicars of Christ, both of which constitute the sword of the Holy Ghost, which is the Word of God, with which the last faithful must inevitably arm themselves if they want to survive the terrible spiritual hunt and slaughter that is unfolding before our eyes at this very moment.

Therefore, every time we hear any of these false christs or their false prophets trying to deceive us with these perverse fables that follow, let us know that these people are misled because of their pride and their disobedience towards the only authority established by God to feed, rule and govern the Flock, which is blessed Saint Peter and his Successors, the last of them being Pope Pius XII, whose infallible Magisterium remains in force until the Parousia, therefore we must not lend any credit to those who try to deceive us in this way, but we must flee from them and avoid them as heretics and obstinate sectarians, applying what is recommended to us in Titus 3,10 concerning those unfortunate individuals who have gone astray and are blinded by their own Luciferian arrogance.

Compendium of the main fables or false logics of the Anomos spread by the false Christs and their false prophets:

  1. Fable of the promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ to be with us until “the consummation of the centuries” (Matthew 28, 20), which many false Christs and false prophets have misunderstood and translated as “the end of the world” literally, that is, Judgment Day, the physical destruction of the world, etc. They promote this fable in order to justify their sacrilege and desecration, and so make the arrogant claim that they can function without a Pope to provide the Jurisdiction that only the Vicar of Christ possesses by divine right. From which it follows that all of them operate from the most absolute and flagrant illegality and invalidity, without any jurisdiction, which turns them into dangerous intruders and soul thieves who have not entered through the Fold’s fenced gate and must be vigorously rejected and denounced by the faithful.

We have already explained that the consummation of the centuries is the end of an era, not the end of the world understood literally, but the end of the Christian era in which the Church and the Papacy illuminated, governed and sanctified the Catholic world, for they constituted the Katejón or obstacle that kept the mystery of iniquity tied and prevented the manifestation of the wicked man, and that once both have been removed from the middle so that Scripture could be fulfilled, Satan has been unchained, thus beginning the time of the Antichrist or the Anomos.

  1. Blasphemous and perverse fable spread by hypocritical heretic Marcel Lefebvre whereof it would be possible to recognize the Pope and resist him at the same time when he would have deviated from the Faith and taught a different Gospel (!?)

But if you accuse the Pope, you accuse Our Lord Jesus Christ, and if you accuse Our Lord, you accuse the Most Holy Trinity! The Lefebvrist madness is a very grave mortal sin against the Holy Ghost. Just what kind of madman can even imagine that a Pope could invalidate all things sacred and do everything possible so that the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ would fall into the lake of eternal fire, using the same immediate Power of the Incarnate Word and being inspired by the Holy Ghost !? What kind of hellish whisper was directing Lefebvre to even think of such blasphemy? What kind of hypnosis do his sectarians who are legion still suffer today? If Montini was the Pope, as Lefebvre always believed, then the Novus Ordo is valid, the Montinian Ordination Rite is valid, and the entire heretical Vatican 2 cabal is dogmatic. But Montini was indeed THE Antichrist!

We will revisit this fable to refute it once and for all with the aid of the Magisterium.

  1. Fable of Canon 209 and the famous “common error”. Can. 209 – In errore communi aut in dubio positivo et probabili sive iuris sive facti, iurisdictionem supplet Ecclesia pro foro tum externo tum interno. This is the favorite fable of the vast majority of “traditionalist-sedevacantist” false clergy and religious, who naively think that the tricky recourse to this canon will function as a “magic wand” that can validate and legitimize everything, even the most flagrant contempt and disobedience towards the Magisterium and the Code of Canon Law. According to these hypocritical charlatans, their insolent transgressions would be “excused” and “justified” by what they consider to be a state of “common error” on an almost universal scale that would have deceived the whole world during the Vatican 2 bogus council and the great apostasy that ensued shortly thereafter. Thus, these impostors imagine that anything “good” can come out of transgressing the discipline imposed by Pope Pius XII, because according to them, “they were all deceived by common error” (sic), hence Our Lord and the Church would be obliged to provide them with Jurisdiction to perpetrate their horrible Mass simulations and sacrilege. (!?)

But what these loud-mouthed, opinionated bigots fail to understand is that the Church is the Pope, its Head, who [in union with Our Lord Jesus Christ] is the one who supplies Jurisdiction for the entire Mystical Body, since he is the ONLY one who enjoys full universal jurisdiction. And not any excommunicated schismatic like Lefebvre or Thuc, nor any “pneumatic church” that claims to function without a Head, since the Holy Catholic Church has always been jurisdictional. If these sectarians refuse to understand that nothing works without the Pope, and they choose to deceive themselves by saying that there was no massive apostasy… and pretend that this is like a normal interregnum, after 65 years (!), that can only mean one thing: Namely, that all these prideful imposters who hold fast to their fake cassocks are under the insidious influence of the Operation of error. This therefore blinds them because of their arrogance and inordinate attachment to a piece of cloth that gives them a false authority over the extremely puzzled faithful, instead of the love, fidelity and obedience they owe to the Pope, the Holy Church and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Their situation is certainly harder to accept and implies a greater degree of sacrifice than ours, simple laypeople like them, but we painfully accept it and carry on whereas they cling to a non-existent clerical state, hence it would also mean more supernatural merit for them if they were humble enough to admit that they were deceived by the false Christs of Lefebvre and Thuc, but they refuse for a simple matter of despicable pride and their insatiable lust for the vainglory and esteem of the disoriented faithful without theological and canonical knowledge who blindly resort to them.

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