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After months of pondering what is best for accommodating readers while adjusting to changing conditions and circumstances, both on the personal front and the Internet front, I have decided to dismantle the membership site and reopen the archives to everyone. That, at least, is the interim plan. Eventually the site will change once again to a different format, but that will take some time and will depend on the success of current efforts to reach a larger audience.

Many have complained about difficulties sending donations, accessing the membership site, being bumped off the site and so forth. It simply is not worth your inconvenience or my time to continue this, so instead of accepting membership fees the entire site will be free for now and instead of charging fees, anyone who wishes can simply make a donation. No one will need to log in to access the site.

I do plan to eventually make more books available in the library. And while new articles will not be posted as frequently as in the past, I will be making more and longer posts to my blog. The site may become more static as time goes on simply because truths of faith do not change and therefore cannot be updated or adjusted. But circumstances of course do change and new questions, or modern variations of old ones, arise. So there will always be fodder for better clarifying truths of faith and exposing errors.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your interest in the site and for your patience these past many months; also your criticisms, corrections, suggestions and support over the years. Without that, it would make this work much more difficult than it already is. But having said that, I can truly say it is a labor of love I hope to continue for as long as God allows.

For it doesn’t matter how difficult a task may be when the ultimate goal is doing all we can do to please God. Nothing will ever be enough or be good enough for Him, and I pray that what is available here is pleasing to Him in every way. Thank you again, and may God shower you all with the graces you need most.

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